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A Mother's Prayers was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


At long last, Kassandra was about to meet her mother Myrrine again. In the intervening years, much had changed, though much had remained the same as well.


Kassandra set sail to the southeast, away from Athens and towards reunion. While on the sea, Kassandra spoke with Aspasia.

  • Aspasia: You'll find Phoenix in the villa at the center of town. All the city's business is conducted there.
  • Kassandra: Then that's my next stop.
  • Aspasia: Have you thought about what you'll say to her?

  • Kassandra: I have questions about my past. My mater has answers she kept from me that I need.
  • Aspasia: About your family?
  • Kassandra: There are secrets... Someone important told me she would be able to help me understand.
  • Aspasia: You should be cautious.
  • Kassandra: What do you mean?
  • Aspasia: Think about your questions carefully. What we know about our past can shape our future.

  • Kassandra: I... haven't really thought about it.
  • Aspasia: Well, I'm sure you'll have plenty to talk about.
  • Kassandra: Yes, we do.

Regardless, Aspasia pointed out their pending arrival.

  • Aspasia: We'll reach Naxos soon.
  • Kassandra: We've had quite the adventure.
  • Aspasia: Yes, although I don't think it's over yet.
  • Kassandra: Where will you go?
  • Aspasia: I have some business to attend to before moving on, and I have friends in the city I need to see.
  • Kassandra: I doubt there's a speck of land in the Aegean where you don't know someone.
  • Aspasia: You might be right. It comes with the profession I suppose.
  • Aspasia: And who knows, maybe I'll see you again.
  • Kassandra: It doesn't seem that big of an island. Anything's possible.
  • Aspasia: I'd like to know if all the trouble to find Phoenix was worth it.
  • Kassandra: I'd like to know too.

As the Adrestia approached Naxos Island, Barnabas spoke to her.

  • Barnabas: Your heartbeat is as loud as the sea itself!
  • Kassandra: We're approaching Naxos.
  • Barnabas: Are you excited?
  • Kassandra: Nervous. What will I say to her?
  • Barnabas: Kassandra, you've travelled half the Greek world to find her. You don't have to say anything. Just being there will be enough.
  • Kassandra: But what if she is disappointed in me?
  • Barnabas: Listen. Any mother would want a child as brave and as loyal as you. If I were your mother, I would be the nervous one.
  • Kassandra: You think so?
  • Barnabas: I know so. Now, go on and find her. You waited long enough for this!

The ship docked at Naxos and Kassandra disembarked. She made her way to the leader's villa and walked in to overhear a meeting between the leader and her generals, including Timo. Kassandra immediately recognized her mother's voice. Relief filled her and turned to excitement.

ACOD Myrrine meeting with her generals

Myrrine addressing her followers

  • Myrrine: I won't be intimidated. Stock the barracks... And double the patrols. If Paros is sending them, I want to know the moment they make landfall.
  • Timo: Yes, Archon.
  • Civilian: But Archon, please. The merchants
  • Myrrine: Chersis—I understand your concerns. But protecting the town and the quarries is what's most important.
    You may all go.

The generals took their leave and Kassandra held back to let them out. She then followed her mother out to the balcony, standing in the doorway in disbelief while Myrrine hummed a familiar tune. Kassandra stepped forward. Myrrine noticed her.

  • Myrrine: The meeting is over.
ACOD A Mother's Prayers - Kassandra Presenting Spear

Kassandra approaching Myrrine with Spear in her hands

Kassandra drew the Spear of Leonidas and rested it in her hands. Myrrine heard the sound of a weapon being unsheathed and turned to face the misthios. She took one look at her face, then the broken spear, and knew instantly who she was.

  • Myrrine: ...Kassandra? How?
ACOD A Mother's Prayers - Hugging

Kassandra and Myrrine reunited

Kassandra sheathed the spear with tears in her eyes as her mother rushed to embrace her.

  • Myrrine: When I close my eyes, I can still see you falling. I thought I had lost you.
  • Kassandra: Alexios is alive.

Myrrine was equally stunned by this revelation, but knew in an instant Alexios' true fate.

  • Myrrine: They have him, don't they?

Kassandra remained silent. Myrrine stepped back from her daughter in disbelief.

  • Myrrine: I rebuilt my life from ashes, do you understand? And now you tell me... you're alive. You're both alive.

She grabbed Kassandra's arms and inspected her hands to make sure they, and therefore she, were real. She began to sob.

  • Myrrine: It's really you. It's not some trick of the gods.
  • Kassandra: No—I found you.

Myrrine composed herself.

  • Myrrine: Your brother—we have to get him back.
  • Kassandra: He's too far gone.
  • Myrrine: I gave up on you both once—never again.

The two asked questions of each other simultaneously.

  • Kassandra: What have you...
  • Myrrine: How did you...

Realizing they were talking over each other, Myrrine let her daughter go first.

  • Kassandra: I have... a lot of questions.
  • Myrrine: I think we both do. But ask. I'll answer what I can.

  • Kassandra: I want to know about my real father.
  • Myrrine: How did you know?
  • Kassandra: I was told.
  • Myrrine: Nikolaos? You saw him?
  • Kassandra: In Megaris, yes.
  • Myrrine: Nikolaos was your father. He was the man who raised you... until he took his Spartan duty too far.
  • Kassandra: He mentioned another. What can you tell me about him?
  • Myrrine: I always hoped you would never need to discover the truth, but there are things you need to know if we are to stop the Cult.
  • Kassandra: What do you mean?
  • Myrrine: He sought me out before I knew your fa... Nikolaos. I've not heard from him in a long time.

  • Kassandra: What happened to you in Argolis after that night?
  • Myrrine: I found your brother and rushed to a young doctor's apprentice, Hippokrates. I thought I'd lost you... I wasn't ready to lose you both.
  • Kassandra: I spoke with him recently. That night still haunts him.
  • Myrrine: I was heartbroken when the healers in Asclepius told me Alexios was dead. The two of you were my whole world.
  • Kassandra: But he did live, they lied to you.
  • Myrrine: They... must have realized he was special and handed him over to the Cult.
  • Kassandra: What do you mean, he was special?

ACOD Timo warns of an attack

Reunion interrupted by Timo

Regardless, Timo interrupted the question and rushed to raise the alarm.

  • Myrrine: What's wrong?
  • Timo: Soldiers from Paros just made landfall in the cove. A small force, maybe a dozen.
  • Myrrine: Maláka! Timo, gather the troops.

Myrrine turned back to Kassandra.

  • Myrrine: Questions will have to wait, lamb.
  • Kassandra: I want to help.
  • Myrrine: I assume you can use those weapons?
  • Kassandra: Better than when you last saw me.
  • Myrrine: Good. Come.

They ran to the horses tied up outside and mounted up to ride for the cove.

  • Kassandra: Who is attacking?
  • Myrrine: Paros, across the bay. It seems Silanos has finally grown tired of sharing the marble trade.
  • Kassandra: Why now?
  • Myrrine: We've always had problems with Paros. I expected an attack, just not so soon.
  • Kassandra: I guess the time for talking is over.
  • Myrrine: Allies often forget their allegiances when opportunity beckons...

As they rode, the presence of Spartan soldiers was not lost on Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: Why are you working with Sparta given all that's happened?
  • Myrrine: Paros made an alliance with the Athenians, so they left me little choice.
  • Kassandra: You needed support.
  • Myrrine: A rivalry with Paros is one thing, but they turned it into a war. Their partnership with Athens was too much to weather for Naxos alone.

They reached the cliff near the Temple of Demeter overlooking the cove, where Athenian soldiers had taken Spartan scouts prisoner. Timo and Hektor were already in position. Kassandra leapt into battle first and were soon joined by Myrrine and her reinforcements. Together, they freed the prisoners and slaughtered the Parian landing party.


Kassandra reached Naxos and reunited with her mother after seventeen years apart.


  • The question the player doesn't ask of Myrrine is available in the next quest. The dialogue is initially the same whether it is asked at the villa or on the beach, but as it wasn't interrupted by the arrival of the Parians, the player can get the full question, along with a selectable response.
  • When asking Myrrine about "what happened" to her, the text spells Asklepios differently at the villa from on the beach. At the villa, it is spelled "Asclepius." This is the modern-day spelling, whereas "Asklepios" is the spelling used most frequently in-game and uses a spelling convention similar to the game's other proper nouns. (e.g. Sokrates vs. Socrates, Perikles vs. Pericles)



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