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A Life's Dedication was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met an adventurer in Boeotia who possessed a tablet dating from the Mycenaean period.


While in Boeotia, Kassandra came across pack of wolves attacking a man. After eliminating the beasts, she approached the individual.

  • Eppie: By Zeus... I would have been a goner there if it wasn't for you.
  • Kassandra: Lucky I came by.
  • Eppie: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Eppie. Well, Epizelos, but my friends call me Eppie. Not that I have "friends," necessarily.
  • Kassandra: I'm Kassandra.
  • Eppie: Charmed! You have the look of someone used to being out in the world.

  • Kassandra: You have the look of someone who, um... spends lots of time reading.
  • Eppie: I don't look like much, it's true. But when discovery knocks, what other choice is there?

  • Kassandra: You look like you shouldn't be outside on your own. At all.
  • Eppie: It can't be helped. I've been overcome with adventure.

  • Eppie: I have in my possession a Mycenaean tablet that leads to a sacred burial site. I'm calling it the Cave of the Oracle.
  • Kassandra: Good for you.

Kassandra turned around and prepared to leave.

  • Eppie: Mycenaeans were known for their elaborate grave sites full of precious things.
ACOD A Life's Dedication 3

Eppie informing Kassandra of a Mycenaean treasure

Kassandra, hearing what Eppie had said, turned around.

  • Kassandra: How precious?
  • Eppie: Ancient jewelry, ceremonial swords and daggers. So, very precious. If you escort me, I'll show you.

(Accept – I'll come with you.)

  • Kassandra: How can I turn down the promise of precious things?
ACOD A Life's Dedication 4

Kassandra following Eppie

Kassandra followed Eppie as they made their way to the Cave of the Oracle.

  • Eppie: The Fates have delivered you onto my path, and thus we travel together.
  • Kassandra: The Fates have been known to have a sense of humor.
  • Eppie: Happening upon you, hero, is fortuitous.
  • Kassandra: Glad to hear it. So you dig through book roll?
  • Eppie: No! Well, yes and no. I dig through dirt, too. I uncover our history. Sometimes... hopefully this time, it will uncover ancient wonders!
  • Kassandra: Hate to break it to you, but clay pots and dirt aren't that wondrous to most.
  • Eppie: I've dedicated my life to it. It's so much more than treasure to be looted.
  • Kassandra: Is it though?
  • Eppie: It's who we are! knowing where we come from tell us where we are headed.
  • Kassandra: You educated people and your riddles.
  • Eppie: Some people don't care about the past. They only want to steal something that will make them a few drachmae. Imagine that.
  • Kassandra: Hard to believe.
  • Eppie: My peers are no more than treasure hunters and art dealers.
  • Kassandra: Well. You did mention precious jewels.
  • Eppie: These ruins and relics are notoriously hard to find. I found this one through clever searching and deduction.
  • Kassandra: Tell me more about it.
  • Eppie: Mycenaeans held specific rituals. Some tales speak of objects made by the gods.
  • Kassandra: Yes. The gods like to play their hand on occasion.
  • Eppie: Think of this, misthios! How would you like to have had the gods help you in battle?
  • Kassandra: A good warrior doesn't need any help from the gods or anyone else.
  • Eppie: True. True. But think of what we might find there.
  • Kassandra: You think we'll find something with this power?
  • Eppie: See? Now are you interested?
  • Kassandra: I certain am.
ACOD A Life's Dedication 5

Kassandra and Eppie in the cave

Kassandra and Eppie reached and entered the cave, coming upon a number of individuals worshipping inside.

  • Eppie: What's this?
  • Kassandra: Stay back.
  • Eppie: They seem drawn to this place. I hadn't expected that.
  • Kassandra: Does it have to do with—whatever that name was you said?
  • Eppie: The Mycenaeans? I don't see how they could know. It must be related to Trophonios. I'll observe them and see what I can learn.
  • Kassandra: Fine. I'll search further inside.
  • Eppie: Wait! Take this stele piece. See if there are markings that match it.

Kassandra dwelled further inside and went under a small opening to a hidden cavern.

  • Kassandra: Not much of a burial site. Mules are buried in higher places of honor.

Kassandra went further in, coming up across a locked door.

  • Kassandra: The stele piece looks like it can be placed...
ACOD A Life's Dedication 7

Kassandra at the door

Kassandra took out the stele and put it near a circular lock, emitting a glow. This unlocked the door to a secret chamber.

  • Kassandra: This is... unexpected.

Kassandra entered the chamber, exploring the contents within. Afterwards, she reached a room with a hole beneath and jumped down.

  • Kassandra: Ah, this is more like it. Let's see what we have.

She came a cross a small statue on the ground near a pillar.

  • Kassandra: Hmm. This statue depicts a warrior.

She investigated a series of markings on a wall.

  • Kassandra: The markings match Eppie's stone!

She investigated a chest and looted it, recovering a pair of boots.

  • Kassandra: Eppie will want to see all of this.

Kassandra exited the chamber, returning to Eppie in the cave.

  • Kassandra: We're in the right place. Unfortunately, my friend, it's been looted. All I found was this armor.
  • Eppie: That is highly significant. The Mycenaeans were a warrior culture, you know. So this must be a warrior's tomb.
  • Kassandra: Huh. Well, it's a decent piece. But where's the rest of it?
  • Eppie: Hmm... That was only one part of the stele. If we find the others, I can decipher the text.
  • Kassandra: Maybe that will reveal more armor. The rest of the stele you speak of could be anywhere.
  • Eppie: If I can find clues for where to look, are you interested in finding the other stele pieces?

(Accept – I'll look for the others.)

  • Kassandra: I'll look for the others.
  • Eppie: Excellent! Now I need to see those markings. Let's go inside.

Eppie and Kassandra entered the chamber, approaching the wall with writings.

  • Eppie: I didn't expect the stele keystone to actually be a key.
  • Kassandra: I wonder what happens when all of them are in place.
  • Eppie: Even with only part of the stele, I can start to decipher the writing.
ACOD A Life's Dedication 10

Eppie looking at the writings

  • Kassandra: What does it say?
  • Eppie: Um... I think that says, "of the gods."
  • Kassandra: Really? To think, you were someone yelling for help not long ago.
  • Eppie: Look at me now.
  • Kassandra: I think you're going to need all of them, though.
  • Eppie: According to this, it seems that the stele pieces have been deliberately seperated.
  • Kassandra: I wonder why they were seperated on purpose.
  • Eppie: It doesn't matter if we can find them. Will you look for the other stele pieces?
  • Kassandra: Of course. Where should I look?
  • Eppie: According to this, the next stele is... Oh, better you than me! I can't swim. Explore the Ruins of Arne.

(If players choose "Who are the worshippers?")

  • Kassandra: What's the connection between this tomb and those worshippers?
  • Eppie: The writing mentions "of the gods." It's not clear which gods, though. Once we decipher more, we should understand the connection.

(If players choose "What is the connection to the armor?")

  • Kassandra: The armor must belong to the ancient warrior. But why remove it and spread it out across the lands?
  • Eppie: Good question. It must have something to do with the text.

(If players choose "What is this language?")

  • Kassandra: So these markings are an ancient language?
  • Eppie: Mycenaean. There are languages even older than that, which have been lost. When this died out, sadly, we fell into a dark age.

(Leave – Time to look for the next piece.)

  • Kassandra: Time for me to go.


Kassandra met an archeologist named Eppie, agreeing to help him locate and decipher a Mycenaean tomb. She was sent to investigate the next clue, the Ruins of Arne.



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