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A Journal of Some Kind was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After escaping from the Byzantines, Ezio proceeded through the tunnel found beneath the fortress. He found a few more guards near a door, trying to break through. Ezio assassinated the guards and proceeded towards the door.


A Journal 1

Ezio inspecting the door

After assassinating the guards, Ezio walked towards a worker, Adad.

  • Adad: Be merciful! Please! I am a working man, with a family.
  • Ezio: Doing what kind of work?
  • Adad: Digging mostly. It took me a year to find this chamber. And for the past three months I have been trying to break through this door.
  • Ezio: You have not made much progress.
  • Adad: I have not made a dent! This stone is harder than steel.
  • Ezio: I doubt you will. This door is guarding objects more valuable than all the gold in the world.
  • Adad: Ah! Do you mean... gemstones?

Ezio inspected the door.

  • Ezio: There are keyholes here. Where are the keys?
  • Adad: These Templars found one beneath the Ottoman Sultan's palace. As for the others, I suppose their little book will tell them.
  • Ezio: What book?
  • Adad: A journal of some kind. That ugly captain, he carries it with him wherever he goes.

Ezio handed the worker a pouch of gold.

  • Ezio: Go home. Find work with honest men.
  • Adad: Oh, I would love to leave this place, but these men, they will murder me if I try.
  • Ezio: Pack your tools.
A Journal 5

Ezio leaving the fortress

Ezio exited the fortress and overheard nearby guards.

  • Guard: The Assassin must not get his hands on that book. When we reach Leandros, we will escort him out of the village. You stay behind and make sure we are not followed.

Ezio tailed the guards.

  • Leandros: Fiye apo brosta moul! (Out of my way!) None of you leave until the Assassin is dead. Do you understand?
  • Guard: Signome, kirie lohayé (Pardon, Captain), but he seems to have found us.
  • Leandros: Pame! Pame! (Go! Go!)


Ezio learned that the journal is in Leandros' possession and found a group of guards to tail.


  • Interacting with each of the three objects in the fortress' main hall allows Ezio to see the "ghost" of Altaïr in the events during the second, third and fourth Masyaf Key memories. He is seen, in order:
    • Picking up Al Mualim's body.
    • Leaping out the window on the first floor.
    • Shooting Abbas with his Hidden Gun. Altaïr is depicted wearing his standard robes, rather than the more tattered attire he wears in the actual memory.



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