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A Heart for a Head was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


In order to gain information on the movements of her mother, Kassandra was tasked by a priest of Asklepios to bring in a suitable sacrifice to save the sick.


Kassandra made her way to Mount Koryphum to locate and subdue the white bull. Bandits ranged the ruins, and it seemed they had gotten to the bull first, for it lay dead within their camp in the Asine Ruins.

  • Kassandra: The white bull. Am I too late?

Kassandra snuck her way into the camp, retrieving what she could from the carcass.

  • Kassandra: Doesn't look like he died "willingly." I'll take his heart for the sacrifice—it'll have to do.
    Ugh. Not the best feeling.
    I hope the heart is enough. If they want the whole bull, they can come get it themselves.

She snuck away, then returned to the Sanctuary of Asklepios.

  • Priest: Did you find the white bull?
  • Kassandra: I couldn't bring it back alive, but I did manage to collect its heart.
  • Priest: This won't be enough to please Asklepios. The beast died unwillingly, and with just the heart, we'll only be able to pray for one life.

Patients began approaching.

  • Farmer: Please, misthios. The white bull you killed was mine. My farm feeds half of Argolis. If I die, people will starve.
  • Wealthy woman: I beg you! My husband was killed by the sickness. I have two small children. Who will take care of them if I die? I am wealthy, and will pay you for this blessing.
  • Child: It's OK, give the sacrifice to them.
  • Priest: You did this. You choose whose prayers get heard by the gods.

  • Kassandra: Pray for the farmer. The bull was his, its sacrifice will help feed the people of Argolis.
  • Farmer: Thank you, misthios.
  • Priest: Very well.

The wealthy woman turned away, forlorn.

  • Kassandra: Pray for this woman. The world has too many orphans already.
  • Civilian: Gods bless you, misthios! My children thank you.
  • Farmer: You'll pay for this!

The farmer turned away, angry.

  • Priest: It will be done.

  • Kassandra: I know what it's like to be small and forsaken. Pray for the girl.
  • Farmer: You'll regret this!
  • Priest: Not an easy choice, misthios. But it's been made.

The wealthy mother cried and turned away.

  • Priest: The rest is in the hands of the gods.
  • Kassandra: I did my part, priest.
  • Priest: This Spartan woman you're after...
  • Kassandra: You've met her?
  • Priest: Her visit to the sanctuary is legendary, but sadly it was before my time. The man you want is Mydon the Elder Priest. He spoke of her often. That is, before he cut out his tongue.
  • Kassandra: Cut out his tongue?
  • Priest: When he's not healing the sick he's in the guesthouse. Spends a lot of his time being... tended to by servants.
  • Kassandra: Thank you. I won't forget you helped me.
  • Priest: And these people won't forget you helped them.


Kassandra helped the priest with sickness issue and learned the name and location of Mydon, an elder priest who met her mother.

Behind the scenes

This is the only quest in the Sanctuary of Asklepios that actually advances the main quest. Timoxenos gives the player the Spartan baby blanket in which Myrrine wrapped her injured baby but can't help them any further than that, and Pylenor doesn't actually know anything useful.

The choice in this quest determines a later impact quest. If the farmer is chosen, Falling on Deaf Ears becomes available.


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