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A God Among Men was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was asked by a follower of Empedokles to rescue his "god" from a military fort.


While on a hill overlooking the Murex Fort, Kassandra came across a crowd watching a fanatic arguing with a priestess of Aphrodite.

  • Civilian: Empedokles can lead us all to meet the gods! He knows the way! We must worship him!
    Your insults may be strong, and—and quite hurtful, but my devotion to the god Empedokles is stronger!
  • Priestess: Your false god, this "Empedokles," is a delusional vegetarian. His presence, and yours, will not be tolerated.

Kassandra approached the fanatic and the priestess.

  • Kassandra: What seems to be the problem?
  • Civilian: Empedokles be praised, a misthios! I've done nothing wrong, yet these priestesses mean me harm!
    Please—my god is powerful! And rich!
  • Priestess: His "god" is a malakas—a blasphemous blight on Aphrodite's hallowed soil! This is a matter for priestesses alone.

(Accept – I'll help.)

  • Kassandra: You said "rich"?
  • Civilian: Indeed! Empedokles rewards those who come to his call! These priestess have imprisoned him in the fort. He's a god—he deserves worship.

  • Kassandra: You're threatened by a mob, but you want me to save him, not you? Sounds like quite the god.
  • Civilian: Only Empedokles can lead us to his brothers and sisters on Mt. Olympus. He is far more important than any one man.
  • Priestess: Surely you cannot be considering helping these lunatics! You would oppose the will of Aphrodite!

  • Kassandra: He doesn't sound like much of a god to me.
  • Civilian: How could you—
  • Kassandra: You can't keep a god bound, and anyone who tried would die in the attempt.
  • Civilian: Empedokles is not that kind of god.
  • Priestess: He is no god at all! Your words are an affront to the will of Aphrodite!

  • Civilian: If these priestesses speak for Aphrodite, then I speak for all three slobbering heads of Cerberus.

(Accept – I will rescue your God.)

  • Kassandra: Time to go save a god. Apparently.
  • Priestess: Do as you will, misthios. But even you cannot be everywhere at once.

The priestess shook her head and left.

  • Civilian: I'll be fine. Is there anything else you need to know?

(If players choose "Where exactly is he?")

  • Kassandra: Where can I find this god of yours?
  • Civilian: They have him locked in a cage in Skandeia Bay with the livestock. This would be shameful for any regular god, and more so for a vegetarian god!

(If players choose "How will I know it is him?")

  • Kassandra: Does he stand out in any way? There may be more than one prisoner.
  • Civilian: The guards stripped him naked. And when you are confronted with his "gift," Empedokles's godly nature will be hard to deny.
  • Kassandra: His "gift"?
  • Civilian: Let's just say you'll know it when you see it.

(Leave – That's enough.)

  • Kassandra: I know all I need. Your Empedokles will be freed.
  • Civilian: Do not worry for my safety, misthios–it is Empedokles who needs your help!

Kassandra departed the hill and head towards the fort where Empedokles was held in.

  • Kassandra: There's the Murex Camp.

Kassandra infiltrated the fort, and saw a caged man fitting the fanatic's description.

  • Kassandra: He's over there.

As Kassandra neared the cage, she heared him yelling.

  • Empedokles: A god such as I derserves more leg room! I! Am! A! God! And you will return my robe to me, washed and neatly folded! Imprison me if you must - but do not hurt my beloved cloak, you, you MONSTERS!

Freeing him, Kassandra escorted him out of the fort while he spoke.

  • Empedokles: Do you see, feeble humans? I, the great Empedokles, cannot be caged! Worship me, and I offer you an audience... with the gods!
    Put down your blades. I offer those who follow me an audience with my brothers and sisters, the gods!
    Gods cannot bleed! So—so you best put down your blades.
    Look upon my form, mortals! Regard my godly gifts and know the truth of my words!

They reached near the hill.

  • Kassandra: No need to thank me for your rescue, your drachmae is thanks enough—
  • Empedokles: Me, thank you?! Here? With no audience? No, no, no, my heroic friend—the stage is not set!
    Our performance is missing that most vital ingredient:
    an audience!
    Meet me by my personal statue so we may continue.

Kassandra followed Empedokles to his statue, where the follower had apparently been killed. Empedokles spoke to the priestess present.

  • Empedokles: We worship a little differently where I'm from. We don't kill a man for what he believes. We show respect.
  • Priestess: Respect is for the gods, not those who pretend to be them.
  • Empedokles: The world is full of strife, yes, but also love. Embrace it—embrace me, and I will personally introduce you all to my family... the gods.

  • Kassandra: I saw Empedokles risk his greatest treasure - running naked through a military camp - and showed no fear. There is clearly something... special about this man.
  • Priestess: You've made no friends today.
  • Kassandra: Who needs friends when I have the gods?
  • Empedokles: Thank you for your support, misthios. In the future, my Empedoklites could use someone with your talents.

  • Kassandra: If being locked naked in a cell makes someone a god, the pantheon would be overflowing.

A civilian who was watching over the dead man's body spoke up.

  • Civilian: Maybe Empedokles is a god, maybe he's not. All I know is that he doesn't beat young men to death.

He turned to Empedokles.

  • Civilian: I follow you, proudly.

Empedokles addressed the gathered crowd.

  • Empedokles: Brothers, sisters of Kythera: join me.
  • Priestess: You think betraying Aphrodite will go unpunished?

The priestess left in anger.

  • Empedokles: You may not believe in my godliness, misthios—but I believe there's some god in you. And that... we can put to use.

  • Kassandra: Even a god won't work for free.
  • Empedokles: Of course! What else would I spend my drachmae on? Clothes?

  • Kassandra: Clothes would do you some good.
  • Empedokles: You're just scared—of my true form!
    But there's another matter we need to discuss.

  • Kassandra: Of course, why would you?
  • Empedokles: Perhaps you could aid me in another matter?

(Accept – Yes, I will.)

  • Kassandra: I'll help you. How often do you get to help a god?
  • Empedokles: Of my caliber? Never! Come, my well-muscled friend. There is much to discuss.
    But first!
  • Kassandra: So you're not the god of "getting to the point?"

Empedokles pointed to his unfinished statue.

  • Empedokles: The likeness is terrifyingly good, don't you think?
  • Kassandra: Terrifying, yes. What did you need?
  • Empedokles: A god never needs help!
    But yes, please. I've been having trouble with my brothers and sisters.
  • Kassandra: The gods?
  • Empedokles: Family problems.
    When I first arrived on Kythera, I was imprisoned for my beliefs. They stole my purble robe, and inside it is a very special disk... the key to my family estate.
  • Kassandra: And you want this disk retrieved.
  • Empedokles: Of course! The disk is a key! A key that opens a door to the gods themselves! This disk must be returned to me!

(If players choose "Where can I find this disk?")

  • Kassandra: You said this robe-thief intercepted you at the dock. Do you know where he is now?
  • Empedokles: He and his guards patrol along Kythera's main roads, but he enjoys roughing up recent arrivals.

(If players choose "How can you be sure this disk relates to the gods?")

  • Kassandra: The gods would protect themselves with more than a locked door opened by a disk.
  • Empedokles: Oh but you should see the door, misthios! Something so beautiful was not crafted by mortal hands! And my brothers, my sisters, I hear them calling me home from beyond it...

(If players choose "What are the gods really like?")

  • Kassandra: What are your godly brothers and sisters really like, Empedokles?
  • Empedokles: As any sibling—loving. Filled with strife. They once caught me eating lamb and cast me out. Though between you and me, that lamb? Worth it.

(Get on with it.)

  • Kassandra: The gods wait for no one.
  • Empedokles: Patience is not one of our virtues, no. Will you help?

(Accept – I will find your disk.)

  • Kassandra: This disk sounds important. I'll find the man who stole it and return it to you.


Kassandra rescued Empedokles, a self-proclamimed "god", and agreed to help him retrieve his stolen disk.


  • Despite the Empedokles fanatic claiming that Empedokles is imprisoned in a fort in Skandeia Bay, he is in the Murex Fort.
  • Even if all the guards have been slain, and no one is met while leaving the fort, Empedokles will say his piece about blades and stabbing.
  • Alternatively, players can start this quest by rescuing Empedokles from the fort without talking to his follower. And can retrieve the disk before starting the quest.



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