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A Friendly Hand was a virtual representation of one of Nikolai Orelov's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Nikolai Orelov traversed Kazan to reach his friend, Leon Trotsky.


  • Orelov: Wait here. I need to find my friend, Leon. He'll help us reach the Brotherhood in Moscow.
  • Anastasia: Is he an Assassin, like you?
  • Orelov: No, he is neither Assassin, nor Templar. Stay hidden, stay warm. Keep it safe.
  • Anastasia: Why? Are you not coming back?
  • Orelov: Did I not give you my word?
  • Anastasia: Yes.
  • Orelov: Stay out of sight and wait for my return. Dosvedanya, Anya.

Orelov arrived at a guard post.

  • Orelov: Something's not right. Only soldiers in the streets...
  • Officer 1: Let no one break the curfew! Everyone you see is a spy for the Whites, shoot on sight!
  • Soldier 1: Why not attack now? Trotsky is with us!
  • Officer 1: The fifth army will be there at dawn. When they're here, we'll retake the city. For now, the Czech legion is too strong.
  • Orelov: At dawn? Dammit, Leon, I didn't expect to find you in the middle of a battle.

The Assassin followed the political officer.

  • Orelov: I must avoid the searchlights... There are Templar snipers everywhere. Maybe I can find a way to deal with this light using Tesla's little toy.

Orelov obtained Trotsky's location.

  • Orelov: Orders from Tovarich Trotsky...Bodarenko? It's far from here.

Orelov reached a heavily guarded train yard.

  • Orelov: Hmm, that generator seems to be linked to the light.

Orelov used his mechanical winch to disable the light, continuing to a group of trains with several searchlights.

  • Orelov: I need to time my run through these lights.

Nearing the bridge, Orelov was spotted by the soldiers.

  • Soldier 2: Spy! Shoot the spy! Search the area, there might be more of them!
  • Orelov: Time to run! Fall, and the cold waters of the Volga await.

After narrowly escaping the search, Orelov overheard an officer and Jānis Judiņš.

  • Officer 2: Tovarich! The fifth army is here! Bring the news to Trotsky. It's time to retake the city.
  • Judiņš: Understood.
  • Orelov: Wait! I can't let you start your war, not yet.

Orelov intercepted Judiņš and reached the canal.

  • Orelov: There you are, Leon, well-protected...maybe too well... If I take this boat, I can pull myself across the canal.

Orelov infiltrated a warehouse on the other side of the canal.

  • Orelov: I can force the lift down, if I can reach the junction box on the other side of the building.

Reaching the roof, Orelov used a cable to enter Trotsky's house through a second-floor window.

  • Orelov: I trust he's in.

Orelov found his friend.

  • Orelov: Tovarich Trotsky.
  • Trotsky: Kolya! You scared the hell out of me!
  • Orelov: It's good to see you, my friend.
  • Trotsky: Is it true, you have one of the Tsar's daughters?
  • Orelov: Yes. I'm taking her to Moscow.
  • Trotsky: You didn't bring her with you?
  • Orelov: Can you arrange our transportation?
  • Trotsky: Bring the girl... I can't do this if you're in two different places.
  • Orelov: She's under my protection.
  • Trotsky: I'm sorry, Kolya. I wish you'd have just brought the girl with you.
  • Orelov: No! You're making a mistake, Leon!
  • Trotsky: I don't care about your war with the Templars, Nikolaï. The workers' revolution is all that matters. And this girl is a symbol. She has to die.


Nikolai Orelov was taken prisoner after the betrayal by his friend Trotsky.



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