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A Flight in Fire was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra returned to Dyme to spend some time with her son Elpidios, but shortly after nightfall, the Order of the Ancients attacked the village. She rushed back to the village to repel the invasion and protect Natakas and Elpidios.


[Ride horses back to the village. Various civilians screaming]

[Approach the main square]

  • Civilian: They're burning them... They're burning everyone.

Kassandra approached the main square and witnessed Order soldiers putting her neighbors to the sword. Darius charged past her, and she followed him into the main square. There, they saw a man clad in the armor of Persian elites. He turned to address them.

  • Unknown: Artabanus. Kassandra. Welcome home.

Kassandra recognized him as Orontas, whom she last saw surrendering himself to the Tempest's soldiers in Achaia.

  • Kassandra: Orontas? You were with the Order—

Darius interrupted, having immediately recognized Orontas for who he truly was, despite thirty years of aging since they last met.

  • Darius: He is the Order. Amorges.
  • Kassandra: I trusted you, helped you...
  • Amorges: My friend, it's been far too long.
  • Darius: We were protectors, Amorges. Champions of the people. This is wrong!

Amorges turned his back to them and set his sights on their house at the top of the hill.

  • Amorges: This is necessary. I take no pleasure in this. I needed to draw you in—it's you I want, Kassandra. You and your bloodline.

Kassandra glanced up at the house, then screamed in pure rage and marched forward.

  • Kassandra: Don't you dare touch them!

Some Order soldiers brandished their weapons, but she and Darius killed them with a single thrust of theirs.

  • Darius: Kassandra... Go!

The Order attacked en masse, but Kassandra's fury drove her forward.

  • Kassandra: Get the fuck out of my way!

She killed one soldier.

  • Kassandra: Who else? Eh? Who else? Bring me your bones!

[back through the village, up the hill to Natakas]

[Escort Natakas and Elpidios to the beach]

[Darius attacked by the Immortals. Kassandra intervenes and battles them]

[Immortals killed]

[Return to the beach]

[The next day, the breaking of the Fellowship]


Amorges, who had presented himself to Kassandra as Orontas, personally led the Order of the Ancients to raze Dyme. Her attempts to repel the Order ended in failure; the village was burned with many of its residents killed, Darius almost died at the hands of The Immortals—Amorges' chief enforcers in the Order of Dominion—and most importantly of all, Natakas was murdered and Elpidios kidnapped. Darius severed ties with Kassandra and took off after Amorges alone. Barnabas revealed that the siege weapons used were produced in Messenia, giving Kassandra a lead to pursue Amorges.


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