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A Fistful of Doubloons was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Island is crawling with Ol' George's patsies. Seems our Spanish friend spilled more than just his supper to that Navy Big-Hat. The blasted army made off with our riches!

This doesn't mean our game is over. Kenway found fresh tracks and we've followed them to the army's bivouac. The gold has to be somewhere in the camp.

We need to sneak past the soldiers, find the gold, and steal away with it under cover of night. Easy as Christmas pudding. We hope.


Edward and three pirates met at the edge of the treeline outside the British Army camp.

  • Pirate 1: They've got a whole bloody regiment on this rock!
  • Pirate 2: It's a company at best, ye daft ox.
  • Pirate 3: No matter what you call it, they've got our gold and it's just us here.
  • Kenway: Then it's up to use to take it from them! C'mon, ya sea dogs!

Kenway ran off towards the camp.

  • Pirate 2: Dammit Kenway! Ye'll see us all hanged!

The pirates made their way through the camp, eliminating any British soldiers they encountered and evading the various traps set for them until they reached the heart of the camp, where they saw two officers guarding the chest from the treasure galleon. Hiding behind a nearby rock, they eavesdropped on the conversation.

  • British Officer 1: The cargo will be squared away and placed on a launch by dawn, lieutenant.
  • British Officer 2: Excellent. I will sent word to Captain Blount. Call back the scouts and prepare to break camp.

The officers turned and left. Unbeknownst to them, the pirates emerged from behind the rock and approached the unguarded chest as Edward peeled away the command tent the moment the officers passed by.

  • Kenway: That's it! That's a lot of yellow, my friends.
  • Pirate 3: Aye, enough to bribe the devil. Get a sledge and let's get back to the 'Bite before we're spotted.


Edward and the crew of the Sea Dog's Bite successfully recovered the chest from the British forces.



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