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A Gift from the Past was a virtual representation of one of Eivor Varinsdottir's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2020 through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Havi met with Suttungr at Útgarðar.


After retrieving the missing cauldron, and potentially a gift for Gunlodr, Havi went to Utgard. Avoiding the guards, he snuck through the city to find Suttungr standing outside a large hall.

  • Suttungr: You are small to my eyes, stranger.
  • Havi: Small in stature but great in deed. I am the one they call Havi, the High One of Asgard, and I come bearing a great gift.
  • Suttungr: Your name is known to me. But what could mighty Suttungr want that a little thing like you could provide?
  • Havi: Your great cauldron, stolen by Hymir's sons. Let this offering be a beginning to the end of our hostilities.

Havi pulled out the cauldron, still the size of a cup.

  • Havi: Such a small thing, yet so much deeper than it seems. Appearances can be deceiving, can they not?

Suttungr knelt before Havi to take the cauldron from him, then stood again.

  • Suttungr: Well spoken, Havi. Our people may be enemies, but you have earned your welcome here. Thralls! An honored guest has come! Prepare a feast!
  • Havi: I hope also to meet your daughter, Gunlodr. I have heard much of her skill in the mystical arts.
  • Suttungr: She will be toiling at her work, as ever. But be forewarned, she shuns the company of others.
  • Havi: I could summon her to the feast, if you like. We might discuss matters of alchemy on the way.
  • Suttungr: That would please me. You will find her in her grotto, up the path, within the circle of stones. Have a care, though. You are safe in my presence, but you wander Utgard at your peril.
  • Havi: I will be discreet.
  • Suttungr: And Havi... be kind. Gunlodr is... different from you and I.

Suttungr left for his hall and Havi went to find the circle of stones.

  • Havi: I promised to bring Gunlodr to the feast. I should not keep Suttungr waiting.

When Havi found it, the stone was solid, with no apparent entrance into the grotto.

  • Havi: Here is the stone circle, but no way into the sanctum. Another illusion!

Havi went around the circle and as he passed one of the pillars, an entrance appeared in the center of the circle.

  • Havi: The way inside is revealed.

Down the first set of stairs, he found a makeshift bedroom set up along with tables full of scrolls. Near the bed, he found a piece of paper.

Leaf from Gunlodr's Diary
I sent Kala and Vindr away again. What persistent oafs they are, impervious to logic and sense. The more I dissuade them, the harder they try. As if I would let either of them paw at me, as they desire to. The very idea is not only repulsive, but boring. I have more important things to do than marry.

On one of the tables he found a note.

Gunlodr's Notes - Entry 72:
I have heard a voice! No, a reply! I called, and he answered! But I must not get ahead of myself. It was a moment so fleeting, there is a possibility it was nothing more than the trickery of an overwrought mind.

I must eliminate this possibility. Repeat the procedure. Test, test, test.

But what if...?

Down the second set of stairs he found a sort of lab set up. On the center table he found another note.

Gunlodr's Notes - Entry 91:
The seidr is strong. The threads are holding. But who is at the other end?

It doesn't matter. Anyone. If this doom cannot be avoided, I will leave hope, as a squirrel buries nuts in hope of the thaw.

Someone will hear my words. Someone will. I must believe that.

On a shelf full of scrolls he found another.

Gunlodr's Notes - Entry 37:
It is said that the Norns have spun all there is to spin, that our fates are fixed like patterns to a tapestry. But if the threads already exist, is it not possible to follow them? If I trace one, ten, a thousand, a million, surely I will find one that does not end in Ragnarök.

By such a thread will I touch the world beyond the void. By such a thread will I lead those who come after to that which will soon be lost.

To the other side of the room stood an arch of what looked like a large, broken mirror, shattered in the center. Before it was Gunlodr.

  • Havi: Gunlodr? What is this place?
  • Gunlodr: Some time ago, we made powerful magic here. We sought to see all futures. But every road led to Ragnarok. Father does not visit here anymore. He sees no profit in it. But I am not yet ready to give up.

Gunlodr turned from the mirror to look at Havi for the first time.

  • Gunlodr: You are Æsir.
  • Havi: I am.

She turned to look at the mirror again.

  • Gunlodr: I have seen images of the future. Heard the voices of those who will come after us.
  • Havi: Voices from... in there?
  • Gunlodr: Yes. I leave them words. Little packets of possibility, waiting for unknown ears, many ages hence.

  • Havi: What do these future voices say?
  • Gunlodr: They seek the wisdom of the past. They speak of things to come. But even they cannot turn the tide of Ragnarok.
  • Havi: There is to be a feast in my honor. Your father sent me to fetch you.

  • Havi: It may be you need a break from your toil, Gunlodr.
  • Gunlodr: There is no time for rest. Ragnarok will be upon us soon. My people rely on me.
  • Havi: There is to be a feast in my honor. Your father sent me to fetch you.

  • Havi: There is to be a feast in my honor. Your father sent me to fetch you.

  • Gunlodr: No, not yet. Listen. I want you to hear the voices.
  • They both turned their attention to the mirror.

    • Gunlodr: Are you there, prophet? Can you hear me?

    They waited, but no voices came.

    • Gunlodr: Perhaps another day. Another thread. Come. We must not keep Father waiting.

    Havi and Gunlodr left the sanctum. Behind them, unheard, a voice came through.

    Outside, a heavy snow had begun to fall. Havi commented to himself.

    • Havi: Winter's knife cuts deep and sky-pearls fall thick in this land.

    He followed Gunlodr to a couple elk nearby. They mounted and began making their way to the feast hall.

    • Gunlodr: It... it is cold out here!
    • Havi: How can that surprise you?
    • Gunlodr: I haven't been outside in... hm, I don't know how long.
    • Havi: You are devoted to your work.
    • Gunlodr: Not my work. My responsibility. My people ignore the disaster bearing down on them. Someone must do something. We have long searched for a solution, until the burden of it has bent my mind. I do not think as clearly as I once did.
    • Havi: I have heard there is one method still untested.
    • Gunlodr: There is. But to activate it would mean defiling our well of knowledge, from which all of Midgard drinks. There is no telling the change it would wreak on humankind. It would bring chaos at the least. And I do not wish to hurt them.
    • Havi: Even if it means the death of all Jötnar?
    • Gunlodr: We will find another way. We must.

    They continued riding.

    • Gunlodr: This land is quite beautiful. I had all but forgotten.

    Gunlodr paused at a set of large stone doors.

    • Gunlodr: The vault, wherein our greatest discoveries are kept. Such things would do great harm in the hands of evil people.

    She continued up the path.

    • Gunlodr: No stone walls will defend us when Ragnarok comes. All we have built here will be swept away.

    They reached the entrance to the feast hall. To one side, across the city, a tall but worn down tower could be seen.

    • Gunlodr: For so long we made magics there in that tower. Enchantment has seemed into its very walls. The wind and snow have gnawed that tower to the bone. Soon we will knock it down.

    Havi dismounted and followed Gunlodr through the hall to Suttungr's throne.

    • Suttungr: Havi, your feast is prepared. I hope it pleases you.
    • Havi: You are generous and hospitable indeed, great Suttungr. None can say otherwise.
    • Suttungr: And see, your gift stands in pride of place, brimming with freshly fermented mead. Enough for a hundred Jotnar and more!

    Suttungr gestured to the side of the hall, where Ægir's cauldron sat, huge once more.

    • Havi: This is... an unexpected honor. You have filled it already with mead from your vault, then?
    • Suttungr: No need! It has filled itself. Such is the magic of the cauldron.
    • Havi: Impressive. But what if it should run out of mead?
    • Suttungr: Do you hear this? Havi fears he will drink us dry!

    Suttungr laughed.

    • Suttungr: My cauldron is deep, but my vault is deeper. Do not worry about my stores of mead. I have plenty to go around.
    • Gunlodr: Father, you know revelry does not suit me. Must I attend this feast? I have work to do.
    • Suttungr: Your work can wait, my daughter. Take a moment, enjoy yourself.
    • Gunlodr: Father, we have very little time--
    • Suttungr: Enjoy yourself. I insist.

    Sullen, Gunlodr left to join the feasting.

    • Suttungr: Havi, the guests are uneasy. They see an Aesir, but they do not know you. Will you address them?
    • Havi: I am ready.

    Suttungr stood to draw the attention of the guests.

    • Suttungr: Now we will hear from our honored guest! The Lord of the Aesir has come in peace, and has brought us a mighty gift. Attend!

    Suttungr sat again and Havi addressed the crowd.

    • Havi: Havi, I am called, whose axe is never slaked! The blood of my enemies is my mead, their skulls my pillow!

    The crowd cheered.

    • Suttungr: You brag well. They were ever pleased by violence.

  • Havi: I am Havi, deft of tongue and quick of wit, here to spin you a tale!
  • The crowd shouted.

    • Suttungr: Your stories are wasted on them. They respect deeds, not hollow talk.

  • Havi: I am Havi, dreaded hunter of your kind! One hundred Jotnar I have slain.
  • The crowd shouted in disapproval.

    • Suttungr: You tread on dangerous ground, Aesir.

    • Havi: You are all brothers and sisters to me!

    The crowd shouted disapprovingly.

    • Suttungr: Do not be too familiar. Jotnar are slow to trust.

  • Havi: Though our people are enemies, I come here to do you honor, for I know that none feast, nor fight like Jotnar.
  • The crowd cheered.

    • Suttungr: Your words are well chosen.

  • Havi: Great Jotnar, I stand here in awe of your might and majesty.
  • The crowd booed.

    • Suttungr: They do not respect weakness. Show some backbone!

    • Havi: I offer a toast to great Suttungr!

    The crowd shouted disapprovingly.

    • Suttungr: They do not love me as much as they love to feast.

  • Havi: Now I will sing you the lay of Idunn, whose apples gave life eternal!
  • The crowd shouted disapprovingly.

    • Suttungr: Those with rumbling bellies will not stand for long tales.

  • Havi: I could go on, but who wants to hear words when there's meat and mead to be had?
  • The crowd cheered.

    • Suttungr: You know your audience well, it seems.

  • Havi: Now we will drink deep and eat heartily!
  • Suttungr stood.

    • Suttungr: Let the feast begin!

    Havi looked out over the feast for a moment before joining it. If his speech was well received, the cauldron had already emptied some.

    • Havi: What can I do to get them to drink faster?

    As the Jotnar feasted, they spoke among themselves.

    • Jotun 1: Two of my brothers died in the attack on Asgard. Now we throw a feast for Asgard's lord? Is Suttungr under a spell?
    • Jotun 2: Patience. They cannot outlast us. You will have your chance at vengeance.

    Havi noted the tables full of food.

    • Havi: The right food will inspire thirst. I should head to the kitchen.

    Havi went to the kitchen doors to find them closed, a cook standing before them.

    • Thrall 1: No guests in the kitchen! Out!

    With that path blocked, Havi searched for another entrance. On the other side of Suttungr's throne he found a much smaller door that led into a larder, and past that the kitchen.

    • Havi: The kitchen. Here I might find some way to make the guests thirsty.

    On one long table, Havi found bowls of spices.

    • Havi: Hot spices call for a cooling drink. Now how can I use this?

    Havi returned to the feast. At the end of a table was a roast pig. Havi added the spices to it.

    • Havi: These guests will drink more with fire in their mouths.

    As Havi made his way through the hall, he added the spices to more pigs. Around him, he could hear bits of conversation.

    • Jotun 3: Aegir's cauldron has come to Utgard? I'll never be sober again!
    • Jotun 4: A feast is for meat and mead, not empty chatter.
    • Jotun 5: Must we drink to our enemies now?
    • Jotun 6: An Aesir? I think I've lost my appetite.
    • Havi: The guests are not drinking fast enough. Perhaps I can speed things along.

    Near the kitchen door, a group of musicians sat, but they weren't playing anything.

    • Jotun 7: What is a feast without music? I want to dance!
    • Jotun 8: I've seen more life in a grave mound.
    • Havi: I see musicians... but where is the music?

    Havi spoke to the musicians.

    • Havi: Somber souls will only sip at their drinking horns. Conjure us a tune to raise their spirits.
    • Thrall 2: We are keen, but my harp has been stolen. We cannot play without it.
    • Havi: Who would steal a song-bringer's instrument?
    • Thrall 2: There was a group of children playing round us earlier with mischief in their eyes.
    • Havi: I will get your harp back. And then you will play.

    Havi pondered as he walked away.

    • Havi: Thralls. Humans kept in bondage, bred to serve. Such is the fate of the lowly.

    As Havi neared the cauldron, he heard children arguing.

    • Thrall Child 1: Give it to me! I want a go!
    • Thrall Child 2: Get your grubby paws off my harp!
    • Thrall Child 3: My turn! My turn!
    • Thrall Child 2: Not you too! You'll break the strings with your sausage fingers!

    At the top of the stairs around the cauldron, Havi found three human children. Two seemed to be fighting over something. Havi spoke to the third.

    • Havi: That harp does not belong to you, little thief. You should give it back.
    • Thrall Child 2: What are you going to do? Fight me for it?
    • Havi: Why don't you give me a real challenge?
    • Thrall Child 2: All right, you want this harp, go dive in that mead! Climb as high as you can, though! I want a big splash!
    • Havi: Watch and learn.

    Havi climbed the supports holding the casks nearby.

    • Thrall Child 1: Bet they won't do it!
    • Thrall Child 3: How many broken bones, you think?
    • Thrall Child 2: Fifty at least. Maybe a hundred!

    A platform extended out over the cauldron near the ceiling. Havi dove from it into the mead.

    • Thrall Child 2: Did you see that? He flew!

    Havi returned and spoke to the child again, vision swaying from the mead.

    • Havi: There. Now give back the harp, so the musicians may play.
    • Thrall Child 2: Ymir's hairy balls, that was amazing! You must be half raven!
    • Havi: Who taught you such language?
    • Thrall Child 2: Mother. Why?

    The children ran off to return the harp while Havi continued to look for ways to encourage the guests to drink. Later, Havi passed by the cauldron again and heard the children speaking.

    • Thrall Child 2: You jump next!
    • Thrall Child 3: No, you!
    • Thrall Child 1: I'm not going, no way.
    • Thrall Child 2: Coward.
    • Thrall Child 1: I don't see you jumping.
    • Thrall Child 2: I'm... I'm not ready yet!

    With Havi's encouragement, the Jotnar drank more.

    • Havi: The mead is half gone. Then Aegir's cauldron can be drained!

    Havi heard more Jotnar talking.

    • Jotun 9: Tales and song are naught but wind and clamor. It's deeds that matter here.
    • Jotun 10: Suttungr is keen of mind, but he does not have our hearts. We need a warrior to lead us!
    • Jotun 11: This Havi must be mighty indeed, if Suttungr honors him so.
    • Jotun 12: Is that Gunlodr? Not often you see her dragged away from her work.

    To the side of the hall, Gunlodr stood alone, looking out over the city.

    • Havi: Gunlodr looks glum, and she has not touched a drop of mead. Maybe I can raise her spirits.

    Havi spoke to Gunlodr.

    • Havi: You are not drinking, Gunlodr.
    • Gunlodr: I do not care for it. Drink is the heron that steals away one's memory.
    • Havi: Some would say it frees the spirit of worry.
    • Gunlodr: We call those people drunks.

    Havi chuckled.

    • Havi: I see your wit is as sharp as your intelligence.
    • Gunlodr: Wit? I was simply stating a truth.
    • Havi: Let us play a game. Ask me some riddles. I will see if I can guess them.
    • Gunlodr: I enjoy a good riddle. How did you know?
    • Havi: All great minds enjoy riddles. You fashion order from disorder. Sense from nonsense.
    • Gunlodr: You have me at that. Very well, I will play.
    • Havi: Give me an easy one to begin.
    • Gunlodr: Would that I had now what I had yesterday. Find out what that was.
      Mankind it mars, speech it hinders, yet speech it will inspire.

    • Havi: The answer is courage.
    • Gunlodr: No, the answer is ale. I thought you would get that, as you seem so fond of it.

  • Havi: It is ale, of course.
  • Gunlodr: A child could have solved that one.

  • Havi: It must be gold.
  • Gunlodr: A worthy guess, but wrong. The answer is ale.

  • Gunlodr: Would you like another?
    • Havi: All right. I'm ready.
    • Gunlodr: Who is that shrill one who rides a hard road and has fared that way before?
      He kisses hard who has two mouths and goes only on gold.

    • Havi: It is a hammer.
    • Gunlodr: Well done! I hope that wasn't just a guess?

  • Havi: An arrow, surely?
  • Gunlodr: Arrow fly shrill and kiss hard. But two mouths? Gold? The answer is hammer.

  • Havi: A river has a mouth, and sometimes flows on gold.
  • Gunlodr: A good try, but the river's kiss is soft. It is a hammer.

  • Gunlodr: One more?
    • Havi: I feel good about this one.
    • Gunlodr: Be prepared. This is the hardest yet.
      White haired women, servants two, bore ale-tub to the larder.
      No hand turned it, nor hammer beat it. But there, outside the island, the upright one who made it.

    • Havi: Snow on the trees.
    • Gunlodr: You have a poet's heart. But you should have used your mind. It was swans and eggs.

  • Havi: It can only be swans and eggs.
  • Gunlodr: Very clever, Havi. Yes.

  • Havi: Old age is the answer.
  • Gunlodr: Old age? I think age is slowing your brain. The answer is swans and eggs.

  • Havi: Well, now the game is over. Have I raised your spirits at all?
    • Gunlodr: That was disappointing. Perhaps you'd better find someone more suited to your intelligence.

  • Gunlodr: I feel a little better. You are kind to attend to me, Havi. Most have given up trying.

  • Gunlodr: I feel better. Much, much better. I might even go and have a drink!

  • Havi: I've had enough.
  • Gunlodr: O. Very well.

  • Havi: I have changed my mind. Riddles bore me.
  • Gunlodr: Did I do something wrong?
  • Havi: Enjoy the feast.
  • Gunlodr walked away.

    Havi explored the hall further.

    • Havi: Is there any sweeter music than the clash of drinking horns?

    Near the center of the hall, Havi found Aegir drinking and spoke to him.

    • Havi: Aegir, mighty friend to the Aesir! Are you not sorry to lose your cauldron?
    • Aegir: It was never mine by right. Thor won it from Hymir so he might feast in my hall. I only kept it on his behalf. And after that bloody business with Hymir's sons, well, I'd as soon be rid of it! I'll have no strife beneath my roof.
    • Havi: The end of strife. I'll drink to that!
    • Aegir: And I'll drink to anything!

    Havi left Aegir to encourage the feasting some more.

    • Jotun 13: You can measure a warrior by the notches on his blade.
    • Jotun 14: Cold winds howl and snows may fall, but the mead is always warm in Suttungr's halls.
    • Jotun 15: Humble foes are thralls in waiting. Give me an enemy worth the swing of an axe!

    Further on, Havi saw a group of Jotnar forming a circle. In the center, two were fighting. Another Jotun called out for challengers.

    • Jotun 16: Who will challenge our champion? Who among you is brave enough? Who is in the mood for a brawl? Don't be shy! Test your fists against the champion!
    • Havi: They are calling for challengers to face their champion. A fight would make them drain their horns faster.

    Havi spoke to the leader.

    • Jotun 17: Havi! Show us your might! Beat our champion, and we will drain our horns in your honor.
    • Havi: Bring me this champion, and I will shine my knuckles on his jawbone.
    • Jotun 17: Behold!

    Another Jotun entered the ring; a small, frail-looking old woman.

    • Havi: Do not mock me! I will not fight a withered old crone!
    • Jotun 17: If you are too afraid to face her, well, that is that...

    • Havi: If she is truly your champion, then so be it. I will try not to break her brittle bones, but I promise nothing.

  • Havi: This challenge is beneath me. I will not dance for your amusement.
  • Jotun 17: Scared of an old hag? Well, come back if you change your mind.
  • Havi left and returned again later.

    • Havi: I'm back.
    • Jotun 17: Found your courage, have you? Are you ready to face our champion now?

    Havi fought the hag while the Jotnar around jeered.

    • Jotun 18: Can you not beat an old woman? My lambs hit harder than you!
    • Jotun 19: Don't be scared of that crumble-bones!
    • Jotun 20: Perhaps a babe would be more suited to your strength.
    • Jotun 21: Is she too strong for you?

    The fight leader clapped.

    • Jotun 17: Indeed, you are mighty! You have fought old age and won. No one has ever done that before.
    • Havi: Drink to me, then, as you promised you would.
    • Jotun 17: All of you! Empty your horns for Havi!

    As Havi walked away, the crowd commented on the fight.

    • Jotun 20: They beat the champion? Nobody's ever beaten the champion!
    • Jotun 16: Drink in the name of Havi!

  • Jotun 17: A brave try, but you have failed.
  • Havi: She is more formidable than she seems.
  • Jotun 17: Do not be downhearted. You may battle old age, but old age will win in the end.
  • Havi: I'm back.
  • Jotun 17: Found your courage, have you? Are you ready to face our champion now?
  • Havi: I will not underestimate her this time.

  • The crowd around the ring dispersed.

    • Havi: I need to empty that cauldron. Then Suttungr will open his vault.

    Crossing the hall again, Havi overheard another conversation.

    • Jotun 22: ale dulls both mind and blade. What if the Aesir should attack right now?
    • Jotun 23: Does anything bring you joy?
    • Jotun 22: The feel of my opponent's skull giving way beneath my axe.
    • Jotun 23: (sigh)

    Near a pillar, Havi saw a Jotun who looked suspiciously familiar.

    • Havi: Is that Loki there? Surely he would not dare...

    Havi approached the Jotun.

    • Havi: Loki?
    • Thokk: Not me, friend. My name is Thokk.
    • Havi: Forgive me. I ... I thought you were someone else.
    • Thokk: Too much drink in too little time. The cure for that is sleep.

    Havi left the Jotun to his drink. On the other side of the pillar, Havi heard a couple Jotnar talking.

    • Jotun 24: Come, give it a try! What's the worst that can happen?
    • Jotun 25: Last time I played your game, I got so drunk I shot my brother in the leg.
    • Jotun 24: What's the second worst?

    Beyond them, an archery range had been set up with some barrels and pots.

    • Havi: I should try the archery contest. No doubt they will toast my prowess if I succeed.

    Havi spoke to the Jotun running the contest.

    • Jotun 24: Greetings, Havi! Will you test your arm at archery? You must hit three targets in a handful of heartbeats.
    • Havi: I can shoot the wings off a wasp.
    • Jotun 24: Ah, but can you do it while mead-addled? Before each attempt, you must take a drink.
    • Havi: I'll take your challenge on one condition. For every drink I take, you take two!
    • Jotun 24: Ha! That's a condition I'll gladly accept. Are you ready?
    • Havi: Show me those targets.
    • Jotun 24: Then take a drink, and let fly!

    Havi downed one of the mugs set on a nearby barrel.

    • Jotun 26: Let us hope you hold your beer better than you hold a bow!

    Havi shot the first pot.

    • Jotun 24: Fine shot! Now have a drink and try another.

    Havi drank another mug.

    • Jotun 26: Close your eyes, your luck will improve!

    He shot the second pot.

    • Jotun 24: Steady eye, now! The last one is the hardest.
    (If Havi walked away before shooting all three pots)
    • Jotun 24: Not so easy after supping at the brook of the cheer-cup, eh? When you feel ready, take a drink and try again.
    Havi left and spoke to the Jotun again later.
    • Jotun 24: You return! Keen to stretch your bow string?
    • Havi: Show me those targets.
    Havi drank and shot the first two targets again.

    Havi drank again.

    • Jotun 27: You look a bit wobbly there. Careful!

    Havi shot the final pot and spoke to the coordinator again.

    • Jotun 24: You are a keen shot, Havi! Your hand grows steadier with drink, where others lose their eye.
    • Havi: Another round?
    • Jotun 24: Not for me. My belly roils like a knot of eels... and I see three of you. I think I should walk this off...
    • 'Havi: The cauldron is empty. I should tell Suttungr.

    Havi approached Suttungr's throne again.

    • Havi: Great Suttungr, your guests thirst for mead yet the cauldron is dry.
    • Suttungr: All gone? I never would have thought it possible! Gunlodr!

    Gunlodr came at her father's call.

    • Gunlodr: Father?
    • Suttungr: Open the vault. Instruct the thralls to bring more mead for my guests!
    • Gunlodr: Do they really need more, Father? Several are unconscious already.
    • Suttungr: Do as I ask, Daughter. Give them all they can drink.
    • Gunlodr: As you wish. I will open the vault.

    Gunlodr left for the vault.

    • Suttungr: None will say that Suttungr is less than generous.

    Havi chuckled.

    • 'Havi: None will be capable.

    Havi left the feast hall and made his way to the vault. When he reached it, the door was ajar.

    • Havi: Finally, the vault is open. The Mead awaits within.

    Havi entered the vault. Before he could begin his search, though, Gunlodr emerged from a side room and spotted him.

    • Gunlodr: Havi! I heard a noise, and I... What are you doing here?

    (This option is only available if A Gift from the Past was completed)

    • Havi: I wanted to speak with you, away from the others. I brought something for you. A gift.

    Havi took out the bridal circlet and gave it to Gunlodr, who took it, looking confused.

    • Gunlodr: For me? Thank you, but... why?
    • Havi: Fate, Gunlodr. We are helpless to escape it. And we were fated to be here now, together.
    • Gunlodr: You and I? How? It makes no sense.
    • Havi: The Nornir spin their patterns, and we can only surrender. We are entwined, spun together. There is perfect sense in that.

    Havi stepped forward and took Gunlodr's hands in his own.

    • Gunlodr: Your words, your gift, your eyes when you look upon me. You bewilder me, Havi. I do not understand you.

    Gunlodr stepped back, looking away.

    • Havi: Listen and attend. I will show you all you need to know.
    Havi placed a hand on Gunlodr's cheek and drew her to look at him again, then kissed her. Some time later, while Gunlodr slept, Havi took the chance to look around.

    • Havi: Fate, Gunlodr. We are helpless to escape it. And we were fated to be here now, together.
    • Gunlodr: You and I? How? It makes no sense.
    • Havi: The Nornir spin their patterns, and we can only surrender. We are entwined, spun together. There is perfect sense in that.

    Havi stepped forward and took Gunlodr's hands in his own, but she pulled away.

    • Gunlodr: No. You tease and mock, but I do not believe your lies. Your only desire is the Mead! You are a thief and an agent of chaos. I'll see you pay for this deceit. Guards!

    Two guards came from deeper in the vault.

    • Gunlodr: The Mead is no treasure for the ignorant!

    The guards attacked Havi.

    • Gunlodr: You're here to steal our secrets!

    Havi killed the guards.

    • Gunlodr: Don't do this! You cannot know the consequences! No one can!

  • Havi: I have come for the Mead, and neither you nor your father will keep me from it.
  • Gunlodr: You are a thief and an agent of chaos. I'll see you pay for this deceit. Guards!
  • Two guards came from deeper in the vault.

    • Gunlodr: The Mead is no treasure for the ignorant!

    The guards attacked Havi.

    • Gunlodr: You're here to steal our secrets!

    Havi killed the guards.

    • Gunlodr: Don't do this! You cannot know the consequences! No one can!

    Havi searched the vault. Within the side room, he found a piece of paper.

    The Creation (I)
    Before there was earth or sky, there was the Ginnungagap. Muspelheim lay to one side, the realm of fire. Niflheim lay to the other, land of eternal ice. In between, only silence and the dark.

    In the main area of the vault, on a crate in the middle of the room, he found another.

    The Creation (II)
    At last, frost and fire met, and in the hissing scalding mist, Ymir was born, father of the Jotnar. He was as vast as creation, and from the sweat of his armpits, giants were born.

    On a table to the side of the room was another.

    The Creation (III)
    At last the cow Audhumla was revealed from beneath the ice. Ymir fed from her udders as she fed from the salt of the frozen realm. As she licked, the ice melted, and Buri emerged: the first of the cursed Aesir.

    Behind a large cask nearby, he found another.

    The Creation (IV)
    Buri begat Bor, and Bor married Bestla of the Jotnar, and they had three children, named Odin, Vili, and Ve. These foul murderers turned on their progenitor and slew Ymir in his sleep, and began thereafter to rend him to pieces.

    Further into the room, on an upper level, Havi found another paper.

    The Creation (V)
    From Ymir's blood came the oceans. His skin and muscles became soil, and his hair the plants that grew there. The clouds are his brains, the sky his skull, held aloft by four dwarves.

    At the back of the vault, in a cold room full of fish and meat, he found another paper.

    The Creation (VI)
    The Aesir, being vain and desirous of inferiors to worship them, created the first humans, Ask and Embla, from two trees. Afraid of the wrath of the Jotnar, they build a fence around Midgard to keep us out, and left them there to thrive, penned like chickens with the foxes at bay.

    On the other side of the room, Havi found a list on a small platform.

    100 bores

    300 cask Ale.

    20 Deere

    3 Bares

    40 Oxn

    1 Lettis (for helthy)

    Enuf for feest???

    Eventually, Havi found stairs that led into a short hall, lined with six large, engraved stones, three on either side. On each, a symbol was set in gold.

    Carving of Four Towers
    First were the four towers of iron to capture and disperse the sun.
    Carving of Linked Rings
    Second were the silver rings fashioned by Idunn to encircle the Nine Realms.
    Carving of Radiant Orbs
    Third were Idunn's apples to amplify the hugr of all creatures.
    Carving of a Triskele
    Fourth was the seidr by which we spoke the first language of the Nine Realms.
    Carving of a Warrior Facing Flames
    Fifth was the armor we donned to guard our bodies against cosmic shocks.
    Carving of a Person Inside Yggdrasil
    Sixth were the vessels into which we sent our hugr.

    At the end of the hall sat a large golden horn, filled with an amber liquid.

    • Havi: The Mead. By this strange magic, might the Aesir evade our doom?

    Havi took out a flask and filled it with the Mead, then made to leave the vault.

    • Havi: Hyrrokin has promised answers at the Well of Mimir.

    Gunlodr was nowhere to be seen. Havi exited the vault, only to be met by an angry Suttungr with Loki close behind.

    • Suttungr: Havi!
    • Loki: There! See! The robber caught red-handed!
    • Suttungr: Betrayer! Deceiver! I treated you as an honored guest, and this is how you repay me?

    Havi glared at Loki.

    • Havi: I saw you at the feast, Loki! Small wonder you disguised yourself, after all you have done!

  • Havi: Loki? You should have the sense to stay far away from me, after what you did.

  • Loki: Someone needed to warn my people of the treachery in your heart. Suttungr, show this Aesir how the Jotnar deal with thieves.
  • Loki raised his hands and a ring of ice spikes rose to trap Havi in with Suttungr, who unsheathed his sword.

    • Suttungr: Come. Embrace your death!

    Suttungr attacked, while Loki jeered from outside the ring.

    • Loki: You are not going anywhere, Havi!
    • Suttungr: Deceiver! False-tongue! Dishonorable trickster!
    • Havi: Suttungr's ice... it looks unstable.

    Havi shot Suttungr's sword as he tried to call down ice, freezing the Jotun in place. The fight continued and Suttungr rained icicles down on Havi.

    • Havi: Ah! I should take cover.

    After some time, Suttungr began to weaken.

    • Suttungr: I have lived too long to suffer one such as you!

    Suttungr went to the center of the area and pulled an axe from among the ice.

    • Suttungr: Your bones will splinter beneath my boots!

    The fight continued.

    • Suttungr: You would gamble with uncountable lives!
    • Loki: Are you getting weak, Havi? Is the strength in your arm fading?
    • Suttungr: What have you done with my daughter?

    Havi climbed Suttungr's back, swinging around and using the horns of his helmet to drive Suttungr's head into the ground. With an angry gesture, Loki retracted the spikes trapping Havi and disappeared.

    • Havi: Be thankful it was me who took your Mead and not Loki. What I do, I do for the safety of the Aesir and Vanir.
    • Suttungr: You will change countless fates, Havi, but not your own.

    Havi began to walk away.

    • Havi: We will see.

    Havi left.

    • Havi: Hyrrokin said to find her at Mímir's Well. I will deal with that venomous trickster another day.


    A feast was held to honor Havi, who used the festivities to slip away to steal a sample of the mead, before defeating Suttungr in battle once his treachery was unveiled.

    Behind the Scenes

    Tasks at the feast can be completed in any order, but once the cauldron is empty, any unfinished tasks become unavailable. Correct answers and victories at the feast drain the cauldron faster.

    Some of the background comments at the feast seem to correspond to choices available during Havi's speech, but they will play no matter what was said.

    No matter what the gauge says, the cauldron will appear full until it is empty, at which point the top is covered.


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