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A Family Ordeal was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra found Odessa talking to two farmers at her estate near the Port of Nisaia.


Kassandra approached Odessa's Estate and heard her arguing with two of the farmers.

  • Odessa: You think Odysseus had to take care of his sick father? If I hope to be remembered, I can't stay in one place like this. Stop standing around, and do what I've told you.

Kassandra approached Odessa.

  • Odessa: Kassandra! I haven't seen you since you took me to the ruins of Odysseus.
  • Kassandra: Odessa. You remember.
(If The Master has been revealed during A Life's Worth but he still lives or his demand has not been rejected)
  • Odessa: What's wrong? You have a look about you.
  • Kassandra: It feels weird saying you this to you, but someone wants me to kill you.
  • Odessa: That's nothing new to me lately. Now where were we?
  • Kassandra: Uh... I was surprised you remembered me.

(The following set of dialogues is dependent on choices made in A Small Odyssey. The rest of the dialogues after this tabber remains the same throughout.)

  • Odessa: How could I forget? You told me to live my own life and care less about someone else's greatness.
  • Kassandra: Looks like you're taking my advice.
  • Odessa: I've been forced to take care of my sick father. So, no, I've had no chance to live the life I desire.

  • Odessa: Of course I do. You told me to stay home with my family.
  • Kassandra: Seems like you're doing that.
  • Odessa: Not by choice. You asked if I wanted to be remembered or to be happy. Well, taking care of my sick father does not make me happy.

  • Odessa: Yes, although you were hardly any help. I've had nobody to push me to greatness, and now I'm stuck taking care of my sick father.

  • Kassandra: Be glad you have family to take care of.
  • Odessa: Says the one who gets to travel and make a name for herself. Nobody knows who I am.
  • Kassandra: If you don't like it, do something about it.
  • Odessa: Not until my father is better. I need to get a couple of things for him. Maybe you could help me?

  • Kassandra: No wonder you're upset. You want to be out exploring, but you're stuck here instead.
  • Odessa: I'm glad somebody gets it.
  • Kassandra: If you don't like it, do something about it.
  • Odessa: Not until my father is better. I need to get a couple of things for him. Maybe you could help me?

  • Kassandra: I've seen alot of people, but you're one of the most beautiful I've ever met.
  • Odessa: Is that so? You're a welcome distraction from my problems.

  • Kassandra: If you have some time, maybe we could get to knowe each other a little better.
  • Odessa: Tell me more.
  • Kassandra: Well, I can think of a few things, but... let's talk some more first.
  • Odessa: Yeah... That sounds... great.

  • Kassandra: I've been told I'm great at being a distraction. I'm sure you have a bed inside we could use.
  • Odessa: You get straight to the point, don't you?
  • Kassandra: I'll show how to the point I can get.
  • Odessa: I'm sure you will.

  • Kassandra: So, how about it?
  • Odessa: You know, I'd love to, but I have a couple of things I need to pick up for my father first. If you helped me, then we could maybe continue our conversation.

  • Kassandra: Don't worry, I'm here to help. What do you need?
ACOD A Family Ordeal - Odessa Requesting Kassandra's Help

Odessa requesting Kassandra's help

  • Odessa: A few herbs from the Valley of King Lelex nearby. I also need a mixture from the market to combine with the herbs. There's a merchant there holding onto it for me.
  • Kassandra: Is your father really so sick you can't get them yourself?
  • Odessa: I'm his only child. I'd rather be close by in case he gets worse.
  • Kassandra: Do you know what's wrong with him?
  • Odessa: No, only that he's not getting better. The mixture and herbs I need may help the pain at least.
  • Kassandra: If he dies, all his land will be yours, right?
  • Odessa: yes, but I'd sell it anyway. What better reason to leave everything behind and truly begin my quest like Odysseus?
  • Kassandra: What's your connection to Odysseus?
  • Odessa: I'm a descendant of his. I'm named after him, too.
  • Kassandra: Stay by your father. I'll be back with the herbs and the mixture.

With Ikaros' help, Kassandra identified the locations of the herbs: an old trireme washed on the shore, a stone pyramid, and (need to check this).

  • Kassandra: Those are the herbs Odessa needs.
ACOD A Family Ordeal - Kassandra Meeting The Merchant

Kassandra meeting the merchant

Kassandra recovered the herbs, and reached Megara to look for the merchant selling the mixture. She approached the merchant near the market.

  • Street Vendor: Tell your friends, tell your family! The best wares drachmae can buy! Even mercenaries like you can find something.
  • Kassandra: Odessa sent me.
  • Street Vendor: Ah, of course! Sweet girl. Wished she had stopped by herself. This is for her father, I imagine. I'll take the payment, and you can be on your way.

  • Kassandra: Here, take it.

Kassandra handed over 50 drachmae.

  • Street Vendor: Quick sales are my favourites. I hope this helps Odessa.

Kassandra received the mixture.

Kassandra grabbed the merchant.

  • Kassandra: I'm not paying for that. Unless you want Odessa's father to die, you'll give it to me now.
  • Street Vendor: Don't try to guilt me into giving you something for free. For all I know, Odessa didn't actually send you.

  • Kassandra: I'll take it from your dead body, then.

Kassandra killed the street vendor, taking the mixture from his body.

  • Kassandra: I'll return when I have the drachmae.

Return to first Dialogue choices (minus Lie)

  • Kassandra: Odessa told me she'd pay you later.
  • Street Vendor: I don't give away items for free.
  • Kassandra: You wouldn't be. She said she'd even pay extra for your trouble.
  • Street Vendor: OK, but only because it's her. Make sure she stops by soon.

Kassandra received the mixture.

With the mixture and herbs in hand, Kassandra returned to Odessa's estate, where she found her being attacked by unknown assailants. Kassandra helped her to eliminate them.

  • Odessa: Maybe we should check them for clues.

Kassandra recovered a note from one of the body.

  • Ammbusher's Note:
    Kill Odessa before she can do any more damage to Megaris. Her father's estate will be ours once sh'e gone.
  • Kassandra: These men work for the leader of Megaris. Seems like Odessa's been causing some problems for them, and they're also after her father's estate.

Kassandra spoke to Odessa.

  • Odessa: Are the herbs and mixture okay? You did get them, didn't you?
  • Kassandra:' That's what you're worried about? We were just attacked.
  • Odessa: Surely you should be used to that by now. Random bandits litter these lands. What did that letter you were reading say?

  • Kassandra: Apparently you've been causing some problems for Megaris.
  • Odessa: How could you say such a thing?
  • Kassandra: This letter is saying it. This wasn't a random attack.
  • Odessa: Megaris deserves everything it's gotten! I'm the victim here.
  • Kassandra: The leader doesn't think so.

  • Kassandra: That they were after you and only you. Not me.
  • Odessa: I can't believe it!
  • Kassandra: Looks like it deals with your father's estate. They probably want you and him both gone so they can take it.

  • Odessa: I could have died. Without making a name for myself. I'd never be worth anything at all.

  • Kassandra: People tried to kill me because of you, but you're only thinking about yourself.
  • Odessa: You can handle it. There was never any true risk.
  • Kassandra: Now what? Clearly there's more going on here than you first told me.
  • Odessa: I didn't think you'd be drawn into it. But now that you are, I can prove to you that I'm the victim.
  • Kassandra: Good.

  • Kassandra: It's a good thing I came back in time.
  • Odessa: I'm grateful you did.
  • Kassandra: Now what? Clearly there's more going on here than you first told me.
  • Odessa: I didn't think you'd be drawn into it. But now that you are, I can prove to you that I'm the victim.
  • Kassandra: Good.

  • Kassandra: I won't let anyone hurt that face.
  • Odessa: No pain, no glory.

  • Kassandra: I don't know if I agree. But maybe you can change my mind.
  • Odessa: I would, but this news is weighing on me.

  • Kassandra: How about you take me inside and show me a little pain?
  • Odessa: Oh, how I would love to do so, but this news... someone aims to kill me! how could we possibly ignore such a thing for pleasure?

  • Kassandra: Then where does that leave us?
  • Odessa: With a task at hand, clearly! Think what you must, but I can prove the truth to you. I just need your help.
  • Kassandra: I'm not surprised. I'll let you know if you can have it.


Kassandra helped Odessa to retrieve herbs and mixtures for her father's illness. She also uncovered an attempt by the leader of Megaris to eliminate Odessa.


  • The first few lines of the dialogue are depending on the actions made in A Small Odyssey.
    • If players did not complete A Small Odyssey, the dialogue will be different from the above.
  • The game offers three locations for the herbs. Only one needs to be visited.
  • If A Life's Worth is advanced to the point where The Master demands the player kill a woman, that woman turns out to be Odessa, and she is no longer marked "essential." This will make it possible for her to die when the bandits attack her home, very easily as difficulty increases. Conversely, an "essential" Odessa can defeat all of the attacking bandits by herself. This essential status can be restored by completing A Life's Worth by rejecting The Master.


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