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A Family's Legacy was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Following the advice of her mother, Kassandra sought out the island of Thera in order to find her real father.


As the Adrestia neared the coast of Thera, Kassandra admired the site.

  • Kassandra: This place is nice.

The ship docked and Kassandra stepped onto the ground.

  • Kassandra: Thera. Not what I expected.

She explored the Minoan Ruins.

  • Kassandra: These ruins look old. I wonder who built them and when. What are those towers?

With the help of Ikaros, she scanned the ruins, and found a campsite.

  • Kassandra: There's the camp.

Inspecting the camp, she found a tablet with instructions.

  • Kassandra: Nothing but a tablet. I wonder what it says?
  • Ancient Tablet:
    While continuing my researching on the Minoan ruins, I found writing that spoke of a doorway. After some translations, it appeared that the reflective mirrors I found are part of a mechanism. I aligned the mirrors, and when I went back into the ruins, I found a path that led deeper underground. At the very bottom of the cave I found an an entrance to somewhere else. Tomorrow, I shall open the door and see what's inside.
  • Kassandra: So, the light beams are the key...
ACOD A Family's Legacy - Lights

Mirrors around the ruins

She made for the light shining off a mirror on the tallest ruin to the south. Fighting off some lynxes, she broke the boards covering a mirror and watched the light bounce west into the ruins.

  • Kassandra: It's aligned!

Kassandra broke more boards and slid down the rope to follow the light north. She pushed and pulled scaffolding to reflect the light northeast to the building nearest the dock.

  • Kassandra: This looks to be in the right position.

She made her way to the building and moved more scaffolding to reflect the light into the hole in the floor.

  • Kassandra: I think I've got it.
ACOD GLC - Kassandra unlocks the entrance

Kassandra at the massive door

She broke the door below the ruined building and allowed the light to reflect perfectly into the relief above the strange doorway to the south.

  • Kassandra: There. That should work. Now to try the door.

As she did with the Ancient Forge on Andros, Kassandra held the Spear of Leonidas to the entrance. The spear glowed as the entrance gave way, just as before.

  • Kassandra: Finally. Now, to find what lies within.

The door sealed behind Kassandra. She journeyed deep into the caves beyond the door.

  • Kassandra: Why would my father be here?

Kassandra slid through an opening and reached a magma chamber.

  • Kassandra: It's hot in here.

The footing narrowed as some rocks fell out of the ceiling.

  • Kassandra: I should watch my step.

She crossed to the other side and found a massive cavern at the end of the cave.

  • Kassandra: What is this place?

She stared over the edge to find a deep pool of water.

  • Kassandra: Time to take a dive.

Kassandra leapt into the water, pulled herself out, and jogged down the pathway.

  • Kassandra: This place is huge.

As Kassandra neared the steps leading down, she marveled at some of the strange architecture, then spied a man at the bottom.

  • Kassandra: Hello?

Ikaros flew past her as she descended the stairs.

  • Kassandra: Ikaros!

Ikaros perched on the man's outstretched arm, as if greeting an old friend.

  • Kassandra: Hmpf. Traitor.

The man addressed her directly.

  • Pythagoras: Greetings, Kassandra. Welcome to Atlantis.
  • Kassandra: Atlantis! Impossible! I thought it was just a myth?
  • Pythagoras: There are many secrets in this world that are hidden behind myth and legend.
  • Kassandra: And who are you?
  • Pythagoras: My name is Pythagoras. I'm your father.
  • Kassandra: Pythagoras? That doesn't make sense. He died decades ago.
  • Pythagoras: Yes, almost a century if memory serves. And yet, here I am standing before you.
  • Kassandra: And Ikaros is...
  • Pythagoras: My oldest and dearest friend. I sent him to watch over you. And now, here you are.

  • Kassandra: I've come to fulfil [sic] my destiny.
  • Pythagoras: Oh, you have? And what would that be, young one?
  • Kassandra: I was hoping you'd tell me.
  • Pythagoras: Atlantis doesn't give up its secrets easily.

  • Kassandra: I've traveled a long way to meet my real father. You.
  • Pythagoras: You weren't sent here for a family reunion. There are bigger things at stake.

  • Kassandra: Myrrine, my mother—she sent me here to find you.
  • Pythagoras: Myrrine. She sent you here because she knew this was your destiny.
  • Kassandra: My destiny?
  • Pythagoras: There's more at stake than any one mind can comprehend.

  • Kassandra: Why was I sent here? What's my role in all this? I want answers!

Ikaros took off from Pythagoras's arm.

  • Pythagoras: There is knowledge in this place. Powerful knowledge.
    In the wrong hands, its secrets could bring about the downfall of humanity.
    We cannot allow others to discover this place. We must find a way to seal it from the world forever.
  • Kassandra: I don't understand any of this. I'm a warrior, not a scholar.
  • Pythagoras: We all have a purpose, Kassandra. Yours was to help me protect the secrets of Atlantis.

  • Kassandra: Why should I help you? You were never there for me.
  • Pythagoras: You endured what you had to in order to be strong enough for what's to come.
  • Kassandra: I never asked for any of this.
  • Pythagoras: Our destiny is a burden we must shoulder. It is not something we choose.
  • Kassandra: What would you have me do?

  • Kassandra: You're right. We must save the Greek world from itself.
  • Pythagoras: Above all things, trust yourself. You're capable of greatness.
  • Kassandra: I'll do my best.

  • Pythagoras: The answers I seek are behind these mechanisms. They are sealed, and the artifacts to open them are missing.
  • Kassandra: So I need to find the artifacts and return them to Atlantis?
  • Pythagoras: I've collected information that hints at where these artifacts may be located.
    However, they are incredibly powerful. They corrupt the minds of lesser people and possess a will to defend themselves.
  • Kassandra: I'll bring them back. But I still have questions for you.
  • Pythagoras: And I have answers. For now, though, take this. It's part of a key to access an artifact that is hidden in Boeotia. I have an ally trying to find the second half as we speak.


Kassandra met her biological father, who was none other than Pythagoras, and learned of her family's connection to the lost city of Atlantis.



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