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A Faithful Acolyte was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline and her new ally, Élise Lafleur, set out to take down the first camp of the false Mackandal.


Aveline met with Élise in the Bayou.

  • Élise: Did you bring a canoe or do you expect your gentle breeding to keep you from the alligators? Best take one of mine, then, and learn to use it right quick.

Aveline and Élise began traveling by canoe through the swamp.

  • Élise: Smugglers. Such an ugly word. Even slavers are called merchants. Why can't my title be "Queen of the Bog, Protector of Innocents, Paddling Instructor, and Champion of Trade?"
  • Aveline: Too long to fit on a wanted poster. Tell me, when did your troubles with Mackandal's men begin?
  • Élise: 'Bout the same time the Spanish Governor arrived. Just a big ol' coincidence, I'm sure.
    This is as far as the water will take us.

Aveline and Élise arrived near the enemy camp and disembarked from their canoes.

  • Élise: They've set up their base around a wrecked ship that ran aground not far from here. The other base is a little further along. There!
  • Aveline: I'll check out this base. You scout ahead.
  • Élise: Oui, oui, mon capitaine. (Aye, aye, captain.)

An alligator approached Élise and Aveline.

A Faithful Acolyte 3

Aveline wrestling the alligator

  • Élise: Agh!

Aveline wrestled and killed the alligator with her Hidden Blade once it had tried to attack her.

  • Élise: Glad I didn't put money on that fight. Would've lost. And barely a scratch on you! Now here's a pretty prize: an alligator egg. Take it. You've earned it.

Aveline looted the alligator's nest.

  • Élise: Aveline: a woman among reptiles.
  • Aveline: Takes one to know one.
  • Élise: Ouais (yep), that it does. Right then, if you don't run the bastard through right here, I'll meet you at the next base.

Aveline free-ran through the trees until she came across a small camp, near a wrecked ship. Once there, she killed the acolyte and his followers, before she looted a letter from a chest inside the ship.

  • Letter: "My faithful Acolyte, the day of the sacred ceremony draws near. I am in want of nothing but more men to join our ranks. Gather the faithful and await my word."


After wrestling an alligator, Aveline approached one of Mackandal's camps, where she killed his followers and found evidence of a ceremony he planned to hold.



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