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A Drunken Sailor was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


We are anchored in Kingston harbor and Cap'n Thatch already has a lead on a big score. Hears some Spaniard has been talking in his cups at a local tavern about some wrecked treasure galleon he was crew on.

Captain has ordered us ashore with that new kid Kenway. We are to wrangle the Spaniard and bring him back to the Sea Dog's Bite so he can guide us to his lost doubloons.

The town is brimming with King George's Royal Soldiery. We will have to be fast and quiet, and back to the
'Bite by dawn.


Edward and three pirates met on the docks in Kingston's harbor.

  • Kenway: Here we are. Kingston, Ol' Goergie's little paradise.
  • Pirate 2: Cap'n says he's heard of a Spaniard singing songs about a wrecked treasure galleon in a local tavern.
  • Pirate 3: Well let's find this sailor afore he tells the whole isle of Jamaica.
  • Kenway: Aye. I'll take the high road You take the low. Let's find the sod.

Edward took to the rooftops as the pirates made their way through the city, eliminating any British soldiers they encountered until they found the drunken sailor standing outside a tavern talking with a Royal Navy officer.

  • Spanish Sailor: I just came here to drink! What do you want?
  • Captain Blount: Where is the galleon, you filthy winesop? Here now, who goes there, behind you? They've a foul look. Away with you, or I shall call the militia!

Suddenly, Edward ran up from behind Blount and knocked him unconscious.

  • Kenway: Enough outta you m'lordling, I've got the Spaniard! Let's get back to the 'Bite!
  • Pirate 3: Aye, rooftops is ours this time. We'll make a bloody racket so's your seas is clear!


Edward and the crew of the Sea Dog's Bite successfully located the Spanish sailor who claimed to know the location of a wrecked treasure ship, and after saving him from Blount's threats, made plans to escape the city.

Behind the scenes

The title of the memory is likely a reference to the similarly-named sea shanty, "Drunken Sailor".


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