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A Discrete Meeting was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.[1]


Spartan intelligence has revealed a secret Athenian meeting taking place in Boeotia. Our orders are to help the Spartan war effort in the region and uncover any valuable information revealed during this meeting.

The meeting place will be crawling with Athenian soldiers, so we should come prepared to fight!


Eliminating guards as they moved through the city, the assigned mercenaries entered the temple from a rooftop door, settling on an overhanging ledge to eavesdrop on the war council below.

  • Athenian Strategos: The Spartans have been pushing us back, but this is about to end. General Aetius just arrived with his soldiers.
  • Athenian Hoplite: Finally! General Aetius and his troops will be an unstoppable force. Together with them, we shall turn the tide of the war in our favor!
  • Athenian Strategos: Let us sleep and go meet the General tomorrow. We will drive the Spartans into the sea!


The mercenaries learned that General Aetius had landed and intended to deploy his troops the next day.


  • The title of the memory has a typo, since "discrete" is defined as "Individually separate and distinct."[2]. The word that should have been used was "discreet", meaning "Careful and prudent in one's speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential or to avoid embarrassment."[3]


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