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A Common Enemy was a virtual representation of one of Adéwalé's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Adéwalé, now stranded on Saint-Domingue, sought out the intended recipient of the Templar parcel.


Adéwalé woke up on a beach, and noticed a woman being attacked.

  • Overseer: (Dirty sow.)
  • Woman: (No!)
  • Overseer: (This will cost you an ear.)
  • Adéwalé: (Bully.) The Templar can wait. This woman must not suffer.

With a machete he found on the beach, Adéwalé killed the overseer and saved the woman.

  • Woman: (Thank God. Sorry.) I have nothing to offer but thanks.
  • Adéwalé: Nothing else is needed. As a boy, I fled the same fate.
  • Woman: Why would you risk recapture?
  • Adéwalé: Men of principle know the bigger risk is to turn away. I am looking for Bastienne Josèphe. Do you know her?
  • Woman: (Of course not!) But any "fine gentleman" may lead you to her. Too late for this one. Find another in town.
  • Adéwalé: The thanks is now mine. Do you have a place of refuge?
  • Woman: My family waits in the mountains. (Beyond the mountains, more mountains.)
  • Adéwalé: (God be with you.)

Adéwalé set out to find a gentleman, Louis Godin, who would lead him to Bastienne.

  • Godin: Madame Josèphe's women are the finest outside Paris. Mark my words though: Guzan has eyes only for me. I'm on my way there now, to present her with a gift.
  • Man: Enjoy yourself, sir. And fear not. You'll meet no competition from me. My heart is too weak!

Adéwalé tailed the man to a brothel, where he overheard a conversation between Bastienne and Governor de Fayet.

A Common Enemy 6

Adéwalé eavesdropping on Bastienne and de Fayet

  • Bastienne: You think me a traitor!
  • De Fayet: Slaves will be safer for it.
  • Bastienne: (Mr. Governor), if they felt safe at the plantation, do you think they would rebel?
  • De Fayet: Of course. It is their animal nature. Violence is the only currency that motivates them. Like coin, to you. If you want to protect your African friends, spread the word. Quiet them down. Otherwise...
  • Bastienne: You need not describe. I know what you do.
  • De Fayet: I could not raise a hand to hurt a fly. But the Overseers have every right to discipline as they see fit.
  • Bastienne: That will not be necessary. I will deliver your message. The cost will be high.
  • De Fayet: We will both profit by it.
  • Bastienne: Is there any other service you require, (Governor)?
  • De Fayet: An old man like me? I dare say Guzan has exhausted me already.
  • Bastienne: Then show yourself out.

Adéwalé approached Bastienne.

A Common Enemy 7

Adéwalé bringing the package to Bastienne

  • Adéwalé: Madame Josèphe. Expecting a package?
  • Bastienne: It, but not you. Where is (the Admiral)? I see. And do you mean for me to meet the same fate? Look around. One threat, and these men will end you.
  • Adéwalé: I bring no threat. Tell me, how do the Templars allow you to carry on like this?
  • Bastienne: I am only the messenger. But before you judge, remember the Templar coin, like any, will buy the freedom of men like you. I know this mark.
  • Adéwalé: You know nothing.
  • Bastienne: You have the brand of a slave, the eloquence of a scholar... hands of a sailor... and an Assassin's hood. Few weapons. I think the storm stranded you. What do you need? A ship? Shelter? These things can be had for the price of this parcel.
  • Adéwalé: I need nothing I (can't) win for myself. But prove that what you promise is true, and perhaps something can be arranged.
  • Bastienne: Is this your game? Very well. Then you will do me a favor. Augustin Dieufort is a very secretive man. First, find his plantation contact, and give him this message from the (Governor). Augustin will give you all the proof you need. Repeat this password: Si li pas dodo crab la va manger (If you don't go to sleep, the crab will eat you.)
  • Adéwalé: (If you don't go to sleep, the crab will eat you.)
  • Bastienne: (Not bad.) A convincing baritone. Now, I suggest you leave, before my admirers get suspicious.


Adéwalé received information on where he could start his investigation.



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