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A Brother's Keeper was a virtual representation of one of Eivor Varinsdottir's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan in 2020 through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


After arriving at the fjord, north of Hordafylke, Eivor and Sigurd walked to through the storm to their destiny.


The crew arrived at the shore of the northeastern-most fjord of the region.

  • Sigurd: Yes. Yes, this feels familiar. Eivor, we will press on. The rest of you, wait here!

Off their longship, Eivor and Sigurd walked northwards through the snowstorm at the fjord.

  • Sigurd: Follow me! Into this kingdom of snow!
  • Eivor: Sigurd, can we not wait for this to pass?
  • Sigurd: Ah, the sting of ice on skin! Revel in this, Eivor. We walk the footpath of the gods!
  • Eivor: To where? More glaciers and deserts of snow?
  • Sigurd: To glory!
  • Eivor: Could we not wait until this tempest quiets down? With the ship, where we have mead and food to warm us?
  • Sigurd: No! We must confront the omens and honor the gods. They will not seek or find you. We must go to them.
  • Eivor: We would be poor company with frozen bones and ice pellets for eyes.
  • Sigurd: You need not fear the cold, Eivor. Where we are going the winds and snows cannot touch!

Both siblings kept walking through the snowstorm.

  • Eivor: Ah. It is bitter cold. As wind from Niflheim!
  • Sigurd: Keep steady! It should not be far now!

Eivor and Sigurd passing through a passageway amidst the storm

Eivor kept following Sigurd through a large passageway between two cliffs.

  • Sigurd: It must be near. I know the shape of these rocks! Yes, we are close.
  • Eivor: For the sake of frozen fingers, I hope so.

Sigurd saw a cave in the hillside of the mountain in front of them.

  • Sigurd: There, that frozen lake. This must be it. And ahead lies a cavern.
  • Eivor: Will you not say where this leads?
  • Sigurd: You will see soon enough.
  • Eivor: And too late to turn back, I fear.
  • Sigurd: There! The cave! Within hides the sacred gate.

Eivor and Sigurd cross the frozen lake into the cave

Both warriors stepped on the frozen lake, running to the cavern thereafter. Inside Goinnhellir, they encountered an icy blockage.

  • Sigurd: The ice looks fragile. Can you clear it?

Eivor broke the ice and revealed the passage littered with several debris of unusual architecture behind it, discovering a large door. As Sigurd approached the closed entrance and stood before it, Eivor turned around and travelled down a side passage, caughting sight of a shiny spear embedded in the wall.

  • Eivor: TBA

She went up a broken bridge in order to reach it, finding it strangely familiar.

Eivor gains possession of Gungnir

Eivor pulled the spear free, claiming it for her own, and experimentally slammed it on the ground as she had seen Odin do in her vision during Kjotve the Cruel's death five years before. She then retraced her steps and returned to Sigurd.

  • Sigurd: My heart races. This is it!
  • Eivor: Gods, this door. Have you seen this before?

They both stood in front of the big doorway that Sigurd had envisioned. Eivor recalled what had happened in Oxenefordscire, years prior.

  • Eivor: The space above. The Saga Stone sat there, did it not?

Sigurd citing a passage to open the door of the vault

  • Sigurd: Long, long ago, yes. Now stand clear. zrhwachày nàgkwat nsmæ br trrhwndi kwardæ, I sorhwlàs vras chnàkodi de, nsm huchràs réyzdéràæ chaz zàwomsi. (When the destruction and death threatens before us, and the solar flare is reaching, to the calculator of futures we run.)

The gate immediately opened, uncovering a spacious room, full of ice and wreckage.

  • Eivor: How did you do this? Where did you learn these words?
  • Sigurd: I told you, Eivor. My visions are memories. Of a life once lived. Come.
  • Eivor: Gods! What is this place?

Eivor and Sigurd navigating the ancient antechamber

Eivor and Sigurd walked to a large, square platform made of a strange material, suspended over an abyss.

  • Sigurd: Over here, this plate will lead us onward.

Both siblings stood on the plate as Sigurd pronounced the password to activate it.

  • Sigurd: Hoærhàsi! (Activate!)

Eivor lost her balance as the platform started to lower gradually.

  • Eivor: Sigurd, I... I don't know what to say. This is all so strange.
  • Sigurd: Trust this place, Eivor. This old and sacred place.
  • Eivor: Where does it lead?
  • Sigurd: To the hall of the slain and the golden fields. To Valhalla.

Eivor and Sigurd discuss the vault's origins and its machinery while descending to its inner rooms

Eivor looked around her.

  • Eivor: This vessel. Was it crafted by dwarves?
  • Sigurd: It is finely made, that much is true. I doubt Gunnar could hammer a piece any finer.
  • Eivor: And this cavern... so deep, and humming with magic.

The platform continued to go down, eventually unveiling a massive chamber. Eivor and Sigurd saw the glowing mechanical tree Yggdrasil, standing prominently in the cavern.

  • Sigurd: There! The old tree! The tree of life!
  • Eivor: What is this...?
  • Sigurd: See how proudly she sits. How beautiful she gleams. Here, all the roots of life run together.
  • Eivor: The skalds would cry to behold such a sight.
  • Sigurd: And there's more to come. I swear by all the names of the All-Father, this is only a taste of what I have in store for you. For my visions go further. To Odin's great hall.

The warriors approach the colossal structure

As the plate slowed down and slammed against the ground, the two exited it and walked towards the enormous tree, crossing a wide bridge.

  • Sigurd: There! Do you feel that? The sacred energies?
  • Eivor: I have never seen something so grand.
  • Sigurd: This shrine is ours. It will open for us. Watch and see for yourself.
  • Eivor: How do you know these things? Was all this in your vision?
  • Sigurd: All this and more.

Eivor discovers Svala hanging from one of the branches

The siblings reached the tree, and Sigurd stopped at a glowing sphere underneath the strange structure. As Eivor approached him, she noticed Svala hanging from one of Yggdrasil's arms.

  • Eivor: Is that... Is that Svala? Valka's mother? How did she come to be here?

She then went up the stairs near the tree, joining Sigurd.

  • Sigurd: Yes, it is returning to me now. This ancient shrine is set alight by this sphere of metal. And these shining arms, these branches. They will grant us access to the refuge of the Gods. To Valhalla. Are you ready?

They looked to the machine's inert hanging branches.

  • Eivor: Sigurd, take great care. We should not tinker with the tools of the gods.
  • Sigurd: You speak for yourself, Eivor. For I am no mortal. I see that now. I know it. Take your place at the center there, and you will see.

  • Eivor: What lies beyond all this? Where does this lead?
  • Sigurd: Take your place at the center there, and you will see.

  • Sigurd hooked onto one of the arms

    Eivor slowly walked to the now lit central platform as Sigurd was suddenly taken by one of the branches.

    • Eivor: Sigurd...!

    She looked to her unconscious brother as another branch grew close to her.

    • Eivor: Hail, you givers... a guest has come.

    Eivor grabbed and incapacitated by the mechanical branch

    The mechanical arm came behind Eivor, attached itself to her back. She screamed when a small needle entered her cervical vertebrae, rendering her also unconscious. A while later, Eivor awoke in a bed of a bedroom similar to her own in Ravensthorpe.

    • Eivor: What is this place?

    She looked at her surroundings, hearing noises from outside a closed gateway. Eivor walked out and saw a great feast, filled with plenty of food and the Einherjar warriors having a good time all around.

    • Norse Warrior 1: There you are!
    • Norse Warrior 2: Hail, drengr! Welcome!
    • Norse Warrior 3: The Havi returns to leave us to victory.

    Eivor greeted by what seemed to be Valhalla

    Eivor kept walking forward while receiving compliments and salutations from the soldiers.

    • Norse Warrior 4: Lead us to glory, Havi!
    • Norse Warrior 5: We are proud to serve you, Havi!
    • Norse Warrior 6: Whet my lips with another horn of mead, Brother!
    • Norse Warrior 7: Drink for strength! Fight for glory!
    • Norse Warrior 8: Yesterday is gone, tomorrow never comes!

    Eivor approaching Sigurd and Svala

    In front of a great golden gate, she saw both Sigurd and a rejuvenated Svala having a conversation and stopped moving.

    • Svala: Eivor. Týr said you would come. Welcome.
    • Eivor: Are you... are you Valka's mother? Svala?
    • Svala: You have a keen eye, Wolf-Kissed.
    • Sigurd: After all this time, Eivor! We have arrived! Now raise a horn with Freyja here and sing a victory song!
    • Eivor: Sigurd, what is all this? Your arm has returned... and your vigor as well.

    Eivor and Sigurd embraced each other.

    • Sigurd: Glory eternal, Eivor! Here we dine in the great hall of the slain. At long last! O, I want to scream with joy!
    • Eivor: This is... this is all so beautiful.

    Both looked at their fellow Vikings having a good time.

    • Eivor: Your visions were... they were real.

    The grand door to the fields opens

    A battle horn was blown and the grand door opened, showing vast golden fields, with the colossal tree of life in the distance.

    • Norse Warrior 9: The battle horn blows! Come, Týr!
    • Norse Warrior 10: To the field! Fight with us!

    Sigurd rushed to battle as Eivor looked and listened to Svala.

    • Svala: Go, Eivor. Enjoy the fight. You have earned your place here.

    Eivor joining the battlefield

    She nodded and left, entering the fields to join the fight as soldiers chanted her name. As soon as she started to fight, she would kill anyone at the first attack.

    • Eivor: The strength I have!

    As the fight continued, Eivor dismembered a group of warriors with a single attack.

    • Norse Warrior 11: All hail the endless battle!
    • Eivor: Ha! (howl)

    She continued to slaughter any enemy she could find.

    • Norse Warrior 12: For Odin!
    • Eivor: You are finished!

    Eivor saw Sigurd on a small cliff.

    • Sigurd: Eivor, over here! Fight me!

    She approached him with excitement.

    • Eivor: Look at me, Sigurd!
    • Sigurd: Don't be a coward, Eivor! Come fight me! Eivor! Over here!

    The siblings talk in the thrill of battle

    Eivor went on to speak with him, who was happy to fight for the first time in a long time.

    • Eivor: Sigurd, this place is incredible.
    • Sigurd: Enough with those sword-flies. You and I must fight.
    • Eivor: The battle we never had.
    • Sigurd: And hold nothing back. For here we need not fear a thing.

    Eivor dueling with Sigurd

    The warriors formed a circle, creating an arena to Eivor and Sigurd fight each other in.

    • Sigurd: Spill the eternal blood of Valhalla.
    • Eivor: At last, I share the din of infinite battle with a true... Troll-arse.
    • Sigurd: You will taste a meal of iron before the day is out! Come on, Wolf-Kissed! Let me cut you a new scar!

    She defeated Sigurd and cut his right arm off.

    • Eivor: Brother!
    • Sigurd: Worry not, Eivor! For we earn no scars here. Only battle wisdom.

    The battle horn was blown again.

    • Sigurd: The day is done!

    Suddenly, everything disappeared and Eivor awoke again from the same bed in the next day.

    • Eivor: What just happened?

    Eivor walked out of the longhouse again, hearing the same comments from the soldiers like in the last time. She found and spoke with Sigurd.

    • Eivor: Sigurd... your arm has grown back.
    • Sigurd: It was never gone, Eivor. Not truly. Nothing is permanent here, I told you. Nothing save the courage and the reputation of its warriors.
    • Eivor: Are we immortal in this place?
    • Sigurd: Let us discover that together!

    The golden door opens once again

    The grand door opened like before as Eivor joined the fight and heard the same war cries from the other warriors again. She killed every opponent she faced with ease once again.

    • Norse Warrior 13: Face me, drengr! Show me what you are made of!
    • Norse Warrior 14: Die, dung worm!

    Eivor speaks to Sigurd, who once again had lost his arm

    Eivor soon grew tired of the pointless slaughter and went to search her brother, who was sitting in the middle of the battlefield, having lost his right arm again.

    • Sigurd: Ha! Bit to the marrow's bed!
    • Eivor: Again you've lost your arm.
    • Sigurd: And again it will return!

    Eivor approachs the soldier who seemed to be her father

    Over Sigurd's shoulder, she spotted one of the warriors, who looked like her late father, Varin.

    • Eivor: Father.... Is that you?

    Before she could confirm the man's identity, Eivor awoke again for the third time in her room.

    • Eivor: That cannot have been my father...

    Eivor walked out again to see Svala and Sigurd celebrating among the other warriors near the first big table.

    • Sigurd: Skal!

    Svala noticed that she had awoken.

    • Svala: Take your horn. Join the battle cheer.
    • Sigurd: Dearest skald of war and verse, how do you like this frenzy so far?

    Eivor begins to question the simulation's purpose and nature

    Eivor answered his question, despondent.

    • Eivor: It is... it is quite something.
    • Svala: Raise your horn, Eivor. What stops you?
    • Eivor: My father... Varin. Have you seen him in this hall?
    • Svala: I have not. Should he be here?
    • Eivor: No, he died a coward. Yet by Odin's eye, I swear I have seen him.
    • Sigurd: Cast aside your cares in Valhalla. Let seeking go, we have earned our joy. The journey is complete!

    Determined to find her father, she went to search the hall.

    • Eivor: I saw you, Father. Where are you? Show yourself.

    Eivor asked the warriors around her about his whereabouts.

    • Eivor: Great warriors, have you seen Varin?
    • Norse Warrior 15: Who?
    • Eivor: Varin. My father.

    She finally caught sight of the soldier she had seen on the day before, talking with other warriors.

    • Eivor: Varin? Father?

    Before Eivor could got close enough and get a response, the soldier ran into battle through the gate. She quickly followed to the fields but lost him.

    • Eivor: Blast! Where is he?

    Before could search for him, she saw Sigurd sitted in the grass, who had lost his arm for a third time.

    • Sigurd: Ha! Next time I lose this fucking arm, I'll beat a man to death with it!
    • Eivor: Do you not tire of these injuries?
    • Sigurd: Never!

    Eivor smiled and rolled her eyes, immediately noticing the soldier killing a man the same way as the previous day, as a hail of arrows struck the ground. She ran to him.

    • Eivor: Wait... Father!

    The man is revealed to be just a warrior

    The soldier turned around and was not her father. At that moment, a volley of arrows were loosed at the warriors. Caught off guard, Eivor was suddenly shot in the left eye.

    • Eivor: Ah!

    She pulled the arrow out with difficulty as the battle horn was blown again. Eivor looked to the aurora borealis in the skies, doubting Valhalla's true nature. In the next day, a completely healed Eivor woke up again for the fourth time. She seated in the bed, withdrawing a throwing knife from her pocket and held it in her hands. Sigurd then walked in to greet her.

    • Sigurd: Eivor, you have a guest!
    • Eivor: You should have knocked first...
    • Sigurd: Nonsense. I brought you someone. Look!

    Sigurd introducing a simulation of Varin to Eivor in her room

    Varin, her father, walked in the room. Eivor's expression remained unchanged.

    • Varin: My Eivor! There you are! What a warrior you have made of yourself. I am overfilled with pride!

    She angrily answered.

    • Eivor: How did you find your way here?
    • Varin: You remember our great battle? You remember how we fought, side by side, with your mother and Sigurd and our clans united?
    • Eivor: We fought, Father. But you did not. You died a coward.
    • Sigurd: Eivor, enjoy this! Your father has returned.

    Eivor kills "Varin" with a knife

    Outraged, Eivor threw the blade at Varin's head, killing him instantly.

    • Sigurd: Have you lost all your love for life?
    • Eivor: That was not my father. That was a lie.
    • Sigurd: That was not a lie, that was my gift to you. I have power here. And I can do as I please. You wished to see your father. I made it happen. As easy as breathing.

    The simulated Varin's corpse turned to dust.

    • Eivor: By Odin's laws, my father is not allowed in this place. I do not wish to see him where he should not be.
    • Sigurd: Your father died doing what he hoped would save you. He died to protect you. And his clan.

    She was doubtful.

    • Eivor: No, he...
    • Sigurd: This is the end of our road, Eivor. This is Valhalla, the eternal golden field. Now come... battle beckons!

    Sigurd left the longhouse for the battle, followed by Eivor who traversed the hall and went to the giant door, where Svala was waiting.

    • Eivor: How is all this possible?

    She then went to speak with her, deciding to convince Svala of the falseness of that place.

    • Eivor: How are the slain brought here?
    • Svala: The Valkyries know this, only them.
    • Eivor: No, that cannot be true. None of this feels right.

    Svala prsents Eivor a recreation of her friends in Ravensthorpe

    • Svala: Do not despair, Eivor. Look. Your friends are here. Everyone you could ever want is here beside you.

    Trying to deceive her, Svala showed Eivor all of Ravensthorpe inhabitants, her family and friends, celebrating at a table. She looked to them, fondly and tempted, but quickly looked away.

    • Eivor: No. They are not real. This place is a lie.

    All of them rapidly turned to dust like Varin had.

    Eivor and Svala debate the life in the simulation

    • Svala: This place can be whatever you wish it to be, Eivor.
    • Eivor: I do not want it. Not like this.
    • Svala: You would resign yourself to an empty death?
    • Eivor: The ecstasy I feel here is an illusion. I'd sooner caw like a raven than sing a false song.

    The woman disappeared behind Eivor, suddenly appearing beside her one second after.

    • Svala: Illusion or not, here there is no death, no pain, no loss... no betrayal. Not like out there.
    • Eivor: You want this? To live inside a lie?
    • Svala: I am an old woman with a broken body. What life I had left was brief. So I bid farewell to my dear Valka and came here.

    Eivor bidding farewell to Svala

    • Eivor: I wish you well, Svala. But this is not for me.

    She went through the golden door once more, heading to the battlefield.

    • Eivor: I must find Sigurd.

    Venturing into the fight, she found Sigurd sitted in the grass again, determined to bring him to his senses.

    • Sigurd: The arm! The arm! Always the fucking arm!
    • Eivor: Sigurd, this is an illusion... a trick. Leave with me now and return to England. Our people need us.
    • Sigurd: No. I am no one in that world. I am somebody here. Powerful, capable, a god. Here I may live forever. Here I cannot die.

    Eivor stepped behind, closing her eyes, and took control of the simulation, killing every soldier in the vicinity.

    • Eivor: Cows die, family die, you must die. The only thing that never dies is the reputation of the one who's died. in here, you have no reputation. But out there, it's not too late.

    Eivor tries to convince Sigurd to leave

    She turned her back to him.

    • Eivor: Every day the same empty war, the same hollow victory. Spilling blood that tastes of water and smells of grass. You have known real battle, real glory. But this is not it. You know this, I know you do.

    As Sigurd was confronted by the truth, she embraced him while looking to his face.

    • Eivor: Brother... it is time to leave.
    • Sigurd: Am I destined to follow you everywhere? 'Til the end of my life?

    Eivor looked wounded at his comment.

    • Sigurd: All right. We go.

    All of a sudden, Odin emerged instantly beside her. A surprised Eivor turned to him.

    • Odin: No! You stay! I do not give you leave to go!

    His words in her mind made her fell unconscious to the ground immediately. A while later, Eivor awoke in the Memory Corridor. She heard Odin whispering, his words echoing around her.

    Odin appears to Eivor in the Memory Corridor

    • Odin: Why leave this place? A glory you fought so hard to find?

    She looked at her surrondings, confused, when Odin appeared in front of her, shaking his head in disappointment.

    • Odin: Walk with me.

    Eivor walked behind him, who took Gungnir from his back and carried it in his hands.

    • Odin: I am humbled to walk with you, Eivor. Your reputation is a song warriors will sing forever.

    Odin pointed his spear to an hologram, showing Eivor her memory of surviving the wolf attack as a child.

    • Odin: You are the Wolf-Kissed one, who lingered at the edge of death, yet fought back.

    He proceeded to walk again, stopping near a memory of one of her fighting moments.

    • Odin: You spilled the raven-wine of battle to paint whole kingdoms red.

    Odin then showcased how Eivor garnered certain alliances and installed kings.

    • Odin: You have killed kings and crowned them as you desired, bowing to none.

    Odin shows Eivor a vision of when she rescued Sigurd

    After moving further, he reconfigured the moment when Eivor saved Sigurd from Fulke in Rouecistre Fortress.

    • Odin: You stood tall where your brother stumbled, yet you still came to his aid.

    Odin finished by showcasing Eivor over a defeated opponent.

    • Odin: You have felled many great foes in your brief time.

    The archway of rock that he had shown her before, which resembled the door to the vault, rose from the ground.

    • Odin: You have earned your place here, Eivor. Seize it!

    Eivor refuses to accept Odin, renouncing him

    As Odin stopped in its doorstep, Eivor demanded him to clear the way.

    • Eivor: Stand aside! My people need me!
    • Odin: I have given you everything you wanted. Everything you needed!
    • Eivor: You gave me nothing! It was all me!
    • Odin: Yet I cleared your path. I guided your axe!
    • Eivor: You were a fly, buzzing in my ear!
    • Odin: How dare you deny me!

    Odin knocking Eivor away with Gungnir

    Lightning crackled around the golden spear when Odin immediately slammed it into the ground, knocking Eivor over and pushing her away.

    • Odin: Everything you believe in stirs before you! Yet you question all! You question the very gods!

    As the holograms faded and the doorway disappeared, Eivor stood up and the two started to fight each other, with Eivor wielding Varin's Axe while Odin used lightning to vanish and teleport a distance elsewhere. Through it all, Odin remained unscathed while Eivor was quickly beaten to the ground.

    • Odin: Fight me! Do not diminish yoursef!

    Refusing to stay down, Eivor stood and resumed the fight.

    • Eivor: Your corpse hall is nothing but a dream!
    • Odin: Nothing but a dream? A dream is as real as anything in this world! Do dreams not inspire? Do dreams not make us fearful? Do they not push men to their greatest glories!
    • Eivor: Then I am done with dreaming!

    Eivor continued to dodge his attacks and strike him with her axe but to no avail, as she constantly fell to his spear. Following this, a large gateway that reminisced the ones from her visions of Asgard appeared far from them in the distance. Light emerged from it as it was opened and her brother entered the space, telling her to stand.

    • Sigurd: Eivor! Stand!

    Odin pulls Eivor back to him by pulling her axe using his spear

    Assuming that it was her escape route out of the simulation, she ran to Sigurd. However, before Eivor could leave, Odin channeled his power through Gungnir to pull Eivor back by attracting the axe to his location.

    • Odin: Your place is here! With me! You are mine! Do not turn away!

    Human and god continued to battle each other, with Odin always prevailing. Every time Eivor fell a distorted hologram formed near her, telling her to drop the axe, and one of her companions appeared near the great door.

    • Randvi: Join us. We are here for you.
    • Gunnar: Back on your feet!
    • Valka: Rise up, warrior.

    She tried again and again to reach the door but ended up always being drawn back to the dispute.

    • Odin: You are a leader of Einherjar! Fight upon my command!
    • Odin: Come back! Why do you flee from the truth! Do not flee your destiny!

    Eivor is helped by her loved ones at the door

    Realizing that Odin would continue to fight her if she was also armed, Eivor released her treasured axe and ran from him as Sigurd was joined at the doorway by more of Eivor's loved ones. Odin, taken aback, didn't expect this reaction coming from her.

    • Odin: What are you doing? Take up your axe! Wield it like a true warrior!

    Eivor grabbed hold of Sigurd as an angrily Odin kicked the axe toward her.

    • Odin: Take up your axe!

    He invested against them to stop Eivor, but she readied her Hidden Blade and spun to slash his face.

    • Odin: (scream)

    Odin slamming his spear to disrupt Eivor's reunion with her family and friends

    As the distance between the two grew wider, Odin slammed Gungnir into the ground again, summoning a lightning blast to scatter her aid.

    • Odin: Cowards of cowards!

    A simulation of Hytham and Sigurd helped Eivor up as other simulated figures rallied around her.

    • Odin: Beggar's bastard!

    He summoned a second lightning bolt, knocking a simulated Valka to the ground.

    • Odin: Stand and face me, you feeble-armed thrall!

    Eivor approachs her parents, Varin and Rosta

    Eivor looked back and saw Odin weakened as the connection between them fragilized, then looked at her late parents, Rosta and Varin, in the doorstep holding their hands out for her. She embraced her lost parents and began walking them up the set of stairs on the door's other side. Odin stood up, picked up the axe, and ran to grab her hand in desperation.

    • Odin: Leave me now and you are nothing! With me you have wisdom! Glory! Power! What more do you need!

    The lightning went more intense as Eivor looked to her friends, who now stretched out their hands to her, and looked back to Odin, at last renouncing him.

    • Eivor: Everything else.

    Odin is locked aside from Eivor's memory

    He gave up on trying to pull Eivor back, with a disappointed expression in the face. After a desperate scream, he was then grabbed back by an invisible force and disappeared almost immediately. She left with her loved ones and climbed the stairs as the golden door closed. After a while, Eivor woke in the Yggdrasil's branch, grasping for air, as it let her go and dropped her in the ground.

    • Eivor: S-Sigurd... are you... are you with me?

    She looked around her, looking for him.

    • Eivor: Sigurd?

    Basim holding Sigurd hostage

    Basim revealed himself, in the other side of the bridge, as he held a knife to Sigurd's throat.

    • Basim: Ah! The hanged one awakes! Feet upon the ground once more!
    • Sigurd: Eivor! Be careful!
    • Eivor: Basim? What is this?
    • Basim: Come closer, Eivor. Let me get a better look at you!

    Eivor started carefully going down the stairs in his direction.

    • Eivor: Leave him be, Basim!
    • Basim: For too long, I stared at the sun! It blinded me to the truth. That it was you. It was you I wanted all along.

    She reached the end of the staircase, slowly moving to his location.

    • Eivor: Did you track us here? Like a cowardly fox, concealed in the brush?

    He pointed his blade to her.

    • Basim: You widowed my destiny, Wolf-Kissed! You broke all my hopes!
    • Sigurd: He's mad, Eivor! Silence him.
    • Basim: Come, Eivor! Come save your crippled prince of dead ravens!

    Basim hids behind the wall, luring Eivor to confront him

    Basim pushed Sigurd down and then walked away to another platform sided by walls. Eivor quickly went to her brother's aid.

    • Eivor: Are you hurt?
    • Sigurd: It is nothing, go! Kill that bacraut (asshole)!

    She went up the stairs to the lift shaft, confronting Basim. The two started fighting, with Basim using his sword.

    • Basim: You must suffer. A thousand times what I suffered.
    • Eivor: What is this about?
    • Basim: My son, Eivor. This is about my son!
    • Eivor: You speak nonsense, Basim!

    The former friends battle on the platform

    The Hidden One would use several throwing knives to stun her, in order to attack from above and stab her with his blade.

    • Basim: Forgiveness is impossible.
    • Eivor: We shared so much in England. Fought and bled together.
    • Basim: Dig, Eivor. Into the wellspring of your memory!

    Eivor defends herself as she is surrounded by a cloud of smoke

    After battling for some time, Basim threw a smoke bomb, vanishing from Eivor's sight.

    • Eivor: Speak your grievance! Show yourself! I do not wish to fight you.

    He, who had quietly climbed to the upper level of the shaft, attack her from above, pinning her against the stone floor.

    • Basim: Show me your neck! Show me!

    Basim pinning Eivor to the ground, while looking for the missing mass of dark veins on her neck

    Basim grabbed her head, looking for something on her neck, but whatever he was looking for had been ripped off by the bite of the wolf.

    • Basim: (laugh) The kiss of the wolf takes my prize! Of course!
    • Eivor: Yah!

    Eivor pushed him off her and stood up, enraged.

    • Basim: Rise!

    Responding to his call, the plate started ascending as they continued fighting.

    • Basim: My son will not have suffered in vain!
    • Eivor: You spout nonsense. Like an alehouse drunk! If you are resigned to this, so be it.

    Basim constantly used swift moves to dodge and counter attacks, including blocking the arrows loosed by Eivor with her bow using the sword. At some point, Basim also used an arpoon to impale her and slash her with his weapon.

    • Basim: You will not die in peace. You will never see your home or your people again!
    • Eivor: Is that what you wanted?
    • Basim: I want you to suffer!

    Eivor continued to endure the fight as the plate stopped rising, reaching the top of Yggdrasil.

    • Basim: When I have finished, you will be a sack of blood and shattered bones. And my conscience will be clear.

    She stunned Basim and slashed his left forearm with her Hidden Blade.

    • Basim: Ah, damn! Let us make this more interesting. We'll drag Sigurd into the fray!

    Basim released a smoke bomb and escaped to find Sigurd in the central chamber.

    • Eivor: Coward! Face me! Fight me here!

    Eivor performs a Leap of Faith

    Eivor started to chase him, freerunning through the foundations of the temple, trying to follow his trail. She performed a Leap of Faith and fell in a pile of snow, noticing that Basim was getting closer to her brother.

    • Eivor: Be on your guard, Sigurd!
    • Basim: (laugh)

    Eivor continued to run over the beams in a hurry and finally reached the chamber, after sliding down a wall that protected the supercomputer.

    • Eivor: Sigurd! Be careful! He's coming for you!

    Basim confronts Sigurds and prepares to execute him

    As she got closer to them, Basim disarmed Sigurd.

    • Sigurd: Oath-breaker! You'll die here!
    • Basim: This brings me no joy, Justice-Bringer. You were always so kind, but you chose the wrong side.

    Just as the he swung his sword to kill Sigurd, Eivor grabbed her brother's axe and threw it at Basim, intercepting the blade.

    • Eivor: I am your prize, Basim. Come.
    • Basim: You are, indeed.

    Eivor started fighting Basim once again as Sigurd ran towards the metal sphere.

    • Basim: Will you not die?
    • Eivor: Not here. Not by your hand.
    • Basim: I will leave you here to die! Like a rotting fruit on a dying tree! You died once, you will again! (scream)

    Eivor holding Basim by his throat

    During their brawl, she stunned him outside the glowing centre of the site.

    • Basim: (scream)
    • Sigurd: Stun him within the circle!

    After a while, she managed to stun Basim within the circle surrounded by the tree's branches. She grabbed him by the throat, immobilizing the man.

    • Eivor: Ah!

    Eivor attaches Basim to one of the device's arms

    By that time, Sigurd had commanded one of the mechanical arms to lower itself. Trying to free himself from her, Basim stabbed Eivor in the stomach with the Hidden Blade but she endured the pain and head-butted him in response. Strangling him, Eivor lifted him as the branch took ahold of him and inserted the needle in his neck, leaving him in suspended animation.

    • Basim: Ah!

    To make sure that he couldn't escape from the simulation, she shouted to Sigurd.

    • Eivor: Sigurd! Stop this thing! Douse its fire!

    Sigurd activates the pedestal, lowering its energy

    He hurried to put his hand on the sphere in order to hold him and screamed. The sphere shined brighter as the light emmited by the structure itself grew dimmer.

    • Eivor: Sigurd?

    Sigurd walked to her by the circle.

    • Eivor: Does he still live?
    • Sigurd: He does. But in darkness.
    • Eivor: Good. The bastard...

    An injured Eivor followed Sigurd as he sat down in piece of rubble from the site.

    • Eivor: For how long has Basim been planning this treachery?
    • Sigurd: I dare not guess.

    He frustratingly vented.

    • Sigurd: Gods! Am I to be hounded by a parade of blood-minded traitors the whole of my life? There is no end to this.
    • Eivor: You have something you want to say? Then say it.
    • Sigurd: I... I need some time to breathe. Let me sit a moment.

    Eivor and Sigurd reminisce their adventures and struggles

    She sat down next to Sigurd, placing a hand in the place of the wound.

    • Sigurd: That man's anger. His rage. It had a familiar sting that I... I cannot place.
    • Eivor: He was raving, Sigurd. Without sense or reason. Pay it no mind.
    • Sigurd: I am not mad, Eivor. These things I see and feel... I know they are true.
    • Eivor: I know, Brother. Now more than ever. You always spoke true. We should cast our eyes towards home. It's a long journey and I am... not well.
    • Eivor: Home. Eivor. On our journey here, I had much time to think. On the ecstasies and agonies of our friendship.

    • Sigurd: I am not the man I was. My time as the jarl of our clan has run short. You must lead us now.
    • Eivor: Do you mean this?

  • Sigurd: I cannot return to England with you. That is not my home... not now.
  • Eivor: What are you saying?

  • Sigurd explained his decision, as visions of the moments of Eivor's decisions started appearing beside them as the Memory Corridor overlapped the space.

    Eivor and Randvi discuss tactics beside the Alliance Map

    A vision of Eivor and Randvi discussing tactics beside the Alliance Map appeared.

    • Sigurd: Randvi told me of your bravery, your courage, your wisdom. In my absence, you were a pillar of stone. She admires you.
    • Eivor: And I her. But that cannot be the only reason.

    Eivor and Randvi kiss at the top of Besuncen Tor

    A vision of Eivor and Randvi kissing each other appeared.

    • Sigurd: I know about you and Randvi. A lover's tryst, in spite of me. I should challenge you for such a betrayal, but I'm... I'm not fit for such a fight.

    Ashamed of her actions, she looked down.

    • Eivor: I... I understand. Is that all?

    Dag dies while holding his axe, after being defeated by Eivor

    A vision of a deceased Dag with an axe at his chest appeared.

    • Sigurd: When Dag called you out and challenged you to a duel, you let him die with honor... in spite of his betrayal.
    • Eivor: He did what he felt was right. And I honored that.

    Eivor kicks Dag's axe out of his reach, denying him Valhalla

    A vision of Eivor kicking an axe in front of a fatally injured Dag appeared.

    • Sigurd: When Dag called you out, as he felt he must... you refused him honor, did you not? A cowardly act, one I abhor. Dag acted out of love for this clan. That is not worth the shame you inflicted on his name.
    • Eivor: I saw things differently then.

    Eivor agrees to follow his brother on his quest for the Saga Stone

    A vision of the two siblings embrancing in agreement appeared.

    • Sigurd: I recall our days in Oxenefordscire, our search for the Saga Stone. You disagreed with my orders. But you followed them. You questioned my methods, my aims... but you did not disobey.
    Eivor nodded and smiled.

    Eivor punches Sigurd, outraged by his choices and statements

    A vision of Eivor punching Sigurd in the face with Basim standing by appeared.

    • Sigurd: Do you recall the day we stood before Eadwyn, searching for the Saga Stone? You struck Basim, you lashed out at me, you made a fool of us all. That is not a leader I wish to follow into death and glory.
    • Eivor: You were being secretive then. Foolish, I thought.

    Eivor respects Sigurd's severe sentence on Holger

    A vision of Holger's trial in Ravensthorpe's longhouse appeared.

    • Sigurd: And when I passed judgment on Holger, you let my sentence lie, though I knew you disagreed. The look on your face said all.

    Eivor questions Sigurd's authority upon hearing the judgment he would pass on Holger

    A vision of Eivor and Sigurd arguing in Ravensthorpe's longhouse appeared.

    • Sigurd: And when I returned to the settlement, your pattern of disobedience continued. I made a judgment... and you openly defied me!
    • Eivor: I believed you were wrong then. I still do.

    Eivor and Sigurd travel to England on their longship

    A vision of Sigurd and Eivor in her longship appeared.

    • Sigurd: And I remember and admire the way you guided us from Norway to England. You kept my anger in check, my ambitions focused.
    • Eivor: It was a trying time.

    Eivor oversees the load of Styrbjorn's stolen supplies on her longship

    A vision of Eivor overseeing the load of the stolen supplies appeared.

    • Sigurd: And my grievances go back further still. You stole my father's riches. In my haste to leave, I should have stopped you then... A true leader would have stopped that thought before it took form. You were selfish.

    • Sigurd: In all my days away, in my fog of confusion, you have shown great wisdom and strength and leadership. Where you go, Eivor, I will follow. Our Clan is yours to lead.
    • Eivor: Thank you, Brother. I... I won't let you down.

    Eivor looked down for a few seconds.

    • Sigurd: You have a stormy look.

    Eivor tells Sigurd of the prophecy involving her strange visions

    • Eivor: Years ago, before we left for England, I saw a vision. A vision that foretold of betrayal. That I would betray you. I refused to believe it. I would never do such a thing, I told myself. But in the years since... I have robbed you of your dreams. Of England, of Valhalla... If you feel I have wronged you, Brother, I will make it right.
    • Sigurd: We cannot unweave our fates, Eivor. All is laid before us, from the days we are born. To be angry at this would be like... like wrestling the ocean. A pointless struggle.

    Eivor and Sigurd leave the temple together

    The two siblings stood up, looking back to their journey. She gives an affectionate pat in her brother's shoulder.

    • Eivor: We two ragged ravens... what a saga we have inscribed together.
    • Sigurd: A tale for the ages.
    Eivor and Sigurd left together for the exit of the Vault.

    • Sigurd: This is not a decision I make lightly, Eivor. You are family. You were my drengr. But here our paths must diverge.

    • Eivor: Brother, please stay. Your place is with us. In England. Our home is your home. My road forward has been a muddy one, slick with blood and tears. But we can reach its end together. Let us face new foes and greater glories together.

    Sigurd lowered his head, thoughtful, as his sister's kind words touched his heart.

    • Sigurd: Since my captivity, I felt you were cold and distant. But here your words glow with heart-fire and kindness. All right... all right... I will come. But only if I may counsel you from time to time, to be better than you are.
    • Eivor: I expect nothing less.

    Eivor looked down for a few seconds.

    • Sigurd: You have a stormy look.
    • Eivor: Years ago, before we left for England, I saw a vision. A vision that foretold of betrayal. That I would betray you. I refused to believe it. I would never do such a thing, I told myself. But in the years since... I have robbed you of your dreams. Of England, of Valhalla... If you feel I have wronged you, Brother, I will make it right.
    • Sigurd: We cannot unweave our fates, Eivor. All is laid before us, from the days we are born. To be angry at this would be like... like wrestling the ocean. A pointless struggle.
    • Eivor: We two ragged ravens... what a saga we have inscribed together.
    • Sigurd: A tale for the ages.
    Eivor and Sigurd left together for the exit of the Vault.

    • Eivor: I understand your anger. I would be too if I had suffered these insults. But there is no need to abandon what you have worked so hard to achieve. Return with me, and show me how best to lead.
    • Sigurd: England is too infected with ugly memories. I will stay here, in the land that gave me life and strength.
    • Eivor: Just as the prophecy warned me.
    • Sigurd: Prophecy?

    Eivor rose from her seat, disturbed.

    • Eivor: Years ago, before we left England, I had a vision. A prophecy that I would... that foretold the course of my life, up to this moment.

    Sigurd stood up.

    • Sigurd: You never told me this. And has your prophecy come to pass?

    She faced her brother.

    • Eivor: I... I do not know. I think it has... but not because I chased it.

    He clasped Eivor's right arm, saying his goodbyes.

    • Sigurd: Well... I hope for your sake, that you grow well into the role you have earned today. That hope is all I have left.
    • Sigurd: I will try. I promise.
    Eivor and Sigurd parted ways.

    • Eivor: Fate has drawn you here, Brother. Back home. Where you belong. Have no worry for what you leave behind.
    • Sigurd: England is too infected with ugly memories. I will stay here, in the land that gave me life and strength.
    • Eivor: Just as the prophecy warned me.
    • Sigurd: Prophecy?

    Eivor rose from her seat, disturbed.

    • Eivor: Years ago, before we left England, I had a vision. A prophecy that I would... that foretold the course of my life, up to this moment.

    Sigurd stood up.

    • Sigurd: You never told me this. And has your prophecy come to pass?

    She faced her brother.

    • Eivor: I... I do not know. I think it has... but not because I chased it.

    He clasped Eivor's right arm, saying his goodbyes.

    • Sigurd: Well... I hope for your sake, that you grow well into the role you have earned today. That hope is all I have left.
    • Sigurd: I will try. I promise.
    Eivor and Sigurd parted ways.


    Eivor and Sigurd managed to leave the Valhalla simulation and survived Basim's betrayal as Sigurd decided on his own path.

    Behind the scenes

    As befitting Eivor's nature as a reincarnation of Odin, the opening sentence of her speech to stop the fighting in Valhalla is a paraphrase of the first stanza of the Gestaþáttr (Guest's Chapter/Section) from the Poetic Edda text Hávamál (Words of the High One), a collection of poems attributed to Odin that share his wisdom and guidance.


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    Irish Trade - Irish Adventure - Blood Bond - Snaring Thorstein - Rathdown Build Up
    Chapter 2
    Flann over Ireland - A Show of Character - War Efforts - Gathering Strength
    Chapter 3
    Foothold in Connacht - Potion of Blood - Into the Fog
    Chapter 4
    The Northern Reach - Courting the Kings - The Mask of Diplomacy - The Wages of War - A Scourging of Snakes
    Chapter 5
    The Cost of Betrayal
    Settling Accounts
    Chapter 1
    Dublin's Reach (Trade: Giving Your Words - Trade: Dyed in the Wool - Trade: The Ivory Post - Trade: Trouble Brewing - Trade: Illuminating Event - Trade: Sweetening the Pot)
    Chapter 2
    An Eye for an Eye
    The Strength of Danu
    Chapter 1
    Children of Danu
    Chapter 2
    Amber Sun
    Lost Drengr
    Thorgest's Drengir
    Trade Post
    Trade: Dyed in the Wool - Trade: Giving Your Words - Trade: Illuminating Event - Trade: Sweetening the Pot - Trade: The Ivory Post - Trade: Trouble Brewing
    Royal Demands
    Kings of Meath
    Meath: Death Sentence - Meath: Death to All - Meath: Gemstones - Meath: Hibernian Heist - Meath: Jewel Recovery - Meath: Rough Justice - Meath: Royal Vengeance - Meath: Smite Them Down - Meath: Stamp Them Out - Meath: Taking it Back - Meath: They Must Pay
    Kings of Connacht
    Connacht: Stamp Them Out
    Kings of Ulster
    Ulster: Death Sentence - Ulster: Death to All - Ulster: Smite Them Down
    Thousand Eyes contracts
    Contract: Bandit King - Contract: Hired Help - Contract: The Lost Books
    The Siege of Paris
    Chapter 1
    Strangers Bearing Gifts - To Francia - Warlord of Melun - The Rot in the Slums - Majesty in the Dark
    Chapter 2
    The Missing Queen - Sister of Sorrow - The Queen's Gambit
    Chapter 3
    Honor and Enemies - Fire From Heaven - A Hidden Weakness - Royal Fox Hunt - Dark Before Dawn - The Siege of Paris - The Count of Paris
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Fire and Faith - Madness of King Charles - Victory - Homecoming
    Hidden Ones
    A Package for Paris
    Vive la Résistance
    Thousand Eyes contracts
    Contract: Pagus Pinciacensis - Contract: The Count of Pinciacum
    World Events
    Hidden Justice
    Not God Enough - Stealing from Thieves - Ulfberht Sword
    The Ghost of Saint Germain - The King of Rats
    Dawn of Ragnarök
    Restless Dreams - Legendary Hoard
    Into the Fire
    Chapter 1
    The Rescue - Gift to the God
    Chapter 2
    Seeking Shelter - Crystal Cave - Hunter and Gatherer - World's End
    Chapter 3
    The Masters - Forging Bonds
    Chapter 4
    Warpath - Pride of the Aesir
    Chapter 5
    Beyond Fear - The Reckoning
    The Relic
    Chapter 1
    Finding Fritjof
    Chapter 2
    The Scholar and the Sunstone
    Chapter 3
    The Vault of the Ancients
    Vessel of Souls
    Chapter 1
    The Warlord's Daughter
    Chapter 2
    Cold Embers - Blazing a Trail
    Chapter 3
    Valkyrie's Arena
    Heroic Scholar
    Warlord of the Muspels - The Full Might of Muspelheim - Double Burning Trouble - The Princess and the Queen - The Midgard War Party - The Trickster and his Legions - Muspelheim's Legacy - A Tale of Ice and Fire - The Champions of Jotunheim - Muspelheim's Fiery Champions - The Fallen Warriors - The Shapeshifters of Legend - Glacial Bear Encounter - The Midgard Challengers - The Great Swamp Witches
    World Events
    Carpe Diem - Hyrrokin's Gift
    A Beast's Burden - A Most Cunning Fish - Love Conquers - The Ballad of Kraka and Skavi
    Not Today, Jotun! - Take My Chest Away - The Seed of Travi
    Discovery Tour: Viking Age
    Oaths & Honour - Through Faith & Fire - Seaworthy - Into the West - A Barter for Peace - Aelfred's Legacy - New Life, New Lands - Where Fates Align