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Blood and Thunder was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.


It is devastating to realize that one of our own brothers has betrayed us. Alvarado, our contact in northern Spain, has been working as a double agent, spying for Ramírez since we arrived. Once we had uncovered the location of the third piece of the Staff of Eden, he led the Inquisition straight there and laid hands on it before we could.

We have followed his trail, and it leads to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. We speculate that Ramírez will be waiting there under heavy guard to receive the relic from Alvarado. We must infiltrate the cathedral and locate Ramírez, to retrieve the section of the Staff and to finally eliminate him once and for all.


The Assassins arrive at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, hot on Alvarado's tail.

  • Aguilar: Curse Alvarado! We trusted him, and he betrayed us–betrayed the Creed! He will answer for this!
  • Spanish Assassin 1: Our priority is to find Ramírez, kill him, and secure the piece of the Staff of Eden!
  • Aguilar: You speak reason. Our mission is paramount... but if I see Alvarado, he will pay.

Making their way through the cathedral killing the Inquisition soldiers as they went, the Assassins caught up with Alvarado and Ramírez.

  • Ramírez: Well done, Alvarado. Your charade was impeccable. The Assassins never suspected you. How sweet the taste of this trickery!

They were then alerted to the Assassins' presence.

  • Ramírez: Ah, the injured freedom fighters have arrived. How deep is this wound, Assassins? Does the betrayal sting? You will not suffer for long. My loyal lieutenants, rid us of these galling vagrants!

While the Inquisition lieutenants readied to fight, Alvarado stabbed Ramírez in the back.

  • Ramírez: What–!? A–Alvarado, you traitor! It ends like this–so close to my triumph?
  • Alvarado: Curse you all, Assassins and Ramírez! I am my own man from this moment on! I will bring the artifact to Torquemada alone, and share the reward I reap with no man! Rot in hell, all of you! I will live and thrive long after you have torn one another to pieces!

Ramírez collapsed, dead. A Inquisition lieutenant chased Alvarado while the Assassins faced the remaining. After defeating him they ran outside to see the other lieutenant dead.

  • Aguilar: Ramírez is dead! This is a major coup! It will have a significant effect on Torquemada's power to see his commands carried out.
  • Spanish Assassin 1: But Alvarado has escaped; see here, the body of Ramírez's lieutenant?
  • Aguilar: Alvarado... How could he betray the Brotherhood? Does the Creed mean so little to him? How could we all have been so humiliatingly deceived?
  • Spanish Assassin 1: He is a disgrace; he has abandoned our ideals and seeks only personal gain. We must find him and recover that section of the Staff of Eden. And then Alvarado will pay for his treachery with his life.
  • Aguilar: Come! His tracks are still fresh. Let us give chase! For the honor of the Brotherhood!


Alvarado betrayed Ramírez and escaped with the third piece of the Staff of Eden. The Assassins gave chase.


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