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A Bad Deal was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


We have reached the underground entrance of the journal's hiding place, and we're getting closer to where the trade deal will take place. It's time to thwart the plans of the Byzantine Rite!

We'll need to clear the guards protecting the journal and eliminate the Inquisition captain in charge of the deal. With the Captain out of the way, we will be able to seize the journal for the Brotherhood.


The Spanish Assassins met in the entrance to the underground chambers and made their way through the tunnels, eventually reaching the hallway where an open chest containing the journal was being guarded by an Inquisition captain. However, immediately on entering the room, gates fell in the doorways, locking them in.

  • Inquisition Captain: Well, well: Look who's late to the party! If you came for Niccolò Polo's journal, it is long gone. But you fell right into our hands!
  • Spanish Assassin: So the trade deal... It was a trap. You played us for fools... You will pay for this, and your dead body will pave the way to our exit!
  • Inquisition Captain: Filthy Assassins, you won't escape my watch!

The Inquisition captain engaged the Assassins in combat, but was fatally wounded.


The Spanish Assassins fought their way through the tunnels and reached the location where the Inquisition planned to give The Secret Crusade to the Byzantine Templars, only to be told that the journal's presence was used as bait for a trap, with the trade having already taken place.


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