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"Rodrigo surrounds himself with snakes and murderers. Even his daughter Lucrezia has been sharpened into one of his most artful weapons."
Niccolò Machiavelli, 1500.[src]

Lucrezia Borgia (1480 – 1519) was the illegitimate daughter of Rodrigo Borgia, and the younger sister of Cesare Borgia. She was a member of the Templar Order, and later became the Duchess of Ferrara.

During her lifetime, Lucrezia was ruthlessly betrothed by her father twice before her thirteenth birthday, in order to secure political alliances. She was also rumored to have been sexually abused by her father and brothers.

Lucrezia later assisted Rodrigo and Cesare in their attempt to keep Rome under their control, mainly by monitoring the events that took place when her father and brother were away or unavailable. She was also responsible for Caterina Sforza, the Duchess of Forlì, when she was imprisoned in the Castel Sant'Angelo. (read more...)

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