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PL Truth SeekerHQ.png They call me many things: Murderer. Cutthroat. Thief. But you may call me 3P3EC74R.

This article is about a subject that lacks an official name and is known only by its nickname, title, or alias.

"3P3EC74R" is the alias of an individual who hacked into the Helix servers. Their identity and who they are working for are unknown.


In 2019, 3P3EC74R's organization hacked into the Helix servers of the Abstergo Entertainment mobile game Rebellion. When questioned by another member of the organization about privacy concerns, 3P3EC74R reassured them that Rebellion users would not be able to hear them as they were on a private channel. They then proceeded to watch and monitor users' synchronizations to gain access to the genetic memories locked in Abstergo's Helix Database. Although the hack seemed to be running smoothly and stably, it caused minor disturbances and memories of various eras began to bleed together.[1]

3P3EC74R took note of the disturbances and also that Abstergo was closing in on their hack, but decided to keep riding synchronizations for data before attempting to get out before they could be traced. However, their hack continued to cause chaos for the Rebellion user's Animus Mobile, leading 3P3EC74R to give a thought to what would happen to the Animus when the memories were cracked open.[2] Continuing with their hack, 3P3EC74R warned their companions that Abstergo was close to booting them out of the system. The organization then doubled their hacking efforts. After the Rebellion users reached the last synchronization point, 3P3EC74R piggybacked off it and was able to break into a locked partition in the Helix Database containing a memory tagged for the next Rift Event. Before they could pry further, Abstergo regained control of the network by performing a hard reset and 3P3EC74R was booted from the system.[3]


  • 3P3EC74R is Leet spelling of 'Spectar'.



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