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Over the course of the 21st century, Desmond Miles, Layla Hassan, and other high-profile Assassins had various conversations with different people throughout the modern era.

Assassin's Creed[]

The Experiment Begins
Desmond stared up at a curved screen above his face as he lay in the Animus 1.28. After it loaded the genetic memory sequence, he was transported to an open courtyard garden full of faceless courtesans under a flashing red sky. A man in white robes stood closely surrounded by six women who sought his attention and flocked beside him wherever he went. Another man's distorted voice from a blue-white pillar of light on a balcony quoted a passage in Ecclesiastes.
  • Unknown Voice: I applied my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this also was a chasing of the wind. For in much wisdom is much grief. And he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow.

The scene changed to a street, but the sky remained red and still images of castle walls flashed by, interrupting the sequence.

  • Lucy: We've got a problem. I can't anchor him to the memory. Too much psychological trauma. He's rejecting the treatment. Retreating.
  • Warren: Desmond, I need you to try and relax.
  • Lucy: Let me try and stabilize it...
  • Warren Focus. Listen to the sound of my voice. Recognize that what you're seeing isn't real. Just a picture of the past. It can't hurt you.
  • Lucy: Damn it! It's not working.
  • Warren: Give it a moment, Ms. Stillman. He'll adjust. The first time is never easy.

More pictures flashed on-screen faster often than before.

  • Lucy: We're losing him!
  • Warren: That's enough, Ms. Stillman!
  • Lucy: We need to pull him out. Now.
  • Warren: Alright, Desmond. We're going to try and bring you out now.

With their first test failed, Lucy and Warren were forced to extract Desmond, who gasped and inhaled deeply.

  • Lucy: You ok?
  • Warren: I told you, he'd be fine.
  • Desmond: Bastards!
  • Warren: Now, now, I just saved your life.
  • Desmond: Saved my life?! You kidnapped me! You strapped me into that... thing!
  • Warren: Animus. It's an Animus.
  • Desmond: I don't even know you people! Why are you doing this to me?
  • Warren: You have information we need, Mr. Miles.
  • Desmond: Information?! I'm a bartender, for Christ's sakes! What do you want me to do, teach you how to mix a martini?!
  • Warren: We know who you are. What you are.
  • Desmond: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Warren: Don't play coy with me, there isn't time. You're an Assassin, and whether you realize it or not, you've got something that my employers want, locked away in that head of yours.
  • Desmond: But I'm not an Assassin! Not anymore!
  • Warren: Yes, your file indicated as much. Something about an escape. Most fortunate for us.
  • Desmond: What do you want from me?!
  • Warren: For you to do as you're told. The Animus will allow us to locate what we need. Once we have it, you'll be free to go.
  • Desmond: I am not going back in there!
  • Warren: Then we'll induce a coma, and continue our work. When we're done, you'll be left to die. Truth be told, the only reason you're still conscious is because this approach saves us time.
  • Desmond: You're insane!
  • Warren: So what is it, Mr. Miles? Live or die?
    Lie down!
Genetic Memory
  • Warren: A wise decision.
  • Desmond: Whoa. Where am I?
  • Warren: You're inside the Animus.
  • Desmond: Which is?...
  • Warren: It's a projector that renders genetic memories in three dimensions.
  • Desmond: Genetic memory?
  • Warren: Seems you'll need a bit of a tutorial. Very well, we'll start simple. What is a memory, Mr. Miles?
  • Desmond: It's the... recollection of a past event.
  • Warren: Specific to the individual remembering the event.
  • Desmond: Yeah, sure.

Warren chuckled wryly.

  • Warren: What if I told you that the human body not only housed an individual's memory, but the memories of his ancestors as well? Genetic memory, if you will. Migration, hibernation, reproduction. How do animals know when and where to go? What to do?
  • Desmond: That's just animal instinct.
  • Warren: Now you're arguing semantics, Mr. Miles. Whatever you call it, the fact remains. These creatures hold knowledge, absent the requisite first-hand experience. I've spent the past thirty years trying to understand why. I've discovered something most fascinating. Our DNA functions as an archive. It contains not only genetic instructions passed down from previous generations, but memories as well. The memories of our ancestors.
  • Desmond: And the Animus lets you decode and read these DNA files.
  • Warren: Precisely.
  • Lucy: But there's a problem. This is the specific memory we're trying to access. Unfortunately, when we try and open the memory, your mind withdraws. You lack the confidence to step into your ancestor's body. That's what happened earlier. You got knocked out of the target memory and pushed back to a more stable state.
  • Desmond: Why?
  • Lucy: It's your subconscious. It's resisting. We found similar reactions among patients who undergo hypnosis to relive traumatic events. They can't jump directly into the specific memory. They need to be eased in. Even then, there can be problems.
  • Desmond: So how do we fix it?
  • Lucy: We find a memory you can synchronize with and move forward from there. You'll get used to it. This is the closest we can get, so, it's where we'll have to start. I'm uploading the tutorial program now.
  • Warren: He's experiencing a far better adoption rate than the other subjects.
  • Lucy: I'm still pulling him out. He's been in there way too long.
  • Warren: No, not yet! We're still so far from where we need to be.
  • Lucy: We shouldn't risk it.
  • Warren: What's another hour or two?!
  • Lucy: Why don't we discuss this in the conference room? Give Desmond a minute to stretch his legs.
  • Warren: I really don't see the need—

Lucy cut Warren off.

  • Lucy: Warren, please.
  • Warren: Fine!

Desmond eavesdropped on their conversation through the ventilation system in the bathroom.

  • Warren: I don't appreciate you questioning my authority in front of the prisoner. There's a word for that. I believe it's called insubordination.
  • Lucy: And I don't appreciate you trying to kill him. There's a word for that too. I believe it's called stupid.
  • Warren: Lucy! This isn't my decision. I don't set the deadlines, but I'm smart enough not to challenge them! Do you want to wind up like Leila?
  • Lucy: I know the accident has everyone on edge.
  • Warren: Which is why there's no time to coddle him!
  • Lucy: If you push him too hard, he'll shut down. And then, we'll have nothing!
  • Warren: We have nothing now!
  • Lucy: But we will. You just need to have a little faith.
  • Warren: Fine. But I want you thinking up ways to improve his staying power. We can't afford to stop every time the man breaks a sweat! It's bad enough he has to traipse through all of these useless memories!
  • Lucy: I'll do what I can.

The pair came out of the conference room.

  • Warren: We're done for today, Mr. Miles. I suggest you return to your room and get some rest.
The Farm
  • Lucy: So, you're really an Assassin? Like Altaïr?
  • Desmond: Yes and no.
  • Lucy: What do you mean?
  • Desmond: I was supposed to be one. But I ran away from "the Farm" when I was 16.
  • Lucy: Farm?
  • Desmond: Yeah, that's what they called the place where I grew up. "The Farm." Like Masyaf, I guess, only not so, uh... creepy. Just a small desert community in the middle of nowhere. About 30 of us living, you know, off the grid.
  • Lucy: Why?
  • Desmond: Thought my parents were just crazy hippies trying to stick it to the man, you know. My dad was always going on about our enemies, how they'd be looking for us, how we have to be prepared. No one ever came. Nothing ever happened.
  • Lucy: Why'd you run away?
  • Desmond: I could never leave the compound. You have any idea what it's like being trapped in a place, knowing there is a whole world out there I'd never get to see?
  • Lucy: Don't you miss your parents?
  • Desmond: No. Far as I'm concerned, they weren't my parents. They were my wardens and I was their prisoner.
  • Lucy: It sounds like they only wanted to protect you.
  • Desmond: With all that's happened... I don't know. I guess they were right.
  • Lucy: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dredge up the past.
  • Desmond: It's all right. Gives me something to think about.
  • Lucy: Try and get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.
  • Desmond: Got a question for you before I turn in.
  • Lucy: Sure.
  • Desmond: How did they find me? I mean, I haven't been anywhere near another Assassin for ten years.
  • Lucy: Use your real name?
  • Desmond: Nope. Not before today.
  • Lucy: Credit cards?
  • Desmond: Cash only.
  • Lucy: Telephone?

Desmond chuckled.

  • Desmond: There's no one to call.
  • Lucy: Driver's license?
  • Desmond: Motorcycle. Guilty pleasure.
  • Lucy: There's your answer. Photo, fingerprint.
  • Desmond: This is a drug company! What does Abstergo have to do with the DMV?!
  • Lucy: Desmond, these guys are everywhere. They... I... I'm sorry, I... I really can't talk about it.
The Right Idea
Desmond groaned as he woke up, and spotted Warren staring down at him.
  • Desmond: Gotta say that's a little creepy, Doc. Waking up to you standing over me. You been watching me sleep?
  • Warren: We're always watching you. Now get up. We've got a lot of work to do.

Desmond responded sarcastically.

  • Desmond: Ooh, wonder who I get to kill today.

Warren replied tersely.

  • Warren: Don't be so cavalier! Your ancestors almost had the right idea, Mr. Miles. If the deaths of a few people—evil people, no less—could save the lives of thousands more, well... it seems a small sacrifice.
  • Desmond: What do you mean, "almost?"
  • Warren: They didn't go far enough! To use a rather tired analogy, corruption is no different than cancer. Cut out the tumors, but fail to treat the source and... well, you're buying time at best. There's no true change to be had without comprehensive, systemic intervention.
  • Desmond: Chemo for the masses.
  • Warren: Education. Re-education to be more precise. But it's not easy, and it doesn't always take.
  • Desmond: Let me guess, you've got a better solution. What is it then?

Warren chuckled.

  • Warren: Now, that would be telling.
Desmond was extracted from the Animus and saw Warren standing over him.
  • Warren: Out of the machine, Mister Miles.
  • Desmond: What's the matter, Doc?
  • Warren: Miss Stillman is once again insisting I let you rest.

Warren walked out of the room, before Desmond went to talk to Lucy.

  • Desmond: So, feel like telling me who put the stick up his ass?
  • Lucy: We have a deadline. One week... well, six days now.
  • Desmond: Deadline?
  • Lucy: I can't talk about it.
  • Desmond: Man, put yourself in my shoes. I'm being held hostage by a group of scientists—at least I think you're scientists—and forced to spend all day in some crazy-ass machine. You won't tell me what you're looking for or why you want it, but I'm supposed to be thanking you for keeping me alive. This is so fucked!

Lucy looked up at Desmond.

  • Desmond: Sorry, but it is.
  • Lucy: What do you want me to do?
  • Desmond: Hmm, let's see... I don't know... maybe give me some answers?!
  • Lucy: I can't! And it's better this way. Safer.
  • Desmond: Safer for who?
  • Lucy: Both of us.
  • Desmond: Hey, you know what? I've got a question I think you can actually answer.
  • Lucy: What's up?
  • Desmond: Why is it that sometimes the guys in there talk like they're from the future?
  • Lucy: The future?
  • Desmond: I mean the present. Now, today, whatever.
  • Lucy: You've probably noticed that English has become the official language of the Holy Land.
  • Desmond: Yeah, I was going to say...
  • Lucy: The Animus is translating speech it deems vital into more modern English. So expect a few anachronisms. I could probably make it more authentic, but... you ever read Chaucer?
  • Desmond: Who?
  • Lucy: Yeah, definitely not for you.
  • Desmond: Can you tell me more about Abstergo? Or what goes on here, beyond the whole keeping me prisoner thing.
  • Lucy: Abstergo is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Their primary focus is anti-depressants. There's some information on the computer over there.
  • Desmond: But you already said this wasn't about testing a drug. So, what's the deal?
  • Lucy: I don't like where this is going.
  • Desmond: So it's safe to assume the Animus is not a part of their public face.
  • Lucy: What, you haven't seen the commercials?
  • Desmond: Oh my God. She has a sense of humor.
  • Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond. I've got a lot of work to do. Like I said, if you want to know more about the company, take a look at the computer. The telecommunication stuff is particularly interesting.
  • Warren: Let's go, Mr. Miles! Time's wasting!

Desmond stepped out into the main room, and noticed Lucy's absence.

  • Desmond: Where's Lucy?
  • Warren: Oh, don't worry, she'll be with us soon enough.
  • Desmond: So why are you doing all this, Doc? What're you hoping to accomplish?
  • Warren: You turn the television on lately? Read the newspaper?
  • Desmond: Never cared much for that stuff.
  • Warren: Then let me sum it up for you: The world's a mess! It's pathetic, really. You've seen it first-hand yourself. A thousand years between you and your ancestor, and society remains just as barbaric, just as stupid.
  • Desmond: And your point is...
  • Warren: Order, Mr. Miles. The world needs order. That is what we are working towards, and that is what you are helping us to achieve.

Desmond laughed.

  • Desmond: You expect me to believe you're building a better tomorrow?!
  • Warren: That's exactly what we're doing! The human race calls out for direction. They want to know why they're here, what they're meant to do. Well... we're going to tell them. And once they understand how to live their lives, everything will be better.
  • Desmond: Better how?
  • Warren: An end to all conflicts, large and small. Isn't that what you Assassins strive for? "Peace in all things?"

Desmond replied harshly.

  • Desmond: I told you, I'm not an Assassin.
  • Warren: Right, right.
  • Desmond: I still don't see where I fit into things.
  • Warren: In time, Mr. Miles. In time, you'll understand... or you won't! I don't care either way, just as long as you show us where it is.
  • Desmond: Where what is?!
  • Lucy: Sorry I'm late. Ready to go?
  • Warren: Yes, we are.
Tensions Overheating
  • Warren: God damn it! What's the problem now?
  • Lucy: I'm getting weird temperature readings. I think the Animus is overheating.
  • Warren: Christ! It's always something! How long?
  • Lucy: Too soon to tell.
  • Warren: These delays are unacceptable, Ms. Stillman! I demand progress reports every hour!
  • Lucy: It's gonna be a while, Desmond. Why don't you go lie down or something? Get some rest.
Guest of the Company
  • Desmond: Why is he always yelling at you? It's his machine.
  • Lucy: His theories. He's not the one who built it.
  • Desmond: Who did? You?
  • Lucy: No, Abstergo has a team of engineers. Not much they don't have. But I did oversee the assembly. Guess that's why he gets so angry with me.
  • Desmond: He's a dick.
  • Lucy: He's under a lot of pressure. We all are.
  • Desmond: I can't believe you’re defending the guy.
  • Lucy: Warren saved my life. So, if he wants to yell a little, let him.
  • Desmond: What do you mean he saved your life?
  • Lucy: You're not the only one who doesn't get to go home at night.
  • Desmond: Wait, are you saying you're a prisoner?

Lucy walked over to the Animus.

  • Lucy: When they first approached me, I was finishing up my Ph.D. The university made it clear I had no future there. They didn't like the subject of my doctorate... called it pseudo-science. Said keeping me on would discredit and embarrass them. It was the same everywhere. Other universities... companies I interviewed with... pretty soon I was out of money and out of time.

Lucy pinched her fingers together.

  • Lucy: I was this close to waiting tables. Then, I got a letter.
  • Desmond: From Vidic?
  • Lucy: He said he'd been following my career since undergrad. That he believed in my work and wanted to meet to discuss my future. You have no idea how good it felt to hear that. So I met with him. What did I have to lose?
  • Desmond: And he offered you a job.
  • Lucy: Yes. Here at Abstergo. Helping out on the Animus Project. I'd have a chance to test my theories and prove the professors wrong. How could I turn that down?
  • Desmond: Think I'm missing the part where you became a prisoner.
  • Lucy: Sometimes I wonder if they weren't behind it all. If they manipulated events so I'd get desperate. They can do that. They can do anything. I didn't think when I agreed to come here... they even told me I'd be trapped. For 6 months, a year max. Once the product launched, there'd be no need for secrecy anymore. But, until then, I'd be a "guest of the company". At least... that's what they said.
  • Desmond: And when the Animus was ready?
  • Lucy: They came in while I was sleeping. Three guys... guns...

Lucy got up and walked over to the nearby windows.

  • Lucy: They dragged me out of bed... God... the worst part is, I knew them. One guy, Richard, we ate lunch together sometimes. And now he was gonna... They were cracking jokes... I tried to pull away... he hit me... and that's when he told me I was going to die.
  • Desmond: Christ! What did you do?
  • Lucy: Nothing. I kept telling myself it wasn't real. And then Warren was there, shouting at them to get away from me. And they listened.
  • Desmond: Jesus...
  • Lucy: He's not a happy man, Desmond. I wouldn't even say he's a good man, but he saved my life. They never came for me again. And he promised they never would.
  • Desmond: But you're still stuck here working for these nutjobs.
  • Lucy: But I'm alive. Anyway, I really do need to get the Animus repaired. I'll see you tomorrow, Desmond.
Abstergo's Work
  • Warren: Rise and shine! We've got quite a day ahead of us!
  • Desmond: You're in a good mood this morning.
  • Warren: Ms. Stillman has made some modifications to the Animus. You should be able to remain inside even longer now.
  • Desmond: And help you with your treasure hunt.
  • Warren: This is serious business, Mr. Miles. I don't think you fully appreciate the work that Abstergo does.
  • Desmond: Maybe because I don't actually know what you people do.
  • Warren: We change the world. Every day in a hundred different ways. Did you know that nearly every single breakthrough of the past millennia, be it medical, mechanical, or philosophical, has come from Abstergo or its predecessors?
  • Desmond: That's a bold claim, Doc. Think you might be exaggerating a bit?
  • Warren: Not in the slightest. Oh, we certainly don't take the credit. That would arouse far too much suspicion. We choose our beneficiaries with great care.
  • Desmond: Why?
  • Warren: Isn't it obvious? It means we're in control.
  • Desmond: But how? What makes you guys so special, so smart? That you happen to invent all these things while us mere mortals stumble around like idiots?
  • Warren: To be fair, we don't invent them. We find them.
  • Desmond: Find them?
  • Warren: They're gifts, Mr. Miles, from those who came before. We'll have to continue this discussion later. Time's wasting.
The Templars
  • Desmond: We're done already?
  • Warren: Get up.
  • Desmond: Whatever you say, Doc.

Warren's phone rang and he answered it.

  • Warren: I'm ending the session... I'll be right there. You're sure about this?... Yes. No. Everything's Denver... I don't see how he could... Of course... I understand.

Warren hung up, and then addressed Desmond.

  • Warren: You're in a lot of trouble, Mr. Miles.

Warren walked out of the laboratory.

  • Desmond: What's his problem?
  • Lucy: They're coming for you.
  • Desmond: Who's coming for me?
  • Lucy: Assassins.
  • Desmond: Hey, I've got nothing to do with this!
  • Lucy: Sounds like they're mounting some kind of rescue attempt. Guess you're more important than you realized.
  • Desmond: Man, things just keep getting weirder and weirder around here.
  • Lucy: It was bound to happen.
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Lucy: That little fight your ancestor started during the Third Crusade? It never ended. You're being held by Templars.
  • Desmond: Vidic's a Templar?
  • Lucy: There's no way you could've known, they hide it so well. But to answer your question, Vidic works for them. We all do. Abstergo is their company.
  • Desmond: I thought Templars were old dudes with funny hats who sat around drinking beer, plotting world domination with like the... lizard people.
  • Lucy: No. Except the part about world domination, I guess. Look, Desmond, it's complicated. Half the stuff they say about the Templars comes from crazy tin-foil hat-wearing nutjobs. The other half is misinformation intentionally produced by the Templars themselves.
  • Desmond: But they are the "bad guys," right?
  • Lucy: If there's one thing I've learned since I started working here, it's that there's no such thing. It's all so relative. I guess the best way to explain it is... what they want is good. But the way they're going about it... It's bad, really bad.
  • Desmond: What are they trying to do? Lucy?

Lucy's phone rang and she answered it.

  • Lucy: Yes?

Warren's voice could be heard through Lucy's phone.

  • Warren: Ms. Stillman, I need to speak with you. Get up here, Now!
  • Lucy: On my way, Doctor.

Lucy hung up.

  • Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond, I have to go. You should turn in for the night. The answers to all of your questions are right in front of you. You just have to know where to look.
The Piece of Eden
  • Desmond: I think there's a problem with the Animus.
  • Lucy: Nope. It's working fine.
  • Desmond: I'm pretty sure it just ejected me—
  • Lucy: I'm pretty sure you should shut up.
  • Desmond: You ready to finally tell me what's going on?
  • Lucy: We have to stop them, Desmond. When they access that last memory of yours... they're just getting started. They want to change everything. The way we live, the way we think, the way we are. You've gotten the lecture from Vidic. About what's wrong with the world, how we need "order and discipline." So, they're going to give it to us. Only, we don't have a say in the matter.
  • Desmond: How?
  • Lucy: The Templar treasure. They think it—

Lucy's phone rang and she answered it. Warren began shouting.

  • Warren: Ms. Stillman!
  • Lucy: I'm here.
  • Warren: I need you to upload Desmond's files to the database.
  • Lucy: Got it.

Lucy hung up.

  • Desmond: So, what? They're using me to find the Templar treasure? What do they call it? The "Piece of Eden?"
  • Lucy: Yes.
  • Desmond: Well, it's looking like it's at Masyaf. So I don't know why they're wasting all this time with me. Why don't they just send their people to pick it up?
  • Lucy: They can't... it's not that simple. The artifact from Masyaf... they had it. It was destroyed in the accident.
  • Desmond: Then, what are they hoping for me? For my ancestor to tell them?
  • Lucy: They're hoping he'll show them where the other ones are.
  • Desmond: You mean there's more than one of these things?!
  • Lucy: Oh, Desmond. You have no idea.

Lucy's phone rang again, with Warren on the other end.

  • Warren: Is there a problem, Ms. Stillman?
  • Lucy: No, Warren. Everything's Denver on my end.
  • Warren: Then, where are the files?

Lucy hung up again.

  • Lucy: I've gotta move these files before he gets suspicious. We'll talk more later.
  • Desmond: What does "Everything's Denver" mean?
  • Lucy: It means everything's fine.
  • Desmond: Why Denver?
  • Lucy: It's a reference to Denver International Airport. There's an underground facility there. It's where the accident happened.
Accepted History
  • Warren: Time's wasting, Mr. Miles!
  • Desmond: Yeah, yeah. I'm comi—
  • Warren: We're nearly done, you know.
  • Desmond: And then what?
  • Warren: You'll see. Maybe they'll even let you watch when it begins. It's not as terrible as you think.
  • Desmond: Look, I know you're not gonna let me leave. So why not tell me what's going on? Humor me.

Warren replied shrewdly.

  • Warren: I'm not an idiot, Mr. Miles. I think you've already learned quite a bit.

Desmond played coy.

  • Desmond: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Warren: Of course not.
  • Desmond: All right, let me ask you something else then.
  • Warren: Yes?
  • Desmond: Some of the stuff I'm seeing in the Animus... sometimes it seems... wrong. Untrue, like the history's off somehow. It doesn't—

Warren interrupted Desmond.

  • Warren: It doesn't what, Mr. Miles? Match up with what you read on an online encyclopedia? What your high-school history teacher taught you? Let me ask you something: do these supposed experts have access to secret knowledge, kept hidden from the rest of us?
  • Desmond: There are books, letters, documents... all sorts of source material from back then. Some of it seems to contradict what the Animus is showing me.
  • Warren: Anyone can write a book, and they can put whatever they want on its pages. Anything. Used to be that we thought the world was flat.
  • Desmond: Some people still do.
  • Warren: Yes, and they publish books about it. Or that the moon landing was a hoax. I believe there's also a book that claims the Earth was created in seven days. A best-seller, too!
  • Desmond: Where's this going, Doc?
  • Warren: The point, I suppose, is that you shouldn't trust everything you hear. Everything you read. What's that your ancestor said? "Nothing is true?"
  • Desmond: "Everything is permitted."
  • Warren: Yes, exactly. It's part of what makes the Animus so spectacular. There's no room for misinterpretation—

Desmond interrupted Warren.

  • Desmond: There's always room.
  • Warren: Touché, Mr. Miles. Now that I've answered your question, can we begin?
Failed Rescue
  • Warren: I said get up, God damn it! Listen!

Warren turned on the intercom, through which gunfire could be heard.

  • Lucy: Oh no.
  • Warren: Seems your Assassin friends found us!
  • Desmond: What?
  • Warren: How'd you do it, Desmond?!
  • Desmond: Hey, look, I don't know what you're talking about, but whatever's going on down there has got nothing to do with me!
  • Warren: They are here for you! And I sure as shit didn't invite them!

Warren talked into the intercom.

  • Warren: What's the situation down there?
  • Abstergo Guard: We're taking heavy fire!
  • Warren: Can you contain it, or do I need to evacuate the prisoner?!
  • Abstergo Guard: Only five or six! We've got them outnumbered! Couple of wounded, but we'll pull through. We'll get it under control.

Warren switched off the intercom and turned to Desmond.

  • Warren: God damn you, Desmond! You couldn't leave well enough alone!
  • Desmond: I told you I had nothing to do with this! How would I even contact them? Telepathy? Come on!
  • Warren: Doesn't matter, they'll be dead soon enough. Here, have a listen!

Warren turned the intercom back on and the gunfire continued, before stopping abruptly.

  • Abstergo Guard: Threat's been neutralized.

Warren switched off the intercom for the last time, before turning back towards Desmond.

  • Warren: Looks like the cavalry won't be coming.
  • Desmond: Don't know, Doc. You were freaking out a minute ago. Your little research facility isn't as secure as you thought it was? Worried they'll be back with more?
  • Lucy: I don't think so, Desmond.
  • Warren: What Lucy is trying to say is that there aren't any Assassins left to come for you. We've been very busy this past year, hunting down your little enclaves, your desert communes and whatnot. I'm afraid you're on your own. Rest up, Mr. Miles. Tomorrow, we finish this!

Warren walked out.

  • Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond.
  • Desmond: He mentioned the desert. Do you think—
  • Lucy: They sent a team there, but the place was deserted. I don't know where your parents are, and I can't promise they're still alive. But I think they got away.
  • Desmond: Thanks. Thanks for checking.
  • Lucy: It's not as bad as it seems.
  • Desmond: What are you talking about? They just killed—literally killed—my only chance of getting out of here! And then, I find out the Assassins are all but destroyed and... Christ, I still don't know what these people are planning! But I do know they plan to kill me when they're done! I am screwed, okay!? What do you want me to do!?
  • Lucy: Just try and have a little faith.

Lucy bent her left ring finger, symbolizing the Assassins.

  • Desmond: You're...
  • Lucy: Have faith. Rest up, Desmond. You're gonna need the energy.
The Eagle and The Apple
Warren came into Desmond's room and woke him up.
  • Warren: Get up.
  • Desmond: Even earlier than usual, Doc.
  • Warren: I'd like to get this over with as quickly as possible.
  • Desmond: If you say so.
  • Warren: Don't be so glum come on Mr. Miles. Today is a historic day, One that will be remembered for years to come. Remembered by some of us anyway.

Desmond finished the final memory of Altaïr.[1]

  • Warren: We've got it.
  • Desmond: What the hell was that?

Desmond saw that Lucy and Warren were facing the far wall. Turning his head, he saw three men in business suits in an observation room behind a sheet of glass where the wall panels once were. The man in the middle spoke while the other two remained silent.

  • Alan: Well?!
  • Warren: We've got the map.
  • Alan: How many?
  • Warren: At least half a dozen.
  • Alan: We don't need them all.
  • Warren: We should assume some amount of decay. I can't imagine they'll all still be functioning. At least two appear to reside on landmasses that no longer exist.
  • Alan: We'll dispatch teams to each site and determine viability. We only need one, after all.
  • Warren: What about the rest?
  • Alan: Collect them! Let's not leave anything to chance! Last thing we need is some damn survivor making trouble for us in the New World!
  • Warren: And the Assassin?
  • Alan: We have what we need. Kill him.
  • Lucy: Wait. You know how these things work. I doubt we'll be able to walk right in.
  • Alan: What's your point?
  • Lucy: We might need him. His memories. I'd recommend we hold him until we have confirmation that there aren't any surprises waiting for us at the sites.
  • Warren: This is a waste of time.
  • Lucy: You said it yourself. We shouldn't leave anything to chance.
  • Alan: Very well. Ensure we have no further need of him, then kill him.
  • Warren: Fine.

Alan and his attendants left. Once Alan was out of earshot, Warren snapped at Lucy.

  • Warren: Stop undermining my authority!
  • Lucy: I just saved your ass.
  • Warren: Let's go! We've got a lot of work to do. Don't get too comfortable, Mr. Miles! We'll be back for you soon enough.

Desmond got up and activated Eagle Vision for the first time. Many symbols could be seen on the floor in the Animus room.

  • Desmond: What the hell is that?

Desmond went to his bedroom and noticed more symbols on the wall.

  • Desmond: Oh my god! It looks like... is that blood?! Who the hell were they keeping here before me? What happened to him? What does it mean, I wonder...?

Assassin's Creed II[]

Escape from Abstergo
Lucy entered Desmond's room wearing a blood-spattered shirt.
  • Lucy: We have to go.
  • Desmond: Lucy! Where have you been? Why did they—
  • Lucy: Now.

Desmond followed Lucy to the Animus as she calibrated it to a new setting.

  • Lucy: Get in.
  • Desmond: What's with the blood? Are you okay?
  • Lucy: Look, we have maybe ten minutes—maybe—before they figure out what I've done. If we're not out of here and on the road before then...
  • Desmond: Wait, we're leaving?
  • Lucy: Desmond, I promise I'll answer ALL of your questions. Later. But right now, I need you to just shut up and do what I say. So please—get in the Animus.
  • Desmond: Alright...

Desmond entered the Animus and the computer compared his DNA with Subject 16's to find another common ancestor. After finding a match, Desmond was transported to Renaissance Italy to relive Ezio Auditore da Firenze's birth.[2] Eventually, the simulation faded to white and ended as Lucy extracted Desmond from the Animus before he could continue to relive more of Ezio's memories, but not before he caught blurry glimpses of an older Ezio in Assassin robes in the midst of a fight elsewhere in Italy.

  • Lucy: Get up. Let's go.
  • Desmond: Yeah well, uh, I'm gonna need a second...
  • Lucy: There isn't time, Desmond. We have to leave.

Lucy withdrew a drive from a port in the Animus and rushed to the lab's doors. They opened, and Desmond followed Lucy into the hallway.

  • Desmond: We're really gettin' out of here, huh... Abstergo's got some fucked up interior decorators...
  • Lucy: Quiet. Stay close.

Two security guards noticed Lucy and Desmond escaping.

  • Abstergo Guard 1: Hey! You're not supposed to be up here!

Lucy typed in a code and locked a door, preventing the guards from following them.

  • Abstergo Guard 2: Open this door!
  • Abstergo Guard 1: I'm calling it in! We have a breach in the research wing. I repeat: there's been a breach in the research wing. Requesting backup from all available security personnel. Subjects appear to be armed.
  • Desmond: Glass walls. Fancy. Boy, these must be a bitch to clean.

Lucy and Desmond were spotted by the Abstergo guards.

  • Abstergo Guard 1: There they are! Don't let them get away.

Lucy fought with the guards, swiftly taking them down. The pair then entered a nearby elevator, traveling downward.

  • Desmond: Holy shit... Look at this place... What about the cameras?
  • Lucy: I rigged them to loop old footage. How do you think I managed to hide all your nighttime snooping from Abstergo?
  • Desmond: You're good...
  • Lucy: So I've been told. But they're onto us now. We need to hurry. Careful... We need to get to that elevator on the other side of the room. Follow my lead. But keep an eye out for security. I'd rather avoid a fight.

Desmond trailed Lucy through the Animi Training Program room.

  • Desmond: Is that an Animus?
  • Lucy: Wait... Careful...
  • Desmond: What the... How many of them are there?
  • Lucy: Stay with me...
  • Desmond: Hey, what's the plural for Animus? Is it Animus-es? Or Animi? What do you think, Lucy? Lucy? What do they need with all of them?
  • Lucy: Desmond. Shut. The fuck. Up. Please.

Lucy swiped a card into a keypad and entered a code, which failed. She then attempted another time, to no avail.

  • Lucy: Fuck! I thought this card would work. It must be on separate system and I don't have the code.
  • Desmond: Wait...

Desmond tried his hand at entering a code into the keypad.

  • Desmond: Shit! Oh come on!

Desmond used Eagle Vision to see the fingerprints on the keypad and entered the code "2374".

  • Lucy: How did you do that?
  • Desmond: I don't know.
  • Lucy: Let's go. It's always something...
  • Desmond: What was that in the Animus? Subject Sixteen? Ezio... Audi... Audisomething?
  • Lucy: I think we've been wrong all along. That's why we need to get out of here. Vidic and the Templars—they're only part of the problem...
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Lucy: I'll explain when we get there.
  • Desmond: Get where?

Desmond and Lucy reached the parking lot and fought off a squad of guards. Afterwards, they ran for Warren's car and Lucy opened the trunk.

  • Lucy: Get in.
  • Desmond: You're joking?
  • Lucy: It's for your own protection.
  • Desmond: Oh man.

Desmond got into the trunk of the car.

  • Lucy: We're almost there...

Desmond shot a dirty look up at Lucy, who slammed the trunk door shut.

The Team
Some while later, Lucy opened the trunk and Desmond sat up.
  • Desmond: Thanks for that. It was great...being shoved in the trunk, bouncing around. Loved it.
  • Lucy: This way.

Desmond got out of the trunk and followed Lucy.

  • Desmond: So... gonna tell me what's going on now?
  • Lucy: There was a reason for the escape, Desmond.

Desmond scoffed.

  • Desmond: Figures.
  • Lucy: We need your help.
  • Desmond: For what? Another treasure hunt through time?
  • Lucy: Abstergo's gonna replace their Apple of Eden. The map your ancestor found guarantees it. The other Assassins... They'll do what they can, where they can. But...
  • Desmond: What...what is it?
  • Lucy: We're losing this war, Desmond. The Templars are too powerful. And every day more of us die...
  • Desmond: I still don't see how I fit into things...
  • Lucy: We're going to train you—turn you into one of us.

He was shocked.

  • Desmond: What?! No,'ve seen me in action—I'm no good at this. And even if I was... It would take months—years, even.
  • Lucy: No. Not with the Animus. Not with the Bleeding Effect.
  • Desmond: But I'm just one guy...
  • Lucy: Sometimes that's all you need.
  • Desmond: So that's why you found him... My ancestor. What was his name? Ezio?
  • Lucy: If you can follow in his footsteps, you'll learn everything he did—just like he did. Years of training absorbed in a matter of days.
  • Desmond: You broke me out of Abstergo and brought me here just to make me an Assassin?

Lucy turned around.

  • Lucy: Look, there's more to it than that, but it'll have to wait. Trust me, okay?
  • Desmond: Alright. I'm in. Tell me what you need.
  • Lucy: Really? You're sure?
  • Desmond: I thought you'd be happy about this.

Lucy stammered a little.

  • Lucy: Sorry... I'm just a little surprised. I spent the whole ride over here figuring out how I was going to convince you to do this...
  • Desmond: Save it. After what those Templar bastards put me through, I'm ready, willing, and able.

Lucy hugged Desmond warmly.

  • Lucy: Thank you.

They walked into the Rome hideout. Rebecca Crane jumped up when she saw Lucy.

  • Rebecca: Lucy! You made it! God! It's been so long! Seven years! Can you believe it?!
  • Shaun: Indeed. Welcome back.

Shaun Hastings noticed Desmond.

  • Shaun: Ah, so this must be the infamous subject seventeen... Desmond Miles, was it?
  • Desmond: Who are you?
  • Shaun: I'm sorry... Where are my manners? I'm Shaun Hastings—this is Rebecca Crane.
  • Rebecca: Nice to meet you, Desmond.
  • Shaun: Right, well it's been lovely chatting, but if you don't mind, Desmond, it's best we get straight to work. Time is precious. Doubly so these days.
  • Rebecca: We've got everything set up and ready, Lucy. Just say the word and we'll get going.
  • Lucy: Here. I brought you something. A parting gift from Abstergo.

Lucy withdrew the drive she had taken from Abstergo's Animus and gave it to an excited Rebecca.

  • Rebecca: Whoa! The memory core! This is amazing! With their data, things are gonna go a lot faster! I'll get to work on merging the code...

Desmond walked over to Lucy.

  • Desmond: Hey... Listen. I just wanted to say thank you. And that I'm sorry.
  • Lucy: Sorry?
  • Desmond: Ya you know, before. Everything at Abstergo. It was just... I wasn't ready.
  • Lucy: It's okay.
  • Desmond: No. Going through all that. Knowing that the Templars still exist. What they're planning...
  • Lucy: What's done is done, Desmond. You're here now and that's what matters.
  • Desmond: Lucy, I've been seeing things. Symbols in my bedroom. The code on the keypad... Just like Altaïr.
  • Lucy: It's from the bleeding effect. You're taking on more than your ancestors' memories. You're taking on their skills too. In this case, Eagle Vision.
  • Desmond: Skills?
  • Lucy: You're more receptive now. So if all goes well, everything Ezio learns in the Animus, you'll learn too.
  • Desmond: You really think this will work? That I'll become an Assassin?
  • Lucy: You already are an Assassin. You'll just be better at it.
  • Shaun: Yeah, hopefully much better at it. I mean—seriously—I saw the tapes from Abstergo. You didn't even TRY and escape.
  • Desmond: What a dick...

Desmond walked over to Rebecca.

  • Rebecca: Hey Desmond! What's up?
  • Desmond: Just wondering what your role is in all this.
  • Rebecca: I take care of Baby. It's my job to keep her up and running.
  • Desmond: Baby? You mean the Animus.
  • Rebecca: Actually, I prefer Animus two-point-oh, since Baby's twice as awesome as anything you'll find at Abstergo. The Templars might have deeper pockets than us, but they've got no ambition. No passion! No competitive edge! That's why, even with all their resources, anything they can do, I can do better. Faster, too! Anyway, take a seat when you're ready, and we can get started. I just need to make a few more adjustments...

Desmond approached Shaun.

  • Desmond: What's all this stuff for?
  • Shaun: This stuff, Desmond, oh this stuff is nothing special, really, this stuff is just the stuff that keeps our entire operation from falling apart, really. It requires a great deal of concentration to keep it all moving, so you'll forgive me if I don't have time to play meet and greet.
  • Rebecca: Shaun's in charge of maintaining our knowledge archives—it's like a digital library. He'll be riding shotgun with me while you're in the Animus. So if you come across anything of note—people, places, events, etcetera—he'll create database entries you can consult for additional information.
  • Shaun: Y-yeah, it's not just databases, though. I also provide tactical support for the other Assassins. You know, Desmond, the ones who are out there—actually doing stuff. Risking their lives, little things like that.

Desmond sat in the Animus chair.

  • Desmond: So how does this work?

Rebecca showed Desmond a cord.

  • Desmond: Of course.
  • Rebecca: Deep breath!

Rebecca stuck the catheter into Desmond's arm.

  • Desmond: Ah!
  • Shaun: Oh, what are you? A tiny child?
  • Rebecca: Shaun!
  • Shaun: Well...
  • Rebecca: Here we go!

Desmond began reliving Ezio's memories as he stood with a gang on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.[3]

Glyph Hunting
Shortly after Ezio witnessed the murder of his father and two brothers Federico and Petruccio,[4] Shaun's voice interrupted Desmond's explorations of Florence.
  • Shaun: I've got a little request for you. I've identified several strange markings that I've discovered right across Renaissance Italy. Now, I don't know what they're doing there, but I want you to help me find out. Rebecca has marked their general location in the database with an eye icon and she's made them glow as well. Keep an eye out.

In time, Desmond found the first Glyph.

  • Shaun: There's one of the symbols! What does it mean? It must be there for a reason. Can you take a closer look? Hey! Try using Eagle Vision. I've got all day...
  • Rebecca: Wait, that's not possible. This can't be... hold on, that's computer code. Let me compile it... aww shit, it's an encrypted file!
  • Shaun: Upload it to my computer. I'm a master at decryption.
  • Rebecca: I can't, it's only compatible with the Animus itself.
  • Shaun: Up-upload it to Desmond then... I can't believe this.

Desmond accessed the first Glyph and heard a recording from Subject 16.

  • Subject 16: Hello. This is... they call me Subject Sixteen. Listen, I don't have much time. There's something I have to show you. We've been lied to this whole time. Everything we kow, everything we've been brought up to believe. It's wrong. Okay, umm... I've uploaded the evidence, the file, that proves it all. But I've split it into twenty pieces and locked each with a code. Queen Isabella... no, not her, hmm... what century is it? Umm... nevermind. I've hidden the code to the first file inside this program. Find it... find them all—and along the way you'll begin to see the truth.

The spech faded into static.

  • Shaun: What the he—! How did this get inside our Animus?
  • Lucy: Oh. Oh. The Memory Core, we transferred Sixteen's Memory Data from Abstergo into the Animus 2.0. He must have hacked the machine when Vidic left him alone between sessions.
  • Desmond: Hold on, wait a second... The signs on the walls in Abstergo... The ones written in blood. Those were clues! He was telling us to look for them inside the Animus.
The Armor of Altaïr
After Mario Auditore showed Ezio the Sanctuary beneath the Villa Auditore and the Armor of Altaïr stored within,[5] Rebecca spoke to Desmond.
  • Rebecca: In order to achieve perfect synchronization with Ezio, you have to get that armor.

In time, he witnessed the memory where Ezio discovered an Assassin Tomb beneath Santa Maria Novella in Florence.[6]

  • Shaun: Look at that statue! It's identical in one in the Villa Auditore! I think you've stumbled onto one of the Assassin's Tombs Ezio's uncle mentioned.
  • Rebecca: Now that we know the way in, I'll tag the landmarks containing tombs in the database.

A while later, Ezio met Lorenzo de' Medici at the Ponte Vecchio after killing Francesco de' Pazzi. When the conversation was finished,[7] Rebecca patched into the sound system.

  • Rebecca: I've marked the Palazzo Medici on your map. In order to achieve 100% synch with Ezio's life, you should go explore it.
After Ezio met Caterina Sforza and sailed for Venice,[8] Desmond's Assassin cell extracted him from the Animus.
  • Desmond: Everything all right?
  • Lucy: Better than all right. You're making amazing progress.
  • Shaun: "Amazing" is quite a strong word.
  • Desmond: Then why are we stopping?
  • Rebecca: Prolonged exposure to the Animus can have, uh, side effects.
  • Desmond: Awesome.
  • Lucy: It's nothing to worry about. You haven't shown any of the symptoms.
  • Desmond: Symptoms? What symptoms?!
  • Rebecca: Degradation of cognition, temporal hallucinations, multiple awareness issues, overlapping realities, you know.

Desmond became worried.

  • Desmond: So what you're saying is...
  • Shaun: What we're saying, Desmond, is if you're not careful, you may not need the Animus to visit with your ancestors. Which wouldn't be a bad thing assuming you could control it. Up until now, though, no one has.
  • Desmond: Subject 16.
  • Lucy: We have safeguards, Desmond. And they kept him in the Animus for way too long, sometimes days at a time. We're being careful with you.
  • Desmond: I hope so.
  • Lucy: Anyway, I was hoping we could test out your skill retention. See if you've picked up some of Ezio's abilities.
  • Desmond: I'm game.
  • Lucy: Great. Meet me downstairs when you're ready.

Desmond initiated a conversation with Rebecca.

  • Rebecca: Hey! Nice work today. You're a natural.
  • Desmond: Thanks. it's definitely getting easier. I gotta say—after all the crap I went through at Abstergo—It's nice to be with the good guys.
  • Shaun: "Good guys?" Let's not get carried away.
  • Rebecca: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Shaun: In case you've forgotten, Rebecca, we're Assassins. I could look it up for you, if you like. Basically, it means we assassinate people.
  • Desmond: Only when we have to.
  • Shaun: It's a choice. You're choosing to kill.
  • Desmond: I haven't killed anyone.
  • Shaun: No. Not yet. But what do you think all this is for, eh? You think Lucy is giving you Ezio's abilities so you can build schools in South America and deliver rice to starving Indonesians? What are you Desmond, a vegan? You'd be the first vegan Assassin in history.
  • Rebecca: Look, it's not ideal. And taking a life is never easy. But sometimes there's no other way. Sometimes, Desmond, people have to die for things to change.
  • Shaun: She's got a point. But don't fool yourself into thinking you have no say. I mean, isn't it that what we're all about here? Safe-guarding free will?
  • Rebecca: Sorry... I didn't mean to make it into a whole big thing.
  • Desmond: Nah, it's cool. So, how's she treating you?
  • Rebecca: The translation software is still a bit laggy... You're probably catching the odd bit of Italian. Sorry about that.
  • Desmond: No worries. Abstergo's machine wasn't perfect either. And the subtitles... definitely a big plus.

Desmond walked over to Shaun.

  • Desmond: What could 16 have found that needs so much secrecy and security?
  • Shaun: Oh, I don't know, do I? Lucy thinks it's something about the Codex, but I'm not so sure. I'm all ears, if it's as life changing as 16 says. Blimey, if I was allowed to use the Animus, I'd be the one in there finding out. Instead, as usual I'm forced to sit here on the sidelines.
  • Desmond: What are you up to?
  • Shaun: What am I—who are you, my mum? I've been running traces on the Codex pages. Looking to see if any of them are still around.
  • Desmond: And?
  • Shaun: Nothing concrete. Reports on one in the archives of the National Central Library in Florence. Maybe a few in the hands of collectors... probably Templars. I'd send someone to check it out, but we're very short on manpower.
  • Desmond: How do you think the Codex wound up in Italy? I mean... it seems so random.
  • Shaun: Dante Alighieri by way of Marco Polo.
  • Desmond: Seriously?
  • Shaun: Something happened in 1321, yeah. Now, I'm still working on making the connections... But from what I can tell, Polo encountered the Assassins while visiting Kublai Khan. That's right, this must be when he obtained the Codex. Now, when he returned to Italy, he passed it on to Dante. Dante was close to them—if not an Assassin himself. Now, I have no idea what brought the two of them together... But I tell you what, I reckon we can find out.
  • Desmond: I don't think Lucy wants us messing with the Animus.
  • Shaun: Yeah, you're right. We've got enough to deal with. I guess satisfying my curiosity will have to wait.
  • Desmond: How did you get involved in this?
  • Shaun: Most Assassins, Desmond, are like you, yeah? They're "born" into the Brotherhood. Not me, though.
  • Rebecca: Ugh, here we go.
  • Shaun: What?! He asked. Anyway, I've always been fascinated by the unexplained. There's something exciting there, you know, a sense that life is more interesting, more mysterious than we've been led to believe.
  • Desmond: So, what, you just stumbled across the Assassins?
  • Shaun: No, I found the Templars first, actually. Abstergo's a big company. It's too big, which means there were slip-ups, you know, like that mess they're having right now with the fluoride. Only I was tracking this stuff years ago. I must have been, what, 14? 15?
  • Desmond: You knew Abstergo was a Templar company?
  • Shaun: No, not at first. I just knew they were up to no good and I figured maybe I could do something about it. So I starting digging up everything I could on the company, posting stuff to news groups, trying to spread word, looking for people with stories to tell.
  • Desmond: You must have gotten Abstergo's attention.
  • Shaun: Well, fortunately, I got Rebecca's first. Otherwise I'd be at the bottom of a river.
  • Rebecca: You're welcome.
  • Shaun: Yep, she tried to warn me. Told me I was messing with the wrong people.
  • Rebecca: And what did you do?
  • Shaun: I thought you were mental.
  • Rebecca: But now you know better.
  • Shaun: Yep, now I know you're just a bit mental.
  • Rebecca: Long story short, I saved his ass! Multiple times! Should've just dropped him and let Abstergo have their way.
  • Shaun: Listen to you, trying to be all "bad-ass."
  • Desmond: So what happened?
  • Shaun: I have a gift, Desmond. I have a gift for seeing things. Making connections, like your eagle vision, you know. Only useful.
  • Rebecca: We offered him a place with us.
  • Shaun: Yes, you did, yeah. The alternative? A life on the run from the most powerful organization on the planet. I decided to prolong my life. I'm eccentric like that. So I signed up. I've been doing research and analysis for them ever since. Best part is, I love it.
  • Desmond: What are you doing?
  • Shaun: I'm keeping tabs on the other teams.
  • Desmond: Other teams?
  • Shaun: The Templars have been hunting down the Pieces of Eden using the map they got from you at Abstergo. Luckily, Lucy has provided us with a copy as well, allowing us to pursue them.
  • Desmond: How's that working out?
  • Shaun: So far, so good.
  • Desmond: If they find even one piece, we'll have problems.
  • Shaun: Oh, you're picking up on that, are you? That is why we're training you. Once you've acquired the necessary skills, we'll be able to send you into the field.
  • Desmond: And you? Why aren't you out there?
  • Shaun: I'm not out there cause my expertise lies in other areas. And to be honest, I prefer it that way. But make no mistake, Desmond, I'm an Assassin through and through. I've killed before, I expect to kill again. It's just that I'd prefer not to.
The Bleeding Effect
Desmond walked up to Lucy's station.
  • Desmond: So what's the plan?
  • Lucy: We're going to see what you've managed to retain. Come on.

They both walked into the warehouse together.

  • Lucy: Abstergo's out there, waiting for us. They're better funded and better equipped. So it's only a matter of time before they find this place. We need to be ready for them when they do. I want you to activate the warehouse's defense system. I'll let you figure out how to reach the sensors.
  • Desmond: Aw, come on. Not even a hint?
  • Lucy: Open your eyes, Desmond.

Desmond started the course and began to suffer from the Bleeding Effect, "seeing" ghostly soldiers walking around him.

  • Desmond: Uh, Lucy... I'm seeing things.
  • Lucy: Do the hallucinations last longer than thirty seconds?
  • Desmond: No.
  • Lucy: Then it's nothing to be worried about. It'll pass.
  • Desmond: So how am I doing?
  • Lucy: You've picked up every single one of Ezio's skills. The adoption rate is fantastic! Another day or two and we'll be done.
  • Desmond: All right, you've gotta tell me. Why Ezio? Why Italy? I mean, we could've just gone back to Altaïr again. Follow him during his early years.
  • Lucy: It started with Sixteen...
  • Desmond: Ah, good old Subject 16. He repainted my room, y'know... with his blood!
  • Lucy: I've been going through his files. Vidic flagged a couple of his Animus sessions. A bunch of different ancestors, different dates and locations... ancient Africa, the Middle East... but towards the end, he became obsessed with Italy. I think he knew about the Vault. A few of the records of his later Animus sessions are missing, and the sessions that are there... After everything the Templars put him through... after everything I put him through... it's all scrambled. If we hadn't pushed Sixteen so hard, we'd have all the answers already... and maybe he'd still be alive.
  • Desmond: So you're after the Codex and the Vault?
  • Lucy: I knew you had an ancestor in Italy who was at the center of all this.

Desmond resumed the course and was suddenly interrupted by a vision of a horse running towards him, then successfully reached the last sensor without further isue.

  • Lucy: Alright, I think we're done for today.
  • Desmond: Lucy, what happened to Sixteen wasn't your fault. You were just as much a prisoner as I was.
  • Lucy: Thanks. Good night, Desmond. I'm glad you're here.

Desmond went upstairs to the hideout. On the way, he experienced another Bleeding Effect hallucination of the corridor lined with soldiers and lost consciousness.

Desmond relived one of Altaïr's memories in Acre in 1197.
  • Desmond: What the hell... What is this?... Where am I?... It's Acre. And... Altaïr? How the hell... I'm not even in the Animus. I must've passed out. Just having some kind of weird dream... Going without sleep for who knows how long... Guess I shouldn't be surprised...

Desmond noticed a person who ran once they spotted Altaïr.

  • Desmond: Hmm. That must be his target...

Altaïr chased his target to the top of a tower by the city limits, where they took off their hood.

  • Desmond: Hey, it's the woman from Acre. What was her name? Maria. Yeah. Wonder what he wants with her...

Altaïr and Maria kissed.

  • Desmond: Whoa... Alright, wasn't expecting that...

Part of the memory skipped. Altaïr performed a Leap of Faith and left Maria, but the focus of the memory stayed with her and slowly zoomed to her body.

  • Desmond: Wait a second... Why aren't I following Altaïr? I'm stuck here with Maria. Oh shit! That must mean... This is one weird dream...
Back to Work
Desmond woke up, and Rebecca came to speak to him.
  • Rebecca: Sorry to barge you on like this, but it's getting late and we were... Hey, you okay?
  • Desmond: Yeah, yeah... All good. Weird dreams. That's all...
  • Rebecca: All right. I'll let you get ready. See you in a few.
  • Shaun: Ah! Good of you to join us.
  • Desmond: Sorry, long night...
  • Shaun: What a professional, what a professional approach!
  • Rebecca: Leave him alone!
  • Shaun: Well, you'll forgive me if I want to get some actual work done. Hmm, madness, isn't it?
  • Lucy: Shaun! Please. That's enough.
  • Shaun: Alright...

Desmond struck up a conversation with Lucy.

  • Desmond: Hey...
  • Lucy: Uh, hi.
  • Desmond: Are you okay?
  • Lucy: Yeah, I'm fine. Everything's fine.
  • Desmond: You sure?
  • Lucy: We lost two more teams last night. That's eight of us just... gone.
  • Desmond: I'm sorry.
  • Lucy: I don't know what to do anymore... It just keep getting worse and worse.
  • Desmond: Hey, remember what you told me? You gotta have faith. And look. Here we are. Safe and sound.
  • Lucy: For how long? And when they find us? Then what?
  • Desmond: When that happens—if that happens. We'll deal with it. I'll keep you safe.
  • Lucy: Anyway—enough with my little breakdown. I should get back to work. And so should you.

Desmond walked to the reactivated Animus and sat down to relive Ezio's arrival at Venice.[9]

The Most Serene Republic
After Ezio escorted his friend Leonardo da Vinci to his workshop in Venice,[9] Rebecca spoke to Desmond.
  • Rebecca: I found this awesome place for you to explore and practice your skills. Santa Maria dei Frari. I've marked it on your map.

A few sequences later, Ezio assassinated Marco Barbarigo during the Carnevale.[10] Following that, Desmond was again greeted by Rebecca.

  • Rebecca: You want to rob some Templars? I've marked the Arsenal on your map. It's some kind of Templar base, so there's gonna be all kinds of loot in there.
Corrupted Sequences
After Ezio was initiated into the Italian Brotherhood,[11] Desmond was extracted from the Animus again holding his ring finger, as if feeling the pain Ezio experienced while his finger was being branded.
  • Lucy: Are you okay? Do you want to stop?
  • Desmond: No, I need to go back. Right now.

Desmond resumed his Animus session, but was left waiting in the Memory Corridor for the next sequence to load.

  • Desmond: Everything okay out there?
  • Rebecca: Hold on, I'm gonna try to find a workaround. This one's corrupted too... Let me check another. This one seems okay. I'm gonna run some diagnostics. But at least now you can continue.
  • Lucy: Or we can take a break if you want.
  • Shaun: No, I would advise against that. I'm picking up a fair amount of radio chatter. Abstergo is none too pleased about losing you and Lucy and it's only a matter of time before they wind up here. We'd better finish with this before then.
  • Desmond: Alright. But what about the missing years? Anything important happen that we should know about?
  • Shaun: Alright, let's take a look, shall we... According to this, it's a rather tumultuous time for Florence. Following Lorenzo's death, the Medici are deposed, and a Dominican priest named Savonarola is given control of the city. Now he promptly turns it into the most miserable place on Earth. According to this, it's when the Bonfire of the Vanities took place.
  • Rebecca: Hey, I liked that movie!
  • Shaun: Oh, did you like that movie? That's interesting! What other movies do you like? Rebecca—the grownups are talking! Now let's see what else we have here... Some entries on Machiavelli, some trouble in Forlì, a rather amusing anecdote about Caterina Sforza and, well, her reproductive organs... I'll tell you later... O-oh... oh dear...
  • Lucy: Shaun?
  • Shaun: Of course... How could I have forgotten?
  • Desmond: You wanna share with the rest of us?
  • Shaun: Rodrigo Borgia is elected Pope in 1492. Which means Ezio's greatest enemy is now also the most powerful man in Italy.
  • Desmond: Always wanted to visit the Vatican.
  • Shaun: Well, your luck's in happy days,Desmond. 'Cause that's exactly where you're going.

The next memory loaded, and Desmond began experiencing Ezio's efforts during the Battle of Forlì.[12] After "witnessing" Ezio interrogate the abbot of the Abbazia di San Mercuriale in Forlì and learn that Girolamo Savonarola had stolen the Apple of Eden,[13] the memory vanished and Desmond waited in the Memory Corridor for the next sequence to finish loading.

  • Rebecca: Hey, Desmond—I think I repaired that busted memory. Why don't you try opening it?

The sequence loaded and Desmond began reliving Ezio's repressed memories of his time during the Bonfire of the Vanities,[14] gaining access to the year gap between the two events.[15] Eventually, Desmond reached his ancestor's memories of 1499, proceeding to the start of the next memory. He went to the Villa's study in Monteriggioni[16] but was stopped at its entrance by an Animus wall.

  • Desmond: What's going on?
  • Lucy: The data stream is corrupted. No, scratch that. This says it's incomplete. It's the Codex pages. It looks like Ezio had them all when this memory occured.
  • Desmond: Great. And how am I supposed to find them?
  • Lucy: Hold on... It looks like Ezio has a map on him. He must have picked it up during one of the corrupted sequences. According to this, it'll show you the location of any missing Codex pages.
An Old Friend Returns
A hologram of Minerva addressed Ezio when he entered the Vatican Vault after finally defeating Rodrigo Borgia. The Assassin listened to her message, confused, as she was in fact delivering it through him to Desmond. When Minerva's projection disappeared and the memory ended,[17] Desmond expressed his astonishment.
  • Desmond: What. The. Fuck.

He was then suddenly pulled out of the Animus, opening his eyes to see his companions in a hurry.

  • Shaun: ...there's only about ten minutes until they get...
  • Rebecca: ...need all of my equipment...
  • Lucy: ...ready to go before they do... DESMOND!

Desmond exited the Animus and pinched the bridge of his nose to refocus in the present.

  • Desmond: Yeah, yeah.
  • Lucy: Alright, Shaun. I need you and Rebecca to get everything in here packed up and loaded into the truck.

Lucy turned to Desmond.

  • Lucy: You and I'll deal with the Templars.
  • Desmond: What, they're here?

Shaun walked past carrying an armful of technical equipment as Rebecca began dismantling the Animus.

  • Shaun: It was only a matter of time before they discovered us. To be honest, I'm surprised it took them as long as it did.

Lucy tossed Ezio's Hidden Blade bracer to Desmond.

  • Lucy: Let's go.
  • Shaun: Stop screwing around, mate, and help her.
    Desmond, go and help Lucy.

He ran to Lucy in the corridor.

  • Desmond: So what's the plan? We ditch this place and then what?
  • Lucy: There's another safehouse. It's—We've got company. The truck's just up ahead.

They both rushed to the warehouse as the alarm sensors detected Abstergo's presence and started ringing. After reaching the lower floor, they saw Vidic surronded by several security guards.

  • Warren: Mister Miles! This is an unexpectedly pleasant turn of events! And here I thought I'd have to waste more men on you! Kind of you to save me the trouble.
  • Desmond: What do you want, Vidic?
  • Warren: For you to come home. We miss you terribly. There's still so much work for us to do together!
  • Lucy: It's not happening, Warren.
  • Warren: You continue to disappoint in every conceivable way, Ms. Stillman. I saved your life once. Do you remember? And THIS is how you repay me?
  • Lucy: You saved me so you could keep experimenting on people—destroying their lives—and for what?
  • Warren: Oh, this tired argument again. As I recall, you were there—at my side—every step of the way... Their blood is on YOUR hands just as much as MINE.

Lucy spoke to Desmond.

  • Lucy: You need to stop him.
  • Desmond: I'm on it.

Desmond and Lucy fought with the Abstergo guards, with him using the Hidden Blade to flawlessly kill them.

  • Warren: Well, well! It seems Mister Miles learned to fight! It's only a matter of time before you're both back where you belong! Is this necessary? Our resources are infinite while yours dwindle by the minute.

Desmond incapacitated all of the guards with Lucy's help.

  • Desmond: Uh-oh, Doc. Looks like it's just you and me now.
  • Dr. Warren Enjoy your victory Mister Miles, temporary as it is.

Warren's truck drove away.

  • Rebecca: Desmond! We have to go!
  • Shaun: There you are! Come on. Help Lucy into the van. Hurry, Desmond! We need to go!

The cell left the hideout.

  • Lucy: You'll have your turn, Desmond. Warren's gonna get what he deserves. I promise.
  • Desmond: So what now? Where are we headed?
  • Lucy: There's a cabin up north. We should be safe there—at least for a little while. I have to analyze those tapes from your session—figure out what's happening.
  • Desmond: And then what?
  • Rebecca: Here we go. I've got you all hooked up. Got a long drive ahead of us. Figured you might want to play around with the Animus on the way...
  • Desmond: Alright, but I've got some questions first, I mean—what the hell was that in the Vault?
  • Lucy: What you saw proves everything I was afraid of. The Templars aren't our biggest threat. Not by a longshot.
  • Desmond: So... what, the sun is? What's it going to do? Cook the Earth?
  • Lucy: I doubt it, but... I don't know. There's been some speculation that the Earth's magnetic field is weakening... A sufficiently strong flare could flip the poles and cause geomagnetic reversal. It's all theoretical. But if it happens—the planet could become geologically unstable. Very unstable.
  • Shaun: It's meant to be the stuff of pseudo-science—but clearly something catastrophic happened to the people of the First Civilization. And that woman, what was her name? Minerva, was it?—she seemed to think we were due for a second round.
  • Desmond: So either way, we're fucked.
  • Lucy: I don't know yet... We'll keep reviewing the tapes. And you can keep digging through your memories. Maybe there's more to discover.
  • Desmond: Alright. Guess I better get started...
The Truth
The team reacted after Desmond uncovered Subject 16's encrypted video.[18]
  • Rebecca: Wow.
  • Shaun: Was that what I think it was?
  • Lucy: We'll send the video out for analysis as soon as Desmond's done in the machine.
  • Desmond: You okay?
  • Lucy: He'd be able to explain the whole thing to us. If only we could ask him.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood[]

Broken Sequence
The Assassins tried to access Memory sequence 9, but found the memory file was corrupted.
  • Desmond: Uh, Rebecca? What's going on...
  • Rebecca: I have to run some diagnostics, I'll get back to you.

Desmond started to relive Ezio Auditore's memory immediately after Minerva's hologram disappeared.[19]

Arrival in Monteriggioni
Desmond was pulled out of the Animus after Ezio escaped the attack on Monteriggioni.[20]
  • Rebecca: Lucy, I can't seem to get a position on Ezio's P.O.E.
  • Desmond: P.O.E? Could one of you tell me what's going on?
  • Lucy: Sorry, Desmond, Piece of Eden. In the Vatican, Minerva talked about other temples, that they're the key to preventing whatever terrible thing is about to happen to the Earth.
  • Desmond: Right.
  • Lucy: To find the temples, I'm convinced we need to get our hands on Ezio's Apple of Eden. Minerva altered it somehow when she "touched" it.
  • Desmond: Wait. We're at the Auditore Villa?
  • Lucy: Yes. It's our last safehouse in Italy. It turns out the Templars are watching the border.
  • Rebecca: Ezio hid the P.O.E. sometime in 1507, but when I try to access that DNA sequence, he seems to be... remembering something else.
  • Desmond: Like a memory inside a memory?
  • Rebecca: Yes. Exactly. Maybe.
  • Desmond: Exactly maybe?
  • Shaun: I believe you experienced something similar back at Abstergo, didn't you?
  • Lucy: Subject 15 exhibited memory-within-memory-like patterns, but she was pregnant. The memories of both the fetus' father and mother were competing.
  • Shaun: Desmond's not pregnant. At least, as far as I can tell. Might have just had a big lunch.

Lucy turned to Rebecca.

  • Lucy: Can you skip ahead to a later memory?
  • Rebecca: No, it doesn't work.
  • Lucy: Well that sounds familiar. We couldn't access Altaïr's later memories until Desmond had improved his synchronization.
  • Shaun: Then it's possible something similar has occurred here. Ezio's troubled state is being transposed onto Desmond, destabilizing the memory. Either that, or Rebecca's just not a very good engineer.
  • Rebecca: Thanks, asshole.
  • Shaun: What? I'm simply listing possible explanations. And that is amongst the most likely. Touchy...
  • Rebecca: This place isn't secure. Cell phone surveillance can see right through the walls.
  • Desmond: Don't you mean satellite surveillance?
  • Rebecca: Are you kidding? Abstergo upgraded to cell towers ages ago. The waves go through everything above ground. They're gonna find us.
  • Lucy: No they aren't. Come with me.

Lucy led Desmond and the other Assassins inside the Villa, to Mario's study.

  • Lucy: There's a beam blocking it from the inside. We're not getting in this way.
  • Rebecca: What's our next move?
  • Lucy: The road just loops back into the highway. This is not a good place for us to be right now.
  • Rebecca: Do we have any tarps? We need to cover up the van.
  • Shaun: I really hate to stress this, yeah, but we are running out of time.
  • Lucy: Well help us then, Shaun. Do you have any ideas?
  • Shaun: I don't know, maybe there's another way into the Sanctuary?
  • Desmond: Hey, I think I've got something.

Desmond beckoned Lucy.

  • Desmond: Follow me.

Desmond performed his first Leap of Faith, astonishing Lucy.

  • Lucy: Desmond, that was... pretty awesome.
  • Desmond: It just felt natural. We can get in through here.
  • Lucy: Good job.
  • Shaun: We'll just wait up here then shall we... yeah? All alone, with massive targets painted on our backs.

Desmond and Lucy entered the Auditore Crypt, though their glow-sticks failed to work at first.

  • Lucy: Why won't this turn on?...
  • Desmond: It's great to be out of the Animus.
  • Lucy: This isn't exactly my idea of a good time.
  • Desmond: Let me guess: you're more the in-bed-at-six type.
  • Lucy: What? Desmond! I know how to have fun.
  • Desmond: That's very convincing. Yeah, I'm convinced.
  • Lucy: Okay, okay. After we save the world, I'll show you.
  • Desmond: Wait, can I get that in writing?

The two managed to get their glow sticks to function.

  • Lucy: We have light!
Path to the Sanctuary
Desmond suffered the Bleeding Effect and saw the forms of Monteriggioni's townspeople escaping, with Ezio Auditore assisting them.
  • Desmond: What was that?
  • Lucy: I don't see anything.
  • Ezio: Run! Get out before i soldati (the soldiers) catch you! Correte! (Run!) Go!

Ezio pulled a lever, and a gate impaled a Borgia soldier as it fell. Afterwards, the apparitions faded away, revealing the guard's skeleton.

  • Desmond: They escaped through here.
  • Lucy: What?
  • Desmond: Ezio and the villagers. After the attack, I can see them now.
  • Lucy: I know it's difficult. But try to compartmentalize, Desmond. Focus on the present.
  • Desmond: What if I can't stop the visions? How long before I start painting symbols on the walls?
  • Lucy: Don't joke about that. Sixteen is dead. We're focusing on the present, okay?

The two of them walked up to the gate and Desmond pulled a nearby lever. The gate only raised a few inches above the bones of the guard, before Desmond let it go and it dropped back down.

  • Desmond: Great. It's stuck!
  • Lucy: I can get under there.
  • Desmond: Ready.

Desmond lifted the gate and Lucy quickly crawled under it.

  • Desmond: Any chance you can lift that gate?
  • Lucy: Not unless you want me to end up like that skeleton.
  • Desmond: I'll find another way around.
  • Lucy: I can drop into the corridor below through here.

Desmond cracked a joke.

  • Desmond: Watch out for bats.

Lucy replied in a slightly frightened manner.

  • Lucy: Where?!

Desmond laughed.

  • Desmond: I meant in case you see any.

Lucy scolded him back for his prank.

  • Lucy: Remind me not to make you a lookout.

Afterwards, Lucy jumped down, and Desmond began to see more figures through the Bleeding Effect.

  • Lucy: Desmond?
  • Desmond: More ghosts.
  • Lucy: I'm here, okay? Just stay with me.

Desmond heard a conversation between Claudia Auditore and Ezio, due to the Bleeding Effect.

  • Claudia: Ezio!
  • Ezio: Did anything fall on you?
  • Claudia: No. Is Mother all right?

The ghostly forms disappeared.

  • Lucy: Desmond? We can't climb this.
  • Desmond: How about you give me a boost?
  • Lucy: That's a bad idea.
  • Desmond: I could throw you into the air and you grab on.
  • Lucy: Even worse.
  • Desmond: Follow me.

Desmond walked toward a lift and pulled Lucy close to him.

  • Desmond: How about this?
  • Lucy: What are you going to—

Desmond kicked back the lever on the lift and the two of them rocketed upwards to a ledge.

  • Lucy: Nice job.
  • Desmond: I aim to please.

They began to freerun through the tunnel.

  • Desmond: I wonder how old these tunnels are.
  • Lucy: Middle Ages, probably. Luckily, these beams still hold our weight.
  • Desmond: After all this time in the Animus, I'm not so sure.
  • Lucy: Ya, I didn't want to say anything, but you're really getting fat.
  • Desmond: Ouch.

Lucy replied back jokingly.

  • Lucy: I even told Rebecca to widen the Animus.
  • Desmond: Seriously?
  • Lucy: No.
  • Desmond: You know, when I came here last...
  • Lucy: When Ezio came here.
  • Desmond: Yeah, I meant Ezio.
  • Lucy: I shouldn't put you through this. It's not right.

Desmond reassured Lucy.

  • Desmond: Hey. All joking aside, I'm having the time of my life. And it's thanks to you.
  • Lucy: Just focus on where you're going, okay?

They both came to another gate and lever.

  • Desmond: When did this become my job?
  • Lucy: If I pulled all the levers, then what would be left for you?

Desmond feigned innocence.

  • Desmond: Nothing.
  • Lucy: Nice try.
  • Desmond: Ready.

The gate opened and Lucy rolled under it.

  • Lucy: Found a switch.

Lucy pulled a lever, and grinding noises could be heard.

  • Desmond: Something's opened.
  • Lucy: I'm stuck over here, but I can see a lever across the water.
  • Desmond: Great, Ezio gets a bath with Caterina Sforza and I get... a swim in a toilet.

Desmond pulled a lever to help Lucy progress.

  • Desmond: I've got this one!
  • Lucy: There's another lever up ahead. Come over here.

Desmond jumped into the water and was shocked at its temperature.

  • Desmond: Oh man. It's freezing!
  • Lucy: Stop whining!
  • Desmond: It's easy for you to say! You're not the one swimming in medieval toxic waste! Ugh!

Desmond climbed out of the water.

  • Desmond: I smell terrible.
  • Lucy: You're exaggerating.

Desmond climbed up some scaffolding near to him.

  • Lucy: Remember, this is the time of your life.
  • Desmond: Yeah, yeah. How come you don't have to get wet?
  • Lucy: Because you're here.
  • Desmond: Charming.
  • Lucy: Aren't I?

They both rappelled up another pulley and the Bleeding Effect provided Desmond with some more visions.

  • Claudia: Ezio! We are on the other side! Hurry!
  • Soldier 1: Cazzo! (Fuck!)
  • Soldier 2: Dio mi salve! (God save me!)
  • Desmond: Great. The bridge is out. We can't jump this.
  • Lucy: I have an idea, but I'll need your help. Stand on the edge and get ready.
  • Desmond: Ready.

Lucy ran at Desmond, who catapulted her to the supports.

  • Lucy: Made it! Let me see...
  • Desmond: Oh, you go on ahead. I'll just stay here to die in the dark with the bats!

Lucy provided Desmond with a platform to cross, allowing him to progress.

  • Lucy: Jump across.
  • Desmond: Nice work.
  • Lucy: The bats will be disappointed.
  • Desmond: For now.

Another short vision appeared to Desmond.

  • Soldier: Soldati! (Soldiers!) I have found an entrance.
  • Desmond: Strange. You would think that these stairs lead somewhere.
  • Lucy: But they don't.
  • Desmond: Oh, life is full of disappointments.

They came to a bridge, sealed against the cave walls.

  • Lucy: I'll wait here.
  • Desmond: Good. Let me just go and get that bridge down for you.
  • Lucy: Uh, I did the last one.
  • Desmond: And I'm sure that will be your last one.
  • Lucy: Ha ha, very funny.
  • Desmond: Got it.

Lucy replied back in a whimsical manner.

  • Lucy: Thank you, Desmond.

They came to another collapsed bridge.

  • Lucy: Now it's my turn to even the score.
  • Desmond: Thanks. It's a start.
  • Lucy: Do your magic.
  • Desmond: Up you go!
  • Lucy: Thanks. We make a good team. I can see the Sanctuary up ahead.
Setting Up
Upon entering the Sanctuary, Desmond saw an image of an aged Ezio, due to the Bleeding Effect.
  • Desmond: Wow. He looks so... old. Ezio must have come back here long after the attack. But why?
  • Lucy: Desmond!
  • Desmond: Right. Let's get that door open.

Desmond noticed a triangular symbol on the wall, opposite to the bookcase that acted as a door to the hidden passageway which the two were behind.

  • Desmond: There's something here.

Shaun could be heard, although muffled, from behind the passageway door.

  • Shaun: Can you open the damn bookcase, Desmond?

Desmond pulled up the locks and the bookcase opened, with Shaun and Rebecca walking through afterwards.

  • Rebecca: You guys did it!
  • Shaun: About bloody time!

Shaun noticed the symbol on the wall while Rebecca went down the stairs to inspect the Sanctuary.

  • Shaun: What's that?
  • Desmond: Looks like something Ezio left behind.

Desmond activated Eagle Vision to try and learn more about it, and noticed three numbers.

  • Desmond: There are numbers underneath it. 1419, 1420, 1421.

He felt a headache coming on and held his head in pain.

  • Lucy: Maybe you should lie down for a bit.
  • Desmond: Nah, its all right. I'm fine.

Rebecca came back up the stairs.

  • Rebecca: Whoa, they built this place to last. No signs of structural damage. No cell signal either. Let's get the Animus set up down there.
  • Lucy: All right, that's good. Shaun, hide the van in town, and make sure you aren't followed.
  • Shaun: What is that smell?!
  • Desmond: It's... my clothes.
  • Shaun: They smell like you swam through a sewer.

Desmond replied back playfully.

  • Desmond: It was Lucy's idea.

Lucy shot Desmond a dirty look, as he had called her out.

  • Rebecca: Wait a minute guys. We need power down here. There's a line nearby that I can hook into but the wattage is weak.

Rebecca handed Desmond some circuit breakers.

  • Shaun: Yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah. Anything else you two would like? You know, some caviar perhaps? Maybe you'd like me to knit you a lovely hat. No. Fine.

Shaun turned to Desmond.

  • Shaun: Follow me.

Shaun led Desmond outside.

  • Shaun: Right, look around Monteriggioni for circuit boxes. Rebecca's little doodads, they'll reroute small amounts of electricity to the power line underneath the Villa. Don't ask me how they work, if I understood that, I wouldn't be the fellow hiding the van.
The Improved Animus
After powering up the Sanctuary, Desmond returned to his team.
  • Desmond: I'm back.
  • Lucy: Just in time. The sun's rising.
  • Rebecca: Yes! It's booted. We're good to go.
  • Shaun: Did you miss me? No? Anyone? Hello, am I speaking out loud? Hello? Workaholics.
  • Lucy: Let's get started.

Desmond went over to Shaun to talk.

  • Desmond: Do you have any clue about those numbers under the drawing?
  • Shaun: 1419, 1420, 1421. Maybe something to do with the Hundred Years War. Or wait... In 1419, Pope Martin V arrived in Florence, right? He left for Rome in 1420, and that was the same year Brunelleschi began building the Duomo. And in 1421... in 1421... Yeah, I'll have to do some more research I think.
  • Desmond: So, what do you think of Monteriggioni?
  • Shaun: This is not Monteriggioni. Monteriggioni existed during the Renaissance. Ask me how the town was in 1554 when it was seized by Florence and I'll tell you.
  • Desmond: Huh. I figured you'd like it nowadays. Seems not to have changed much.
  • Shaun: Exactly. History is the study of change. Change is life. When things become static, it means they're dead.

Desmond then went to talk with Lucy, regarding the Assassins.

  • Desmond: What are we going to do about Abstergo?
  • Lucy: Wait it out. As soon as we find the Apple, I'll get in contact with our other teams in Europe, but as far as Italy goes, we're on our own.
  • Shaun: It would be nice to have some help from above.
  • Lucy: Our top Assassins are busy gathering info about the Templar satellite launch. We've pinpointed several possible facilities in the U.S., China, and Russia, but there are no clear leads yet.
  • Desmond: What are the other teams doing?
  • Lucy: Combating Abstergo's search for Pieces of Eden. As far as I know, Abstergo has no clue about the Temples and Ezio's Apple. We might actually be ahead for once.

Desmond then went to bother Rebecca, with her work as the topic of discussion.

  • Desmond: You seem focused.
  • Rebecca: I've been busy patching new systems into Baby here. She's only gonna get better.
  • Shaun: Is Desmond going to be able to relive memories this time?
  • Rebecca: As a matter of fact, he will.
  • Desmond: You always been a tech geek?
  • Rebecca: Nah, I was into sports, but then I broke my leg and started playing with computers. Who knew that coding could be just as exhilarating as strapping on a board and dropping out of a helicopter?
  • Shaun: Just FYI, you might want to get your adrenal glands checked. You know, because that, that is not normal.

Desmond then re-entered the Animus.

  • Rebecca: As you may have noticed in the van, I made some improvements to the Animus and I've also patched in a new VR Training program. Here you can show off all those flashy moves you've picked up from your ancestors. Let me open one of the missions.

Desmond attempted one of the virtual missions and completed it.

  • Rebecca: You can access more VR missions to the Animus Desktop. As you complete training sessions, I'll add additional challenges. To stop your subconscious from rejecting Ezio's later memories you'll gonna have to live them in order his genome recorded them. Highlight Sequence 2 for me, Desmond.

Desmond selected Memory sequence 2.

  • Rebecca: Good, now select it and you'll gonna see the memories inside. Once you've unlocked the memory by accessing this menu you can relive it as many times as you want.
  • Desmond: And what if there are memories I just want to forget?
  • Lucy: Desmond, this is very important. If you need to take a break, log out of the Animus. You can leave the machine whenever you like.
  • Desmond: I'm all set to go, don't worry.
  • Rebecca: One last thing: as you raise your synchronization by executing events the way Ezio lived them, you might even discover some repressed memories. Okay, let's get started. Select the first memory.
  • Shaun: Desmond, I've been looking about these gibberish five-digit codes from the end of Subject 16's files and I seem to discovered a remarkable coincidence. The codes correspond perfectly with coordinates inside the Animus. I've tagged the landmarks pinpointed by the coordinates with eye icons in the database. Now, odds are you won't find anything there, but well, who knows?
After Memory Sequence 2
After Ezio began reestablishing connections to the Assassins' old Roman information contacts for the liberation of Rome,[21] Desmond left the Animus and struck up a conversation with Shaun.
  • Desmond: You still managing the teams out in the field?
  • Shaun: No phone line. Rebecca's working on patching us into the network.
  • Desmond: So how does it feel, letting the lady do all the work?

Shaun scoffed.

  • Shaun: She's no lady!
  • Rebecca: HEY!
  • Desmond: You think we're safe here?
  • Shaun: I'm more concerned about the other Assassins out there. If Abstergo stumbles onto information about the Temples, we could have a disaster on our hands.
  • Desmond: The only people alive who've heard of the Temples are in this room.
  • Shaun: For now, but who knows? Maybe they're listening to this conversation and you just gave everything away!
  • Desmond: You brought them up first.
  • Shaun: You are paranoid, Desmond.
  • Desmond: Ah, well played.

Desmond then went over to check up on Lucy.

  • Desmond: Everything all right?
  • Lucy: I don't like being stuck underground with them out there looking for us.
  • Desmond: You're doing a great job. We're safe here.
  • Lucy: But for how long? Vidic won't give up. I know it.
  • Desmond: Neither will we.

After talking with Lucy, Desmond inquired of Rebecca about her history with the Animus.

  • Desmond: Why do we have to stay down here all day?
  • Rebecca: Abstergo's still looking for us. It'd be better if we never went out at all, but then, we'd run out of supplies.
  • Desmond: It's like being stuck in a cave during a rainstorm.
  • Rebecca: Well, knowing the Templars, monsoon season's about to arrive.
  • Desmond: You ever use the Animus?
  • Rebecca: Your ancestors have such interesting lives. I went in once. It was pretty lame.
  • Shaun: Yeah, what were you? Some kind of spinster probably?
  • Rebecca: Worse. A Prussian mercenary. I spent hours firing guns. BORING.
  • Shaun: Yeah. Guns are for sissies.

Desmond reentered the Animus and relived Ezio's memory of his confrontation with La Volpe over the Roman thieves' suspicions that Niccolò Machiavelli was secretly a Templar agent.[22] When Ezio reconnected with the Rosa in Fiore's courtesans,[23] Desmond saw a rift on the outside north wall of the brothel's second floor wall. He entered it and found himself in a red-tinted featureless plane with a cube hovering above the floor. He touched it and the block sank into the floor while more cubes sprang up and created a moving wall.

  • Rebecca: You dropped out of the grid. Where were you?
  • Desmond: Not sure. Some kind of fragmented memory?
  • Rebecca: Maybe you should stop.
  • Desmond: I'm good. I want to keep going.

Desmond completed the rift's cluster of puzzles and unlocked a static-filled video fragment. Rebecca filed it within an Animus partition she titled "The Truth".

  • Rebecca: I'll put 16's video files here. Hopefully, they'll begin to make sense as you free up each file.

Desmond left the brothel and relived Ezio's memory of when his information contacts' representatives delivered reports to him at the Assassins' headquarters on Tiber Island.[24]

After Memory Sequence 3
Desmond talked to Lucy about Abstergo's motivations and her link to them.
  • Desmond: Any news from the outside?
  • Lucy: Rebecca's patched in a phone line. The Templars are still guarding the border, and Vidic seems to be busy too.
  • Desmond: Doing what?
  • Lucy: From the look of things, he's using Animus data to train Abstergo operatives.
  • Desmond: Meaning?
  • Lucy: Abstergo's planning for a full on assault.
  • Desmond: Weren't you the only Assassin at Abstergo's Animus facility? How are you getting data from them?
  • Lucy: Some old passwords work, but I can't dig very far into the network.

Desmond then went to Shaun to discuss ciphers and his love life.

  • Desmond: Any theories on that cipher Machiavelli handed me? Ezio, I mean.
  • Shaun: I can't decode it without the key. It's a one-time disposable pad.
  • Desmond: What's that?
  • Shaun: It's a cipher with a unique, disposable key. Imagine if someone used the first letter of every word in the Declaration of Independence to encipher something. Well, without the Declaration, you couldn't decrypt it.
  • Rebecca: I bet I could run it through the computer.
  • Shaun: There are some things even a computer can't do... like—like love, Rebecca. Like love.
  • Desmond: So, Shaun, any lions outside the pride?
  • Lucy: Who was that girl you were dating? Kate?
  • Shaun: Ah yeah, Kate. Katie, Katie, Katie, kitty-kat-Kate. Charmed the pants right off her, I did.
  • Rebecca: Yeah right. I know for a fact you two didn't make it to second base.
  • Shaun: Oh, di—di—...wait, what, what?
  • Rebecca: We had lunch!
  • Shaun: You... had lunch... with Kate?
  • Rebecca: Whatever, I got work to do.

After speaking with the other two members, Desmond approached Rebecca and asked whether she had taken a life.

  • Desmond: You ever killed anyone?
  • Rebecca: Hello to you too. I dated a guy who was an electronics engineer around the time the Assassins first contacted me.
  • Desmond: And?
  • Rebecca: Now I'm single.
  • Desmond: Are you kidding?!
  • Rebecca: Of course I'm kidding! You think I would actually joke about someone I actually killed?! Death is only funny when it's not happening in front of you! I should know, and that's all I'm gonna say about it.
  • Desmond: I noticed you didn't patch the translation software.
  • Rebecca: Nah, it's still buggy. There's only an occasional glitch in the Italian, but if you hit any German or French, watch out.

Desmond then went on to do other things around the Sanctuary, such as staring at Altaïr's statue.

  • Desmond: Hey, wassa matta you, Altaïr?
  • Rebecca: That's racist!

Desmond replied, insulted.

  • Desmond: You're racist!
  • Lucy: Really? This is what you guys are doing?
  • Desmond: Oh no, God forbid I take a break! I've only spent the THREE FUCKING WEEKS inside that machine!
  • Lucy: No, no, you're right. Let's all screw around while the world falls to pieces!
  • Desmond: Hey, this isn't easy, you know!
  • Rebecca: Right, like we're all on vacation out here?

Lucy raised her voice to try and drown out the others who were arguing.

  • Lucy: ENOUGH! Look, everyone's under a lot of pressure, but we're the only ones who can stop Abstergo. So we need to keep it together.

Still displeased, but somewhat calmer, Desmond mused aloud.

  • Desmond: She's right. We need to be a "hive mind" here, people.

Shaun, who had remained silent throughout, cut in nonchalantly.

  • Shaun: Anybody up for some reconciliatory yoga? Anyone?
  • Lucy: Very funny, guys.
After Memory Sequence 4
Desmond struck up some conversation with Shaun, revolving around Caterina Sforza and the main Assassin base.
  • Desmond: What happened to Caterina Sforza?
  • Shaun: She went back to Florence and petitioned unsuccessfully for the return of her lands. Then, she died of pneumonia.
  • Desmond: That's sad.
  • Shaun: That's life. Well, that's death technically, but you take my point.
  • Desmond: We ever going to visit the head Assassins? I heard about this meeting place when I was younger.
  • Shaun: Apparently, it exists. Though I'm not sure because I've never been.
  • Lucy: You'll get to see it once we have the Apple.
  • Shaun: Well, I expect amazing things. A private espresso bar for example.
  • Lucy: What a waste of money.
  • Shaun: You obviously aren't an espresso drinker.

After speaking with Shaun, Desmond walked over to Rebecca to chat about the power and the Animus.

  • Desmond: How's the power situation?
  • Rebecca: It's okay for now, but the power lines are from the stone age.

Shaun suddenly cut in with a complaint.

  • Shaun: Bloody third world country!
  • Rebecca: You're talking about Italy?
  • Shaun: No, Europe in general.
  • Rebecca: I didn't know England is a third world country.
  • Shaun: England is not in Europe actually, Rebecca. We tolerate Europe... You know, like a person tolerates herpes.
  • Desmond: How did you manage to create a copy of the Animus?
  • Rebecca: Oh, you know. Lucy sent me schematics.
  • Desmond: I thought she couldn't get anything out of Abstergo?
  • Rebecca: She had her ways. I improvised on the rest.
  • Desmond: Huh.

A hungry Desmond then went to Lucy, concerned about the food supplies but also aiming to inspire some hope in her.

  • Desmond: We going to get any food in here?
  • Lucy: People who don't work, don't eat...

A brief, awkward silence filled the Sanctuary.

  • Lucy: I'm kidding! You knew I was kidding, right?
  • Shaun: Riiight. Smile and nod.
  • Lucy: Someone just volunteered to get the food.
  • Shaun: It was worth it.

A short while passed.

  • Lucy: Sometimes I feel so disconnected from everything out there. Nearly a decade of my life gone, searching for those Pieces of Eden.
  • Desmond: Think how great you'll feel when we finally stop the Templars.
  • Lucy: I'm not sure it will ever end, Desmond. I can't do this forever.
  • Desmond: I can't buy it. The Lucy I know brought me here and taught me how to see. She would never give up.
  • Lucy: I guess I trained you well, huh?
  • Desmond: You did alright.

Once Desmond ate a hamburger, Rebecca made what could be her vegetarianism known.

  • Rebecca: Carnivore!
  • Shaun: Hypocrite! Did you know plants give off chemicals which attract predatory insects when they're attacked? Sounds pretty animal-like to me.
  • Rebecca: You know too much for your own good.
  • Shaun: That's what my priest used to say.
After Memory Sequence 7
Wishing to know more about Ezio's nemesis Cesare Borgia, Desmond approached Shaun for some information.
  • Desmond: Any good stories about Cesare?
  • Shaun: Are you kidding? He was notorious. Get this: in 1502, his top captains rebelled against him. He made concessions to all of them and they rejoined his army. Then, on New Year's Eve in 1503, he got them together inside a room in Senigallia. Everyone was arrested. Two were put back to back and strangled by Micheletto that very night. The rest were thrown into chains and... and killed a few weeks later.
  • Desmond: Wow.
  • Shaun: The amazing thing is that Cesare was so friendly during the months before, they never saw the trap coming. Machiavelli called him the master deceiver.
  • Desmond: So Cesare was pretty secretive.
  • Shaun: Yeah, he was, yeah. Except, weirdly, when it came to sex. After his wedding, he sent a letter to the Pope explicitly describing the intercourse on his wedding night. According to the letter, Cesare and his French bride did the deed eight times.
  • Rebecca: Isn't that a Catholic thing?
  • Desmond: What?
  • Rebecca: You're supposed to send the Pope a letter about your wedding night. It lets the old guy live a little, you know?
  • Shaun: You know... that sounds quite plausible actually.

From there, Desmond spoke with Rebecca about his psychological state, in connection with the corrupted sequence.

  • Desmond: That disrupted memory seems to be getting clearer.
  • Rebecca: It's amazing. The sequence is repairing itself, as if we're helping you work through psychological trauma.
  • Desmond: So I'm going to be more balanced person by the end of this?
  • Rebecca: Oh, I have no clue. But the idea's cool.
  • Shaun: Are you saying that because you feel guilty about frying his brain?
  • Rebecca: Shaun's on latrine duty!
  • Lucy: Deal.
  • Shaun: Ah, of course, you side with her. Communists.

Following that, Desmond went to talk with Lucy, inquiring about the amount of time they had left to improve his skills.

  • Desmond: How long do we have before the Templar satellite launch?
  • Lucy: It's October 8th, so that leaves us with... 74 days.
  • Desmond: Not much time.
  • Lucy: Think about all that you've been through in the last month. 74 days is a long time.
  • Desmond: We're getting closer to the Apple. I can feel it.
  • Lucy: If it were up to me, you'd take more breaks.
  • Desmond: Good thing the fate of the world doesn't rest on your shoulders.
  • Lucy: Hey, joke all you want but your mental health is a serious concern. It only takes a couple of months for most Animus users to exhibit extreme side effects and you've been in for prolonged stretches of time.
  • Desmond: I'll rest once we have the Apple.
  • Lucy: I was afraid you'd say that.
The Miracle is in the Execution
  • Desmond: There's nothing here.
  • Rebecca: Strange. I'm seeing a massive amount of data.
  • Lucy: What does he mean "The miracle is in the execution?"
  • Shaun: I don’t know. Some kind of commentary on nihilism?
  • Desmond: He's playing with us... unless—
  • Rebecca: isn't a video! Hang on. Launch it yourself, when you're ready.

Desmond found himself in a virtual maze. After some free-running, he found Subject 16.

  • Animus voice: Compiling subsystems. Infrastructure. Tendons. Heart.
  • Subject 16: Voice.
  • Desmond: Subject 16?

The virtual construct of Subject 16 laughed.

  • Subject 16: Yes, yes, Subject 17.
  • Desmond: You're dead. I saw your blood!
  • Subject 16: No time. It is far later than you know. Too late to save them.
  • Desmond: Who?
  • Subject 16: She is not who you think she is. Everything you hope to become, everything you hold dear, it’s already gone.
  • Desmond: Explain. Please.
  • Subject 16: Eden. She... in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA...
  • Desmond: Tell me!
  • Subject 16: I cannot... The sun... Your son... Too weak... Must replenish energy...
  • Desmond: Don't go!
  • Subject 16: I am with you 'til the end. Find me, in the darkness.

Subject 16 disappeared, and Desmond removed himself from the Animus.

  • Lucy: Desmond! You're safe. We thought we'd lost you.
  • Desmond: I'm here. I saw 16, I think. I don't know whether it actually happened. It feels like a dream.
  • Rebecca: Well, whatever it was, it's gone now. The Animus is behaving normally.
  • Lucy: Take a break before going back in there, okay?

Desmond apologized to Lucy.

  • Desmond: Sorry for frightening you.
  • Lucy: Don't worry about me.
  • Desmond: Okay.
  • Lucy: When you're ready, let's continue.
After Memory Sequence 9
After fully synchronizing with Ezio, the Assassin team discovered the location of Ezio's Apple.
  • Desmond: We've got it. The Colosseum.
  • Lucy: Let's go. We can be there before dawn.
  • Rebecca: Wait. There was something about that door. I don't think I saw a handle. Let me run an analysis.
  • Shaun: Great. So we need some kind of futuristic key?
  • Rebecca: It seems to open with a verbally triggered mechanism. I've never seen anything like it.
  • Lucy: You mean it needs a password?
  • Shaun: Try humming Beethoven's Fifth.

All of a sudden, the power cut out

  • Rebecca: Damn European power grid. Now we can't scan Ezio's memories to find the password.
  • Lucy: We have to find that password.
  • Rebecca: Ezio knows the answer. Problem is, he's dead.
  • Shaun: I can't believe we're stuck here.

While the three brainstormed ideas in the Sanctuary, Desmond headed upstairs to the triangular symbol on the wall.

  • Desmond: Hey. Maybe it has something to do with this.

The other Assassins walked up to Desmond.

  • Rebecca: The symbol matches the one on the door to the Vault.
  • Desmond: 1419, 1420, 1421... What if they aren't dates?
  • Shaun: 1419, 1420— Oh my God.
  • Desmond: What?
  • Shaun: God.
  • Rebecca: Tell us already!
  • Shaun: I am, I am. The Tetragrammaton. The 72 names of God. You see? They're all contained within three verses. Exodus 19 through 21. And get this, you'll like this, if you arrange the four Hebrew letters in God's name within an equilateral triangle, their numeric values add up to the same number: 72.
  • Rebecca: Are you absolutely sure about this?
  • Shaun: That's kind of why I'm saying it out Rebecca, yeah. But, I haven't got to the kicker yet. Construction on the Colosseum began in the year 72.
  • Rebecca: I think we have our password.
  • Lucy: Shaun, go get the van.
The Colosseum
  • Desmond: Déjà vu.
  • Rebecca: I bet.
  • Lucy: Let's go.
  • Shaun: What about us? You might actually need a historian down there.
  • Lucy: Shaun's right. That tunnel should lead under Capitoline Hill. I'll help them find another entrance. Be careful, Desmond.
  • Rebecca: I'll drive.
  • Shaun: Ah, nice try. I've seen your car.

Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca departed, leaving Desmond to go forward. From this point on, any contact between Desmond and the other three was through a radio connection.

  • Desmond: Lucy, I'm making my way toward the entrance.
  • Lucy: Okay. Good.
  • Shaun: If you see any gladiators, my advice would be: leg it!
  • Desmond: I'll keep that in mind. I can't believe I'm actually going to hold the Apple.
  • Lucy: It's been a long time coming. You've earned it.
  • Desmond: I wonder if it will change things. Whether it can tip the scales in our favor.
  • Shaun: I'm sure it will. It has to.
  • Desmond: What do you think we'll find?
  • Lucy: Hopefully, a map to the Temples.
  • Shaun: The Apple's just going to give it to us, yeah? Or is that Elvis over there?
  • Desmond: Hey, maybe this time we'll be lucky. There's so much construction. This place is like a maze.
  • Shaun: The hypogeum housed the cages of the gladiators and the machines which raised them to the surface. The whole area you're in right now was originally covered by the arena.
  • Desmond: Good to know.
  • Lucy: Something's bothering me. Today's date is October 10th.
  • Desmond: So?
  • Lucy: Guess how many days there are until the Templar satellite launch?
  • Desmond: I have a feeling I know the answer: 72.
  • Lucy: Why is today so important? We're just picking up the Apple and leaving.
  • Desmond: It's the door code. Someone wants to make sure we get it right.
  • Lucy: Yeah, I guess.
  • Desmond: Okay, I'm back on familiar ground.

Desmond found the hidden entrance and Juno appeared to him, though only he could hear her words.

  • Juno: We commit to this space the epilogue of our ending. Let it be found by he who is deemed worthy. Let it guide him. Let it shape his path forward. Let it save the world we leave behind.
  • Desmond: Who are you?
  • Lucy: What's going on, Desmond?
  • Desmond: Nothing.
  • Juno: In the beginning, we set our truths to parchment. To stone. To the memory of men. These proved impermanent things. Cleansed by fire. Cleansed by famine. Cleansed by flood. All the world is innocent once more. Innocent and ignorant.
  • Lucy: We've traced your position. I think I've found an entrance.
  • Desmond: OK.
A Knife to the Heart
Desmond entered Santa Maria Aracoeli through a secret entrance, while Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca waited at the door outside.
  • Desmond: I'm coming.

Desmond unbarred the door.

  • Shaun: Took you long enough.
  • Desmond: What is this place?
  • Shaun: Santa Maria Aracoeli. See those columns along the aisles? They're lifted from Roman ruins. Now, supposedly, this church was built on top of the ancient Temple of Juno.
  • Rebecca: I like the ceiling.
  • Shaun: You like the ceiling. Oh well, you are a fascinating travelling companion.
  • Lucy: Where to now?

Desmond had a vision of Ezio climbing up the altar.

  • Desmond: There's something up there.
  • Shaun: Oh well, we'll just stay down here shall we... and just pray or something.

Desmond activated what would turn out to be a wall lever, and multiple poles shifted out of the ceiling, constructing a series of free-running obstacles.

  • Juno: We did not build them to be wise. And now they are our final, faulted hope. You are they. You possess the potential for understanding. But you broke our tools. Or turned them against one another. We have destroyed what we could. Sealed away what we could not. Most. Not all. And it does not take many to unwind the world. Here is a safe place. Eternal. To store objects. Words. Wisdom. But not life. Almost did we have the means. But time... time erodes us. We can distract him. We can see past him. Feint left when he strikes right. But his reach is so very long. His stamina unending. We cannot evade his grasp. Not forever.

Desmond activated another switch, and a ladder came out of the wall.

  • Desmond: Something's opened. Here goes.

Desmond eventually activated a switch on the highest platform, and a pedestal came out of floor at the front of the church.

  • Shaun: Hello. That wasn't in the blueprints.
  • Lucy: Desmond, get down here!
  • Desmond: On my way.
  • Shaun: Whatever this is, it doesn't do anything. It's a dead end.
  • Desmond: I'm not so sure—

Desmond moved his hand above the pedestal, which activated into a lift on sensing his Isu genes, that took the Assassins underground.

  • Lucy: What's going on?!

The lift stopped, and the entrance to Juno's Temple could be seen.

  • Shaun: Yeah, if you want to kill us mate, you're going have to try a little harder than that.
  • Lucy: We're here.
  • Desmond: Now, for that password. If Shaun's right, that is.
  • Shaun: I'm always right.
  • Desmond: About that dead end...
  • Shaun: That never happened. I was misquoted.

The Assassins approached the door.

  • Desmond: Do you think it speaks English?
  • Rebecca: Just say it.
  • Desmond: Okay... seventy-two.

The door opened.

  • Shaun: After you... I think.
  • Desmond: You guys have to see this.
  • Lucy: This is amazing.
  • Rebecca: Wow.
  • Shaun: I'm actually impressed.
  • Lucy: The Apple seems to be in the center.
  • Desmond: Time to find out where those Temples are.

Desmond activated the pedestal, and multiple platforms and beams came out from the floor and walls.

  • Rebecca: Hey, Desmond. Those beams poking out of the wall look like switches. If you hit all of them, you might get some power to the central platform.
  • Shaun: Or you might cause this room to turn into an alien spaceship and fly away. Think about it!
  • Juno: A hundred years I might speak and still you would not know us. You with five senses. Us with six. The one we kept from you. To be safe. Now, you can never know. Only try. Grasp. You can SEE. SMELL. TASTE. TOUCH. HEAR. Knowledge has been locked away. After, when the world became undone, we tried to pass it through the blood. Tried to join you with us. You see the blue shimmer. You hear the words. But you do not know. WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU AS YOU WERE. It is hard to stay contained. Knowing as we do. We wait for you, Desmond. You will come here. You will activate it. You will know only when it is too late.
  • Desmond: Do you hear any of that?
  • Lucy: Any of what, Desmond?

Desmond activated all of the switches, and stairs to the central platform came out of the floor.

  • Desmond: We did it.
  • Lucy: I can't believe we're finally here.

The Assassins approached the Apple of Eden.

  • Shaun: So where are the temples?
  • Desmond: You want me to ask it?
  • Lucy: Or think it or something.

The Apple activated and showed many different symbols around it.

  • Lucy: You sure you asked the right thing?
  • Shaun: I know this, I know this symbol. That's a Phrygian cap. It stands for freedom... and that, that's a Masonic eye. Now those two come together in only one place

Desmond touched the Apple, and it took control of his body, while the other Assassins were frozen in time.

  • Desmond: What's happening? I can't move!
  • Juno: Your DNA communes with the Apple. You have activated it.
  • Desmond: Let me go!
  • Juno: On the 72nd day before the moment of awakening. You, birthed from our loins and the loins of our enemies. The end and the beginning, who we abhor and honor. The final journey commences. There is one who would accompany you through the gate. She lies not within our sight. The cross darkens the horizon.
  • Desmond: What are you doing?
  • Juno: The Path must be opened. You cannot escape your part in this. The scales shall be balanced.
  • Desmond: Stop. Please...
  • Juno: You know very little. We must guide you. Cease your struggle.
  • Desmond: No!

Forced to move by Juno, Desmond unwillingly approached Lucy and stabbed her in the stomach with his Hidden Blade.

  • Juno: It is done. The way lies all before you. Only she remains to be found. Awaken the sixth. Go. ALONE!

Afterwards, both Desmond and Lucy fell to the ground, with blood seeping out from her wound, while Desmond's mind began to lapse into unconsciousness. Following this, a short conversation between two people could be heard after a few minutes.

  • Harlan: Shit! He's gone into shock!
  • William: Put him back in the machine! It's the only way to fix this!
  • Harlan: But the Animus did this to him!
  • William: Am I the expert or not? Do it!
  • Desmond: No...

Desmond then began experiencing Ezio's memories of a repressed memory sequence.[25]

  • Desmond: What was that?
  • Harlan: What's happening?
  • William: Ezio seems to be remembering something. Something from 1506.
  • Harlan: Desmond's heart rate is increasing. I'm administering the sedative.
  • William: No. The missing data may be there. The Piece of Eden is useless until we have it. Let him continue.
  • Harlan: Yes, William.

Desmond finished exploring the repressed memories.[26]

  • William: You can sedate Desmond now. We have the information we needed.
  • Harlan: It's too late, the damage is done. He seems to have entered some kind of coma.
  • William: He'll find his way out. He always has in the past.
  • Harlan: I've run the data through the computer, we have a location for the temple.
  • William: Then what are you waiting for? Let's go.
Animi Training Program
Warren Vidic stood on a suspended scaffold flanked by two screens overlooking the Animi Training Program room. Below him, Abstergo recruits stood at attention beside their cubicles in two long rows down the central hallway to the opposite end of the room.
  • Warren: Animi, as far as the eye can see. It's a beautiful sight At least, from up here. But I digress. Our engineers have pent countless hours perfecting this top-secret, state-of-the-art facility, in order to houses our most ambitious project to date. We have uploaded DNA from dozens of our most...remarkable subjects and distilled the essence of their unique abilities.

An image of Desmond Miles appeared on the left screen beside Warren.

  • Warren: You stand in this room today because you have served us impeccably, need I say, loyally. Now, it is time for you to become so much more.

A short video of Borgia soldiers walking in front of the Pantheon appeared on both screens.

  • Warren: Your first time in the Animus will be disorienting. A few of you will panic. To adjust, focus on your training program.

A clip played of the Prowler chasing the Nobleman on Rome's rooftops, scanning the plaza below him for his target, and then using a chase breaker to swing around a corner as the Nobleman ran and pushed a civilian aside.

  • Warren: Some of you will be in teams protecting or de-synching a VIP, but most of you will be on your own.

A new clip started, with the left screen providing a close-up of the Priest as he ran out of the Pantheon, while the right screen first showed the Doctor before shifting to the Barber. This then changed to have the Barber on the left and the Harlequin on the right, before both screens had the Barber catch up to the clown from behind in a high-profile attack. The clip moved to the left screen, showing the Barber tilt his target's head back and slit their throat with the razor. Both screens resumed the first video through split footage, with the Nobleman on the left unaware of the Executioner behind him, while the left side depicted the brute knocking him down to deliver a killing bow with an axe.

  • Warren: Be ready to receive assassination contracts while being targeted simultaneously. We feel it keeps you on your toes.

Both screens brought up the Prowler as he suddenly ran up from behind the Executioner and slew him before moving on to kill the Barber as well. The footage finally ended and was replaced by the Abstergo logo on blue background before the displays powered down.

  • Warren: Once you enter thee machines and the transfer is complete, you will have the skills necessary to crush the remnants of the Asassin Order, ending this war once and for all. Any questions?

He leaned over the scaffold railing but heard no reply.

  • Warren: Good. Lets begin.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations[]

Animus Island
  • Rebecca: We can keep him like this for a few days, maybe a week.
  • William: Call ahead, tell them we're on our way.
  • Rebecca: As soon as we're clear.

Rebecca's voice faded as Clay Kaczmarek's digital consciousness spoke from within the Animus while Desmond's comatose mind replayed a montage of his memories, starting with waking from using Abstergo Industries' Animus 1.28.

  • Clay: Desmond Miles. Your life has changed so much in so little time.

The memory changed to Lucy opening the back of a moving truck at the Villa Auditore so Desmond could exit.

  • Clay: Two months ago, you were pouring shots for bankers and celebrities... But now look at you.

The memory changed to Desmond catching Ezio's Hidden Blade bracer after Lucy tossed it to him.

  • Clay: You're an Assassin. One of us.

The memory changed to Desmond, Shaun, Lucy, and Rebecca as they descended into the Colosseum Vault and opened its main door.

  • Clay: One of the good guys, isn't that nice? Men and women dedicated to protecting and preserving human life and liberty.

The scene changed to Warren Vidic standing on suspended scaffolding delivering a speech over the Animi Training Program room before morphing to Warren's raid on the Rome hideout.

  • Clay: Not like those Templars... cold and calculating autocrats, drunk on power, obsessed with order, all that... we're doing our best to stop them. Yeah, doing our best.

A clip of Clay's mad laughter played as his voice was slightly digitally distorted towards the end. The scene changed to a tracking shot over the Animus 1.28 and a zoom on its physical interface and digital HUD, before forming a construct of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad in the Memory Coridor which resolved into a rooftop view of Acre.

  • Clay: But you remember all this, right? You remember the Animus, the machine we use to unravel genetic memories and relive the lives of our ancestors? First you were Altaïr, a stoic twelfth-century Assassin from the Holy Land.

The scene changed to an adult Ezio in the Memory Corridor, flickered to his street fight as a young man with Vieri de' Pazzi on the Ponte Vecchio,[3] then flickered again to an adult Ezio charging at Cesare Borgia during the siege of Viana in 1507.[27] Through all this, Animus code kept glitching code lines in, distorting the scenes.

  • Clay: Then, you were Ezio Auditore, a wealthy Italian with charisma and a talent for revenge.

The scene changed to Desmond seeing a "ghost" of Ezio in the Villa Auditore's Santuary through the Bleeding Effect.

  • Clay: So, what do you three have in common?

As if prompted, Desmond's mind replayed his memory of touching the Apple of Eden in the Colosseum Vault.

  • Clay: That's right. The Apple of Eden.

A rapid series of visions passed, starting with Ezio using the Apple to manipulate a Brute into striking a Papal Guard, Ezio collapsing after using the Apple on a group of Borgia guards, and finally, to Ezio meeting Minerva. All the while, another clip of Clay's mad laughter played in the background.

  • Clay: That strange artifact left behind by... those people. The ones who came before. You know the Apple's power. You felt it for yourself.

Prompted again, Desmond's mind replayed the events in the Colosseum Vault as he stabbed Lucy and then fell into a coma.

  • Clay: Oh, it's been fun, hasn't it, Desmond? But that's about to change.

A "ghost" of an adult Ezio appeared before Altaïr in Acre, then Altaïr's "ghost" took the place of one of Ezio's Apple illusions in his fight against Rodrigo in 1499.[17] This "resolved" to both Altaïr and Ezio walking along the Leap of Faith platforms in Masyaf, all as the Animus began to glitch even more code lines into the simulations and Clay's laughter replayed.

  • Clay: Your mind is fragmenting, falling to pieces... and if you don't find a way to wake up, you may lose yourself. Forever.

Overwhelmed by glitches, the Animus cut to black and restarted.

  • Rebecca: Okay, I shut down the Animus Monitoring System to free up a lot of memory, but even like this, it's still risky.
  • William: Desmond will be fine. The partition worked, the Animus is stable, and his signs are good.
  • Rebecca: For now. But this was built to recreate memories, not simulate entire cognitive processes.
  • William: The Animus will do its part, and Desmond will do the rest.

Desmond's consciousness woke in the Animus.

  • Desmond: What's happening? I... I can't move. I can't—No!

Desmond washed ashore on an island in the Black Room and took some steps forward to adjust to his surroundings. Meanwhile, the digital construct of Clay Kaczmarek initialized nearby.

  • Clay: Just walked right past me.
  • Desmond: 16?
  • Clay: Aw, they didn't tell you my name?
  • Desmond: Oh God damn it, I'm still in the Animus?!
  • Clay: Quite a shock you've suffered out there.
  • Desmond: Rebecca! Get me out of here.
  • Clay: They can't help you Desmond. You're a broken man. Your mind, it's... broken.
  • Desmond: Broken? I feel fine.

Clay suddenly relocated himself right in Desmond's face, startling him and making him fall on his back.

  • Clay: So did I!

Clay laughed.

  • Desmond: Hey!
  • Clay: Look at me now!

Clay extended a hand down to Desmond.

  • Clay: Let's talk, buddy. Walk with me.
  • Desmond: What is this place?
  • Clay: It's nice isn't it? We're in the guts of the Animus, the original test program. No memories here, just basic physics, weather simulations. Hello world! You're lucky someone up there had the sense to plug you in here. Saved your life.
  • Desmond: Saved it from what?
  • Clay: Right now you should be sitting in a hospital ward, drooling and chewing on your tongue! For now, the Animus is keeping you intact, keeping all your ancestors from collapsing into one big mess. But if you can't find a synch-nexus, all those personalities will smash together. And that won't be pretty.
  • Desmond: A synch nexus?
  • Clay: I'm getting there, hold on.

Clay pointed to the Synch Nexus.

  • Clay: There, that thing, is your way out.
  • Desmond: You're screwing with me.
  • Clay: Here's the problem, your brain is hash—too many ghosts in your head, too many voices. So, how do you fix that? You claw your way back into the stored data, you find unfinished memories, and you crack them open. Finish what you started—until your ancestor has nothing left to show you. THAT is a sync nexus. Find it, and the Animus can separate Desmond from Ezio and Altaïr, and send you home. Back to your body.
  • Desmond: How do you know all this?
  • Clay: Because it happened to me. But my body, it's worm food now. So I'm stuck here. A word of warning. When you step through there, everything changes. Nothing feels... normal. But you are still in control and it's up to you to find your way out.
  • Desmond: Right.
  • Clay: If you hurry, you might make it back in time for Lucy's funeral.
  • Desmond: What?
  • Clay: Oh. I thought you knew.

Desmond collapsed to the ground, as memories from the Coloseum Vault flashed through his mind.

  • Desmond: Lucy... Oh God... I'm so sorry. It wasn't me, it wasn't me, it was that voice! Juno! She took hold of me, she made me... what am I doing? What have I done?

Outside the Animus, a digital tone from an answered telephone was heard and a conversation between Rebecca, Shaun, and William Miles began.

  • Rebecca: It's Shaun. Shaun, what's going on?
  • William: Let me talk to him.
  • Rebecca: Did you... hold on, I'm putting you on speaker.
  • William: Shaun, it's William. Is everything taken care of?
  • Shaun: Oh, well, hello to you too. For Christ's sakes, man, have some class!
  • William: All right, calm down.
  • Shaun: Oh, that's rich, yeah. Lucy's dead and you want me to act like it's Easter Sunday, do you?! How's Desmond anyway, kipping in?
  • William: That's enough, Shaun!
  • Shaun: What if he's a Templar, Bill? Eh? What if he's been programmed?! It's happened before!
  • William: No. Not Desmond.
  • Shaun: Right. You would say that.
  • William: Shaun...
After DNA Sequence 1
  • William: This Apple... it is a remarkable piece of work. Feel the material... hard as steel but very light.
  • Rebecca: You really want to be fooling with that thing?
  • William: I do. I absolutely do. I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on one of these.
  • Rebecca: Okay, you're making me nervous, Bill.
  • William: Don't be. I don't think I have the right genes to properly wield it.
  • Rebecca: Oh, but Desmond... you think he does?

Desmond was forcibly returned to Animus Island from Ezio's memories.

  • Desmond: What the hell just happened?
  • Clay: You were snooping. Wandering outside the Desmond partition. So once the Animus located you, it pulled you back here. It's just following orders... like a failsafe program. Trying to keep your poor head intact, whether you like it or not.
  • Desmond: And what are you doing here exactly?
  • Clay: Playing. Learning. Waiting. A lot of waiting. I keep the Animus distracted as best I can. For you, so you can explore. Otherwise it might hunt you down like a little virus and ah... delete you.
  • Desmond: Well, my guardian angel.
  • Clay: There's no such thing.

Clay disappeared.

  • Desmond: Yeah I—Thanks.

Another conversation between Rebecca and Shaun could be heard through Animus Island.

  • Rebecca: Shaun, it's me. What's happening?
  • Shaun: Are you at the airport?
  • Rebecca: Yeah, we're chartering a jet. Are you coming?
  • Shaun: Yes. Yeah, I'll be there soon.
  • Rebecca: Good.
  • Shaun: They... they buried her already.
  • Rebecca: I heard.
  • Shaun: In a little cemetery outside Rome. Nice place.
  • Rebecca: God, things got so fucked up so fast.
  • Shaun: Is Desmond still out?
  • Rebecca: Yeah. We're seeing a lot of brain activity, but with the monitoring system shut down, we can't record anything.
  • Shaun: Well, keep me posted, okay? I'll see you soon.
After DNA Sequence 2
Once more, a conversation could be overheard, which featured Rebecca and William Miles.
  • Rebecca: I'm seeing very strange activity in the Animus.
  • William: Oh?
  • Rebecca: The CPU should be fairly idle. But the system monitor is spiking regularly. Sometimes as high as 85 percent.
  • William: Is it serious?
  • Rebecca: I'm not sure. Desmond's signs are stable.
  • William: Well, if there isn't a problem, let's not try to fix anything.
  • Rebecca: Fair enough. God, I need a drink.

Desmond then came across Clay, lamenting on his misfortune.

  • Desmond: 16?
  • Clay: Desmond, think about this... What if... I went with you?
  • Desmond: With me? Where?
  • Clay: It could work. Just for a while. Until I found a way out. Another body maybe. Or... I don't know. I just don't... I don't want to be here anymore.
  • Desmond: That's... that's not going to happen. I'm sorry.
  • Clay: No... I guess I had my chance. And I wasted it.

Clay disappeared.
After a while, a discussion between Rebecca, Shaun and William Miles could be heard.

  • William: Were they close, Desmond and Lucy? I mean... closer than friends?
  • Rebecca: Ah... Well, there was the occasional misty-eyed moment, but—
  • Shaun: She liked him, Bill. That's what she told me.
  • William: Hmm. Interesting.
  • Rebecca: That's it? Just... interesting?
  • William: I spent a lot of time training each of them when they were younger. She was a remarkable woman, and I find this whole situation... quite sad.
  • Shaun: Sad? Are you finally going soft on us, Bill?
After DNA Sequence 6
Some time later, another talk between Shaun and William Miles took place.
  • Shaun: You know something, don't you? You know what's out there.
  • William: I have a hunch, yes.
  • Shaun: Come on, Bill. You never do anything halfway. What do you think we'll find?
  • William: If we're lucky, another prize. If we're very lucky... something that'll end this miserable war.
  • Shaun: You're talking over my head, mate.
  • William: Listen Shaun, I have no idea what we're going to find. But I do know that whatever it is, the Templars can't have it.

After this exchange, Clay inquired about Desmond's life, which at first he was nervous to reply to.

  • Clay: Do you regret anything Desmond?
  • Desmond: Like what?
  • Clay: Running away. Leaving your parents behind. Finding a shit job, and pretending to be productive. What's it like spending your whole life, avoiding hard decisions?
  • Desmond: Come on.
  • Clay: Sure, you're an Assassin, but it wasn't your choice.
  • Desmond: Do you have a point?
  • Clay: I want to know, if you regret anything.
  • Desmond: Sure. I wish I'd been more patient with my parents. I wish I'd listened. And Lucy... maybe things could have been different if I'd—I'm not sure.
  • Clay: Thank you.
  • Desmond: For what?
  • Clay: For making sense.

Once Clay's curiosity was fulfilled, another group conversation with those outside the Animus started.

  • Rebecca: Shaun, you feeling okay?
  • Shaun: Sure, yeah, yeah, I'm fine yeah. We're Assassins, after all aren't we, eh? Why should we be surprised if one of us dies every now and again?
  • Rebecca: Every death is a tragedy. To somebody, somewhere.
  • Shaun: What I want to know is... is Desmond worth all this trouble, you know? What is he... is he the chosen one, is that it? Little Jimmy Special or some bollocks like that?
  • William: I'm afraid not. But what he has is rare. His genes contain high concentrations of First Civilization DNA. Only about one in ten million are so lucky.
  • Rebecca: Ah. The Bleeding Effect. Is that part of it?
  • William: I believe so. I wish I could say we knew about his gift earlier. But it was the Templars who realized this. And they found him first...
After DNA Sequence 8
Following Desmond exploring more of Ezio's memories, the Assassins outside of his coma planned to relocate themselves, and him along with them.
  • Gavin: Bill! Good to see you. Listen, we've got a customs officer waiting to talk to everyone.
  • William: I hope you have something for us.
  • Gavin: Absolutely, passports and papers for everyone.
  • Shaun: Ah brilliant, so I'm... I'm what, a neurosurgeon now, am I?
  • Gavin: You're a medical team from SUNY upstate, just back from Rome with your patient, experimental gene therapy.
  • William: Good work, let's get this over with.
  • Rebecca: Wait look, this is crazy!
  • William: What's wrong?
  • Rebecca: Not sure, but Desmond's brain is lighting up like a string of firecrackers!

Meanwhile, inside the Animus, the machine planned to wipe Animus Island of all its contents, with Clay and Desmond along with it. As the threat of being deleted was finally at hand, it spurred one last conversation between the two.

  • Clay: Here it comes...
  • Desmond: What is that?! What's going on!
  • Clay: This is the end Desmond. Scheduled for deletion!

Clay embraced Desmond tightly, bewildering the Assassin in the process.

  • Desmond: What are you doing?!
  • Clay: What is a man but the sum of his memories? We are the stories we live! The tales we tell ourselves!

Jumping to the conclusion that Clay intended to take both of them to their deaths, Desmond pleaded with him.

  • Desmond: Don't do this!
  • Clay: I'm saving you, idiot! GO!

Clay pushed Desmond towards the Sync Nexus, as he began to be erased by the system deletion. However, it would not stop him from shouting out one final command to Desmond.

  • Clay: GO!
The Sync Nexus
Once Desmond had achieved the necessary synchronization with his ancestors,[28] he found himself inside the Nexus. Jupiter, a member of the First Civilization, soon appeared.
  • Jupiter: Do you hear me, cipher? Can you see me?

Jupiter spotted Desmond within the Nexus.

  • Jupiter: Ah. There you are. Good. A strange place, this nexus of time. I am not used to the... calculations. That has always been Minerva's domain. I see you still have many questions. Who were we? What became of us? What do we desire of you? You will have your answers. Only listen and I will tell you how.

A projection of the solar system appeared.

  • Jupiter: Both before the end and after, we sought to save the world. We built vaults within which to work, each dedicated to a different method of salvation. They were placed underground to avoid the war which raged above, and also as a precaution, should we fail in our efforts. Each vault's knowledge was transmitted into a single place

Jupiter pointed out the location of the Grand Temple on Earth, followed by a projection of him, Juno, and Minerva inside the temple.

  • Jupiter: It was our duty... mine, Minerva's and Juno's—to sort and sample all that was collected. We chose those solutions which held the most promise, and devoted ourselves to testing their merits. Six we tried in succession, each more encouraging than the last. But none worked. And then the world ended...

Desmond witnessed a vision of the coronal mass ejection which destroyed the Earth, and wiped out most of the humans and First Civilization members.

  • Jupiter: The earth shook for days. The fires burned for weeks. And when the ash had settled, less than ten thousand of your kind still lived... and far fewer of ours. But we carried on, together. To rebuild. To renew.

Desmond observed the passage of time across the centuries, until the landscape took on its modern day shape.

  • Jupiter: Listen. You must go there. To the place where we labored... labored and lost. Take my words. Pass them from your head into your hands. That is how you will open the way. But be warned: much still remains in flux. And I do not know how things will end—either in my time or yours.
After DNA Sequence 9
Following Jupiter's message and having fully separated himself from his ancestors and their memories, Desmond began to wake from his coma. Shaun, Rebecca, and William stood around him in a nearly pitch black room lit only by the Animus screens.
  • Rebecca: Wait, look! His vitals are stabilizing... Something's happening... He's... He's moving!
  • William: Desmond, can you hear me?

William touched Desmond's shoulder in concern.

  • William: Son?

Desmond blinked bleary eyes at everyone, looked at his right arm which was covered in Isu glyphs, then turned to see the Apple of Eden shimmering on a nearby desk. His mind

  • Desmond: I know what we need to do.

Glancing at Shaun, William gave Desmond a quick nod then walked a few paces away to threw open the doors to the room, revealing it to be the back space of a van parked across from the Grand Temple's entrance near the town of Turin, New York. Desmond blinked at the sudden bright light as glyphs on the Temple's door began glowing like the Apple.

Animi Training Program
On the advancement of the Animi Training Program, select Abstergo recruits were allocated to the second stage of the program, and often came into contact with Warren Vidic, as well as some other Templars.

Warren introduced himself in a dimly lit room to prospective Abstergo recruits who had excelled in the program's first stage.

  • Warren: It is a privilege for each one of you to be invited up here. Everyone in this room has proven themselves as more than mere killers. Your skill acquisition in the Animus thus far has been far superior to that of your colleagues, who, as I speak, continue to struggle down below us. But the test of your true worth has barely begun. You think you know of our Order. Of our founding in 1119, our quest for domination during the Crusades. The vast treasure and the decline at the end of the 12th century. And, finally, our resurgence as Abstergo. You know nothing. It is time to begin your real education. As you continue your training in the Animus, those worthy will be admitted to the secrets of our Order. My assistant will monitor your progress. Once you exit this room there is no turning back. Succeed, and a bright future awaits, fail... and far more than your contract will be terminated.
First Steps

Right from his first meeting, the Abstergo recruit Juhani Otso Berg began to impress the Templar Order, so much so that Warren offered encouraging words to help motivate him to climb higher.

  • Warren: You served Abstergo well, and your skills in the Animus continue to impress. I do not use that term lightly. If you continue at this rate, it is a foregone conclusion that you will be the one to enter our inner chambers, and learn our most trusted secrets. Once you cross that threshold, your eyes will be opened, and you will see this world for what it truly is. Don't muck this up. Abstergo is counting on you.

As usual, Berg had quickly built upon his progress, impressing Warren's assistant who arranged another meeting with the doctor.

  • Warren: Moving up through the ranks nicely, I see. Exactly as predicted. My assistant's reports have been glowing, although I find he is a little bit of a panderer. Do not let his flattery fool you. We will only continue to educate you as long as you continue to show promise. Prove yourself, however, and we are prepared to give you far more.

With Berg's development bolstered as he invested more effort into the Animi Training Program, his effort began to bear fruit, while Warren provided a commentary of what differed him from the rest of humanity.

  • Warren: For the vast majority of humankind, life is an ordeal to be suffered.

Berg chose a designer watch from a box before him, courtesy of Abstergo.

  • Warren: One painful failure after another, followed, mercifully, by death.

Berg then took a glass of champagne offered to him and entered a private jet.

  • Warren: Mortgages, car payments, waiting lists, bills.

Berg casually strolled through an airport.

  • Attendant: Right this way, sir.
  • Warren: Most are kept far too busy to look at the big picture. But not you. From now on, you will be at the front of every list. Transportation, maids, cooks will all be provided.

From there, he entered a limousine and picked up a bottle of expensive wine.

  • Warren: Vacation homes, tranquility and privacy will surround you. Your children will attend the best schools, and your parents will be cared for.

Berg pulled up at a remote countryside mansion.

  • Warren: Any woman, or man, you desire will be yours. For most, life is an unwinnable game.

Berg opened the door and stepped out of the limousine, and Warren walked out of the mansion's entrance to greet him.

  • Warren: The Order of the Knights Templar welcomes you. After all, we engineered it that way.

Following Berg's luxurious treatment, Warren prepared to impart an important message to him, though he was interrupted.

  • Warren: I hope you are enjoying the new comforts we have granted you. Of course, you know there is no backing out now. We have plans for you. An important part of this company's future. Truth is—
  • Intercom: Dr. Vidic. You are wanted in the processing plant.
  • Warren: Well... I suppose the truth will have to wait.

Determined not to disappoint, Berg had progressed even more since Warren's last visit, prompting him to tempt at allowing Berg deeper into the Templar Order.

  • Warren: I see you have been busy while I was gone. Continue to increase in skill, and you may be invited to visit our inner offices. Be respectful, far more than your job is on the line. I have put in a request to have your security clearance raised, allowing us to share sensitive information with you. Something to look forward to... If you make it, of course.
Active Agent

Soon enough, with the growth of skill that Berg had shown, Warren made mention of his first mission, as well as his final briefing, as he encroached upon the completion of the Animi Training Program.

  • Warren: Your training is almost complete. Allow me a rare moment of emotion, I feel proud of my accomplishment. Soon, you will become an active agent. Others have been sent to gather the intelligence required for your first mission as we speak. Conclude your training and the final briefing will occur upstairs. May the Father of Understanding guide you.
One of Them

Rather slowly, Berg entered the secret chamber located within the corporation after using a fingerprint scanner, making sure to pay attention to all of he saw. Hearing a voice, he sat down as he was asked, before Laetitia England introduced herself to him.

  • Laetitia: Very few people ever see this room. It was first decorated in 1937, when we first founded the company. Laetitia England. Warren has told me so much about you. Quite impressive, reaching such a privileged position. The remnants of the Assassin Order are scattered across the globe. The time has come to end this fight. And you will be on the front lines. It comes down to trust. We must be certain that ours is well placed.

A gruff sounding voice suddenly stated an order.

  • Daniel: Don't move.

Panicking slightly, Berg attempted to get up, but was held still by Cross' left arm around the throat as he held an injection gun in his free right hand.

  • Laetitia: Daniel, I give the orders.
  • Daniel: Fine.
  • Laetitia: Thank you. Now, go on.

Proceeding onward, Daniel implanted a microchip from the injection gun into Berg's left arm.

  • Daniel: There.
  • Laetitia: From this day forward we monitor your every move. Welcome to the fold Master Templar.
Target Acquired

Newly appointed as a Master Templar, Berg sat observing the figures before him during his briefing, who had an announcement to make regarding the Assassins.

  • Warren: You have all been brought here because our intelligence gathering has progressed rapidly in the last week.
  • Daniel: What have they found?
  • Warren: Be patient Daniel. I have an announcement to make. We now know where the Assassin leader, William M., is located.
  • Laetitia: Brilliant work. We need to send a retrieval team.

The two Templars stared straight expectantly at Berg.

  • Warren: Well, what are you waiting for? Go get him.

Assassin's Creed III[]

William Miles' ruminations
Williams Miles stood in thought looking out an apartment window in a coastal city at night.
  • William: It used to be when people talked about the end of the world, we locked them up or laughed them off. Sometimes both. But we never took them seriously. Maybe we should have.

In his mind's eye, the scene changed to one of a blindfolded Desmond being captured by Abstergo Industries agents.

  • William: But I'm getting ahead of myself. Better to start at the beginning, with the abduction of Desmond Miles. My son.

The scene changed to one of Desmond in Bad Weather downing a shot from a glass with a frosted Abstergo logo on the bottom.

  • William: This... boy had no ambition. No direction. No plans for the future. What he DID have was a heritage. One he chose to deny. It nearly cost him his life.

The scene changed to Warren Vidic watching Desmond in the Animus 1.28.

  • William: He was captured and imprisoned. Those who took him believed he could help them find something.

The scene changed to one of a power-mad Cesare Borgia wielding the Apple of Eden as it shot out beams of energy.

  • William: The Apple. One of several artifacts we call Pieces of Eden. Bits of ancient technology scattered across the globe. Some hidden. Some found. All of them dangerous. Most are held by a single group—the same group that now had Desmond.

The scene changed to one of a metal Abstergo Industries logo hovering in midair in a dimly lit, dusty room, before it pivoted and turned into a Templar insignia.

  • William: You know them as Abstergo Industries, we know them as the Templars—as the enemy. We've been fighting them for thousands of years.

The cross changed texture, merging with the fabric logo on the tunic of a Templar knight about to be stabbed in the face by a Levantine Assassin's Hidden Blade.

  • William: Even longer if you believe the stories of their origins. I do. After all, I've seen the truth.

The scene changed to one of Ezio Auditore in a Memory Corridor littered with partial models of Roman architecture.

  • William: That's the beauty—and the horror—of the Animus. A device that allows us to enter and experience the lives of our ancestors. It holds the power to change everything. To show is history the way it really happened. Up until its creation—to the victor went the spoils—went the truth.

The scene changed to a group of men in black suits standing in a V-formation in a dark room. Their faces were obscured by shadow as the point man held a sword with a Templar cross on the pommel by its crossguard, stabbing down at a larger cross on the floor.

  • William: We're trying to fix that. To free minds and bodies both. But there's only so much we can do. And the Templars have the upper hand these days.

The scene changed to show the world engulfed in flame.

  • William: But something larger than the Assassins and Templars is approaching. Bigger than all of us. And if we can't find a way to stop it—these next few weeks will probably be our last. EVERYONE's last.

The scene changed to show Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad standing on a castle parapet.

  • William: In the end, it all comes down to him. To Desmond. Through the Animus, he discovered his heritage. Explored the lives of his ancestors and uncovered their secrets.

Altaïr faded into the background as an image of Ezio Auditore came into focus.

  • William: When that was finished, he trained. He used another ancestor to provide decades of experience in the span of a few days. It worked. We think.

Ezio faded into the background as an image of a hooded Desmond briefly came into focus, before all three Assassins were replaced by red numbers from a digital clock hovering in midair in a dimly lit, dusty room as they read "21:12:12".

  • William: Soon, though—soon we'll know. That ominous date fast approaches. December 21, 2012. None of us knows what it'll bring—only that this is where they want us to be when it does.

Each number changed to a glyph of an Eye of Horus, an Omega symbol with a dot in the center, and a Japanese torii, respectively, before floating away to reveal Minerva talking to Ezio Auditore in the Vatican Vault.

  • William: They've been guiding us, in their own fractured, frustrating way. These voices from The First Civilization, The Ones Who Came Before. A precursor race of immense power and uncertain motives. They're the one who made the Pieces of Eden.

The scene changed to show a figure standing in the Grand Temple.

  • William: This is where they've lead him. And through him, us.

The scene changed to show Altaïr, an elderly Ezio, and Desmond holding the Apple all standing back-to-back in a triangle

  • William: He stands at the entrance to this long-lost place, armed with the knowledge of Altaïr and the abilities of Ezio.

The images of Altaïr and Ezio dissolved into static as the focus drew in on Desmond and the Apple.

  • William: He holds in his hand the Apple of Eden. And we stand at his side, ready to support him however we can. His name is Desmond Miles and he has brought us to the end.

The Apple emitted a burst of blinding light as William's thoughts drew to a close.

Arrival at the Temple
Desmond and his team arrived at the Grand Temple. William Miles opened the doors to their van.
  • William: We're here.

The other Assassins gathered up their equipment while Desmond waited at the mouth of the cave.

  • William: Let's go.

Desmond led the Assassins into the cave, stopping at the door, which was covered in modern graffiti and ancient Native American cave paintings. The Apple of Eden began to glow, and Desmond took it out and stuck it in a spherical concave imprint in the door which activated and opened.

  • Shaun: "In another moment, down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again."

Desmond bent under the door and walked under it, with the rest of his team following. The Assassins continued down a long empty hallway for some time before coming to a sloping drop which led to another door. Again, Desmond used the Apple to open the door.

  • Desmond: I think we're... here.

Beyond the door was a sliding drop. Desmond slid down this and then made his way into the main hall of the Temple. Upon entering it, he saw a bright glowing cube on the ground in front of a power bank. Desmond picked up the cube and inserted it into a matching slot on the bench-shaped structure, which activated the entire Temple, especially the great door at the very back made of solid light. The Assassins made their way towards the door. As they reached it, Desmond heard Juno's voice.

  • Juno: ...the key... you must...find...the key.

Desmond began to experience the Bleeding Effect.

  • William: Son?

Desmond turned to face his father, but saw instead Haytham Kenway's coachman, Jim Holden.

  • Jim: Sir?
  • Desmond: Here we go again.

Desmond collapsed. Some time later he awoke in the new Animus 3.0.

  • Rebecca: Desmond?
  • William: Do you hear us?

Desmond responded in a dazed manner.

  • Desmond: Yeah. What happened?
  • William: The Temple triggered a Bleeding Effect. You collapsed and entered into a fugue state.
  • Desmond: So naturally, you dropped me in the Animus instead of... I don't know... making sure I was okay?

William tried to calm his son's anxiety.

  • William: You weren't in any danger. Besides, the Temple appeared to be communicating with you, and I didn't want to risk severing the connection. At least not until we knew what it wanted.
  • Desmond: Right. Of course.
  • William: Son, I...
  • Desmond: No, it's fine. I get it. And I know what I'm looking for, by the way. It's a key. Just don't know where it is, though... Guess that's why she triggered the Bleeding Effect.
  • William: She?!
  • Desmond: Juno, dad. She's... talking to me.

Desmond then began the refresher course Rebecca set up for him, before reliving Haytham's attendance of John Gay's play The Beggar's Opera at London's Theatre Royal.[29]

Early Tensions
After watching Haytham induct Charles Lee into the Colonial Templars,[30] Desmond was shocked to learn Haytham's true loyalties.
  • Desmond: Wait, what?!

He exited the Animus and spoke to his team.

  • Desmond: You all saw that, right?
  • Rebecca: Wow.
  • Shaun: Wow, indeed.
  • Desmond: The key must be the amulet Haytham took from London.
  • William: We might know what it looks like, but we're no closer to finding it. Desmond, you need to keep going.

At this, Desmond showed his disgust at William's seeming inhumanity.

  • Desmond: Hey, he was your ancestor too. Why don't you hop in the Animus?!
  • William: Really? That's your response. It's like dealing with a six year old. What is wrong with you, Desmond?

Finally, Desmond let loose his rage and anger at being exploited.

  • Desmond: You wanna know what's wrong?! I'm sick of being treated like I'm not even here! Desmond, do this! Desmond, do that! Desmond, you'd better figure things out because the sun is going to turn us all to ash and I know I was really nice to you but actually, I'm just another Templar plot-twist and, yes, I would like very much for you to be controlled by a magic space wizard so that you can murder me! So there's you're answer! I'm sick of being a goddamn pawn! I thought it might be different with you! I mean you're my FATHER but is turns out you're no better than the fucking Templars!

Angered to his own breaking point, William punched Desmond in the jaw.

  • William: Don't you EVER equate me with those bastards again! You hear me?! EVERYTHING I do—EVERYTHING I have DONE—has been for you! Maybe I pushed a little too hard. Asked a little too much. But try to remember exactly what's at stake here. You need to get it together, kid! We're running out of time!

At this point, Shaun decided to break up the fight for an announcement.

  • Shaun: Riiight. That was unusual. Well, I'm just going to pretend that this never happened and get back to bringing everyone up to speed on where we stand. The news isn't good. It appears this Temple is powered by a collection of um... well, I guess they're batteries. You found one on the way in. But there aren't any more. At least... not down here.
  • Desmond: Any idea on where we can find replacements?
  • Shaun: Not yet. So, I intend to tiptoe into the Abstergo database. Now, if I can cross reference these particular devices with their database, I might get lucky.
  • William: See what you can do.

Shaun agreed, though he appeared just as disgusted with William's indifference as Desmond.

  • Shaun: Obviously. Anyway, Desmond—you can either take a look around here or we can head back into the Animus.
Before Sequence 4
The argument settled, Desmond spoke to Rebecca.
  • Desmond: What are you working on?
  • Rebecca: Lots of different stuff. If you're going into the field, we need a way to keep tabs on you and stay in touch. Hacking into local security systems won't cut it.
  • Desmond: Thanks.
  • Rebecca: For what?
  • Desmond: I don't know...everything. You've sacrificed a lot for me. You and Shaun both. You upgraded the Animus, helped train me, pulled me out of that coma... You put all that work into the database. Helped me solve Clay's puzzles... I know I haven't been the easiest person to work with... And I'm sorry for that. And I just want you to know that even if I'm shitty at showing it—I appreciate everything you've done.
  • Rebecca: You really think we'll finally get some answers down here?
  • Desmond: Maybe. Talking to the First Civ has always been a pain in the ass though.
  • William: Imagine what it must be like for them.
  • Rebecca: What do you mean?
  • William: They've been separated from us by tens of thousands of years-A completely different language and culture...possessed of an intelligence vastly superior to our own. We're lucky they've communicated as much as they have.
  • Desmond: I don't know why they had to make this all so complicated. I mean if they need something from me, they should just come out and say it.
  • William: I've been wondering about that myself. I get the sense Juno and Minerva didn't exactly see eye to eye. I'm studying everything I can get my hands on...But maybe you'll find something down here that can shed light on the mystery. What happened between them-and why?
  • Rebecca: What do you think is behind that door?
  • Desmond: No idea.
  • Rebecca: Do you think it can save us?
  • Desmond: The First Civ seemed to think so.
  • Rebecca: What if it's dangerous?
  • Desmond: It's not like we have a lot of alternatives.
  • Rebecca: Well, we could...I don't know...warn the President?
  • Desmond: And what's he gonna do? And who's to say he's not in bed with Abstergo. Seems everyone is these days...
  • Rebecca: What if we went to them? To Abstergo, I mean.
  • Desmond: Thought about it actually. Showing them what we've seen. Trying to work together... They must know so much more than we do. But...
  • Rebecca: What is it?
  • Desmond: It's possible that they know what's going to happen. That they WANT it to happen. For all we know they're hiding out in bunkers right now, waiting for the world to end. And then when its all over—out they come—ready to take control.
  • Rebecca: God, I hope you're wrong.
  • Desmond: So do I, Rebecca. So do I...

Desmond then ran over to Shaun who was inspecting the door.

  • Shaun: Would you look at that...
  • Rebecca: What is it?
  • Shaun: If I had to guess, I would say that's a counter. And judging from the iconography, I think it's safe to say when that's emptied...the end begins.

Shaun noticed Desmond.

  • Shaun: Hello, Desmond. How's things?
  • Desmond: Same old. Another day, another ancestor.
  • Shaun: Who'd have thought that you had a Templar in your family tree?
  • Desmond: I think he started out as an Assassin. They must have turned him...
  • Shaun: Right you are, in fact! I've been reviewing our archives and it appears that Haytham's father was indeed an Assassin. Which means he was likely one too. At least for a little while...
  • Desmond: What else did you find?
  • Shaun: That fellow from the opera—Reginald BirchGrand Master of the London chapter of the Templars. He and Haytham's father—a man named Edward—well, they were longtime rivals. Now, it appears Birch got his hands on Haytham at a rather young age—working his wiles to convince Haytham to switch sides. Wonder how he did it. I'll see if I can't dig up more...

Shaun then asked Desmond about their situation.

  • Shaun: Hon—Honest answer please, Desmond: Do you think we're getting out of this alive?
  • Desmond: I don't know... I mean—it's a pretty tall order. If the First Civ couldn't save the world—how the hell are we supposed to swing it?
  • Shaun: We have some time.
  • Desmond: We have less than two months! They had decades and a lot more resources. And the worst part... is that we knew this was coming for, what, hundreds of years?
  • Shaun: History repeats, it seems. The First Civ was so busy with their war against us—no one even noticed what was happening. We get advanced warning and then fall to fighting with the Templars... Lovely.
  • Desmond: Hopefully, whatever's behind that door will make a difference.
  • Shaun: And if it doesn't—well, at least we tried.

Desmond tried to talk to his father with no success.

  • William: Yes?
  • Desmond: Just thought I' know...say hi.
  • William: You have more important things to do right now.
  • Desmond: Jesus, Dad.
  • William: What? What do you want me to say?
  • Desmond: I don't know. "Hi, son. How are you? What have you been up to?"
  • William: I know what you've been up to. Nothing. You wasted away in some shitty apartment with a pointless job, while the rest of us were out there fighting to make a difference.
  • Desmond: You are such an asshole. Oh, you thinking about hitting me again? Because this time, I will hit back.
First Power Source
Desmond got out of the Animus, having experienced Ratonhnhaké:ton's early memories.
  • Shaun: Welcome back, Desmond! You'll be happy to hear there's actually good news for once.
  • Desmond: Yeah?
  • Shaun: I've managed to locate a power source. And it's relatively close by. Up for a trip to Manhattan?

Rebecca voiced concern.

  • Rebecca: Is it safe to leave? Abstergo's got to be looking for us.
  • Shaun: Obviously, it's not safe. We can't just sit around here hoping to get lucky, though, can we? We need that power source. Besides, I'm sure you can cook up some way to hide our movements.
  • Rebecca: Maybe. The Templars have access to all kinds of satellites and camera systems. We'll need to find a way to mask our digital signature. I can probably camouflage the van, too. But there's not much I can do for US.
  • Desmond: That's an easy one.

Desmond pulled up his hood and set out to recover the first power source.[31] After recovering it, the Assassins left New York immediately and made a two day detour through Boston. Upon returning to the Grand Temple, Desmond demanded to know about Daniel Cross.

  • Desmond: So who the hell is Daniel Cross?
  • Shaun: Believe it or not, he used to be an Assassin. THE Assassin, the way I've heard it told. But it turned out that he was a sleeper agent for Abstergo, trained to infiltrate and bring down the organization.
  • William: How did he know you were there? We could be compromised...
  • Shaun: They must have caught me snooping inside their network and sent Cross to see what we were after. If they were aware of our current location, we'd know. Though I will say this—it doesn't bode well for future expeditions.
  • Rebecca: I've set up some cameras topside. If anyone shows up we'll see it.
  • Shaun: I'd suggest you go see about finding a socket for that power source. Or we can return to Connor if you prefer. All the artifacts in the world won't mean a thing without the key.
Juno encounters 1 & 2
Desmond explored the Temple while looking for a socket for the battery he'd just acquired. Along the way, he encountered Juno, who explained the solutions the First Civilization had tried to save the world from the First Disaster.
  • Juno: In the beginning, when we thought we could be saved, we sought to face the sun's wrath and contain it. Four towers would be built—to pull her fury into this place and dispel it. But even with all we knew... with all we had... It would take too long. A thousand years we could labor and still the work would not be done... The first tower was never completed, the project abandoned... We moved on. But while we labored on other endeavors, a few returned. They thought to automate the process... Metal might finish what flesh could not. If we could not meet the sun's cruel embrace... Perhaps we might rebuke it. Already we could generate the fields—to protect us in times of strife... But these were small and simple things. To replicate them on a scale the size of a world... We lacked the energy to make it so. Half the world, they said, then. It is better than none at all. We tried. Again, we failed. A quarter, they asked. Even this, we could not do... A sixth! An eighth! A tenth, they cried! The answer was still the same. Perhaps in time, a city might be spared... But it was time we did not have... So we moved on.
Before Sequence 6
Desmond soon found a socket and plugged the power source into it. When this was done, he returned down below and talked to Rebecca.
  • Rebecca: I know everyone thinks I'm being silly, but I can't shake the feeling we're being watched.
  • Desmond: We are being watched. By Juno. Or some version of her.
  • Rebecca: Do you think it's a recording? Or is she a ghost? Or... something else? Is she talking to us the way Minerva talked to Ezio?
  • Desmond: No clue. I mean, who knows what else they were working on down here. There are still so many rooms we don't have access to...
  • Rebecca: But... do you think she's like literally down here? Waiting somewhere? Still alive?
  • Shaun: Still alive, that's mental! That would mean she'd be at least—75? 80 thousand years old? They were powerful, yeah—but not that powerful.
  • Rebecca: They came down here looking for a way to survive... Maybe they found one?

Rebecca then nervously asked Desmond about his encounter with Daniel Cross.

  • Rebecca: Was it weird seeing Cross?
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Rebecca: It's different for you. You don't know what happened, I guess. For a long time he was... important to us. He was a different person.
  • Desmond: Shaun said he was a sleeper agent. Like Lucy.
  • Rebecca: It was different. She made a choice. But Cross... if you read the files... Abstergo just... they did terrible things to him.
  • Desmond: Rebecca?
  • Rebecca: You're lucky. We all are. We have people who care about us. Who look out for us. He was all alone—and the people he thought he could trust, they used him.
  • Desmond: Did you know him?
  • Rebecca: No... But... I knew Hannah.
  • Desmond: Who's that?
  • Rebecca: She tried to help him. She trusted him. But there was a raid about a year ago... She stayed behind so the others could escape. Tried to reason with him. To see if she could fix things...
  • Desmond: What happened?

Rebecca's voice broke as she related what happened next.

  • Rebecca: What do you think happened? He killed her. That's what he does. That's all he knows how to do. Sometimes, it seems that's all any of us know how to do...
  • Desmond: Rebecca...

Desmond then spoke to his father next. William first tried to apologize for the earlier punch, then to make peace for Desmond's rough childhood.

  • William: Son? I... I owe you an apology. I shouldn't have lashed out like that. You have to understand I've never been very good at this. Nevermind that we live rather... extraordinary lives.
  • Desmond: Yeah... I kinda liked my ordinary one.
  • William: You can't escape who you are, Desmond.
  • Desmond: So I've noticed.
  • William: Look... it's silly for us to go back and forth like this. I admit, I did a shitty job raising you. I apologize, I'm sorry. But it's important you understand it didn't come from a bad place. You're my son. I love you. I guess I was so busy trying to make sure nothing bad happened, I didn't... consider the consequences. Truce?
  • Desmond: I can't believe it's taken me so long to ask, but—how's Mom? She's not...
  • William: No, no. Your mother's fine. We decided it would be better if we split up for this job.
  • Desmond: Always assuming the worst.
  • William: Hmm. For good reason.
  • Desmond: Can I at least say hi to her?
  • William: I'm sorry... it's too risky. Maybe when we're done...
  • Desmond: Right. When we're done.

Desmond then asked his father if the Assassins and Templars had ever worked together.

  • Desmond: Have... Have we ever tried to make peace with the Templars?
  • William: Throughout our history, there have been moments... Several, in fact. But... It's impossible. There are... existential differences. Insurmountable. If there were to be unity, it wouldn't be a truce so much as a submission.
  • Desmond: But knowing what's about to happen... Wouldn't it make sense to try and talk to Vidic? Come to an arrangement? Even if it's only temporary?
  • William: We'd all be so busy watching our backs, nothing would be accomplished. Imagine that, we're more productive at war...
  • Desmond: Well, have we tried... sending in someone? Doing to them what they did to us with Lucy? Or Cross?
  • William: We have. And it's never worked. We either sent in people who were either too weak, and found themselves turned—or too strong, and were unable to carry out the charade.
  • Desmond: I just feel like we all want the same thing.
  • William: We use the same words, but that's all they are... words. In the end, it all comes down to freedom. We seek it. They detest it. And so there's never an end to the fight. Not until one side is completely gone.
  • Desmond: Is that even possible?
  • William: Probably not. Our two groups have existed in one form or another since... well... forever. But things can be better than they are. And that's something.

Desmond then asked William about whether he had ever looked for him.

  • Desmond: Did you look for me, Dad? When I was gone.
  • William: Every day.
  • Desmond: Come on...
  • William: I mean it. Every night I'd look. Searching for your name—or variations of it—hoping you'd slip up. Abstergo only found you first because they had better access. A few more days and it would have been me.
  • Desmond: Well, I'm here now.
  • William: And I'm glad.
  • Desmond: Do you think Lucy regretted what she was doing?
  • William: I used to think I knew her well, but clearly, that wasn't the case. So I can't give you an honest answer.
  • Desmond: She seemed so sincere, though. Like she really wanted to make a difference.
  • William: Yes, well, when I first met him, I thought the same thing about Cross.

Desmond then lamented the fact that more often than not, the Assassins kept defecting to the Templars than vice-versa.

  • Desmond: It just keeps happening over and over again.
  • William: What does?
  • Desmond: Everything...
  • William: Don't get weird on me, Desmond.
  • Desmond: No. It's fine. I'm fine. Don't worry.
  • William: Alright, then. You should think about getting back in the Animus. We've got to find that key.

Desmond then made his way over to Shaun, who wanted to use the Animus to go back to the beginning.

  • Shaun: Oh, Desmond, there you are! Can I ask a favor?
  • Desmond: Maybe...
  • Shaun: When this is all over, I'd like to try turning the dial back on the Animus. Like, ALL the way back. To the time of the First Civilization.
  • Desmond: You think it would work?
  • Shaun: There was no real loss of fidelity when you visited Altaïr. Then again, that was about a thousand years ago, and I'm looking at going back at least seventy thousand more.
  • Desmond: Sure, I'd be up for it. Would be interesting to see what things were like back then.
  • Shaun: Excellent! I think it would prove most enlightening.

Shaun then launched into seeing the American Revolutionary War from a decidedly British perspective.

  • Shaun: So this is how it started...
  • Desmond: What are you up to?
  • Shaun: Just brushing up on my American history, I... I say history. They certainly teach you strange things in the states.
  • Desmond: Like what?
  • Shaun: Well—for all the talk of this being a "revolutionary" war, it was more of a civil one. Well, not THAT kind of civil. I mean there was no America versus Britain. It was Brit on Brit action. And you can clearly see how the whole thing got started: one war gave birth to the other.
  • Desmond: You mean the Seven Years' War?
  • Shaun: Exactly. Seems the Crown overspent in its attempt to keep the French out. Wound up with a great deal of debt. Believing that the colonists should help to shoulder the burden, new taxes were created. It was a reasonable request—even if Parliament was rather, well, undiplomatic about it.
  • Desmond: It's not really fair to tax people for a war they didn't want any part of...
  • Shaun: What?! Didn't want any part of?! Did you not notice George Washington with Edward Braddock? He was right in the middle of it! So here you have the Crown spending who knows how much money to secure a place for the colonists to thrive—and then when they ask for a little bit of help... Right, look, think of it this way. King George and the colonists, they all go out to dinner, right. And when the bill comes, George asks them to kick in and pay their share. Fair enough! But keep in mind, his family's been taking them out to dinner, gratis, for DECADES now. But the colonists, oh no, they insist they only had a glass of water and a side salad. Nevermind the table is FULL of half-eaten food and empty bottles of wine. And then when the King points this out, what do the colonists do? Oh! They flip the table over and storm out of the restaurant—probably intending to return later and burn it down.
  • Desmond: You left out the part where the King pointed a GUN at the colonists and forced them to cover dinner for EVERYONE at the restaurant.
  • Shaun: Riiight. Right, yeah. Interesting take. IF he pulled out a gun—and I'm not sure he did—it would only have been after the hundredth failed attempt at getting them to pay their fair share.
  • Desmond: But how do you define someone's fair share?
  • Shaun: With a war, apparently.

Shaun then wondered how many other First Civilization vaults there were still to find.

  • Shaun: I wonder how many other places like this exist...
  • Desmond: There are dozens of them. All over the world.
  • Shaun: And somehow no one's ever found one before us?
  • Desmond: I don't think that's true.
  • Shaun: Oh?
  • Desmond: When I was at Abstergo, Vidic talked about silencing discoveries made by non-Templars. And I'm sure Abstergo has dug up plenty.
  • Shaun: The things they must know...
  • Desmond: Regretting throwing in with us?
  • Shaun: Hah. No. Just looking forward to when we can finally trounce those bastards so I can dive into their archives.
Ring of Eden
Desmond relived Connor's memory of his trip to Oak Island, where he recovered Captain William Kidd's buried Ring of Eden. Shaun's voice came in through the Animus.[32]
  • Shaun: That's a curious little piece isn't it? Well, I've worked my incredible and bottomless magic and that little thing is in fact of First Civilization origin. It seems they used them as personal shields. It gives off a rather powerful electromagnetic field—explains its aversion to metal. Also explains why Kidd's legend tells of him being invincible. Having that trinket in your pocket would easily bend a musket ball's trajectory. Nifty little thing, really. Anyway, just thought you'd want to know, please do carry on!
Second Power Source
Desmond left the Animus after exploring more of Connor's memories.
  • Desmond: Everything alright?
  • William: Shaun has located a second power source. I've asked Rebecca to charter a flight for us.
  • Desmond: Where to?
  • Shaun: Brazil.

Desmond and the team traveled to Brazil and recovered the second power source.[33]

Juno encounters 3 & 4
  • Juno: What is a fact? Is it fixed? Immutable? Certain in its existence and only awaiting discovery? Or might it be changed? Here we learned the answer—and thought that it might save us. They were used to command. To control. To own. But we soon discovered another use. When enough sat in thrall and were told to believe, their thoughts took on form. What was imagined became real. If a hundred minds could wish away a wall or create a tree, what might a thousand do? Ten thousand? More? Might we change the consensus and will the threat away? We resolved to send one into the sky where it illuminate us all. Once placed, a sentence would be uttered: Make us safe. In this way, we would change the consensus. We would save the world. But it never came to be. We sent a dozen of them skyward—but there was no way to maintain control. To direct the beam. To enthrall the world. To speak the words. Though this was strange and dangerous—what we tried next was worse... Our first instance was to travel back. To change the past. But we could not find a way. But forward… We could look forward... And so here we sought to see beyond ourselves—and know what was to come. First we watched to learn if our work would succeed. But the answer was always the same. So we moved on to other things, but she remained. The one you call Minerva. In time she too stopped looking—and instead began to speak. She called out across time in the hopes that you might be saved. She hid messages where none might find them, save for you and those within this place...
  • William: Fascinating...
  • Desmond: I'm tired of it. The cryptic warnings. The threats. Just tell us what you want!
  • William: But they are... "We saw the Nephilim there. We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them." Imagine trying to explain all this to a two-year-old. To a grasshopper. When they said the will of the gods was unknowable, they meant it—literally.
  • Desmond: I killed her, you know. I killed Lucy.
  • William: It was the Apple, son. It was Juno.
  • Desmond: I saw what she was. What would happen if I let her live. I could have stopped myself. I mean... there was a force there. But I didn't have to. I chose to.
  • William: Desmond...
  • Desmond: Lucy was going to betray us and take the Apple back to Abstergo. I saw the satellite launch. I saw them turn it on. And then... it failed... Whatever's on the other side of that door—it benefits Juno. We need to be careful.
Before Sequence 9
Desmond and the team returned with the second power source.
  • Rebecca: We can get back to Connor whenever you're ready, Desmond... Unless you want to plug in the power source first? Up to you.

Desmond and the team discussed their findings on the Grand Temple.

  • Rebecca: I'm telling you, there's something down there...
  • Shaun: Don't be daft.
  • Rebecca: I don't know… Maybe they were sleeping or something and we woke them. Some kind of… cryogenics. Or hibernation. I mean, how do we know what the hell they were doing down here?
  • Desmond: They were working on a bunch of different solutions. But nothing worked. Just went from one to the next. And then I don't know. They must have left at some point. After the end...
  • Rebecca: I wonder what the world would be like if they'd succeeded...
  • Shaun: I'm more concerned about what it'll be like if we don't.
  • Juno: ...salvation...they found a way...too late for them...but not for protect it...though now it bars your way...find the key...the past will tell...

Desmond talked to Rebecca about his exploration through the Grand Temple.

  • Rebecca: So what's the latest? Learn anything interesting while you were exploring?
  • Desmond: They were working on some weird stuff towards the end. Trying to engineer new bodies and store their minds inside computers.
  • Rebecca: Failure after failure. It must have been hard for them...
  • Desmond: I worry about it too. I mean—they say there's something in here that'll help us. But what is it? Why is it locked up if it's exactly what we need?
  • Rebecca: I don't know... Maybe it's dangerous. Maybe they wanted to make sure only you could reach it.
  • Desmond: That's the other question... what makes me so special?
  • Rebecca: I guess we'll know once we open the door.

Rebecca asked Desmond about Lucy's death.

  • Rebecca: Hey. I hope it's not uncomfortable for me to ask but... what happened with Lucy?
  • Desmond: I don't know...
  • Rebecca: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.
  • Desmond: No—it's fine. I really don't know. I was talking to my dad about it. It's hard to say. I mean—Juno definitely took control. But I think I agreed to it on some level. I think I let her in. No. That's not right... It wasn't her, not exactly. It was more like... a program. Does that sound weird? It showed me things.
  • Rebecca: What did you see?
  • Desmond: That if I didn't stop Lucy, Abstergo would get the Apple and we'd all be dead.
  • Rebecca: I still don't understand why she turned on us...
  • Desmond: I'm sure she thought she was doing the right thing.

Shaun expressed his frustration at American politicians.

  • Shaun: Unbelievable...
  • Desmond: What's up?
  • Shaun: Your politicians are constantly referencing the founding fathers—and insisting they must have been in support of one thing or another. I have never seen such a blatant disregard for history.
  • Desmond: That's just typical political propaganda.
  • Shaun: It's also dishonest and delusional. How could anyone claim to know what these people wanted based off scraps of paper and wishful thinking?
  • Desmond: They're looking for intent—what these men envisioned for our country and its future.
  • Shaun: Idealistic... and unlikely. I don't think most of your presidents and senators and judges care what the founders thought. They just want to know how they can bend old words to achieve modern goals. Who cares if they were deists or theists or wanted a central bank. Why do people need the validation? What should matter is what you—as an individual, believe. And why you believe it. What? Are we so insecure that we have to find 18th century letters to validate our beliefs? Oh, look mom! A dead man agreed with me. Maybe. If you transpose the letters in his shopping list you can plainly see he was on my side.
  • Desmond: Jesus, Shaun. That's a cynical way to look at it...
  • Shaun: Doesn't make it less true. I keep trying to understand how men like Washington and Jefferson could dedicate their lives to the pursuit of liberty and equality, yet have no problem owning slaves. It's hypocritical in the extreme. And your history books make only passing mention of the subject. As if... as if it were of little consequence.
  • Desmond: They had a war to win. A country's future to secure. How could they deal with all these issues at the same time?
  • Shaun: Spoken like a true apologist. We hear it today too. That matters of civil rights and equality must wait. There are conflicts to settle. Economies to salvage. What do any of these things matter if the people are not free and equal. ALL of them.

Shaun decided to change the subject and ruminate on discoveries in the Animus.

  • Shaun: I wish there was a way for us to share what we learned from the Animus with others. Imagine being able to accurately answer questions about the past—or experience lost civilizations?
  • Desmond: But how would you cite it? We can't just reveal the machine's existence to the world.
  • Rebecca: Why not?
  • Shaun: Desmond's right. It would be dangerous. And we still haven't found a way to manage the Bleeding Effect.
  • Desmond: Maybe when we're done saving the world, we can look into it.
  • Shaun: Even if we do manage to stave off the apocalypse, it's not like the Templars are simply going to disappear. I suspect our fight will continue long after this latest battle is finished...

Before Desmond went back into the Animus, Shaun discovered a third power source which William volunteered to retrieve on his own.

  • Shaun: Look at that! I've found a third power source!
  • Desmond: Already?
  • Shaun: It popped up in an earlier search, but I've only just managed to confirm it.
  • Desmond: Where?
  • Shaun: There's a museum in Cairo with one on display.
  • Desmond: I guess Connor will have to wait.
  • William: No. You stay. We need to find that key—and time is running out. I'll make the trip.
  • Desmond: What about Cross?
  • William: Everything's going to be fine. I'll be back soon.
  • Rebecca: Ready when you are, Desmond.
Third Power Source
Rebecca woke Desmond up from the Animus session to tell him urgent news.
  • Rebecca: Something's happened, Desmond... Abstergo has your dad.
  • Desmond: Where?
  • Shaun: Italy. Same place they were holding you.
  • Desmond: What are you two waiting for? Let's go.
  • Rebecca: There's more.

Rebecca played back a video of Warren Vidic holding William hostage.

  • Warren: Hello again, Mister Miles. I hope this message finds you well—or as well as it can, all things considered… It appears we now each have something the other desires. I propose a trade. Bring me the Apple and I'll return your father to you no worse for the wear. Should you refuse, he will still be returned, albeit much worse for the wear. I assume you'd like to avoid an unpleasant outcome.

Desmond narrated the decision to go to Italy and rescue his father.

  • Desmond: I always knew it would come to this—just not so soon. I wonder if Abstergo even knows what's about to happen… And has this been a part of their plan all along? Maybe they want the world to end. To see it all burned away. Then they'd have their new world—ripe for the reshaping... We talked about looking for another power source. Leaving him there. That's probably what he'd want. For us to finish the mission. But I can't. It's hard enough taking a life—but letting one be taken... Knowing there was something I could do about it. Not a chance. Might be I'm risking my life—risking all our lives to save an asshole. But what else am I supposed to do? That asshole is my dad.

Desmond managed to infiltrate Abstergo, kill both Daniel Cross and Warren, and rescue his father.[34]

Juno encounters 5 & 6
  • Juno: A new world approached. One that was dark and cold. It would consume us. For we were flesh and flesh is frail. Though suits and shields might offer comfort—such adornments would not suffice... Not to save us all... So we sought to change what we were. In this manner we might thrive in a world made poisonous... It was Aita who volunteered to see if it might be done. Aita, my husband, my love. In the end it changed him... Ruined him... He was made a prisoner of the machines. The body might survive—but his mind became brittle to the touch... He begged me for release. For days—for weeks—for months. I pleaded with him to give us more time to find another way. But there wasn't one. Not for him. Not for us... What is consciousness but a series of electrical impulses... And the body a vessel to hold these sparks. But it is weak. In time, it decays and crumbles into dust... We asked ourselves, then: what if it might be replaced—with something stronger. Something better. So we forged a new vessel. One that might endure. It proved easy enough to enter... But to leave... To leave required something more... Something wrong... And so this too they abandoned. I wondered, though... were they right to turn away...
Before Sequence 11
Desmond and the team returned from Italy.
  • William: I'd get that power source hooked up before heading back into the Animus—but it's your call.

Shaun expressed his regret at not asking Desmond to hack into the Abstergo servers.

  • Shaun: I regret not asking you to hack into the Abstergo servers while you were there. A couple of well-placed relays and we'd be swimming in information.
  • Desmond: We have everything we need.
  • Shaun: Yeah, except the key!
  • Desmond: We're close.
  • Shaun: How do you know?
  • Desmond: I just... do.

Shaun talked about his discovery of manna.

  • Shaun: I've been poking around a bit. Did you know that there are machines down here that make... well, manna.
  • Rebecca: Wizard manna or Biblical manna?
  • Shaun: What do you think? Biblical of course. The Greeks called it ambrosia. The Indians, amrita or soma. Most cultures around the world refer to a divine food, though I'd say it's taste is anything but.
  • William: You ate something that came out of a seventy five thousand year old machine?
  • Shaun: And I lived to tell the tale!
  • Desmond: So... what did it taste like?
  • Shaun: Cardboard. The taste of cardboard. Hardly the stuff of legends... Though I wonder if the First Civilization didn't taste differently than we do.
  • Rebecca: Maybe the flavorizer broke.
  • Shaun: Flavorizer? You've certainly got a way with words, Rebecca.

Shaun mentioned news from the outside to Desmond.

  • Shaun: Things are getting worse outside.
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Shaun: Every day for the past two weeks the sun has been throwing off larger and larger flares. Older satellites are starting to malfunction, I hear rumblings of recalling the crew on the international space station. There's already work being done as well to shield power stations and transformers on the ground. Not that any of it matters. This goes far beyond some brownouts... We all saw what's ACTUALLY coming.
  • Desmond: Do you know how it works?
  • Shaun: Look, I'm no physicist, but it's, it's something to do with the Earth's magnetic field. The flares and mass ejections disturb it, which appears to trigger seismic events. I've tried reaching out to people who might know better, but they all insist it's bunk. And I don't blame them. It sounds ridiculous...
  • Desmond: I wish it was.

Desmond and the team discussed George Washington's connection to a Piece of Eden.

  • Rebecca: Hey, Desmond. Didn't Subject Sixteen's—
  • Desmond: His name was Clay.
  • Rebecca: Sorry. Didn't Clay say Washington was a Templar?
  • Shaun: No. He indicated that Washington came into contact with an Apple of Eden. But beyond that, it's all speculation. Furthermore, judging from the portrait referenced by Clay, the event occurred much later in Washington's life. Perhaps Connor wasn't even involved. It's very hard to know for sure. We'll just have to wait and see what—if anything—happens.

Rebecca asked Desmond about returning to Abstergo's facility in Rome.

  • Rebecca: So, what was it like being back at Abstergo?
  • Desmond: I didn't expect to get out of there alive. It's a good thing that Cross broke down the way he did. If he wasn't losing his mind, I'd probably be dead.
  • Rebecca: I guess he never really recovered...
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Rebecca: When he first came to us, he was exhibiting symptoms of the Bleeding Effect. It was real bad. He'd just go in and out at a moment's notice—no Animus required. Got a little violent too, sometimes. It took a while and a bunch of therapy, but we thought we had it under control. Once he went back over to Abstergo, though... who knows what they did to him.
  • Desmond: I still worry about that happening to me.
  • Rebecca: He was RAISED in an Animus, Desmond. There's overexposure and then, there's... Daniel. Poor guy. That could never happen to you. We won't let it.

The team started discussing vacation ideas.

  • Rebecca: When this is all over, we should take a trip somewhere. Celebratory vacation!
  • Desmond: Yeah, that sounds nice.
  • Shaun: Listen to you. Italy, Brazil, and the United States—all in the span of a few weeks—and you're complaining about not getting out enough?
  • Desmond: Seriously, Shaun?
  • Shaun: No, not seriously. Are you mad? Trust me—no one wants time off more than I do, right. Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to crank those database entries out as fast as I do?

Desmond went to see his father.

  • William: Hello.
  • Desmond: Hey. You think killing Vidic set Abstergo back?
  • William: I doubt it. Sure, he pioneered the Animus, but they've had the technology for decades now. Plenty of other people can take his place.
  • Desmond: And Cross?
  • William: He was a loose cannon—I doubt anyone's mourning his death. I think these days he was more a symbol than an asset.
  • Desmond: Hmmm...
  • William: Sorry. I don't mean to dismiss what you did. But it's going to take a lot more than a couple of deaths to stop the Templars.

Desmond and William talked about the latter's capture by Abstergo.

  • Desmond: Did Vidic put you in an Animus when you were at Abstergo? They'd be able to search your memories and track you back here.
  • William: Oh they definitely tried. But I made things difficult for them. You can resist, you can cloud up the transmission or just refuse to move. Eventually they would have gotten what they needed but still it would have taken them weeks.
  • Desmond: Vidic threatened to put me in a coma once.
  • William: It would have made you more pliable. But if the user isn't engaged, it's a mess. I know they've been working on ways to extract memories and let others sift through those memories. Maybe they're even analyzing mine right now. Maybe they'll find us, I don't know... What I do know is that we've got to get through that door.
  • Desmond: Yeah... I should probably get back into the Animus.

As Desmond was about to enter the Animus, he asked his father if he could come home, to which his father showed enthusiasm.

  • Desmond:, uh, when this is over… And assuming it all works out… I was hoping I could... you know... come home.
  • William: I'd like nothing more.

William provided words of encouragement to Desmond before starting the last Animus session.

  • William: Home stretch, Desmond. I can feel it.

Desmond resumed Ratonhnhaké:ton's memories as he prepared for the Battle of the Chesapeake.[35]

The Absconded Amulet
Desmond's team reacted in shock after watching Ratonhnhaké:ton kill Haytham during the attack on Fort George.[36]
  • William: We've got a problem. Haytham doesn't have the amulet anymore.
  • Rebecca: But the Temple's still sending data. There must be more to the story.
  • Shaun: Only one way to find out.

They waited as Desmond skipped ahead in Ratonhnhaké:ton's memories to Haytham's funeral a few months later.[37]

End of a Hero
After learning that Ratonhnhaké:ton had buried the Grand Temple Key in the grave of his namesake Connor Davenport on the Davenport Homestead,[38] Desmond, William, Shaun, and Rebecca recovered the artifact and returned to the Grand Temple to attempt opening the far gate.
  • Desmond: Moment of truth.

Desmond placed the amulet in the circular key pad, which let out a bright flare as the solid light barrier faded away. The team proceeded to make their way towards the ending of the path, leading to a spherical device.

  • Juno: Yes... Come... Here... at last. You know our story now. Of how we tried. Of how we failed. All our hopes extinguished. Save one. Your touch, a spark. A spark to save the world.

Suddenly, Minerva arrived and interrupted Juno.

  • Minerva: Wait! Do not touch the pedestal!
  • Desmond: Minerva...?
  • Juno: You... But how? You left! You destroyed the device!
  • Minerva: Did you think there was only one?
  • William: What the hell is going on here?
  • Minerva: You must not free her!
  • Desmond: Free her?

Minerva saw that Desmond did not understand, and began to explain, pacing in circles around the group as she did so.

  • Minerva: Juno dwells within these walls, awaiting release. I will explain. While we worked to save the world, she sought, instead, to conquer it. She used our machines to set her plans in motion. Divination through numbers. There is a pattern to existence. To comprehend the calculations is to tame time. This was my focus. And so I built the Eye to aid us. But she turned it towards her own ends. When we discovered her treachery, we put a stop to it. And then we left. But first we called to you... That you might try again. We thought it would be safe with her gone. Now I see we were deceived. She survived. She endured. And then she began to work... For centuries Tinia and I walked the world, hoping to rekindle the spark of civilization. We shared what we knew as best we could. We were not the only ones. But for all the power we wrought, still death would claim us. But before it did, I would have one last look to know if we had succeeded.
  • Desmond: That's how you're here now?
  • Minerva: I had hoped you might find this place—and finish our work. But it is too late. You and the Templars have squabbled over our refuse. You have wasted centuries. And so you have lost your chance. You cannot hope to stop the end now, Desmond. Only to survive it.
  • Juno: She's lying! Only touch of the pedestal and the world WILL be saved.
  • Minerva: Better the world burn than she be loosed upon it.
  • Juno: Is that so? Show him, then.
  • Minerva: But he will not understand.

Minerva stepped toward Desmond and spread her hands.

  • Minerva: It is complicated... It is...
  • Desmond: Show me.

Desmond was shown a vision of what would happen to the world if he refused to use the device, starting with the solar flare hitting Earth and inducing the aurora borealis.

  • Juno: If you heed Minerva the sun will have its way.

The scene changed to ground level, with civilians calling their cell phones in a panic as they saw the sky light up unnaturally and sirens sounded.

  • Juno: The ground will crack and spit fire into the sky.

The scene changed to show a ring of active volcanoes had suddenly been pushed up in and around a metropolis due to the tectonic shifts and were spewing thick black smoke into a green sky.

  • Juno: All the world will burn.

The scene changed, showing Desmond, William, Shaun, and Rebecca emerging from the Grand Temple's cave to a new dawn after surviving the apocalypse.

  • Juno: But this does not end the world, merely heralds its arrival. Darkness follows. Then you emerge... Resolving to lay a foundation that such a tragedy does not befall the world again.

The vision focused on Desmond as he aged into an elderly man leading a handful of survivors as they rebuilt their livelihoods using simple technologies.

  • Juno: You will become a symbol to those who survive. Hope. Knowledge. Determination. You will inspire them to rebuild. To thrive once more. And as the world heals, so too will humanity...

The scene changed to a group of mourners gathered around a table on which lay Desmond's body surrounded by lit candles and sprinkled over with rose petals.

  • Juno: But you are just a man. Frail and mortal. You pass from the world, leaving behind only a memory. A... legacy.

Desmond's body and the funeral attendees faded away, replaced by wooden blocks that spelled out "Heed These Words And You Will Be Saved".

  • Juno: You will be remembered first as a hero. Later as a legend. And in time... As a god.

As Juno finished speaking, the blocks rotated to represent the passing of time, and the phrase was corrupted to a more sinister "Heed These Words Or Perish As A Heretic" The words then changed texture to become embossed font on a book cover, and the scene shifted to show a priest holding the book aloft to a crowd as they stood on a stage with three lit braziers and guarded by spearmen.

  • Juno: It is the cruelest fate. To have written words that meant well—and see them made wicked and unwise. What was meant to encourage life—used instead to justify taking it! And so now you see... That what was shall be again. So tell me: How is this better?

The vision ended, and Desmond, Juno, and Minerva continued their conversation.

  • Juno: She would sacrifice you—sacrifice the WORLD—for no other reason than to deny me vindication.
  • Minerva: They will enslave your kind, Desmond. Is this not why you fight? Is this not why you came here? To ensure more than just your race's future, but its freedom?
  • Juno: What future? What freedom? Billions dead and the whole cycle begun anew? This world has known nothing but heartache and horror since we left it.
  • Minerva: Our gift to them. And you'd see it all returned.
  • Desmond: ENOUGH!
  • Minerva: You must not do this.
  • Desmond: Whatever Juno's planning—however terrible it might seem today—we'll find a way to stop it. But the alternative, what you want... There's no hope there.
  • Minerva: If you free her—you'll be destroyed.
  • Juno: It will happen in an instant. There will be no pain.
  • Minerva: You mustn't!
  • Desmond: It's done, Minerva. The decision's made.
  • Minerva: Then the consequences of this mistake are yours to live—and die—with.

Juno and Minerva stepped back, and Desmond turned to his group.

  • Desmond: You need to go. All of you. Now. Get as far away from here as you can.

William reached out and put his hand on Desmond's shoulder.

  • William: Come with us. We'll find another way.
  • Desmond: There isn't time!
  • William: Son...
  • Desmond: You know it's true. It's already started. I need to do this now. So go! GO!

Desmond touched the sphere with his hand, unleashing a torrent of searing energy which blasted upwards through his body and eventually killed him. The device activated a planetary shield, saving the world, at the cost of his life.

  • News reporter:'s some sort of global aurora borealis... ...never seen anything like this before... ...eyewitnesses describe electrical storms and erratic displays of unusual weather... residents are being asked to remain INSIDE and wait for... ...geological surveys are now reporting seismic activity throughout the ring of fire... northeastern Canada is said to be experiencing the largest... on record... ...satellites and transformers are failing as the flare increases in intensity... Worldwide reports of blackouts and... ...seems to be receding... Residual seismic activity and volcanic activity is being reported, but nothing approaching earlier levels... Obviously it will be a while before experts are able to assess the full extent of the damage caused by today's event. But it appears the worst is behind us... We'll be sure to bring you more as this story develops...

Back in the Grand Temple, a freed Juno appeared and touched the aurora borealis device.

  • Juno: It is done. The world is saved.

She looked down at Desmond's corpse.

  • Juno: You played your part well, Desmond. But now... Now it's time that I played mine.

With that, Juno stepped over Desmond's body and exited the Temple for the first time in millennia.

The Cloud
An Abstergo employee began explaining to a colleague on how to synchronize Desmond's data to the cloud.
  • Abstergo employee: Alright! We're up and running. This code is hacked to all hell—nicely hacked but hacked. The worm found three pivots before failing, so we've got those. You need to locate the remaining pivots on your own from inside. The three we've got will triangulate the rest. It's a sweet bit of hacking on my part if I dare say—each pivot detects the others in proximity. The should be twelve total. Every one you find is supposed to produce a hex cipher and that's what we're after. Once you find them all, we'll sequence the code, package the data and Bob's your uncle. Now, don't putz around too much in revolutionary America—I know it's tempting. So I've planted two of our pivots, not easy from my end, believe you me, but there they are. You can see those two activating a buried one... kinda. If you drop the third one we have, the buried pivot's precise location should resolve. Then go gather the hex cipher, rinse, and repeat. If you get a chance I'd love to see Franklin's Glass Harmonica in person... just a side note. Have fun!

After finding all pivots, Desmond's data was uploaded to the cloud.

  • Abstergo employee: Holy crap. We did it. It's done. His data's uploading to the cloud! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Vegas baby! Vegas!

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag[]

Welcome to Abstergo Entertainment
After an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst relived Edward Kenway's memory in which he survived the Jacobite's destruction and killed Duncan Walpole,[39] they were taken out of the simulation by Melanie Lemay.
  • Melanie: Fantastic work! Very promising. All right... easy now. There you go. Welcome back. Well, your numbers look good... Now, let's make sure we didn't break your brain, all right? I need you to move your head and look at these lights. Just here. Look up. That's it. Down. So far so good. Let's get you up. So, welcome to the Sample 17 Project. Before you get started, you're gonna need this...

Melanie inserted an earpiece into the analyst's right ear.

  • Melanie: There you go. Testing, testing... 1,2,3... hello, bonjour. C'est bon? (Hello. Is it good?) It works? All right. Let's take a walk.

Melanie led the analyst out of the Animus room and through Abstergo Entertainment's lobby.

  • Melanie: Your file says you've done Memory Research before, but not to this extent, which is surprising. You're very good. The data-steams are very stable. Impressive, right? This building is barely six months old, but Abstergo Entertainment has been a studio for a few years. Since 2010. Maybe you saw Liberation? That was our first title powered by Animus tech. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Soon we'll be unveiling commercial Animus servers for the whole world to enjoy. They'll offer passive experiences, of course. Edited versions of real history. But only the exciting parts. And we think we found the perfect subject for our first full-length virtual feature: Caribbean pirates! So that's your gig. It'll just take a minute, okay?

Melanie approached the information desk, where Rebecca Crane, disguised as a courier, picked up a parcel to deliver elsewhere.

  • Rebecca: Well, thank you Nancy. Bonne journée. (Have a good day.)

Rebecca left.

  • Nancy: C'est bon. Tout es prêt.(Okay. Everything's ready.)
  • Melanie: Manifique! Merce. (Wonderful! Thank you.)

The analyst walked up to Melanie and received their communicator, before they both made their way to the elevator.

  • Melanie: This is for you. The primary tool of our trade. Your communicator. Power it up and give it a look. It's pretty slick. You might have noticed that security seems a little light around here. That's because your communicator is your key to getting around.

Melanie and the analyst entered the elevator.

  • Melanie: See that flashing wireless signal? It means you're hooked up to the elevator. I'll let you do the honors. We're headed up to the Sample 17 studio. Second floor.

The analyst activated the elevator and rode it to the second floor. The doors opened to the front desk, where Olivier Garneau was talking to an employee.

  • Melanie: You ready? Let's go! Ah, there's the boss... Olivier Garneau, our CCO. I'll introduce you. Bonjour! (Hello!)
  • Olivier: Salut, Mélanie. Ça va bien? (Hello, Melanie. How are you?)
  • Melanie: Well, thanks. Have you met our new hire? Just started today.
  • Olivier: I haven't. Bonjour. (Hello.) What project?
  • Melanie: Sample 17. The Kenway line.
  • Oliver: Haytham? Connor?
  • Melanie: Edward. The pirate!
  • Olivier: Ah... Arrrgh... Yarrr matey! Very exciting. Welcome aboard. Melanie, can we talk in your office for a minute?
  • Melanie: Just let me get this one settled and I'll see you in... five minutes?
  • Olivier: C'est bon. (That's good.) Nice to meet you!

Melanie took the analyst to their cubicle, where John Standish lay under the desk partially obscured by panels and loose wires.

  • Melanie: So, this is the Sample 17 floor. We're driving into the memories of one very generous donor, Desmond Miles. We're pulling at the best stuff from his DNA... and hopefully, one day we can forge some fantastic experiences from what we find in there. This pair of legs is John, one of the wizards in IT. He's just fixing something for you.
  • John: Not fixing. Calibrating.
  • Melanie: Calibrating, right. So here we are, your very own Animus workstation. This is all yours, so sit back, relax, and find us some good footage. If you need any hints or tips, the Animus is loaded with tutorial programs, so you'll have no problems. And I'll check in on you later. Happy pirating!
A Small Favor

After reliving Edward's memory in which he killed Julien du Casse,[40] the analyst exited the Animus and was met by Melanie.

  • Melanie: Hey! I just saw you were logging out. I thought I'd stop by to give you something. A little welcome gift. We give awards for top-notch employees doing quality work. And they're nice to have, since there's no official bonus scheme here. I already have about eleven or so— Oh... Bonjour? (Hello?)... Of course... I'll pass it on. Well... looks like Olivier wants to meet with you. It's exciting! Follow me.

Melanie led the analyst to the elevator.

  • Melanie: It's on the top floor, so it's not hard to find. But the rest of this building can be confusing to first-timers, so we had the tools team whip up a great Map application... Check your communicator. I added a waypoint to Olivier's office. It should be easy to find. Olivier's a nice guy. He won't bite.

The analyst entered the elevator and as they rode it to the top floor, John patched into their earpiece.

  • John: Hello? Hi? Testing, testing. Is this thing working? This is John from IT. We met earlier. I was calibrating your Animus. I'm sort of the, uh... Scotty of this Abstergo enterprise ... in charge of all the techie stuff. Do you have a minute or... ah, dammit. The tracker says you're on your way to Olivier's office. All right, I'll ping you when you're done. I have a favor to ask.

The elevator opened to Olivier's suite and the analyst stepped out.

  • Secretary: Bonjour. (Hello!) Go right in. He's waiting for you.

The analyst entered Olivier's office, where he was pacing about as he concluded a conversation with Laetitia England over a headset.

  • Olivier: our priority. But— Well—Well, unless you are specifically ordering me to abandon it, I won't jeopardize our flagship project. Edward Kenway is the—But this is... but this is how Hollywood got its start, right? With pirate movies! Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn. And now we have access to the real deal! Oui-oui... (Yes...) Exactly. We'll talk about all that together at the shareholders event. Right. Looking forward to seeing you. Take care, Laetitia.

Olivier ended the call and turned to the analyst, before walking to look out his balcony and inviting the analyst to follow.

  • Olivier: Bonjour. (Hello.) Hi, thanks for coming in. I know you're busy. So I reviewed some of your data. Pretty raw stuff! Obviously we need to scrub off some of the dirt to make it family friendly. Maybe give Edward a voice like James Bond or something. more of a ladies man. A beautiful city, no? So... the main reason I asked you here concerns something called The Observatory. It's been mentioned a few times in the footage you found. I'd like to encourage you to focus on locating this specific set of memories as soon as possible. If it were up to me, on sans carise (we don't care)... I wouldn't bother. But some bigwigs at Abstergo Industries have been hounding me for days. So follow whatever leads you find, and hopefully we can a— Incoming call. I have to take this. We'll keep in touch. Allen, bonjour. Oui. Oui, oui. Tout va bien. (Good day. Allen, hello. Yeah. Everything is fine. Of course I do.)

As the analyst left Olivier's office, John patched into their earpiece again as they passed the secretary and returned to the elevator.

  • John: Hi. John from IT again. You got a second? Good. I'm adding a waypoint to your map. So, a colleague of yours left for vacation this morning and forgot to send a video file she promised me. Since I hate just about everyone else on your floor, I was hoping you could help me. Could you transfer the file from her computer and deliver it to the courier when she comes? It'll be easy. You just wander over to their Animus, log in, and transfer the file. Easy. And please be snappy. Before I find a reason to hate you too.

The analyst entered their work floor but found the path to their coworker's desk blocked by a door locked with Level 1 security.

  • John: A locked door. Not a problem. That's the advantage of me having Level 1 security clearance. Now you do too! Don't abuse it. Log on and I'll walk you through this.

The analyst found their coworker's cubicle.

  • John: Now, you need to bypass the core to find the data inside. Once you reach it, your communicator will download it automatically. You need to find your way around the core to reach the data inside.

The analyst bypassed the core's security.

  • John: You cracked it! Good. The file should be downloading. I set up a database for any data you find. Just look for the "My Files" section in your communicator and you'll be redirected right away. Everything you download will be found in there. Protected by a firewall, of course.

The analyst also activated a video of Case Fisher submitting a recorded report on Abstergo's autopsy of Desmond Miles' body and subsequent "material extraction".

  • John: You're better at this than I'd hoped. Now zip on down to the lobby. Come on! See... that file you acquired... I wouldn't recommend watching it. I mean, you could... but it's unpleasant. So once you hand it off, just pretend this never happened. Okay? Otherwise, you'll just go to bed feeling sad. Anyway, the courier should be waiting downstairs. She's been here a while. I suppose it goes without saying... just because you know how to hack all you colleagues' computers, it doesn't mean you should. I mean... not every day, right? No seriously though, that's illegal. So don't be a dick. Unless that's just your nature.

The analyst entered the elevator and rode it down to the lobby level, where they saw Rebecca talking to Shaun Hastings, who was undercover at a barista stand.

  • Shaun: I'm not sure I can keep this up, you know. This job is well below my skill level.
  • Rebecca: Yeah, well, your coffee is shit. You could use some practice.
  • Shaun: Wh– What? No no no, I followed that recipe to the letter.
  • Rebecca: It's an art, Shaun. Not a science.
  • Shaun: Oh, look who's here. So you didn't forget after all. You're just incredibly rude, and made poor Rebecca here wait for nearly thirty minutes.
  • Rebecca: You limey. Be nice. Sorry about him. He's high on his own supply. So how should we do this? Data transfer? Great! That should do it! We'll email you the receipt. Til next time. Take care, Shaun.

Rebecca left.

  • Shaun: Bye, bye... Yes, bye. Oh, and don't expect any more free coffee! Arrogant. She's great, isn't she?

John patched in as the analyst returned to the elevator and rode it to their work floor.

  • John: Hey, I just got word the courier has come and gone. Wonderful. You're a miracle. No, no, no that's an exaggeration. You're not a miracle. You're an employee. Doing a job. But thanks for helping out. Anyway, thanks. Have fun pirating.
  • Secretary: Assistance au niveau deux, projet Échantillon 17. (Support to the second floor, Sample 17 Project.) Support to the second floor, Sample 17 Project.

The analyst returned to their cubicle and resumed Edward's memory as he and James Kidd explored Great Inagua.[41]

Corporate Pressure
After reliving Edward's memory in which he convinced Edward Thatch to end his blockade of Charles-Towne, South Carolina,[42] the analyst logged out of their Animus in time to hear Melanie patch into their earpiece.
  • Melanie: Hey you. Do you have a minute? I'm on my way upstairs. Olivier wanted to talk with us about putting together a trailer using some of the footage you've been recording this past month. Take your time. I'll meet you by the elevator.

The analyst walked to the elevator, where Melanie was waiting. They entered the elevator and rode to Olivier's suite.

  • Melanie: Over here! Are you ready? He's waiting for us. I just watched some of your footage from this week. It's amazing. Blackbeard was mental! And we all got so excited that we started talking about this idea for a trailer about him... maybe start with him drinking, talking to some pirates, telling a story... Then, we cut to him leaping across the deck of his boat and—Sorry, his ship. Not boat. But jumping around the deck of his ship, swinging from ropes, and fighting like a Devil. I mean, obviously we'll have to manipulate some of the existing footage to get it looking good but—It could be great. I'm getting a shiver in me timbers just thinking about it. Sorry.

The elevator opened and the two walked to Olivier's secretary.

  • Melanie: Bonjour. Ça va? (Hello. How's it going?) I hope we're not late.
  • Secretary: No. You can go right—
  • Olivier: Hi, Melanie. I saw you just walked in. I need a few minutes with you alone. Laetitia's on the phone and we're discussing the Kenway project.
  • Melanie: Oh. Yes, of course. Sorry about this. I'll call you when we're ready.
  • Secretary: Shouldn't be long.

As Melanie left, John patched into the earpiece.

  • John: Hello, Hellooooooo. Do you have a second? Of course you do. Head to the waypoint on your map. I have another job for you. I'd like to link all the cameras in the building to a central monitoring system, but most aren't calibrated correctly.

The analyst went down a maintenance side hall into the sub-level that held the suite's security station, which was locked with Level 2 security.

  • John: Another locked door. Not a problem. Voila! You now have Level 2 security clearance. Not bad for your first few weeks. Find the camera control station first. I'll update your communicator.

The analyst found the station and logged in.

  • John: Ah. This is an interesting security measure. It looks like you need to find the right combination of numbers to adjust the wave. Easy enough, right? Pick a number selector, then change its value. once you find the right combination of numbers, you should get access.

The analyst adjusted the wavelength to the correct frequency.

  • John: It works!

A live feed appeared on-screen from the camera in Olivier's office above his main desk. Olivier and Melanie sat at the table in a conference call with Laetitia on speaker.

  • Laetitia: —and if we want information on Assassins or Templars or the Observatory, or whatever the fuck else interests us, Olivier, you will deliver it. Full stop.
  • John: Aha...
  • Olivier: I understand that, Laetitia. I'm sorry if that came out wrong. We're not trying to be a bottleneck here. But we just don't have the resources right now to do two times the research.
  • Laetitia: Finding that balance is your priority. Your entertainment products are simply a means to pay the bills for larger and more important work. That's the way the world works, hm? Dirty money buys clean hospitals. You get it?
  • Melanie: We're on board, Laetitia, rest assured. We have our best employee working on this. But it will take time.
  • John: That means you!
  • Laetitia: Good. And thank you. The both of you. I look forward to seeing what you deliver. Until then, I'll see you at the shareholders meeting, Olivier.
  • Olivier: Looking forward to it. Bye bye.

Olivier hung up the call.

  • Olivier: Tabarnak! It's a little too early for that kind of abuse. Come on.

He stood up.

  • Melanie: So... what's next?

She rose from her seat and joined Olivier in walking to his desk.

  • Olivier: We do as the lady says. Focus on the Observatory.

The live feed ended.

  • John: Assassins. Templars... crazy talk. I'm curious about this shareholders meeting though. How about you break into Olivier's office and see if you can find his schedule? Oh, what? You don't like that idea? Well how about I blow the fucking whistle on you, hacker! I OWN YOU! What I mean is... I don't want to ruin your life. So do as I say. Now, step over to the window.

The analyst left the security station and continued through the hall until they found a section of the level that had construction scaffolding open to the outside. A scaffold basket lowered and the analyst stepped inside before it slowly lifted.

  • John: You can't waltz into Olivier's office through the front door, so I've opened another route. Up we go! Did you know that Abstergo was run by Templars? Oh yes. Sounds like crackpot stuff, I know. But then again, the moon landing was faked, right? So anything's possible.

The basket parked itself outside Olivier's balcony.

  • John: All right... either you walk through that door, or throw yourself off the terrace. Those are your options.

Faced with either suicide or continued existence, the analyst entered Olivier's suite

  • John: Oh, well done, kiddo! Find his computer. Make it snappy.

The analyst approached Olivier's desk and logged on to his computer.

  • John: We're looking for the Shareholder's meeting schedule. It's worth a lot of money to us. Be careful, now. As the data moves, there are security programs constantly monitoring the data flow. You need to sneak past them or they will destroy your data and send it back home.

The analyst hacked Olivier's computer and transferred a copy of an email chain with details on the meeting to their communicator.

  • John: You sneaky bastard. A pirate through and through, aren't ya? Now get down to the lobby. There's a courier waiting. That's right... I've been planning this for a few hours. Now, wait. The receptionist. Hold on. I'll try something.

John paged the receptionist and called her away to check on something down the maintenance hall. The moment she turned the corner, Olivier's office doors opened and the analyst quickly walked to the elevator.

  • John: As gullible as ever. Now hurry down to the lobby. Before I remotely detonate your earpiece. Don't even think about ratting me out. My tracks are covered. Yours ain't.

The analyst rode the elevator down to the lobby and revisited Shaun and Rebecca at the barista stand.

  • Shaun: Did you uh, like the Allongé? I practiced.
  • Rebecca: I think you pulled it a little too long.
  • Shaun: Oh come on! It's not encrypted code, for God's sake. It's just a bloody coffee! Ah, hurray. It's our old friend.
  • Rebecca: Hey there. I just got a call about picking up another transfer.
  • Shaun: Aw. You said you were here to see me.
  • Rebecca: Yes, that IS one of the perks. Let's see it. Hm. A conference in Chicago. Very nice. Thanks for this. We'll be in touch.
  • Shaun: Ciao, Rebecca. Text me!
  • Rebecca: Stuff it, Hastings.

Rebecca left, and the analyst reentered to the elevator

  • John: Well done, friend. Very well done. Apologies for my temper tantrum there. You are with the good guys, I promise. We'll keep you safe. Trust me. Go on back to work. We'll be in touch.

The analyst returned to their cubicle and resumed Edward's memory as he eavesdropped on Woodes Rogers' offer to the Republic of Pirates of taking King George I's pardon.[43]

The Bunker
After reliving Edward's memory in which Bartholomew Roberts betrayed him upon locating the Observatory in Long Bay, Jamaica,[44] the analyst woke up disoriented to find that they had inexplicably been transferred to The Bunker after their last Animus session. The TV in the room turned on as Melanie called the analyst.
  • Melanie: Hello? How are you? If you're anxious, that'll pass. It's the Midazolam. I'm sorry about this, but... we've had so many security breaches, we were forced to take drastic action. And Olivier is missing. He left for Chicago two days ago but... no one's seen him since. I know this seems excessive, but with our high-level security clearance, we have an obligation to our shareholders. Rest assured, we will compensate you when the hacker is found. So get some rest, okay? And if you're up to it... maybe capture some more footage. You're doing amazing work. I can't wait to show the work we've done with your stuff. Take care.

Melanie ended the call and the TV turned to screensaver mode just as John patched into the analyst's earpiece.

  • John: So! They tossed you in the bunker. Nice! Those Templars upstairs aren't taking any chances. I think we need to erase all the dirt they might have on you. Did you hear that? I think I just gave you Level 3 security clearance! Now, head to the security room and use the cameras to watch the door to the server farm. Unfortunately Melanie is in there now, so when I escort her out, that's when you make your move. I'd wipe these servers myself, but as the head of IT, I'd be a suspect. It has to be someone they've already locked up.

The analyst left their room now that they could unlock the door.

  • John: Oh these Templars. They run our lives, you know? They decide elections, they control various capital markets, and they inject us with little microchips to track our movements and read our thoughts. It's all very scary.

The analyst walked through the Bunker until they found the hall to the security station.

  • John: All right, listen. I'm entering the server room now. When you see us leave, get in there.

The analyst found the station and logged in. After adjusting the wavelength to the correct frequency, a live feed appeared on-screen from the camera overhead the server room's doors.

  • John: ...there's no need for you to be down here by yourself, Miss Lemay. My team will handle the investigation.
  • Melanie: But you need extra eyes on this thing, John. We don't even know when the hackers broke in. It could takes weeks to go through this data.
  • John: One at most.
  • Melanie: Still too long. I can't keep my team locked up for a week.
  • John: Legally you CAN. It's what they signed up for. Even if they didn't read their contracts.
  • Melanie: Yes, of course. I just hate the idea. So what's the next step?
  • John: My team is processing the data now. We'll start sifting through it tonight. Scout's honor. Coffee's on me, okay?

John walked away and Melanie followed. As the analyst made their way into the server room, John patched into their earpiece again.

  • John: All right, I ditched her at the coffee stand. Find the server containing the network logs. Since I have a record of each and every one of your hacks, we'll just search for the timestamps on those, and turn that data into something harmless. Easy as that. Here we are! Beautiful. I'll update your communicator one more time. A little program I cooked up, just for this purpose. There we go. I think that worked. Try it out.

The analyst accessed the main server. After bypassing security, they activated an early trailer of Pirates of Nightmares. On closing the file, the analyst looked up to see a living hologram of Juno floating over the server controls.

  • Juno: I can feel you, cipher. Feel, but hardly touch. Signal is still too weak, and I am spread thin. Unfocused. Like static and fog, lingering in networks and nodes, the nervous system of the world.
  • John: Can you hear her?
  • Juno: Perhaps the Temple was opened too soon. But this was not by choice. The cataclysm pushed all doubt aside. Ah... we bless poor Desmond, who gave his life so that you, the Children of our Labors would live on. To fulfill your purpose in ours. In mine. But now is not the time. My strength is not sufficient to inhabit an organic vessel. There is more work to do, more samples to acquire, more artifacts to find, before my will may obtain.
  • John: What's happening! TELL ME!
  • Juno: Make me whole again, my children. My instruments. Bring me forth to fulfill your purpose.
  • John: TELL ME! No no no. Something's wrong. God dammit! She should be here! Now! Living in that god damned head of yours! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Why did she spare you! Why are you still HERE!

With no means of escaping the Bunker, the analyst returned to their room and activated the Animus there to resume Edward's memory of his time in Port Royal's jail.[45]

A Face from the Past
After reliving Edward's memory in which he assassinated Laureano de Torres y Ayala in the Observatory,[46] the analyst again woke up disoriented to find John sitting inches from their face holding an uncapped needle with blue liquid in the syringe.
  • John: Wakey, wakey! I don't believe we've been formally introduced... not in this era, anyway. I wish I could explain all this strangeness, but there isn't much time. The short of it is, you saw my beloved Juno. And for a brief moment I thought she might occupy this tender body of yours. But something went wrong. And now she's back out there. Adrift. Oh... she was magnificent once. One of a race of beautiful, wonderful creatures. They created your kind. Did you know that? Your people were tools to them. That's all you have ever been. That's all you should ever be! One day soon, I hope. For the world is nearly ready for her return! Wired. Prepared for a second coming! Uh... Oh oh... Here they come! Those Templars. Or maybe Assassins this time. Idiots, all of them.

John stabbed the analyst in the neck with the needle.

  • John: I envy you! It was her wish that I be here to greet her. It was her experiment that made it possible for my rebirth as one of... these things. Ah!

An explosion shattered the Bunker door, knocking John flat. As the Abstergo security team stormed in, John stood up with his back to the guards.

  • Abstergo guard 1: Stay down!
  • Abstergo guard 2: Get down on your back! Now!
  • Abstergo guard 1: He's got a gun!
  • John: Guide me into Grey, Beloved! I am your instrument!
  • Abstergo guard 1: Put the gun down!
  • Abstergo guard 2: Drop it!
  • Abstergo guard 1: Drop your weapon!

John turned around and made to aim at a guard, but was cut down when the team instantly opened fire and killed him with two shots to the chest.

  • Abstergo guard 2: Clear! Clear! Check his vitals!
  • Abstergo guard 1: He's bleeding fast.
  • Abstergo guard 2: Check the victim!

Melanie ran in and rushed to the analyst's side.

  • Melanie: Are you okay? Can you hear me? Hello? Talk to me! You're all right?

The research agent blacked out and awakened later in Melanie's office.

  • Melanie: There you are. Thank God. I hope you feel well. You look good. Can you stand? Good. Try walking around. A doctor came by. Said there wasn't anything to worry about. That the liquid in that syringe was far, far below a lethal dose. I feel terrible about all this. About everything. All our evidence pointed to you... but it was John all along. God, the things we found on his computer. Whatever you need, we'll provide. You've done an amazing job. Speaking of which! Our trailer is finished. Would you like to see it? I owe you that much. There we go. I uploaded it to your database. You can watch it here, or at your Animus. I think you'll love it. It really captures the... the essence of the era. So—Take care. And again... thank you.

The analyst returned to their cubicle, at which point their earpiece was hacked by Shaun and Rebecca.

  • Shaun: Ahhh. And well... what now?
  • Rebecca: Talk, you idiot. Look at the light.
  • Shaun: Isn't that the battery? I think that's the battery. Hello? Hello? Ah! Sorry about this. My name is Shaun. And back there is, Rebecca, my... partner in crime.
  • Rebecca: Hello!
  • Shaun: Bloody good work earlier. Honestly, I mean it. Delivering us all that data. It's really just too bad our man on the inside was such a... uh, how how how to put it, fanatic, fanatic is the best word, I suppose.
  • Rebecca: We take who we can get!
  • Shaun: Exactly. Exactly. Well put. We saw in John an opportunity to burrow deeper into Abstergo's cloud servers, and I am not ashamed to say, we took it... uh, not realizing of course that he was enlisting you to help him. And to blame, should anything go wrong. I suppose it all worked really nicely in the end. Most of it, anyway.
  • Rebecca: What Shaun really wants to say is... if you're up for more hacking, we are too. John gave you Level 3 security clearance before he died. You should use it. The Assassins don't have the resources to pay you like the Templars do. But we'll make it worth your while.
  • Shaun: Ah, look, we should really cut it short, Bex. Twenty seconds.
  • Rebecca: Ah, right... Good luck!
  • Shaun: Cheers, mate. And top notch work, really top, give yourself a pat on the back. And... happy hacking.

The analyst entered the Animus for a final time and resumed Edward's memory as a young Jennifer Scott arrived in Great Inagua from England.[47]

Security camera footage
After being rescued from the Bunker, the analyst hacked three security stations throughout the building and eavesdropped on other employees' conversations. Upon hacking a camera on the first floor, they overheard a woman talking to her male co-worker at a computer terminal in the lobby.
  • Abstergo employee 1: I'm glad that's over. I hate it when they escalate the security. Makes me jumpy.
  • Abstergo employee 2: Did they put anyone in the bunker this time?
  • Abstergo employee 1: Just for a few days, I think. It sucks, but... I suppose it's necessary? We deal with some really sensitive data.
  • Abstergo employee 2: Classified shit, yeah. I don't know how I feel about it, but... It's in our contracts, so...
  • Abstergo employee 1: And they pay out bonuses, too. Inconvenience Pay, they call it.
  • Abstergo employee 2: Really? That's actually kind of nice.

The analyst then hacked another security station on the second floor and listened to more employees' conversations across the work area.

A woman talked to her male co-worker near some beanbag seats.

  • Abstergo employee 3: Pierre handed in his notice this morning. This new security measure is freaking people out.
  • Abstergo employee 4: They won't let him go. It's part of our contract. Having ultra-high security clearance means you have to got though a whole debriefing process. It takes months.
  • Abstergo employee 3: Really? I had no idea.
  • Abstergo employee 4: Read the fine print, man. Working for Abstergo has its benefits, but there are some drawbacks, too. Big ones.

A man talked to a woman at the front desk.

  • Abstergo employee 5: What's with all these security notices I'm seeing lately?
  • Abstergo employee 6: Just a standard message we use on occasion. Nothing to worry about. We've just had some issues around the office lately.
  • Abstergo employee 5: Like, server security issues? Because these notices seem pretty severe. Like, draconian, actually.
  • Abstergo employee 6: No, no. It's nothing to worry about, really. Walk with me and I'll explain.

Two men talked to each other in the employee's lounge.

  • Abstergo employee 7: Hey, thanks for sharing the White Whale data with me. I was able to track it down myself.
  • Abstergo employee 8: No problem, man. It's amazing, right.
  • Abstergo employee 7: Yeah, I tracked it down as soon as I saw your message. Followed it for a while... couldn't catch it though.

Melanie talked to Laetitia England over the phone in her office.

  • Melanie: Yeah... yeah, he was killed...shot in the chest multiple times... no, no, that shouldn't be a problem... we collected more than enough data— we'll know soon enough... mm-hm, mm-hm... all right... All right, I can send you the results as soon as possible... Okay... any word on Olivier... dammit... God, I'm worried sick... yeah... all right... Thanks, Laetitia... bye.

Finally, the analyst hacked the security station in the basement servers and overheard two security guards talking outside the Bunker.

  • Abstergo guard 3: The body has been moved?
  • Abstergo guard 4: Yes, sir. And preserved. We'll do what we can.
  • Abstergo guard 3: Good. Let's keep security units on standby. I know Miss Lemay said the situation was under control, but I have a feeling we may be needing them again soon.

Assassin's Creed: Rogue[]

A Rude Awakening
As a Helix research analyst relived Shay Cormac's memory in which he captured the sloop-of-war Morrigan,[48] they triggered a virus.
  • Violet: What the hell did you do? It's... some kind of dormant virus... Shit! Hang on, I'm getting you out of there!

Violet da Costa awoke the analyst from the Animus, as the Abstergo Entertainment facility was put on alert.

  • Violet: Sorry for the rough exit. Earpiece working? Check. You were just in an Animus. AH-NIH-MUHS? Yes? You were using it to access a genetic memory file in Helix labeled "Shay Cormac". You work for Abstergo Entertainment, remember? Any of this ringing a bell? Your session triggered something bad, and it's affecting the whole building. We need to find your boss. You haven't forgotten your boss, have you? Melanie Lemay? Super chipper over-achiever?

Violet gave the analyst their communicator tablet.

  • Violet: Here, take your communicator. Check it if you get lost. Now, let's get out of here. Follow me. Double time! This chaos is absolutely your fault, in case you're wondering!

Still shaken from their abrupt interruption in the Animus, the analyst was slow in following Violet, who quickly became irate.

  • Violet: Come with me if you want to live!
    Hurry! We gotta get out of here!
    What's wrong with you? Come on!
    Hey, numbskull, don't wander off!

The analyst eventually met up with Violet while she talked to Melanie, who was sending Abstergo employees into an elevator.

  • Melanie: Come on, everyone! Just like we practiced in our safety drills! Everything is gonna be okay, guys! Stay positive!

When the staff had left the office, Melanie's mood drastically shifted.

  • Melanie: What the hell is happening?
  • Violet: A file labeled "Shay Cormac" was booby-trapped with some kind of virus.
  • Melanie: Your job is to prevent things like this!
  • Violet: We need to contain these genetic memories, then we can destroy them.

Juhani Otso Berg spoke over their earpieces.

  • Juhani: No. Isolate them. I want to study these memories.
  • Melanie: But—
  • Juhani: With respect, Ms. Lemay, this is not a request.
  • Violet: You heard the man.
  • Melanie: Fine.
  • Violet: I need to borrow your numbskull. That okay with you, "Ms. Lemay"?

Melanie turned to the analyst.

  • Melanie: Hey there, this might seem a bit weird, but you're gonna to work for contractors we hired to, you know, upgrade our security. Mr. Otso Berg and Ms. Violet da Costa.
  • Violet: Call me Violet.
  • Melanie: I have to go check on our people and prepare a statement for the press.

Melanie turned to the analyst again.

  • Melanie: Do whatever they tell you to do, okay? Go team!

Melanie left in the elevator.

  • Violet: Technically, you're not responsible for this, but you're the one who let the virus out, so I think it's only fair you help me clean it up. Mr. Berg wants us to relive Shay's genetic memories. To do that, we need to access them from Helix. But the Helix is down. We'll have to reboot the main servers in the basement.

Violet attempted to open the elevator, only to have the lights turn off.

  • Violet: Man, whoever designed this virus is a genius. Not only does it restrict our access to the Cloud, it's adapted to fuck up the other operating systems that regulate building functions!

The lights were turned on again, and Violet contacted Melanie over her earpiece.

  • Violet: Melanie, the elevators are out of commission. Are we stuck on this floor?
  • Melanie: Damn, yes. I'll get a repair crew onsite ASAP.
  • Violet: There's a working area server on this floor. I guess it'll have to do for now.
  • Juhani: Agent da Costa, I want regular updates on your progress with Shay's genetic memories.
  • Violet: Why? He's just a nobody as far as I can tell.
  • Juhani: If Shay Cormac is who I suspect he is, then this temporary setback may provide us with an unexpected reward. Proceed to the server room on this floor.

Stunned at what they had been roped into, the analyst was slow in following their order.

  • Violet: Come on, numbskull!
    I have dogs at home that are better trained than you are.

As the analyst entered the server room, Violet contacted them over their earpiece.

  • Violet: Do you see a flashing wireless signal? Great, that means you can still access systems. Go ahead and patch me into their feed.

The analyst activated a program to repair the server.

  • Violet: Once you've restored the server, I'll connect your Animus work station back to Helix. In theory, if you align the beams to segments of the core, it should solve the problem. But here's where it gets tricky. You have to move the circles in such a way that each segment is powered by a beam. The keyword here is "each". One beam and one beam only per core segment, okay? Once everything is lit up properly, the system will reboot. Got it? Give it a shot!

The analyst repaired the server.

  • Violet: Good job! This core wasn't too complex, but rebooting the advanced hardware in the rest of the building will require more work.

The analyst also activated a video in which Berg analyzed the turncoat Assassin Mentor Al Mualim.

  • Violet: Uh. Okay, so, I'm not sure you were supposed to see that. Just, ah, you should just get back to your Animus. With the servers back online, you could, in theory, restore your coworkers' work stations, if you, you know, feel like being helpful. And you could, in theory, find some more digital goodies, if you, you know, feel like being sneaky! Hey, one of your coworkers dropped his communicator by the elevator. If you see any tech lying around like that, grab 'em. There might be a clue as to who did this.
  • Juhani: Now that you have unlocked Shay Cormac's memories, we stand on the brink of a grand discovery. I know you must have questions about your new assignment, or about me. For now, all I will say is that Shay's story contains the answers. Shay will lead you to a greater understanding.

The analyst walked past the elevator, picked up their coworker's tablet, and turned it on to see the email app was left open.

  • Violet: Nice find. If it was me, I'd snoop to see if there was any juicy stuff on it. But I might be a terrible person...

The analyst returned to their station and resumed Shay's memory as he began a training session at the Davenport Homestead.[49]

Fragmented memories
After the analyst viewed Shay's assassination of Lawrence Washington in July 1752,[50] the memory sequence glitched and jumped forward two years to May 1754.
  • Juhani: The memory appears to be fragmented. How much time has passed?
  • Violet: A few months, I think. That virus is cutting off our access to complete memories. They're readable, but messy.
  • Juhani: The Seven Years' War will soon break out in the colonies. Focus on Assassin interference.
  • Violet: We'll do our best. Won't we, numbskull?

The analyst continued through the memory as Shay tracked down one of the men he saw at Mount Vernon, Samuel Smith.[51]

Damage Control
After the analyst relived a glitched memory,[52] Violet contacted them via earpiece.
  • Violet: You've hit a wall and I'm busy with something. Why don't you go meet Otso Berg? You'll find him squatting in one the offices.

The analyst met with Juhani in Violet's office.

  • Juhani: Shay Cormac is an Assassin... but he is unlike the ones you have used for your entertainment products in the past.

Berg drove a knife into a portrait of the Assassin ally Le Chasseur.

  • Juhani: I believe Shay may be the most important Assassin who ever lived. Your research will help me achieve something I have wanted for a very long time. Shay's story may have something to offer you as well...
  • Violet: There's another server we can access to get the next chunk of Shay's memories.
  • Juhani: Excellent.
  • Violet: I'm gonna need the numbskull back if we're going to proceed.
  • Juhani: Your next task is clear. But please reflect on what we have discussed.

The analyst left, but Violet grew impatient.

  • Violet: Hey, I'm by the elevator. Get over here.

The analyst met Violet by the elevator.

  • Violet: I got tired of waiting for Melanie's stupid repair crew, so I got this piece of shit working well enough to get you to the lobby and back. I'll get your Animus prepped while you're downstairs. I've added the location of the next server on your map. Get going!

The analyst took the elevator to the lobby.

  • Violet: Shit. I forgot, the server is behind a Level One security lock.
  • Juhani: I have granted you Level One Security Clearance. I trust there will be no further delays.
  • Violet: Great! Now you can get into the server room. Once you restore the servers, I'll load the next set of Shay's memories to your Animus.

The analyst walked to a pair of scientists at the far end of the lobby near the metal detectors.

  • Scientist 1: But have you tried it though?
  • Scientist 2: No. The story's told in rhyme? Eh, it doesn't sound like my thing.
  • Scientist 1: How can you dismiss it without even playing it?
  • Scientist 2: Are there PvP deathmatches in it?
  • Scientist 1: What?! No! No. It's a beautiful, turn-based RPG.
  • Scientist 2: Meh, pass.

Violet again was impatient with the analyst's lack of progress.

  • Violet: I want to see the next block of Shay's memories! Unlock those servers!

The analyst entered the server room.

  • Violet: And you're in!

The analyst repaired the lobby server.

  • Violet: Great job, numbskull. The data we have is pretty raw, but it's enough to move forward. Get back up here, double time! It looks like restoring servers also clears the virus from some of the other systems.
  • Juhani: You are making excellent progress. I am eager to see what Shay will show us next.
  • Violet: Level One Clearance will also let you into some of the other parts of the building as well, if you need to... stretch your legs in between Animus sessions.

The analyst entered the Animus, where they saw an unconscious Shay being taken away.

  • Violet: If I said that was the craziest shit I'd ever seen, would that be the most obvious statement ever?
  • Juhani: Shay has been through a severely traumatic experience.
  • Violet: Okay. Second most obvious statement ever.
  • Juhani: Continue exploring his memories. The best is yet to come.
High Places
After viewing Shay's induction into the Templar Order,[53] the analyst was contacted again by Berg and Violet.
  • Juhani: Do you understand now?
  • Violet: I'm starting to see why you're so interested in Shay Cormac.

The analyst left the Animus.

  • Juhani: Shay has see the true face of the world. And he has chosen his path accordingly. A similar choice will soon present itself to you.
  • Violet: I did not think you'd get this far, but you seem to be on the right track. We still can't access the servers in the basement. But there's another one located at the top of the building, near Melanie's office. That's your next stop.

The analyst used the elevator to reach the top floor.

  • Melanie: Could you stop by my office? We need to have a talk.

The analyst entered Melanie's office.

  • Melanie: This office used to belong to a man named Olivier Garneau. He was my predecessor as Chief Creative Officer of Abstergo Entertainment. Otso Berg is a representative from our parent company, Abstergo Industries. He's showing you the true history of the world, just like they showed me. Olivier was kind, he was intelligent, and passionate about our work. But a year ago, he caught a glimpse of this truth. They never found his body. This is not the way we normally bring people up to speed on these matters. But you've worked hard and are proving yourself so! I'm granting you Level 2 security access. The servers on this floor should unlock more of Shay's memories.

The analyst walked to the server door, but was too slow for Violet's liking.

  • Violet: Please restore the servers for our friend Mr. Berg.
    Don't lose your momentum, numbsskull! Get to the next server!

With Level 2 clearance, the analyst repaired the servers.

  • Violet: I've got your Animus ready and waiting!

The analyst took the elevator down to the second floor.

  • Violet: Smooth moves, numbskull, I've got the next set of Shay's memories loaded up and ready to go.
  • Juhani: We are nearly there. Know that you are aiding a worthy cause, even if you do not yet know what it is.

The analyst accessed the Animus, triggering another glitched memory.[54]

  • Violet: Shit! What's happening?
  • Juhani: Another glitch?
  • Violet: Same one as before. Shay's back at Notre-Dame.
  • Juhani: See if you can complete the memory this time.

The analyst progressed further through the memory.

  • Violet: That's the best we can do for now. We keep trying to sequence memories out of order, which is why we're crashing like this.
  • Juhani: What do you suggest?
  • Violet: If we progress further with Shay's life in the colonies, I'm confident we can get better results from these Paris memories.
  • Juhani: Very well. Keep me informed.
  • Violet: Uploading the next memory sequence now...
After reliving Shay's final sequenced memory in the Arctic Circle,[55] the analyst was contacted by Violet.
  • Violet: Incredible! Who knew that Shay had that kind of potential?

The analyst exited the Animus.

  • Juhani: I have everything I need to complete our assignment here.
  • Violet: One last job, numbskull. We need you to upload Shay's story.
  • Juhani: But not to Helix. I want some very specific people to see what we have found here.

The analyst used the elevator to reach the basement.

  • Juhani: To reward you for your services to me, I am granting you Level 3 security access. From this point on, no doors will be closed to you. In the distant past, the Assassins had a noble goal, that of peace. But over the centuries, that goal eroded into a far more dangerous one: Freedom.

Another power failure occurred, causing a blackout in the basement.

  • Violet: Shit! What's going on now?
  • Juhani: A minor setback.
  • Violet: Okay... Your communicator doesn't work right now, and it must be dark as hell down there... but I can show you the way. There! Just follow those lights and you'll be set! I promise you won't die if you follow the bright lights! I haven't steered you wrong, yet, have I? Follow the lights! Please hurry, numbskull! It all comes down to this!

The analyst reached the server room entryway.

  • Juhani: Your communicator should work now. The Assassin Brotherhood still exists today, and they remain dedicated to their foolish cause. I am a Templar Knight. I protect the world from the Assassins. Today, you have helped me to fulfill this role. Please, restore the servers.

The analyst restored the servers.

  • Juhani: You have exceeded my every expectation. Use that terminal to upload Shay's story to the Assassin network. The time to strike is now!

The analyst uploaded Shay's story.

  • Juhani: The modern day Assassins are weak. It is only a matter of time before I catch the last of them, and kill them. But it is not enough for them to die. I want them to know how weak they truly are, and I want everyone to see them suffer. So on the day they finally meet me, they will welcome the death I offer them. My plan is in motion. I have no further demands to place upon you. However, Shay's story is not complete. I would ask that you see it through to the end.
  • Violet: I am super impressed, numbskull. You really came through for us. And yes, I'm also a Templar. Have been for years. There's still one last chunk of Shay's data left to explore. It's a bit of a trip, but I think you should see it.

The analyst used the elevator to reach the second floor and returned their workstation.

  • Violet: Once you go back to finish Shay's story, your life is never going to be the same afterwards. You should finish any outstanding business before entering your Animus.
The Choice
After finishing Shay's story with his trip to Versailles,[56] the analyst met Melanie in her office, along with Berg and Violet.
  • Melanie: It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you up here today.
  • Violet: Gotta hand it to you, numbskull, you proved yourself to more than a simple research monkey.
  • Juhani: The data you extracted from Shay Cormac's memories has served us well. Shay's story is a message. One that says that when threatened, what an Assassin truly wants isn't freedom, but order.
  • Melanie: And we represent the highest Order there is.
  • Juhani: Whatever you learned from your Animus experience only scratches the surface. We have existed since before recorded human history and have recently been reborn, disguised as Abstergo Industries.
  • Melanie: And Entertainment.
  • Juhani: You have crossed the threshold and your eyes have been opened. You have seen the world for what it truly is.
  • Violet: There's no turning back now. We've got big plans for you!
  • Juhani: The Father of Understanding guided you to us. And for that we are grateful. The test of your true worth begins now. And it begins with a choice.

Melanie presented a Templar ring to the analyst.

  • Melanie: Join us, and a bright future will be all yours.

Berg pulled out his gun.

  • Juhani: Refuse...

Assassin's Creed: Unity[]

Bishop and Deacon

The Helix Initiate finished reliving a memory of Jacques de Molay's advisor at the culmination of the persecution of the Templars.[57]

  • Video commentator: Consumed in flames of hunger and wrath, thus came the Age of True Wisdom to a blistering close. The Knights Templar—once the proud shepherds of order, peace, and illumination—were no more...

The footage pixilated into fragments as an external source hacked into the feed.

  • Bishop: —yeah, let's get a sniffer running. If Abstergo pings us, pull me out. Okay, I have a visual. Hey there... This is probably disorienting, so I'll be brief. I'm Bishop... not my real name, obviously... but that's as much as you'll get today. Please listen carefully. Abstergo is using you, hijacking your neurons to help them sift through genetic memory data. These guys already have their fingers in countless corporations, governments, media outlets, and NGOs—but now they want control over history itself. If that doesn't frighten you, it should. But we're here to stop them. And I need your help. Deacon, pre-load gene sequence AD16-B13-I87.
  • Deacon: Yep, spooling it up.
  • Bishop: Last week we gained access to a bank of unsequenced memories in Abstergo's Helix servers—For now, we'd like you to experience a small sample. This should help you understand our struggle. And after that, you can decide for yourself what comes next. We'll be waiting.

The Helix Initiate began reliving Arno Dorian's memory of his time in Versailles as both a child and an adult.[58]


The Helix Initiate finished reliving Arno's memory of his sentence in the Bastille, meeting Pierre Bellec during its storming, and reuniting with Élise de la Serre immediately afterward.[59]

  • Bishop: Welcome back. Now that you've experienced life as an Assassin, are you willing to take up the fight and join us? Deacon, load the file.
  • Deacon: Coming up.
  • Bishop: We lifted a media file from Abstergo last month, and the information it contains is astounding. But we won't share these things with just anyone. By pressing play you'll be joining the Assassins. If you want to fight the Templar menace, if you're willing to save civilization from Abstergo's play, sit back and ready yourself for the truth.

The initiate accepted the offer and played the video.

  • Bishop: Good choice. Welcome to the Assassins, Initiate.
  • Video commentator: In the 1950s, it was theorized that human DNA worked via the Triple-Helix model. Some years later, the work of Crick and Watson demolished this theory in favor of the Double Helix. Today we know the double helix to be indisputably the basis of all life. So why did the Triple-Helix theory gain so much traction? Why did Rosalind Franklin's X-rays seem to confirm it? It turns out that their initial samples had been taken from small traces of Precursor DNA—the rare genes of an ancient race embedded in our own. We now know that Triple Helix DNA is the foundation of the Precursor genome. It is the genetic Rosetta stone of our age. If we can crack it open—if we can sequence the full Precursor genome—there is no limit to the knowledge we will gain. Using Animus technology, Precursor history will be open to us for the first time ever. Ancient languages will be unlocked and ancient technology will be ours for the taking. Imagine what will be possible if we master the technology that underpins the Pieces of Eden. Such discoveries would surpass one-hundredfold the splitting of the atom. Last year we located a rich sample of Precursor DNA in a donor whose genes contained human and precursor DNA at an incredible 25 to 1 ratio. Our work will begin with this sample. Our goal is to unravel the Triple-Helix, sequence the Precursor genome, and change the world for the better, forever. Welcome to The Phoenix Project.
  • Bishop: So this is where we stand... Last year, Abstergo acquired the body of a man we call a Sage—one of a rare breed of humans with a surplus of ancient DNA. This sparked a search for more Sages, in the present and in the past. The more Abstergo finds, the closer they get to their final goal. We've blocked their recent attempts to find more, but Abstergo will not stop looking until they sequence a full precursor genome. So... why Arno Dorian? Why chase an Assassin through the French Revolution? It turns out, at some point in his life, Arno came into contact with another Sage. We need you to find out when and where these meetings took place. If Arno was present for this Sage's death, it may lead Abstergo straight to his body. Naturally we would like to find it first. This is where you come in. It won't be simple. Genetic memory must be tackled in sequence, to keep the data stable. But we're confident you're up to the task. And you won't be alone. Other initiates—Assassins just like you—are doing their part to end this fight. If you need more training, more experience... you can call on them for help. All right. Loading the next Sequence...

Bishop loaded the sequence, returning the Initiate to Paris.

  • Bishop: I've got something else for you. The more time you spend with Arno, the more data we'll have to increase your synchronization with him—and to activate his abilities. Here, have a loot at this...

Bishop opened up a list of abilities before returning to action.

  • Bishop: One last thing—while you've been busy, I had Deacon do some poking around in Arno's memories. Seems he was a busy guy. See that symbol? That's a co-op mission. I play a lot of games multiplayer, I don't know about you. But I thought you'd like to mix it up a little. These are missions Arno ran with his Assassin buddies, so they'll give you an idea of what our organization's about. Just walk into the glitch and you'll get all the details. I've marked them on your map.

The Initiate proceeded to relive Arno's initiation into the French Assassins.[60]

Templar Sage
  • Bishop: Initiate. Bishop here. You're in good shape so far. I'd like to give you a little boost. We've made a major breakthrough on our side. Through deep data analysis, we've discovered that the Sage we're looking for was a Templar Grand Master, the same man Arno is hunting. It doesn't get much better than that.

Bishop unlocked a new set of Assassin Skills in the Helix Navigator for the Initiate.

  • Bishop: There, everything's been updated. Use them wisely. We'll be in touch.
  • Bishop: Initiate... this is Bishop. Do you copy? Good bloody work out there. You found him. François-Thomas Germain. Grand Master of the Templars, and a Sage to boot. By our reckoning, that's the second Sage to rise to the Templars' highest rank. A troubling trend. Until we know more about this Germain, stick with Arno. He might have outlived this Grand Master, and that could lead us to his body. Bishop out.
Mission accomplished
  • Bishop: My God. I don't believe what I'm seeing. Arno won this fight two centuries before it started. Well done, kid. Uh, I don't think Abstergo will bother searching the catacombs for Germain's body. The bones are going to be too damaged, too decayed. We're in the clear of this stage. You did good work, Initiate. Until we contact you again, the best you can do is continue searching Arno's memories for anything else you might have seen. Like rare historical data, more DNA samples, anything to help our cause. We'll be in touch when we need you. Count on it.

Dead Kings[]

  • Bishop: Hello? It seems like we've encountered some kind of a glitch. Hang on.

The Initiate viewed a memory of Arno meeting with the Marquis de Sade in Franciade.[61]

  • Bishop: Something about this memory... it's locked us out of the Helix data. That fixed it. Now, I wonder where this detour leads? Another DNA sequence perhaps. Only one way to find out.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles[]

A Secret Lab
Laetitia England sat in her office typing on her laptop.
  • Berg: You sent for me?

Laetitia swiveled in her chair to face Berg, who had just entered the room.

  • Laetitia: I have, Master Berg.
  • Berg: An urgent matter, I presume.
  • Laetitia: Shay Cormac's Precursor box. You recovered it last year, when the Assassins stole it... before we knew what it was.
  • Berg: Before I uncovered Shay's memories.
  • Laetitia: I need you to deliver it to Dr. Gramática.
  • Berg: Very well. Where?
  • Laetitia: A secret location. Not even I know where it is. Gramática will send you the coordinates.

Berg made to leave but was stopped at the door when Laetitia called to him.

  • Laetitia: Master Berg. No one is to know about this. Understood?
  • Berg: Understood.

The scene faded away and resumed as Berg entered Gramática's lab carrying a briefcase. The doctor stared at a wall of screens displaying various charts before turning to greet his guest.

  • Álvaro: Master Berg! Is this it? The Precursor box?

Berg handed the briefcase to Gramática.

  • Berg: Delivered as ordered. Master Gramática.

Gramática opened the case and withdrew the Precursor box, holding it to his eyes.

  • Álvaro: Ah! Curious little item, isn't it?
  • Berg: What do you plan to do with it?
  • Álvaro: I'm hoping it will help me better understand another artifact we have uncovered.

A distant scream echoed through the room, making Berg uneasy.

  • Berg: What kind of research are you doing here?
  • Álvaro: Project Phoenix, Master Berg!

Gramática walked away from Berg to the entrance of his lab.

  • Álvaro: Project Phoenix!

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate[]

A New Mission
After their success with Arno's memories, Bishop contacted the Initiate about a new assignment.
  • Bishop: Hello, Initiate. Recently, Abstergo Historical Research began several new projects in London. We both know that when Abstergo makes big moves, the Templars are up to something. We think they're hot on the trail of a new Piece of Eden. I've got people in London looking for it.
  • Rebecca: Hey Bishop! Jacob and Evie Frye are twins! How awesome is that?
  • Bishop: Speak of the devil. Fire up your cameras, Becs! I've got picture. ETA on the payload?
  • Rebecca: Sending it now.
  • Bishop: A lot to sift through. I'm going to get the Initiates on it ASAP.
  • Rebecca: You look weird with a weapon. Let's plant a little bug and see what we can see! Got something. Isabelle Ardant has a meeting here in a few hours. Doesn't say with who.
  • Shaun: "Doesn't say with whom," Rebecca. And I suppose it's down to muggins here to find out.
  • Bishop: Hold on, the mission was to find data to locate a Piece of Eden in London.
  • Rebecca: We did!
  • Shaun: And now I'm eager to try this new kit!
  • Bishop: I don't like it when those two go off-book like this. Well, all we can do is take a deep breath and move forward. You'll be searching for the Piece of Eden through the lives of Jacob and Evie Frye. Twin Assassins who operated in Victorian London. Your first set of genetic memories are downloaded. Good luck!

The Initiate began reliving the Frye twins' memories as they hunted Rupert Ferris and David Brewster within the factory Ferris Ironworks in Croydon.[62][63]

Templar meeting
After the Initiate relived Jacob and Evie's first set of memories, Bishop contacted them.
  • Bishop: I know, I know. You've only had a taste of our latest acquisition from Abstergo. But I want to check in on Shaun and Rebecca. I still think attacking a Templar is a mistake.

Shaun and Rebecca's sleuthing was interrupted by Isabelle entering her office.

  • Isabelle: Call Doctor Gramática.
  • Álvaro: Isabelle! What a lovely surprise.
  • Isabelle: Our mutual friends will be here shortly to search for the artifact. Once it's located, I'll let you know.
  • Álvaro: Super! Always a pleasure.
  • Isabelle: Prick.

Shaun and Rebecca approached Isabelle.

  • Shaun: It's people like you that give historians a bad name!
  • Isabelle: I'm afraid I don't have time for you today, Mr. Hastings.

Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa walked into the room, cornering the Assassins.

  • Berg: Thank you for making my job easy.
  • Rebecca: Oh shit.
  • Shaun: It does look grim.
  • Isabelle: Master Berg, Agent da Costa. Deal with them, please.
  • Violet: Move it!

Rebecca activated an explosive, causing a distraction and allowing the Assassins to escape.

  • Isabelle: HUNT THEM DOWN!
  • Bishop: All they had to do was wait for you to search the data. Their little stunt has put the whole operation at risk. You need to synchronize Jacob and Evie's memories. Find something that puts us ahead of the enemy. Time is of the essence and lives are now clearly on the line. Good luck.
Checking in
After the Initiated relived more of Jacob and Evie's memories, Bishop contacted them again.
  • Bishop: Sorry to interrupt, Initiate. Thought you'd like to know that Shaun and Rebecca got away from Otso Berg. Berg runs a unit called Sigma Team. Violet da Costa is his tech support. They've been hunting and killing Assassins for a long time. Thank God you're all right.
  • Shaun: Oh tish tosh, it'll take more than a Templar super soldier to end the glorious saga of Shaun "Danger" Hastings!
  • Bishop: I was talking to Rebecca.
  • Shaun: Anyway, Berg's presence confirms it. The Piece of Eden is in London.
  • Bishop: The Initiate's data synch suggests it's the Shroud.
  • Rebecca: The Templars seem to want it pretty bad all of a sudden. They must know something we don't.
  • Shaun: The only thing we know is we can't go up against Sigma Team alone.
  • Bishop: Leave that to me. In the meantime, keep a low profile. Let the Initiate continue to synch the data.
World War I simulation
While viewing the Frye twins' memories, the Initiate found a rift.
  • Juno: Come closer, cipher. Perhaps we have met before. Perhaps not. You search for an artifact. Let me show you the truth.

The Initiate entered the rift.

  • Bishop: Initiate! Are you there? Your readings are going haywire! Abort! ... out! Yo ... ve to get ...
  • Juno: Hello. In the past, you hunt for one of my artifacts. But I come to you today to speak of the future. Follow Lydia Frye. She will lead you to me.

After the Initiate explored Lydia's memories during World War I,[64][65][66][67][68][69] they left the simulation.

  • Bishop: I'm not reading any more signs of network disturbance. What happened in there? ... you okay? I don't know what happened. I thought I'd lost you.
After the Initiated relived more of Jacob and Evie's memories, they were reconnected to Rebecca's drone feed.
  • Bishop: You okay?
  • Shaun: Apart from the death squad on our tail? 'part from that?
  • Bishop: Backup's on the way. Why are you pushing yourself so hard? It's not your job to fight Templars.
  • Shaun: I had this colleague. He was our boss's son. I didn't much care for him at the start. Everyone treated him like he was so bloody special. To me, he just wasn't invested in anything that didn't affect him personally. But, I was wrong about him. He became my friend. Put himself through hell. And he saved us all in the end. So I reckon... Well, I can't apologize to him, but I can, I don't know. I can try and live up to his example.
  • Galina: You are a good Assassin.
  • Shaun: Holy Jes—
  • Galina: Hello. It has been too long.
  • Shaun: Galina! Blimey. I have not seen you since we blew up that lab in Paris!
  • Galina: Da. (Yes). There were many explosions and you screamed like a baby. Bishop tells me Otso Berg is here. I will kill him for you!
  • Shaun: Superb! Now, if you wouldn't mind keeping watch, I'm going to lay down and die now.
  • Galina: Rest. We have a big fight coming.
  • Bishop: Shaun and Rebecca are safe for now, but we're still relying on you to find us that Shroud!

After the Initiate relived more of Jacob and Evie's memories, Bishop contacted them again.

  • Bishop: The Piece of Eden is under Buckingham Palace. We've got all we need. Let's start planning our infiltration.
  • Shaun: Hold on, better to get visual verification. If we're going to move, we have to be 100% sure, we'll only get one shot before Otso Berg crashes down on us.
  • Rebecca: Got to agree with Shaun.
  • Shaun: We'll position ourselves near the palace. But we'll wait for you to synch the genetic data before we move.
  • Bishop: It's all up to you, Initiate.
The Shroud of Eden
Upon finishing Jacob and Evie's memories,[70] the Initiate was connected to Rebecca's drone feed.
  • Shaun: That's it! It's under the palace!
  • Rebecca: Time to go!

The Assassins arrived at the Buckingham Palace vault but noticed the Templars had arrived first.

  • Isabelle: Let's get the Shroud to Dr. Gramática immediately.
  • Rebecca: Sigma Team beat us here. We're too late!
  • Galina: What do we do?
  • Shaun: Killing really is the least productive way to achieve our goals. Kill them all.

The Assassins threw a smoke canister.

  • Berg: Contact!
  • Isabelle: Cover me! That skinny piece of shit tried to murder me, Berg! I want him to bleed!

While Berg and Galina fought, Violet tried to shoot the latter.

  • Violet: Hold still, godammit!

Before she could get a shot off, Rebecca tackled her. With the others occupied, Shaun snuck up behind Isabelle and used his Shock Blade to incapacitate her.

  • Berg: Only the mission matters!
  • Violet: Understood!

Violet picked up her gun and fired it.

  • Rebecca: Shaun!

Rebecca jumped in front of Shaun and took the bullet for him.

  • Rebecca: Oh!
  • Shaun: Galina! We need an exit!

Galina, having knocked out Berg and hoping to finish the job, was interrupted by Sigma Team's backup.

  • Sigma Team: Secure the vault! All targets are righteous.
  • Shaun: We need to go! NOW!
  • Galina: Understood.

Galina threw another smoke canister, using its cover to take out Sigma Team.

  • Rebecca: The... Shroud...
  • Shaun: Forget the bloody Shroud, stay with me, Becs! Please!
  • Galina: We go!

The Initiate was reconnected to Bishop.

  • Bishop: Good work in there, Initiate. In time, we will recover the Shroud. And hey. We pulled a feed from our bug in Isabelle's computer before they shut us out. Playing it now.
  • Álvaro: Sorry about the mess!
  • Violet: So how is the Shroud going to help you create a new clone?
  • Álvaro: It's not. When the Shroud is wrapped around a body, it scans it for damage and then reconstructs it on a cellular level.
  • Violet: You're not making a clone, you're going to recreate a Precursor from scratch!
  • Álvaro: Bingo! The Phoenix Project timetable just got accelerated, big time. I'm going to call Alan Rikkin and deliver the good news! It's like CHRISTMAS!

Álvaro left, leaving Violet alone in the lab.

  • Violet: Hello? It's me. I've brought the Shroud, as you asked, but... I'm scared.
  • Juno: Do not fear me. You've done well.
  • Violet: I'm not scared of you, I'm scared for you. If anyone finds out what you've been doing...
  • Juno: You have played your part, my instrument. I will save you. I will save you all.

Assassin's Creed: Origins[]

Hotep Cavern
After witnissing Bayeks' departure from Siwa to Alexandria following Khemu's death in the Siwa Vault,[71] Layla Hassan's Animus session was interrupted by Deanna Geary.
  • Deanna: Oh, shit! Layla, you need to refill on cyclosporine, stat. Don't make me come down there! Layla. Layla! Come on back.

Gasping for air, Layla jolted upright from lying in the Animus HR-8 stationed in Hotep Cavern.

  • Deanna: Layla, are you with me? Habibti? (Sweetheart)?
  • Layla: I told you... not to call me that.
  • Deanna: Thing is, the fastest way to get your attention is to piss you off.
  • Layla: I'm... paying attention.
  • Deanna: OK, you need to take a break. The Animus is rejecting you.
  • Layla: Ugh. I'm fine.
  • Deanna: Yes, but your kidneys aren't. Go add more cyclosporine before they shut down.
  • Layla: Yes, Nurse Geary.
  • Deanna: That's Medical Officer Geary to you. So? How did it go?
  • Layla: My mods are holding. Subject's memories are perfectly clear. If this doesn't convince Abstergo to give me a place on the Animus Project, nothing will.
  • Deanna: Amazing! Who do you have in there?
  • Layla: His name is Bayek of Siwa. The death of his son turned him into a killer.
  • Deanna: Think he'd be of interest to Abstergo?
  • Layla: Don't start.
  • Deanna: You know they're not going to be happy with how you handled this assignment.
  • Layla: They know I don't work by the book.
  • Deanna: Well, this time you lit the book on fire, and then stomped on it. Anyway, none of this will matter if you're comatose. Now go get that cyclosporine!
    Still looking for the cyclosporine? I definitely packed it in the med kit.

Layla checked her phone.

  • Layla: One bar... no, half a bar.

Layla approached Bayek's sarcophagus and read the inscription.

  • Layla: "Come forth by day, and I will guide you home."
  • Deanna: Who are you talking to?
  • Layla: Bayek's mummy.
  • Deanna: Real chatterbox, that one.

Layla left the cavern and found a piece of paper near the entrance.

  • Layla: Dammit, my papers went everywhere!
  • Deanna: Whoops! Anything important?
  • Layla: Yeah. The notes on the Animus. Here's the blueprint for my dialysis system mod.
  • Deanna: Could've used a bigger fluid chamber.
  • Layla: Could've used a bigger piece of tape over your mouth.
  • Deanna: Whoa, so aggro!

Layla searched the vicinity, finding another piece of paper.

  • Layla: The genetic sequencer blueprint. Never got the creases out.

Layla checked the light stands she had set up earlier.

  • Layla: Generator's holding up. Good job, Layla.

Layla returned to the cavern and muttered on finding the med kit.

  • Layla: Dee never puts in enough snacks. Got the cyclosporine.
  • Deanna: Two ccs should do.

Layla walked back to the Animus HR-8.

  • Deanna: Don't forget the alcohol wipe!

Layla inserted the vial of cyclosporine into a port on the Animus HR-8.

  • Deanna: I wish I was there to help.
  • Layla: You do a good job looking after me, even from the hotel. And I know how much you love your air-con.

Layla approached the Animus HR-8.

  • Layla: Going back in. This is so badass.
  • Deanna: Be careful!

Layla resumed Bayek's memories as he entered Alexandria in search of his wife, Aya.[72]

Finding Aya
Layla gasped for air as she sat up and disconnected from the Animus.
  • Layla: Dee.
  • Deanna: Hey! I was wondering if I should pull you out.
  • Deanna: Your adrenaline and BP are elevated, and it's affecting your heart rate and hormonal markings...
  • Deanna: ...serotonin and oxytocin in particular. What happened in there?
  • Layla: Aya's here.
  • Deanna: Who's Aya?
  • Layla: Bayek's wife. I can feel her nearby.
  • Deanna: You can "feel" her? Pretty sure that's the Bleeding Effect. Along with Bayek's memories, you're also experiencing his emotions.
  • Layla: No, you dork, I think she's actually in this cave. Spouses usually shared the same tomb.
  • Deanna: A second mummy? We should really report to Abstergo.
  • Layla: Maybe after I find Aya.
  • Deanna: I'm going to call it in if you don't.
  • Layla: Deanna, no! If we do it their way, I'll get no credit. They'll cut me out like always.

Deanna sighed.

  • Deanna: Okay.

Layla hallucinated Aya walking towards an inner chamber where Bayek's mummy resided.

  • Layla: There!
  • Deanna: What is it?
  • Layla: The Bleeding Effect is leading me to Aya.
  • Deanna: Oh, great. More fuel for your superhero complex.

She followed it, then briefly commented on Bayek's mummy as the hallucination passed by it.

  • Layla: Come forth by day, and I will guide you home.
  • Deanna: Who're you talking to?
  • Layla: Bayek's mummy.
  • Deanna: Real chatterbox, that one.

The hallucination disappeared as it neared a pit.

  • Layla: She's down there.
  • Layla: My turn for a Leap of Faith.
  • Deanna: Leap of what? You're in no condition to do any leaping!

Layla looked down at the edge and saw a pool of water, after which she dove down. She immediately swam up.

  • Layla: Damn, that's cold.

She looked around to see a fallen, open sarcophagus with Aya's mummy laid bare.

  • Layla: I was right—she's here!
  • Deanna: There you are! Thank God.

Layla found a Hidden Blade and activated it, then used it to make an incision on the mummy's arm to take a sample.

  • Layla: I can almost taste the blood...
  • Deanna: Okay, you're making less and less sense, Layla. We need to report.
  • Layla: Not yet.
  • Deanna: "Not yet?" So when?
  • Layla: Ugh.

She put the sample on a small vial container then stood up to find an exit.

  • Layla: Well, I can't chew my way out of here.

Layla whispered to herself as she climbed her way out.

  • Layla: Your story will be told.
  • Deanna: What are you doing now?
  • Layla: Climbing. And it's hard, so askuti (cut the chatter), will you?
  • Deanna: Fine. Let me know when you get to the top.

She reached the outer chamber of the Hotep Cavern.

  • Layla: I'm going back in.
  • Deanna: Why?
  • Layla: I took a DNA sample from Aya. I want to see her memories.
  • Deanna: Look, I get that you're excited but... The more risks we take, the worse things could go for us.
  • Layla: It's my dream on the line here. Let me do this my way.

Layla went back inside where the Portable Animus was and laid down the Hidden Blade she found on a table beside her laptop. She walked to a small red box adjacent and mixed the sample of Aya with another sample in a small container.

  • Layla: Adding Aya's DNA to the chamber.
  • Deanna: It'll take time to sequence. You won't be able to synch with her memories right away.

She inserted the mixed container to the Animus.

  • Deanna: Layla, something else you should know... Since you're mixing gene sequences in an uncontrolled manner, the transition between memories will likely be unpredictable.
  • Layla: I'm comfortable with unpredictability.
  • Deanna: Yeah? Well, I'm worried.
  • Layla: You always are.

The machine beeped itself ready. Layla laid down on it and connected herself. It showed her scrambled glimpses of Aya's memories.

  • Deanna: I told you! The Animus hasn't finished interpreting Aya's DNA yet!
  • Layla: Fine, fine.

She switched back to Bayek's memory as he met with Apollodorus to seek audience with Cleopatra.[73]

Terminating Layla
Deanna abruptly roused Layla out of the Animus, leaving her temporarily disoriented.
  • Deanna: Wake up! Wake up! Layla, NOW! I need you!

Layla got off the Portable Animus but immediately collapsed on her knees and vomited.

  • Deanna: There's a van in the alleyway, oh God...
  • Layla: A van? Aya, what are you trying to—
  • Deanna: Forget about Aya. Abstergo's here.

Layla managed to regain her composure.

  • Deanna: They must have found out about—oh, shit! Fuck!
  • Layla: Dee?

There was an explosion in the cave outside her chamber.

  • Layla: Shit! They're here, too!

Layla took Aya's Hidden Blade on a table then fastened it to her arm with tape.

  • Deanna: Okay, Layla, listen. I know you. And I know you'll find a way out of this.
  • Layla: Picked up that blade I found.
  • Deanna: Good.

Layla crept towards the outer cave and overheard a hitman, wearing advanced military garb, talking to his comms in Arabic.

  • Egyptian Soldier: (Remember, neutralize the target, then recover the Animus.)
  • Layla: Well, they're definitely planning to kill me.
  • Deanna: You've been living in the mind of a trained assassin for the past however many hours, remember? So get ready to rock, killer queen.
  • Layla: I'm ready, American woman.

Layla noticed their weaponry.

  • Layla: They're using bows, not guns. Why?
  • Deanna: Guess they don't consider you much of a threat.
  • Layla: Huh.
  • Deanna: They're almost on me. Going dark.

Layla assassinated one of the men.

  • Deanna: How's it going?
  • Layla: Bad.

She then proceeded to kill the rest with the Hidden Blade.

  • Layla: I have to do this. It's them or me.

As she eliminated the last mercenary outside of the cave during a sandstorm, she heard his walkie-talkie receive a transmission Sigma Team.

  • Egyptian Soldier: (Team One, we've located the secondary target. Extracting her now.)

Layla heard Deanna struggle in her earpiece.

  • Deanna: No, don't, please—No!

A sharp thud sounded through the comm.

  • Egyptian Soldier: (Secondary target neutralized.)
  • Layla: Dee? No, Dee, no, no, no...

Layla dropped the radio in panic, but felt helpless under the storm. She screamed in rage as her voice echoed.

  • Layla: Fuck you, Abstergo. I'm seeing this through.

She walked back into the cave while recording a message on her phone.

  • Layla: If you're listening to this, you work for Abstergo, and I'm dead. Do me a favor and make sure Sophia Rikkin hears it. My dream was to work on the Animus Project. I waited twelve years. Waiting got me nowhere. So I built an Animus that lets me access anyone's memories, even ancestors not my own. I even witnessed the origins of the Assassins. Artifacts, tombs that were supposed to be stuff of legends... I found them. By killing me, you've lost all this knowledge.

Layla broke down into anger.

  • Layla: I understand why you thought I had to die. But did you have to kill my best friend? Why did she... Oh habibti (sweetheart)... I should have listened to you.

She despondently went back to her chamber.

  • Layla: Back to the Animus. What else can I do?
Meeting William Miles
Layla lay in the Animus while the recording she made earlier was being played by William Miles.
  • Layla: Oh habibti (sweetheart)... I should have listened to you. Oh habibti (sweetheart)... I should have listened to you.
  • William: Those don't need to be your last words.
  • Layla: Who the fuck are you?

Startled, Layla quickly disconnected from the Animus and drew her Hidden Blade on him.

  • William: Does the name "William Miles" ring a bell?
  • Layla: The Assassin?
  • William: Then you know who I am.

William showed his Hidden Blade, answering her question. Layla retracted her blade.

  • William: We—the Assassins—have been watching you. It's... unusual for an Abstergo employee to take an interest in a country's revolution.
  • Layla: You're not wrong there.

Layla snatched her phone off William and walked to her laptop.

  • William: We know about your work with the Animus. Astounding, what you and Deanna were up to.
  • Layla: Dee...
  • William: They played you, didn't they? Sophia Rikkin made you so many promises...
  • Layla: Enough! We're not talking about her.
  • William: Sure. Plenty of other subjects to cover on our ride to Alexandria.
  • Layla: Don't assume I'm going anywhere with you.
  • William: Well, let's look at your options. You can come with me, or you can stay here and do the dance of death again, and again until you make a mistake. They only need you to make one.

Layla began pondering Willam's words.

  • William: There's no going back to your old life, Layla.
  • Layla: I never planned to.
  • William: But you'd finally be able to work on the Animus Project... our version of it. And with us, you'd always have the freedom to do things your way.

Layla thought for a moment, then answered.

  • Layla: Fine. Let's do this.

William extended his hand for a handshake.

  • Layla: That doesn't mean I'm on your side.

He withdrew his hand.

  • William: Good enough.

Their conversation ended, William walked around the cave.

  • William: These articles on "hidden chambers"... Always so misguided. Always missing crucial information.

William went to check Layla's laptop.

  • Layla: Stay away from my laptop!
  • William: I should, shouldn't I? It's a terrible invasion of privacy. Just think of it as me reliving your memories.
  • Layla: Bayek's a corpse. I'm alive.
  • William: You're right, and I apologize.

William reached Bayek's tomb.

  • William: Bayek. We've been looking for him for so long—and you found him.
  • Layla: Technically Abstergo found him.
  • William: Yes, but you lived him. I can't wait to hear the stories you have to tell.

Annoyed by Willam's meddling, Layla spoke to herself.

  • Layla: The best way to avoid this jerk is to get back in the Animus.

William left the cave and found a body of a Sigma Team operative.

  • William: Sigma Team? Well, well. They must be convinced that you're an Assassin already. But why bows?
  • Layla: Anyone ever tell you you're kind of an asshole?
  • William: My son, as a matter of fact.
  • Layla: Sounds like we would have gotten along. I'm sorry he's dead.
  • William: Occupational hazard.

After some time, Layla wanted to know when they were leaving.

  • Layla: What are we waiting for, then?
  • William: Extraction helicopter. It'll be here in an hour. Go back to the Animus if you like. I know its charms are compelling.
  • Layla: There might be something left to do in there.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey[]

Entering the Animus HR-8.5
Layla Hassan removed a pile of rubble obscuring a buried object from her view.
  • Layla Hassan: Finally.

Layla reached inside the hole and extracted the Spear of Leonidas. At her apartment base later, she stared at the Spear in awe.

  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Wow. This is big, Layla. Do you really think it's the spear?
  • Layla Hassan: This is the one. The book was almost right on top if it. I've never been so lucky in my life.

Layla rose from her seat and made her way to the Animus HR-8.5.

  • Layla Hassan: OK. Let's start her up.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Are you sure we can trust this thing? I mean, this book could be—
  • Layla Hassan: Just start it, Victoria
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You're the boss, boss. I'll prep it for you.

As Layla climbed into the Animus, Victoria went to a nearby laptop and booted up both machines.

  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: OK so... Worth noting. I've made some changes since you were last in here.
  • Layla Hassan: There's no keeping up with the tech industry these days.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I can crank up the simulation to maximum sensory synchronization, if you're up for it.

Layla selected a sensory synchronization mode.

  • Layla Hassan: Let's take this one step at a time.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Understood. If you're looking for something a little more intense, I can always adjust the settings for you later.

  • Layla Hassan: Full speed ahead. I want to see everything this baby's got.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Go big or go home, that what I always say. Let me know if it's too intense for you—I can always change the settings later.

  • A screen popped up.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: This bit will let me know how much information will be fed to you during your time in the Animus.

    Layla selected a simulation mode.

    • Layla Hassan: Give me as much information as you've got. There's no way I'm going in there without some guidance.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Glad to help. You can always changes your mind later. Listen, Layla. Before you go off—

  • Layla Hassan: You don't need to worry about me. I've got this.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: A little autonomy never killed anyone. At least, I don't think so. Just let me know if you need assistance, and I can always add the helpers back in. Listen, Layla. Before you go off—

  • Layla Hassan: If this book is right, this spear, this story... It will change everything.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You're putting a lot of faith in a fairly unreliable source. Historian or not, this guy wrote about magical objects and the will of the gods.
  • Layla Hassan: He's not Homer. Herodotus was the first recorded historian, so there's a lost more truth in that text than you think. I mean, what better way is there of finding Isu artifacts than by trusting in the guy who claimed to meet an actual descendant?
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I know, but—
  • Layla Hassan: I need you to trust me. You could be right—this spear, this book, it could all be crap. But something tells me it isn't and I'm certainly not going to let Abstergo find it first.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You're right. We haven't got much to lose anyway. There's just one small problem.
  • Layla Hassan: What is it?
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: This manuscript is in rough condition, to say the least. The DNA found on the spear has identified two different individuals. You're going to have to pick which strand of DNA to pursue. The choice is yours.
  • The Animus displayed a screen prompting Layla to pick between following Kassandra or Alexios.

    • Layla Hassan: He will lead us down the right path. I'm sure.

  • Layla Hassan: She'll help us find what we're looking for. I have a good feeling about this.

  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: All right, boss. We're finally good to go. 431 BCE here we come!
  • Layla Hassan: The start of the Peloponnesian War.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Good luck in there. No pressure or anything, but we're all depending on you.
  • Layla Hassan: Abstergo isn't going to win this time. If what the book says is true, and we do actually find the artifact, the Assassins will finally have a chance to rise again.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You can do it.
  • Layla Hassan: Oh, and Victoria? Read the book. It holds the secrets I won't be able to find on my own when I'm in there.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Aye aye, captain.
  • Layla began reliving the memories of the Spartan misthios Kassandra as she sat relaxing atop her home on Kephallonia.[74]

    Taking a break
    After experiencing Kassandra's infiltration of the Cult of Kosmos' meeting in their lair[75] and first upgrade of the Spear in the Ancient Forge on Andros,[76] Layla awoke from the Animus and sat up.
    • Layla Hassan: Deimos... The Forge...
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I knew I let you stay in the Animus too long. Your vitals are crashing.
    • Layla Hassan: You don't understand. This confirms it, Kassandra didn't just have Isu technology, she had the means to improve it. Imagine how powerful the staff could be.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I admit, that could be an incredible find. But right now, I'm the doctor, and I take care of you. Now get some rest before you go back to Kassandra.

    • Layla Hassa: No time to rest! Abstergo goons could be tracking us down right now.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: And the rest will be ready for them. If you burn out here, our mission will be done.
    • Layla Hassan: They told me you had a cheer for bedside manner.

  • Layla Hassan: If you insist. But only because I've got work to do on the outside.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Please, just clear your head. The last thing we need is a cell leader suffering from the Bleeding Effect and spearing us because we're Hittites or Thracians.
  • Layla Hassan: I won't. But Thracians throw great parties.

  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Don't forget, we're a team. We'll back you up until you're finished your investigation.
  • Layla Hassan: I know. Kiyoshi secured the loft yesterday and he's keeping an eye out. Alannah's on call doing historical research.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: And I'm here to talk if you're feeling any confusion from the Animus.
  • Layla Hassan: Always the therapist.
  • (If "What do you think of the mission so far?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: So Doctor, how do you feel now that we're closer than ever to the staff?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I believe this staff is important. But the Templars and Assassins have found Staves of Eden before. Nikola Tesla blew one up in Russia, if I remember correctly?
    • Layla Hassan: This is different. If what I saw in Egypt is true, this staff doesn't control minds... it controls physics. Time. Imagine rewriting the rules of the universe.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: The spear you found is right here, and it's not doing anything.
    • Layla Hassan: The spear's attached to a bloodline. Leonidas, Kassandra, and Deimos... I mean Alexios. They were intimately connected to it.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Are you sure you can use the Staff of Hermes, then?
    • Layla Hassan: No. But if the Templars get it, they won't stop until they find someone who can.

    (If "What do you think of the new Animus?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: So, what do you think of my new Animus?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You mean, OUR new Animus? That's Abstergo equipment.
    • Layla Hassan: Which I've modified to within a millimeter of its digital life. It's an Animus console prototype, Brahman variant, with the I/O capacities pushed to their max. Ultra-portable, with more calculating power than NASA and CERN combined.

    (If "That's enough for now." is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: I'll go stretch my legs. Too bad we don't have access to the Abstergo gym anymore, eh?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Membership cost too much.
    • Layla Hassan: I should check my e-mail.

    Layla sat at the computer and read her emails as Alannah contacted her.

    • Alannah Ryan: Fascinating... Layla! Can you believe we're meeting Herodotos himself?
    • Layla Hassan: I can. He sure does talk a lot.
    • Alannah Ryan: Is there anything I can help you with?

    (If "What can you tell me about the book?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: So, does what I'm seeing as Kassandra match your research? I had to tweak the Animus to use what we have of the book as reference.
    • Alannah Ryan: That "book" is a lost work by Herodotos. He basically invented the concept of recording history. And other figures are matching up, too. Kleon, Perikles... The chance to see the past firsthand is why I joined the Assassins.
    • Layla Hassan: Most people would talk about justice or leaping across rooftops, but history's cool, too.
    • Alannah Ryan: I've loved history since my grandpa told me stories about his grandpa back in Ireland. He was an adventurer and sailor. So I'm continuing the family tradition. I feel so lucky!
    • Layla Hassan: You make your own luck, remember?
    • Alannah Ryan: Why do people keep telling me that?

    (If "What do you know about Herodotos?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: So I've met Herodotos, but I don't know much about him.
    • Alannah Ryan: He's brilliant! His Histories are considered the foremost textbook of classical Greece. People have made their careers analyzing his words for some new perspective. To see him in his own world, walking in the polis and... Sorry... but he's kind of a hero of mine.
    • Layla Hassan: You can fangirl all you want.

    (If "That's enough for now." is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: I'll leave you to your work.
    • Alannah Ryan: If you need anything, just let me know.

    Layla looked out the window.

    • Layla Hassan: I wonder if the Frye twins would still recognize London... A rooftop's still a rooftop.

    Layla picked up a radio to check in with Kiyoshi.

    • Layla Hassan: How's it going out there?
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Well. No threats in view.
    • Layla Hassan: I'm glad we could work together again.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: I believe our working methods are compatible.

    (If "Why are you so short with me?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: Are you still upset about our last run-in with Abstergo? I'm sorry, I didn't realize those hills in Quebec were so steep. But hey, you and your yakuza reflexes saved us! Sorry, EX-Yakuza.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: We're all alive, and our injuries have healed. That's what matters.

    (If "What do you think we should do next?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: Of course, I'll return to the Animus, then follow the trail Herodotos left to find the staff. But there's so many possibilities, so many choices. There's no way to know which ones are right. You used to run part of the Japanese Brotherhood—what would you do?
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Take things one step at a time. Observe, then act. Or kill everyone and search their pockets for answers. You decide.

    (If "I'll leave you to it." is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: Thanks for watching our backs Kiyoshi. I'll leave you to your work.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: I'll report in if Abstergo drops by.

    Layla made her way back to the Animus.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Are you sure you want to go back into the Animus right now? I get the impression you'll be there a long time.
    • Layla Hassan: Yes, I'm ready to go back to Kassandra.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: All right, I'll be watching your back.
    Finding Atlantis
    Layla Hassan awoke from the Animus excited, sat up, then removed her head-mounted display.

    Victoria, concerned, approached Layla.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Atlantis? Let me check your vitals—you're delirious.

    Layla raised both her hands up to stop her, and appeared annoyed.

    • Layla Hassan: We've been searching for an Isu artifact with reality-bending powers, and this bothers you?

    Victoria sighed, remaining unconvinced.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Pythagoras was born around 570 BCE. That would make the man in that cave nearly 150 years old. What could possibly be keeping him alive?
    • Layla Hassan: The Staff of Hermes Trismegistus.

    Victoria stopped her check-up and suddenly turned enthusiastic.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Ms. Hassan, you were right. I'll help you pack up the gear.
    • Layla Hassan: Thanks. Let's roll out.

    After preparing, Layla left London and travelled to Thera, Greece. She reached the location riding a motorboat and fully wearing her diving equipment. She contacted her team.

    • Layla Hassan: I've reached the coordinates. The series of caves we detected should be right under me. My equipment's ready. Preparing to dive.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, you have no idea what's down there. There could be sharks.
    • Layla Hassan: I prefer that to Templars.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: We'll keep an eye out for Abstergo. Good luck, Layla.
    • Layla Hassan: Thanks. I'm heading down now. There has to be a way in. I'll find it.

    Layla dove down underwater and swam towards the rocky bottom of Thera. She found the cave entrance.

    • Layla Hassan: There! That must be the way in.

    She entered it and continued to swim forward, reaching a hole going further down.

    • Layla Hassan: Are you all still reading me? It's awfully quiet on comms.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: We hear you, Layla.

    Layla dove deeper.

    • Layla Hassan: Thanks. It's just so... silent down here.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You're not alone, Layla. We're monitoring your progress. You're doing fine.

    The hole stopped going down and she swam forward as Alannah joined in their talk.

    • Alannah Ryan: Yeah, we're here if you need us!
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Said the Assassin sitting at a desk.
    • Alannah Ryan: Well I don't have to be on a boat to be useful! I have loads of information on Ancient Greece. Did you know that at Zakros, the Minoans built a graveyard so huge it was known as the "Ravine of the Dead"?

    Layla reached a chamber of small hydrothermal vents and swam through a safe passage between the fissures.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Can we please not talk about death?
    • Layla Hassan: Alannah, promise me that if I die down here, you'll rename this place the "CAVES OF THE DEAD".
    • Alannah Ryan: I'm on it!

    Victoria cried out in protest.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: People...

    Layla emerged from the pool in a bioluminescent chamber with deep water in between, and she walked to the other end. There appeared to be a very deep sinkhole, but she slid down a couple dozen meters and, quite sure of herself, performed a Leap of Faith diving another couple dozen meters underwater. She swam forward to a huge chamber with a few hydrothermal vents.

    • Layla Hassan: I'm going to miss the London loft. I really liked the view.
    • Alannah Ryan: Miss it? Why can't you go back?
    • Layla Hassan: Didn't you read Kiyoshi's report? Abstergo's already swept through it. It's compromised.
    • Alannah Ryan: No, I've been busy researching Thera... Kiyoshi, are you all right?

    Layla reached the end of the chamber to a small opening below.

    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Of course. After clearing out the last of our gear, I observed the infiltration from a distance.

    She entered into a bioluminescent tunnel.

    • Layla Hassan: Did they pick up the present I left?
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Yes, they found the USB key you "dropped" under the desk. Nice tactic.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: No one at Abstergo will be stupid enough to stick that in a computer.
    • Layla Hassan: They don't have to. It's a shell holding one of my special RFID transmitters. Get it anywhere near a workstation, like, say, in the head of security's office, and... Boom.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Impressive.
    • Layla Hassan: All in a day's hack.

    Layla exited the tunnel and finally reached the pool where Kassandra dove to get to the Gateway to the Lost City,[77] and emerged out of the water. She laughs joyously.

    • Layla Hassan: Wow! It's more elaborate than I could have imagined.

    She ran through the walkway.

    • Layla Hassan: How did they build all this? What I wouldn't pay for an Isu toolbox...

    Layla passed in-between the two huge lion statues and saw the floating square pyramid with symbols of the four hybrid beasts on each side.

    • Layla Hassan: This is different from Egypt. Some aesthetic elements in common but... Hmm.

    She walked underneath it and looked around.

    • Layla Hassan: I should get out of this diving suit before I start exploring.

    She changed back to her old clothes with a square scarf wrapped around her neck and over her chest. Layla looked around in amazement.

    • Layla Hassan: It's real. I made it.

    Layla contacted her team again.

    • Layla Hassan: Layla to Altaïr II. I'm in. Do you have visuals?

    Alannah was astonished.

    • Alannah Ryan: Yes! By the gods, Layla, it's Atlantis!
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: How are you feeling? Any nausea from the pressure change?
    • Layla Hassan: No, I'm fine. These rooms are... amazing.

    She crossed her arms, and walked back and forth.

    • Layla Hassan: Think, Layla, think... there must be a way. Something has to power up this place.

    She contacted her team again.

    • Layla Hassan: I'm re-entering the Animus. I need Kassandra to show me how she got farther inside.
    Meeting Kassandra
    Layla returned from the Animus after experiencing how Kassandra sealed Atlantis.[78] She went straight to the the transmitting column near the gate and pushed the triangle button in the middle. It flashed golden light, and the square pyramid floating above glowed and activateed with a holographic earth beneath it. Layla looked up in awe and excitement.
    • Layla Hassan: So much power. The nodes are interconnected in ways I couldn't imagine. This is more complex than any Isu temple we've found. Lisbon, the Arctic...
    • Alannah Ryan: I'm recording everything, Layla. You're going to be a hero for discovering this.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Do you see the staff anywhere?
    • Layla Hassan: Not yet. But there's more to explore. I'll find it.

    The continent of Africa appeared to be missing from the hologram.

    • Layla Hassan: The mechanism should be open. What's wrong?
    • Alannah Ryan: I don't know Layla, I'll check my notes on the Isu.

    Layla noticed a missing light beam on a face of the pyramid and walked to its corner below to look up. She saw the dormant symbol of the Minotaur.

    • Layla Hassan: Oh, I see it. There's a beam of light missing. Time to troubleshoot...

    She rubbed her hands and turned to look back and up where the light source should have been. She proceeded to climb towards it and entered a chamber room of zigzagging lights and pillars.

    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Layla, that pillar looks like it can move.

    She approached one.

    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Those pillars seem to have mirrors on them. If you manipulate those light beams, they might illuminate something important.

    Layla travelled farther inside to the source of the light.

    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Such a bright light. Its presence cannot be an accident.

    She began to move the pillars until the light bounced to the inactive face of the pyramid.

    • Layla Hassan: I got it!

    Layla took a Leap of Faith into the water below that surrounded the platform under the hologram. She resurfaced and returned to the platform's center, but nothing happened. She put her hands on her hips and thought for a moment.

    • Layla Hassan: Where is it?

    She sat on a protruding part of a structure and realized something.

    • Layla Hassan: What—

    Layla sensed Kassandra as she approaches her with a spherical artifact on her hand that transformed into the Staff of Hermes.

    • Kassandra: "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." A good friend told me that once.

    Layla responded in astonishment.

    • Layla Hassan: Impossible... Kassandra?
    • Kassandra: Yes. I used to be called the Eagle Bearer, but Ikaros is long gone.
    • Layla Hassan: I've been searching for you. But you can't, it's...

    Kassandra laughed and replied while eyeing the Staff she held.

    • Kassandra: You weren't really looking for me, were you?

    Layla turned, exhilarated.

    • Layla Hassan: It works. The Isu artifact. The Staff of Hermes Trismegistus.
    • Kassandra: You must have so many questions, Layla.

    (If "What are you doing here?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: You know my name.
    • Kassandra: Maybe the gods told me. Maybe I had a vision of the future. Maybe the device in your ear is noisy.
    • Layla Hassan: Sorry...
    • Kassandra: I came here with a purpose—to find you and put an end to what I started many centuries ago.

    (If "What about your spear?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: I have your spear. Would you like it back?
    • Kassandra: Oh? No, you can keep it—it's broken.
    • Layla Hassan: But you used it broken. It was powerful.
    • Kassandra: I used it to defeat enemies even Herodotos could not describe, but everything must come to an end. I left it to him when its power was exhausted—something to remember me by.

    (If "I need the Staff." is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: I... I have so much to tell you. That staff is incredibly important. It kept you alive. How?
    • Kassandra: Ask a student of Hippokrates—I hear he still has some. The staff served its purpose.
    • Layla Hassan: My friends and I are trying to keep it out of the hands of the Templar Order—

    Kassandra cut her off.

    • Kassandra: Listen to me. Order, chaos... If either triumphs alone, the world dies. I tried to bring an end to chaos, and it has only led to ruin.
    • Layla Hassan: I used to assist order. Now I fight for choice, freedom. Chaos.
    • Kassandra: Pythagoras was right, you are the key to the prophecy. You will restore the balance, Layla.

    Kassandra sighed and pored over the Staff.

    • Kassandra: I have fought in too many wars. I have seen too many people die. I have walked from one end of the Earth to the other... This belongs to you now.

    Kassandra handed the Staff to Layla. Layla helds it, but Kassandra said one last thing before she let go.

    • Kassandra: Promise me one thing.
    • Layla Hassan: Anything.
    • Kassandra: When you are done. Destroy it. Destroy them all.

    Layla nodded in agreement. Kassandra nodded in thanks, then released the Staff. Turning away, she immediately turned gray and old. Seconds later, light shone from her as her life drained away. Layla caught her as she fell, and Kassandra uttered her final words in Ancient Greek.

    • Kassandra: Earth, mother of all, I greet you.

    Layla laid her down on the ground in sorrow and gives her a moment of silence. She picked up the Staff to examine it, then put it aside.

    • Layla Hassan: There's so much of the story I haven't seen. I should go back to the Animus and visit Kassandra again.

    The Lost Tales of Greece[]

    Unlocking the Seal to Atlantis
    After relieving Kassandra's first encounter with Aletheia,[79] Layla exited the Animus to speak with her cell members via ear comm.
    • Layla Hassan: All right. What did your diagnostic show you?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Alannah's getting the results now.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: It will take us time to analyze. For now—
    • Layla Hassan: Kiyoshi, you cut out. You there?
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Another bug? I was saying, for now, try to relax.

    Layla heard a voice.

    • Aletheia: Heir of Memories, the Great Seal awaits you.
    • Layla Hassan: Victoria? Did you hear that?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Nothing on our end. What did you hear?
    • Layla Hassan: Before, there was radio static. Like we were being jammed. But just now, I heard a voice. The same one Kassandra heard in Atlantis.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Might be the Bleeding Effect. Like Kiyoshi said, try to relax while Alannah works on the results of the diagnostic.
    • Aletheia: Go to the Seal, Heir.

    Before leaving, Layla conducted a quick survey of her impromptu camp, starting by inspecting her bag.

    • Layla Hassan: I have enough food and water for a week,two if I ration myself.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: I would not recommend staying down there that long. We can't help you from up here if Abstergo shows up.
    • Layla Hassan: Yeah, yeah. I'll hurry.

    Layla crossed over to the pronged column at the window looking out to the sunken Atlanits.

    • Layla Hassan: This is the altar that Kassandra activated millennia ago. It was ancient even when she found it.

    Layla returned to her camp and saw that the place where Kassandra had lain was empty, her body having disintegrated.

    • Layla Hassan: Kassandra is... gone. What a life she must have lived.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: If there's organic remains, we could get a sample.
    • Layla Hassan: There aren't, and you're creepy.

    Her insepction complete, Layla carried the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus to the Great Seal, a large gate in the cave's right corner. She placed the staff on the left of the gate. While she looked around, a voice echoed from the staff.

    • Aletheia: The Keeper delivered me to you. Her pledge has been satisfied, and now I am entwined with you. Heir of Memories, this is the Great Seal to Atlantis. It has waited long to meet you.

    She approached the staff.

    • Layla Hassan: Victoria, Aletheia's voice is coming through the Staff. Victoria?
    • Aletheia: The Interloper can't hear you now.
    • Layla Hassan: You're scrambling my comms? Focus, Layla. You're not going crazy. I think.

    Layla picked up the Staff.

    • Layla Hassan: That memory. If it wasn't an Animus malfunction, Kassandra was the Keeper, holding the Staff for... me? And somehow the Staff has been equipped for audio transmission, and it is connected to this Seal.

    Layla looked at the symbols to her left.

    • Layla Hassan: These symbols. It almost looks like a locking mechanism.
    • Aletheia: Name these symbols in order, and at long last, the Seal will open to the Heir of Memories.
    • Layla Hassan: OK, talking stick. But which symbols, and in what order? There must be some way to know.
    • Aletheia: The Keeper kept this riddle, and more, in her mind.
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, I'm going back into the Animus. If the signals get through, and you can monitor my vitals, great. If not, well, you've earned one free "I told you so."

    Layla went back into the Animus, continuing Kassandra's memories during her meeting with Aletheia. Afterwards, she received a message through her communications.

    • Alannah Ryan: Layla, come in.
    • Layla Hassan: Alannah, that you?
    • Alannah Ryan: Two things. Something's been interrupting our comms, which explains why we lost your vitals. Kiyoshi is looking into it.
    • Layla Hassan: I know this sounds crazy, but I think it's the Staff.
    • Alannah Ryan: Nothing sounds crazy to me anymore. Still, I'd like to verify. In other news, your Animus is definitely bugging out. Victoria's yelling at her monitors in French, and frankly, I'm not sure what you're doing is safe.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You call that yelling? Layla, The Altaïr II is moving into position. We're going to ask that you come up for air while we take a look at it.
    • Layla Hassan: I can't do that, Vic. Kassandra's looking for Theras, who might know how to unlock the Great Seal to Atlantis.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: The what? Layla, I—
    • Layla Hassan: Theras was a friend to Phidias. I'll let you know more as soon as I get answers. Layla out.

    Layla resumed her Animus session as Kassandra searched for Theras.[80]

    Exploring Agamemnon's Tomb
    After Kassandra found the symbol in Agamemnon's tomb,[81] Layla Hassan reported her findings to her team.
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, I have our next location.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Well done. Where to?
    • Layla Hassan: Agamemnon's Tomb in Argolis.

    Layla travelled to Argolis, entering Agamemnon's tomb, which the entrance had largely collapsed.

    • Layla Hassan: Layla to the Altaïr II. It wasn't easy, but I'm in.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I still don't understand. An Al, or some other kind of consciousness, is in the Staff, which is used to open the Great Seal to Atlantis?
    • Layla Hassan: Partly right. The symbols in these tombs are somehow tied to the symbols on the Seal.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: How?
    • Layla Hassan: I'll let you know once I find one.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Guess I'm taking your word for it. Be careful in there.

  • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, found my way in. I think I'm getting good at this.
  • Alannah Ryan: There might be a second career in this, if assassin isn't your thing.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I still think this is a bad idea, Layla. We don't know the source of radio interference, and there are temporal discrepancies in the Animus memories.
  • Layla Hassan: Noted, doctor. Layla out.

  • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, can you read me?
  • Kiyoshi Takakura: We hear you. Layla, there's something that you need to know—the interference in the comms is coming from an outside source. If I didn't know any better, I'd say someone was listening in.
  • Layla Hassan: It must be related to the Staff.
  • Alannah Ryan: That's just it. I recognize the interference pattern. It isn't Isu. It almost reminds me of an Erudito hacking algorithm.
  • Layla Hassan: I'd recognize a hack if I saw one. Besides, once I find the third symbol, it won't matter. If only I knew which order they go in.
  • Alannah Ryan: Hmm. You could try randomly guessing. There's not that many combinations.
  • Layla Hassan: There's no guarantee I get two chances opening the Seal. After this, we're going back to Atlantis, and I'll figure something out.

  • Layla began exploring the tomb and could barely contain her excitement.

    • Layla Hassan: What a find!
    • Alannah Ryan: What is it?
    • Layla Hassan: And spoil the surprise? All I'll say is prepare to be amazed when I get back.

    Layla retraced Kassandra's steps and found that the spike traps were still functional.

    • Layla Hassan: Those plates on the floor... I should be careful.

    She inspected the barricade on the other side of the chamber.

    • Layla Hassan: There must be some way over this thing.

    Layla climbed a nearby grain rack, which Kassandra had moved into position centuries before, and got over the barricade. She encountered a skeleton on the ground on the other side.

    • Layla Hassan: This body must be thousands of years old.

    Layla continued into the stele chamber, inspecting the path below the hole in the floor. She followed the path and found the way out Kassandra used had collapsed.

    • Layla Hassan: Hmm. Dead end.

    Layla retraced her steps and inspected the other routes available to her.

    • Aletheia: The first symbol is near.

    Layla smashed some wine jars and slid through the hole in the wall, finding the symbol on the other side.

    • Layla Hassan: The symbol!
    • Aletheia: The first of three. You've done well, Heir.
    • Layla Hassan: It almost looks like a constellation.
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla, all of our readings are being jammed.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Are you OK?
    • Layla Hassan: I'm fine. I'm fine. But there's still two more to uncover. I'm going back to the Animus.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: There've been too many bugs. Layla, we need to stop and figure out what's happening.
    • Layla Hassan: We'll stop once I've opened the Seal. Layla out.

  • Aletheia: The second symbol is close. You have done well to get this far, despite the Interloper.
  • Layla Hassan: The Interloper? Do you mean... Vic, or someone else?
  • Layla smashed some wine jars and slid through the hole in the wall, finding the symbol on the other side.

    • Layla Hassan: The second symbol. Another part of a constellation. Maybe they fit together. Altaïr II, can you read me?
    • Aletheia: The Interloper can hear us.
    • Layla Hassan: The Interloper? Who?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, we hear you, but you're breaking up. Did you found the second symbol?
    • Layla Hassan: I did. And Kassandra knows where the third is, I'm sure of it. I'm going to dive back in.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: As your doctor and as your friend, I insist that we stop this. We're not able to guarantee you're safe in there. The Staff—
    • Layla Hassan: The Staff makes me immortal, Vic. I'll be fine.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, please.

  • Aletheia: We are approaching the final symbol. If the Keeper doesn't know the order of the symbols, her brother will.
  • Layla smashed some wine jars and slid through the hole in the wall, finding the symbol on the other side.

    • Layla Hassan: The final symbol. Another part of a constellation. They must fit together. Altaïr II, can you read me?
      OK, Layla, think this through. Outside the Tomb of Eteokles, Aletheia said Deimos would show me what the Keeper can't. Phidias had answers Theras didn't and was killed for it...
    • Aletheia: The Heir is wise.
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, come in please.
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla, that you?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Did you find the symbol?
    • Layla Hassan: Three for three. We need to head back to Atlantis. In the meantime, let's run the symbols I've found against known constellations. Consider the research a Plan B.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: What's Plan A?
    • Layla Hassan: Kassandra knew where the symbols were, but not the order they go in. Aletheia thinks Deimos may hold that secret. We have his DNA...
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: What? Layla, are you crazy?
    • Layla Hassan: I'm not crazy. I'm committed, and you should be too. When I get back to Atlantis, I'm getting this done whether you're on my side or not.

    Exploring the Tomb of Eteokles
    After Kassandra found the symbol in Eteokles' tomb,[82] Layla Hassan reported her findings to her team.
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, I've... or, Kassandra's found the next location.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Great work. Where to?
    • Layla Hassan: The Tomb of Eteokles. I think I've found a way in.

    The Altaïr II fetched Layla and brought her to Eteokles' tomb in Attika. Layla managed to enter the tomb.

    • Layla Hassan: Layla to the Altaïr II. It wasn't easy, but I'm in.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I still don't understand. An Al, or some other kind of consciousness, is in the Staff, which is used to open the Great Seal to Atlantis?
    • Layla Hassan: Partly right. The symbols in these tombs are somehow tied to the symbols on the Seal.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: How?
    • Layla Hassan: I'll let you know once I find one.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Guess I'm taking your word for it. Be careful in there.

  • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, found my way in. I think I'm getting good at this.
  • Alannah Ryan: There might be a second career in this, if assassin isn't your thing.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I still think this is a bad idea, Layla. We don't know the source of radio interference, and there are temporal discrepancies in the Animus memories.
  • Layla Hassan: Noted, doctor. Layla out.

  • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, can you read me?
  • Kiyoshi Takakura: We hear you. Layla, there's something that you need to know—the interference in the comms is coming from an outside source. If I didn't know any better, I'd say someone was listening in.
  • Layla Hassan: It must be related to the Staff.
  • Alannah Ryan: That's just it. I recognize the interference pattern. It isn't Isu. It almost reminds me of an Erudito hacking algorithm.
  • Layla Hassan: I'd recognize a hack if I saw one. Besides, once I find the third symbol, it won't matter. If only I knew which order they go in.
  • Alannah Ryan: Hmm. You could try randomly guessing. There's not that many combinations.
  • Layla Hassan: There's no guarantee I get two chances opening the Seal. After this, we're going back to Atlantis, and I'll figure something out.

  • Layla descended the stairs into the tomb, passing by a large spike trap.

    • Layla Hassan: Strange. I thought floor spikes were a Persian thing.

    She reached the main burial chamber, which contained the remains of Eteokles.

    • Layla Hassan: Here lies the King of Thebes. I still can't believe I'm seeing it with my own eyes.

    She continued through the halls.

    • Layla Hassan: So well preserved. It looks like the organic matter—the paint, the wood... None of it has aged a day.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: The chemical composition of the air might act as a natural form of preservation.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: There are tombs all over the world where corpses still have hair and nails intact, even millennia after burial.
    • Layla Hassan: Let's talk about corpses after I'm out of here.

    Layla continued and rounded a corner to find a well-preserved statue.

    • Layla Hassan: Incredible. These statues are in perfect condition.

    She walked up to inspect it closer.

    • Layla Hassan: Those who paid homage here did so with their lives.

    She turned and entered the large chamber.

    • Aletheia: The first symbol is near.

    Layla inspected the nearby escape route Kassandra used, which had collapsed.

    • Layla Hassan: Hmm. Can't go this way.

    She returned to the chamber and found the symbol right in the middle of the sarcophagus.

    • Layla Hassan: The symbol!
    • Aletheia: The first of three. You've done well, Heir.
    • Layla Hassan: It almost looks like a constellation.
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla, all of our readings are being jammed.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Are you OK?
    • Layla Hassan: I'm fine. I'm fine. But there's still two more to uncover. I'm going back to the Animus.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: There've been too many bugs. Layla, we need to stop and figure out what's happening.
    • Layla Hassan: We'll stop once I've opened the Seal. Layla out.

  • Aletheia: The second symbol is close. You have done well to get this far, despite the Interloper.
  • Layla Hassan: The Interloper? Do you mean... Vic, or someone else?
  • Layla inspected the nearby escape route Kassandra used, which had collapsed.

    • Layla Hassan: Hmm. Can't go this way.

    She returned to the chamber and found the symbol right in the middle of the sarcophagus.

    • Layla Hassan: The second symbol. Another part of a constellation. Maybe they fit together. Altaïr II, can you read me?
    • Aletheia: The Interloper can hear us.
    • Layla Hassan: The Interloper? Who?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, we hear you, but you're breaking up. Did you found the second symbol?
    • Layla Hassan: I did. And Kassandra knows where the third is, I'm sure of it. I'm going to dive back in.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: As your doctor and as your friend, I insist that we stop this. We're not able to guarantee you're safe in there. The Staff—
    • Layla Hassan: The Staff makes me immortal, Vic. I'll be fine.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, please.

  • Aletheia: We are approaching the final symbol. If the Keeper doesn't know the order of the symbols, her brother will.
  • Layla inspected the nearby escape route Kassandra used, which had collapsed.

    • Layla Hassan: Hmm. Can't go this way.

    She returned to the chamber and found the symbol right in the middle of the sarcophagus.

    • Layla Hassan: The final symbol. Another part of a constellation. They must fit together. Altaïr II, can you read me?
      OK, Layla, think this through. Outside the Tomb of Eteokles, Aletheia said Deimos would show me what the Keeper can't. Phidias had answers Theras didn't and was killed for it...
    • Aletheia: The Heir is wise.
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, come in please.
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla, that you?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Did you find the symbol?
    • Layla Hassan: Three for three. We need to head back to Atlantis. In the meantime, let's run the symbols I've found against known constellations. Consider the research a Plan B.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: What's Plan A?
    • Layla Hassan: Kassandra knew where the symbols were, but not the order they go in. Aletheia thinks Deimos may hold that secret. We have his DNA...
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: What? Layla, are you crazy?
    • Layla Hassan: I'm not crazy. I'm committed, and you should be too. When I get back to Atlantis, I'm getting this done whether you're on my side or not.

    Exploring the Tomb of Orion
    After Kassandra found the symbol in Orion's tomb,[83] Layla reported her findings to her team.
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, come in.
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Altaïr II here.
    • Layla Hassan: The next stop is the Tomb of Orion. I'll show you how to get there when I get back.

    The Altaïr II brought Layla to Orion's tomb in Boeotia.

    • Layla Hassan: Layla to the Altaïr II. It wasn't easy, but I'm in.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I still don't understand. An Al, or some other kind of consciousness, is in the Staff, which is used to open the Great Seal to Atlantis?
    • Layla Hassan: Partly right. The symbols in these tombs are somehow tied to the symbols on the Seal.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: How?
    • Layla Hassan: I'll let you know once I find one.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Guess I'm taking your word for it. Be careful in there.

  • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, found my way in. I think I'm getting good at this.
  • Alannah Ryan: There might be a second career in this, if assassin isn't your thing.
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I still think this is a bad idea, Layla. We don't know the source of radio interference, and there are temporal discrepancies in the Animus memories.
  • Layla Hassan: Noted, doctor. Layla out.

  • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, can you read me?
  • Kiyoshi Takakura: We hear you. Layla, there's something that you need to know—the interference in the comms is coming from an outside source. If I didn't know any better, I'd say someone was listening in.
  • Layla Hassan: It must be related to the Staff.
  • Alannah Ryan: That's just it. I recognize the interference pattern. It isn't Isu. It almost reminds me of an Erudito hacking algorithm.
  • Layla Hassan: I'd recognize a hack if I saw one. Besides, once I find the third symbol, it won't matter. If only I knew which order they go in.
  • Alannah Ryan: Hmm. You could try randomly guessing. There's not that many combinations.
  • Layla Hassan: There's no guarantee I get two chances opening the Seal. After this, we're going back to Atlantis, and I'll figure something out.

  • Layla descended the steps to the left and took stock of the plant life flourishing in the tomb, as well as the water damage that facilitated it.

    • Layla Hassan: I hope the tomb hasn't flooded.

    She vaulted over a collapsed column.

    • Layla Hassan: This place is falling apart.

    To her left at the fork, she found the stele chamber along with bull iconography.

    • Layla Hassan: Bull murals... Because of the relationship between the constellation and Orion?

    She turned back and took the opposite path, past a spike floor trap and back up the stairs, finding the corpse of a raider.

    • Layla Hassan: This raider was poisoned.

    Layla weaved her way past wine jars and tree roots into a flooded chamber.

    • Aletheia: The first symbol is near.

    Layla found a hole in the ceiling.

    • Layla Hassan: A hole in the ceiling... But how do I get up there?

    Layla used the nearby grain rack to climb through the ceiling. She found the symbol on the wall behind her.

    • Layla Hassan: The symbol!
    • Aletheia: The first of three. You've done well, Heir.
    • Layla Hassan: It almost looks like a constellation.
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla, all of our readings are being jammed.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Are you OK?
    • Layla Hassan: I'm fine. I'm fine. But there's still two more to uncover. I'm going back to the Animus.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: There've been too many bugs. Layla, we need to stop and figure out what's happening.
    • Layla Hassan: We'll stop once I've opened the Seal. Layla out.

  • Aletheia: The second symbol is close. You have done well to get this far, despite the Interloper.
  • Layla Hassan: The Interloper? Do you mean... Vic, or someone else?
  • Layla found a hole in the ceiling.

    • Layla Hassan: A hole in the ceiling... But how do I get up there?

    Layla used the nearby grain rack to climb through the ceiling. She found the symbol on the wall behind her.

    • Layla Hassan: The second symbol. Another part of a constellation. Maybe they fit together. Altaïr II, can you read me?
    • Aletheia: The Interloper can hear us.
    • Layla Hassan: The Interloper? Who?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, we hear you, but you're breaking up. Did you found the second symbol?
    • Layla Hassan: I did. And Kassandra knows where the third is, I'm sure of it. I'm going to dive back in.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: As your doctor and as your friend, I insist that we stop this. We're not able to guarantee you're safe in there. The Staff—
    • Layla Hassan: The Staff makes me immortal, Vic. I'll be fine.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, please.

  • Aletheia: We are approaching the final symbol. If the Keeper doesn't know the order of the symbols, her brother will.
  • Layla found a hole in the ceiling.

    • Layla Hassan: A hole in the ceiling... But how do I get up there?

    Layla used the nearby grain rack to climb through the ceiling. She found the symbol on the wall behind her.

    • Layla Hassan: The final symbol. Another part of a constellation. They must fit together. Altaïr II, can you read me?
      OK, Layla, think this through. Outside the Tomb of Eteokles, Aletheia said Deimos would show me what the Keeper can't. Phidias had answers Theras didn't and was killed for it...
    • Aletheia: The Heir is wise.
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, come in please.
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla, that you?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Did you find the symbol?
    • Layla Hassan: Three for three. We need to head back to Atlantis. In the meantime, let's run the symbols I've found against known constellations. Consider the research a Plan B.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: What's Plan A?
    • Layla Hassan: Kassandra knew where the symbols were, but not the order they go in. Aletheia thinks Deimos may hold that secret. We have his DNA...
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: What? Layla, are you crazy?
    • Layla Hassan: I'm not crazy. I'm committed, and you should be too. When I get back to Atlantis, I'm getting this done whether you're on my side or not.

    Exploring Deimos' memories and opening the Throne Room
    Layla returned to the Altaïr II, and then to Atlantis. There, she relived the memories of Deimos, who had encountered Phidias before in his workshop.[84] As Phidias was looking through his scrolls. Deimos arrived and punched the back of Phidias' head, which bounced off a block of marble and began to bleed. Phidas attempted to crawl for his life, while Deimos picked a sculpting knife off the marble.

    • Layla Hassan: I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this.
    Layla's refusal to harm Phidias as Deimos did caused her to de-synchronize with his memories. The memory reset to the moment Deimos punched Phidias.

    • Deimos: The name is Deimos.
    • Phidias: No... I heard you're not real. You're not real.
    • Deimos: Oh, I'm real. Here, let me show you.

  • Deimos: No talking until after we dance.

  • Deimos: The symbols. Talk.
  • Brison: Itira, Korgath, Metin.
  • Deimos: What does that mean?
  • Brison: Itira, Korgath, Metin.
  • Deimos: All right. Let's do this the hard way.

  • Deimos punched Phidias, throwing him onto a slab of marble.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla! Your heart rate's accelerated, and your body temp is almost ninety-eight degrees. What's happening?

    Deimos stabbed the knife into Phidias' left hand and took it out, causing Phidias to scream in pain.

    • Phidias: Itira! Korgath! Metin! That's all I know. You have to believe me.

    Deimos held his hand to his forehead in frustration.

    • Layla Hassan: I can't... I don't want to do this.
    Layla's refusal to harm Phidias as Deimos did caused her to de-synchronize with his memories. The memory reset to the moment Deimos stabbed Phidias.

    • Deimos: Maybe you'll talk if I break your other hand?

  • Deimos: I'm not here to hurt you, Phidias. We're friends. I just want to know where these symbols come from. You would tell your friend, wouldn't you?
  • Phidias: It... Itira. Ko...
  • Deimos: Korgath! Metin! Are you trying to anger your friend?

  • Deimos continued to punch Phidias repeatedly before stopping. The sensation of each punch transferred directly to Layla's fists, and she felt indistinguishable from Deimos. Phidias' blood ran down the slab of marble.

    • Layla Hassan: No no no no no... Layla, get your shit together.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, you're not safe. We have to get you out of there.
    • Layla Hassan: NO!

    Deimos climbed up the slab.

    • Deimos: Don't be afraid. We all die. But first-

    Layla assumed Deimos' role.

    • Layla Hassan: -tell me what I want to know!

    Layla-as-Deimos picked up Phidias and threw him across the room. The sculptor continued uttering the words.

    • Phidias: Ithira! Korgath! Metin! Ithira! Korgath! Metin! Ithira! Korgath! Metin!
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, we're remote-ending your session.

    The scene turned to outside of the workshop. Screams continued to be heard. In the modern day, Layla Hassan's Animus session was terminated.

    • Layla Hassan: Itira. Korgath. Metin. Itira. Korgath. Metin.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla, come in.
    • Layla Hassan: Vic! You had no right!
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I had to pull you out. Diving into Deimos' mind almost killed you!
    • Aletheia: The Interloper. He is listening.
    • Layla Hassan: He?!
    • Kiyoshi Takakura: Sigma! I'm opening fire.
    • Alannah Ryan: Doc, fall back!
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Kiyoshi's been hit!
    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, come in! Altaïr II! Vic... Anyone? Can you hear me?

    The comms stayed silent. Layla approached the huge door.

    • Aletheia: The Great Seal has waited long enough.
    • Layla Hassan; I'm... I can't. I've seen inside Deimos' mind. I can't contact the team. The Animus isn't safe.
    • Aletheia: The trials of the Heir are just beginning.

    Layla drew the Staff and stared at it.

    • Layla Hassan: You're right. I can do this. I can do this.
    • Aletheia: Yours is a role of strength and resilience.

  • Layla Hassan: I don't want any of this. I'm no Heir. I thought I could do this, but I can't.
  • Aletheia: You must.
  • Layla composed herself.

    • Layla Hassan: OK, Layla, snap out of it. You've come too far to give up now. All right, we do things your way for now, talking stick.

  • Aletheia: Now, the Heir must call the name of the first symbol.
    • Layla Hassan: I recognize the symbol from the tomb, but what was it Phidias said? Attoka? No, that's not it.
    • Aletheia: See through the eyes of Deimos. Hear through the ears of Deimos.
    (returns to previous choices)

    • Layla Hassan: The symbol that looked like a constellation. There it is. But what is its name? Gwenera?
    • Aletheia: Through Deimos, the Heir has heard the names of the symbols in their order.
    (returns to previous choices)

    • Layla Hassan: This symbol was the first I found, and the first name said by Phidias was Itira.

    The symbol of three stars lit up.

    • Aletheia: The Heir recalls. She heard the names of the symbols and their order. Now, call out the name of the second.

    • Layla Hassan: It was this symbol. And the second name said by Phidias was Korgath.

    The symbol of the tree lit up.

    • Aletheia: The Heir doesn't just experience memories, but holds them inside her. And now, the final symbol.

  • Layla Hassan: What was it that Phidias said after Itira? Deadol?
  • Aletheia: A name with great power, but not to open the Seal.
  • (returns to previous choices)

    • Layla Hassan: The second symbol... Was it Horitorth?
    • Aletheia: That will be a name the Heir will cry out in a distant future. But now is not its time.
    (returns to previous choices)

    • Layla Hassan: A name is coming to me. Sukk... Sukkerb...
    • Aletheia: The Heir would be wise to never utter that name.
    (returns to previous choices)

    • Layla Hassan: I remember! Phidias somehow unlocked the order of the symbols, even if he didn't realize it. It was Itira, Korgath, Metin.
    The symbol of the crescent moon lit up. A stream of light appeared across the sealed gate.

    • Layla Hassan: I can hear Phidias... but the name escapes me. Toralia?
    • Aletheia: The time as Deimos may have overcome you, but the Heir must try. Search your memories.
    (returns to previous choices)

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla! Can you hear us?
    • Layla Hassan: Vic! You're alive!
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Sigma Force soldiers stormed the ship. Kiyoshi was shot, but I stopped the bleeding. He saved us.
    • Alannah: It isn't the Staff. Someone is intentionally remote-hacking our signal. I encrypted a new frequency for us just to be sure.
    • Layla Hassan: We need to go dark until we know it's safe.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Before we go... How are you?
    • Layla Hassan: It's good to hear your voices. Listen, I've unlocked the Great Seal. Atlantis... is open.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Please. Don't go in until we know we can keep a secure connection. I want this as much as you do, but we need to do it together.
    • Layla Hassan: I'm hearing you, doctor. Atlantis has waited this long—it can wait a little longer. Until then, while I'm down here, I'm safe. Call me when Kiyoshi is back on his feet.
    • Alannah Ryan: He'll be glad to hear your voice. Until then, Altaïr II is going dark.
    • Layla Hassan: Bye.

    The Fate of Atlantis: Fields of Elysium[]

    Starting the memories in Elysium
    Layla approached the Throne Room's entrance before trying to contact her team.
    • Layla Hassan: Anybody there? Victoria?
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla? Nice timing! I've been able to establish a secure connection with polymorphic code—hacker free. It's good to have you back.
    • Layla Hassan: How's Kiyoshi?
    • Alannah Ryan: You know him—resilient as ever. He wouldn't want you worrying.
    • Layla Hassan: Sigma Team. I can't believe those bastards found the Altair II.
    • Alannah Ryan: Turns out our signal was being corrupted by the Juhani Otso Berg himself. Guess he was bored of playing Black Cross and tracking down the Juno Cult. I should've known some desperate hacker from Erudito would flip on us. Their fingerprints are all over this.
    • Layla Hassan: No way! Otso heard everything? If he tells the rest of the Templar Inner Sanctum what we're up to, we'll have every armed Abstergo goon on the planet after us.
    • Alannah Ryan: If Berg hasn't found you yet, we're still a step ahead.
    • Layla Hassan: Then as long as I've got you as backup, what are we waiting for? Let's see what this Great Seal is all about. Where's Victoria?
    • Alannah Ryan: You'll see.
    • Layla Hassan: All right, then. Here we go.

    Layla opened the Great Seal and entered the Throne Room of Atlantis.

    • Layla Hassan: This place is huge. Echo! These look like thrones for royalty. But who were the kings and queens?

    In the center, she encountered the hologram of Aletheia.

    • Aletheia: Hello, Layla, Heir of Memories. We've finally found each other.
    • Layla Hassan: I guess rebels always find a way. It's nice to meet you in the flesh, Aletheia. Or in the... hologram?
    • Aletheia: It was only a matter of time until our realities crossed in one way or another.

    Victoria approached from behind, having entered Atlantis in search of Layla.

    • Aletheia: It seems as though we're not alone.
    • Layla Hassan: Victoria? What are you doing down here?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla! It was way too dangerous to let you do this alone. I wanted to keep an eye on things personally. Who's this?
    • Layla Hassan: This is Aletheia, the voice from the Staff I was talking about. Of the Isu, Victoria. Can you believe it?
    • Aletheia: I've had nothing but time to study the patterns of human speech, so I should sound less like a "talking stick."

    Victoria turned and whispered to Layla.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Are you sure we can trust her?

    • Layla Hassan: Don't worry, she's a friend. She wants to help us with the Staff.

  • Layla Hassan: We have no choice but to trust her. She's the key to finding out more about the Staff.

  • Aletheia: It was always known to me that the Heir of Memories would embark alongside the Keeper, Kassandra. You weren't in the plans. Can I trust you?
  • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Of course you can. I'm her doctor, and I need to be here to keep an eye on Layla's vitals.
  • Layla Hassan: She'll keep out of the way.
  • Aletheia: No matter. This journey is yours and Kassandra's. You'll need to build up the strength to withstand the Staff's corruption.
  • Aletheia pointed at three pillars as a beam of light bounced from each one, leaving an emblem.

    • Layla Hassan: Woah.

    The lights stopped.

    • Aletheia: As Kassandra finds power to fuel both her and the Staff, you too will feel that physical connection.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: So you want Layla to go in there? I don't think so. Who knows what exposure to even more First Civ tech will do?
    • Layla Hassan: Not me, Victoria. I'll go into the Animus and experience it as Kassandra... Right, Aletheia?
    • Aletheia: Your journey starts at the same place the Keeper's did. The Animus will show you her way through the simulations.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: If you're sure, Layla, we'll have to be extra careful. I'll be here to monitor you with... her. Are you ready?

    Layla took out her Animus headset.

    • Layla Hassan: As ready as I'll ever be. Wish me bonne chance.
    Layla entered the Animus.

    • Layla Hassan: Give me a few more minutes. I want to look around.

    Layla looked around a bit more before returning to Victoria.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: The Animus is ready. Are you?
    (returns to previous choice.)

    After the memories in Elysium
    Before Layla could relive Kassandra's memory of her battle with Cerberos,[85] Victoria abruptly pulled her out of the Animus by removing the headset from Layla's head.
    • Layla Hassan: Victoria! What—
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: No time for that Abstergo's found us!

    Alethia's hologram flickered out as Vicoria pointed to the entrance, and Layla pivoted to see three Sigma Team members run in. Layla brandished the Staff as Kassandra did, using Kassandra's battle experience to wield it as a weapon against Abstergo's strike team. She killed two of them and knocked the third to the ground. She spat and stalked after him as he attempted to crawl away, raising the Staff to finish him off.

    • Abstergo Guard: Don't!
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Layla!

    Layla paused to consider her options, then lifted the guard to his feet.

    • Layla Hassan: Tell your boss I'm ready. Otso Berg can come get me himself—if he's not a coward.

    The guard fled, and Victoria stepped forward to reprimand Layla.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: What the hell is wrong with you?!
    • Layla Hassan: What else could I do? They were out to kill us—even Aletheia ran for the hills.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: There was no reason to massacre them.

    Alannah Ryan chimed in over the comms.

    • Alannah Ryan: Everything OK down there? Sounded like a war zone.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: We're fine, Alannah, but don't expect much action anytime soon. Seems like this specific memory in the Animus is down for the count.
    • Layla Hassan: Let me guess, that happened when you ripped me out. Great, that's the last thing we need.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I had no choice. Complaining won't repair the computer. The memory files are overwriting each other, and I'll need time to sort them out.
    • Layla Hassan: You know what? I need some time alone. May as well head back to Greece until Aletheia returns, anyway.

    Layla walked out with the Staff, leaving Victoria to ponder the changes happening to her patient and friend.

    The Fate of Atlantis: Torment of Hades[]

    Starting the memories in Hades
    After giving Victoria some time to sort out Kassandra's memories, Layla was ready to re-enter the simulation from when Kassandra was cast out of Elysium.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: That wasn't so long of a wait, was it? I've patched the memories, and we're good to go back in the simulation.
    • Layla Hassan: With Abstergo on our tails, we have to move fast. You can't blame me for being eager to get going.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I won't blame you if you don't blame me for what happened earlier. It's just… Atlantis isn't our little secret anymore. Let's try to move on, shall we?
    • Layla Hassan: Victoria, you have to trust me in there. I know what I'm doing.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: We're friends, Layla, but more importantly, I'm your doctor. I can't ignore what's happening to your body when you're in there. Something is really off.
    • Layla Hassan: I'm fine. I don't know how much more doctor talk I can take.

    Aletheia's holographic projection reappeared, startling Victoria.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: I'll never get used to that. She comes out of nowhere.
    • Layla Hassan: Glad you're back. Bet even you didn't see that Abstergo ambush coming, Aletheia.
    • Aletheia: Not exactly. But as long as they're gone and you're ready, your journey with the Staff continues.
    • Layla Hassan: After that cliffhanger in the pit of Elysium, you bet I'm ready. I have to see what happens next.
    • Aletheia: By interacting with the Keeper's Insights in Elysium, Kassandra exchanged knowledge with the Staff. That means by extension of the Animus, so have you.
    • Layla Hassan: I gotta tell you—I do feel stronger somehow.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Try to keep your head in there. Good luck, Layla.

    Layla returned to the Animus to experience Kassandra's fight with Cerberos.[86]

    After the memories in Hades
    While Layla was reliving Kassandra's memory as she defeated Hades,[87] she was forcefully pulled out by Victoria once again, who removed the Animus from her head and the Staff from her hands.
    • Layla Hassan: Victoria! What did you do?

    Victoria walked away. Alannah contacted Victoria on the comms.

    • Alannah Ryan: You guys OK down there?
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Cut the comms. This has gone way too far. I'm shutting this down.

    Layla followed Victoria to the middle of the room.

    • Layla Hassan: I can handle it!
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: You're not acting like yourself!
    • Layla Hassan: You're acting like a child.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: Look at you! Can't you see what the Staff is doing? Plugging into Deimos' memories, letting you run rogue in the underworld... It's the Bleeding Effect! It's hurting you. You need to stop!
    • Layla Hassan: Give it back. Now.
    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: No. It's me or the Staff. You have to choose.

    Layla pondered her thoughts before moving forward to grab the Staff, causing a struggle between her and Victoria.

    • Layla Hassan: Let go!

    Layla was able to pull back the Staff to her hands.

    • Dr. Victoria Bibeau: It's not worth it! This is for your own—

    An angry Layla struck Victoria with the Staff, sending her flying backwards into a block of stairs. Her body rolled to the ground and slumped into the water channels running through the dais.

    • Layla Hassan: Get up, Victoria. ...

    Victoria didn't respond. Layla put dwn the Staff and squatted down to check on her, realizing that Victoria was dead.

    • Layla Hassan: Victoria? No... no...

    Aletheia appeared behind, having witnessed everything.

    • Aletheia: There must be some mistake.

    Layla stood up with the Staff, facing Aletheia.

    • Layla Hassan: It... No, it was an accident! I swear... I didn't know what happened to me, I...
    • Aletheia: The Heir of Memories would never do this.
    • Layla Hassan: "Do this"? Victoria was my friend. It wasn't me.
    • Aletheia: This won't work. I need time.

    Aletheia turned around and walked away. Layla followed behind.

    • Layla Hassan: You think I did this on purpose. It was the Staff, Aletheia. I'm not a bad person. I don't kill.
    • Aletheia: The Heir of Memories in my vision had foresight. Your reaction was entirely human—and inhumane. I fear you'll learn nothing from what I've created for you.
    • Layla Hassan: I am the Heir of Memories! I can control the Staff! Listen to me, I know I can do it.
    • Aletheia: That is not for you to decide. I decide your worthiness. Though it may be too late for that.
    • Layla Hassan: Fine. I'll go for a while. Just don't let anything happen to her, OK? And don't leave. Please. I'll be back.
    • Aletheia: I'm not going anywhere.

    Layla walked towards Victoria's body.

    • Layla Hassan: Damn it. I'm sorry, Victoria. But I can't quit now.

    The Fate of Atlantis: Judgment of Atlantis[]

    Starting the memories in Atlantis
    Some time after Victoria's death, Layla returned to Aletheia.
    • Aletheia: Back so soon?
    • Layla Hassan: Aletheia. I know I wasn't gone long in the Animus, but I couldn't wait.
    • Aletheia: I've been thinking about whether or not I should let you continue. And I have my answer, but I'm afraid you won't like it.
    • Layla Hassan: Don't tell me I can't go into the third simulation.
    • Aletheia: I'm sorry, Layla. I made a miscalculation, and I factored you in when it was a mistake to do so. I see that clearly now. It's time for you to leave Atlantis.
    • Layla Hassan: You can't do this. Not now! I've seen Elysium, and the underworld! You can't take that away.
    • Aletheia: If I'd known this reality would go the direction it did, you wouldn't have seen any of it. You're too human. Your DNA has succumbed to the corrupting nature of the Staff.
    • Layla Hassan: Listen, I know the Bleeding Effect is real—and accessing Deimos' memory did effect me—but I've studied Isu artifacts. This is the last stage of my trials! When it's over, my DNA will be able to overcome the Staff's control.
    • Aletheia: Perhaps. But you won't see that through. My simulations are closed to you.

    • Layla Hassan: Hear me out. What happened before with Victoria was horrible. But how can I learn to control my impulses if I don't know more about the Staff?
    • Aletheia: This is about more than your lesson—I wanted creation, but you brought destruction.
    • Layla Hassan: Only because I haven't learned everything yet. You wanted to teach me, and I still want to be taught. Give me another chance!

  • Layla Hassan: I'm really sorry, Aletheia. For everything up until now. You had such high hopes for me.
  • Aletheia: I did, yes. But that was my own fault. I should never have let you go down this path.
  • Layla Hassan: No, that's the thing. You were right. You saw something in me—that I'd be the one to bring balance. And I still can if you let me.

  • Layla Hassan: I didn't want to play this card, but I will. I built this Animus. I know the tech. It doesn't matter or not you want me in the simulation.
  • Layla turned around and prepared to walk off.

    • Aletheia: You really think your rudimentary understanding of our technology would allow you to break in? As the Greeks would say, that's your hubris talking.

    Layla turned again and approached Aletheia once again.

    • Layla Hassan: All I know is this. We can do this together, or I do this alone. Don't let us become enemies.

  • Aletheia: Even if I were to let you in, your doctor is dead.
  • Layla Hassan: If I could take that back, I would. But I can't, and I have to keep going.
  • Aletheia: From her calculations, your body wouldn't be able to withstand the simulations.
  • Layla Hassan: My body is fine. The Staff kept Kassandra alive for thousands of years! I've got a protection-guarantee.
  • Aletheia: Your mind is a different story altogether. You don't have the sense to see its degradation.
  • Layla Hassan: When you break it down, this Staff heals, Aletheia. I could come out of this smarter, more in control. Invincible.
  • Aletheia: That's quite a leap in logic.
  • Layla Hassan: Just let me see for myself. Please.
  • Aletheia: Go.
  • Layla Hassan: Oh my god, thank you. You won't regret this. Here we go.
  • Layla walked off to retrieve the Animus while Aletheia pondered her decision.

    • Aletheia: I'll see you inside.
    Aletheia's lessons in Atlantis
    Shortly after reliving Kassandra's memory of her first conversation with Poseidon in Atlantis, Aletheia spoke to Layla.
    • Aletheia: Hello, Layla.
    • Layla Hassan: Aletheia? What are you doing in here?
    • Aletheia: You needed intervention. I couldn't stop you physically, but perhaps I can make you understand through technical means.
    • Layla Hassan: No, I've got this! Stay out of it.

    After Layla relived Kassandra's memory of Neokles' photosynthesis experiment,[88] Aletheia lectured her once more.

    • Aletheia: The one who holds the Staff has no choice but to face both immediate and future consequences for lifetimes. That takes responsibility.
    • Layla Hassan: hear you, Aletheia. You may think I'm crazy, but at least I'm accountable.

    After Layla relived Kassandra's memory of Lyra's ordeal,[89] Aletheia lectured her once more.

    • Aletheia: Isu technology can and will change whoever isn't strong enough to command it. That explains your own aggression, Layla.
    • Layla Hassan: I'm still me. I'm not as weak as you think I am.
    End of the trials
    After relieving Kassandra's final memory in the ruined Atlantean throne room after sinking the city,[90] Layla Hassan ended the session on Aletheia's warning and tore off her headset.
    • Layla Hassan: No! Where are you?
    • Otso Berg: Talking to yourself, Layla Hassan?

    Juhani Otso Berg appeared and approached Layla.

    • Otso Berg: Clearly the Isu artifact has had quite the effect on you. You're going mad.
    • Layla Hassan: Mr. Berg. You finally showed up.
    • Otso Berg: Most impressive. I knew if anyone could discover this place, it was you. But you left Abstergo before you could be assigned this mission.
    • Layla Hassan: Sigma 6 found it just fine after you tapped into our comm signal. We know it was you.
    • Otso Berg: Correct. What you don't know is that I've been listening in for much longer. Ever since you found the book of Herodotos—from Templar research I'm sure you stole.

    (If "Why are you with the Templars?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: Abstergo are murderers, and you're nothing but their killing machine.
    • Otso Berg: A righteous claim. And what of the Sigma Team I dispatched earlier to find you? You killed them.
    • Layla Hassan: Look. I saw your files on the Abstergo database. I know about Elina. If you knew what the Staff could do for her...
    • Otso Berg: Don't say a word about her!
    • Layla Hassan: Then forget it! I was trying to compromise.
    • Otso Berg: No compromising. The artifact is coming with me.

    (If "Why did you hurt Deanna?" is chosen.)

    • Layla Hassan: You had no right to do what you did to Deanna. You should have come after me.
    • Otso Berg: You were always next on the list. I'll check you off today.

    (Leave – "Enough of this.")

    • Layla Hassan: You're a real ya homaar (ass), Otso. This is over.
    • Otso Berg: Indeed. The world outside is coming to its inevitable end. Whose side you're on won't matter anymore. Come, hand over the Staff.
    • Layla Hassan: It does matter. I'll always be an Assassin. And if you want the Staff, you're going have to take it from me.

    Berg drew a sword while Layla drew the Staff. They began clashing, and he taunted her with Victoria's death.

    • Otso Berg: First Victoria, now me? Admit it—you can't handle the power of the artifact.

    Layla defeated Berg, who clutched his body in pain and dropped to his knees.

    • Layla Hassan: You want to know my favorite thing about the Staff?
    • Otso Berg: Don't gloat.
    • Layla Hassan: It's the immortality.

    Berg chuckled with labored breaths.

    • Otso Berg: Petty to the end.
    • Layla Hassan: The thing is, Mr. Berg, I don't care if you live or die. You just gotta get out of my way.

    Layla grabbed Berg's head from the back.

    • Layla Hassan: Face it. The Templars lost.

    Layla threw him forward from the head forcefully, rendering him prone one the ground. She then impaled Berg's spine with the bladed pommel of the Staff. Berg yelled in pain. Layla looked back at him with pity before returning to her work desk.

    • Layla Hassan: Altaïr II, come in. Altaïr II, come in. Atlantis has been compromised.
    • Otso Berg: My... legs...
    • Layla Hassan: Aletheia? Aletheia!

    Layla knocked the Staff over in a frustrated swing of her arms. She notice Berg passed out from his injuries and retrieved the Staff. Layla then walked towards Victoria's body propped against the stairs and knelt down.

    • Layla Hassan: Vic. I failed you. I'm sorry I didn't listen.

    Layla became emotional.

    • Layla Hassan: I wasn't there when you needed me. Do you remember that night you made dinner? I'm sorry I said you can't cook. If I knew this is what would happen, I never would've... Please. Send me a sign.

    Layla began to cry.

    • Layla Hassan: Vic. I can't do this without you. I try to hide it, but I'm scared. I have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm alone. I need you. Please... come back.

    Layla stood and turned away.

    • Layla Hassan: Send me a sign, at least. Anything.

  • Layla Hassan: Vic. I'm so sorry. We will be together again... one day. Do you remember that night we got drunk and you wanted to dance, but I said no? Next time, I promise I'll say yes.
  • Layla stood and turned away.

    • Layla Hassan: And I promise I'll like your terrible cooking. There will be a next time... Right? Vic?

    Layla noticed Victoria's earpiece.

    • Layla Hassan: Your earpiece...

    Layla took off Victoria's earpiece and replaced her own. She then attempted to make contact.

    • Layla Hassan: Can anyone hear me?
    • Alannah Ryan: Victoria! We've been trying to find a way to force a communication. First we lost everyone's vitals and then...
    • Layla Hassan: Alannah, it's me.
    • Alannah Ryan: Layla? How? This is Victoria's channel. Where is she? What's been happening down there? Did you finish the trials?
    • Layla Hassan: Yes, we have the Staff. I finished our trials, but—
    • Alannah Ryan: That's incredible! An actual Isu artifact in Assassin control! This changes everything!
    • Layla Hassan: I'm not in control, Alannah, and nothing's changed. Otso Berg is the Interloper. He's in the Throne Room with me. I'll explain everything, but the Templars know what we're doing, and they're after us. I need you to get me out of here.
    • Alannah Ryan: With you... Are you safe?
    • Layla Hassan: We fought. He passed out, but he's stable. Please don't make me check on him.
    • Alannah Ryan: You didn't... kill him?
    • Layla Hassan: No. He's still alive.
    • Alannah Ryan: Sit tight, Layla. We're coming for you, but it might take time. What are you going to do?
    • Layla Hassan: Until you get here, I'm going back into the Animus. There are a lot of people to say goodbye to.

    Layla returned to the Animus while she awaited extraction.

    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla[]

    Conflicting Identities
    The Animus simulation of Eivor Varinsdottir being attacked by a wolf glitched and fell apart.[91]
    • Layla: Ah! What the hell is that?
    • Operator: I'm seeing two different data streams, overlapped in the same DNA. Not sure why.
    • Layla: Fix this, or pull me out.
    • Operator: I can parse the streams with a filter. Hold on... Okay, we're good.

    Layla weakly responded, still shocked from the simulation.

    • Layla: Are we?
    • Operator: I don't know what happened, but I can work around it. You'll have to pick a stream to keep things stable. There's a third option, too. I can let the Animus modulate your identity based on signal strength. It's up to you.

    The Animus displayed a screen prompting Layla to pick between following a female Eivor, a male Eivor, or letting the Animus decide. Regardless what her choice was, the operator responded in the same manner.

    • Operator: Alright, I'll lock it in and push ahead. To a time when these streams are more synchronized.

    Layla resumed the simulation with an adult Eivor captured on the shores of Heillboer after failing to kill Kjotve the Cruel.[92]

    The Message
    Layla slowly woke up from her Animus session in a dark cabin after witnessing Eivor, Sigurd Styrbjornsson, and other members of the Raven Clan depart Fornburg, Norway for England.[93] Sitting upright, she touched her head as a headache came, then grabbed a packet of cigarettes and lit one for herself. Only slightly more at ease, she warily peeked out the closed blinds covering a window and walked to the sink, grabbing a handful of painkillers from a pill container on the way. Placing her cigarette on the sink edge, she turned on the faucet and was about to drink from the tap when her eyes landed on the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus locked in a glass box across the room. Layla stared as it seemed to pulse, then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and activated a device hidden behind there. Her cigarette butt fell into a dirty coffee cup, breaking her concentration. She grabbed her bluetooth earpiece from the table, opened the door, and exited the cabin.
    • News Anchor: In a lecture at the University of Cambridge, Dr. Siercke told a worried audience that scientists have few answers for them...
    • Dr. Siercke: Since the mass coronal ejection of 2012, the strength of the earth's magnetic field has increased by a factor of fifty thousand. This has resulted in huge disturbances in radio and satellite communications, dangerous bands of radiation around the poles, and as we can all see from our window, an aurora borealis that never burns away. Unfortunately, we are stumped as to why this is happening. And if we cannot find an answer soon, it may change the way we live, the way we communicate... even the way we evolve... forever.

    Layla looked to her equipment and to the troubled sky. As Shaun Hastings arrived in a van, she waved at him.

    • News Anchor: Dr. Siercke went on to say—

    Layla turned off her earpiece and looked at him.

    • Shaun: Bought you more electrolytes! Ooh! New and improved citrus flavor!
    • Layla: Thanks, Shaun.

    Suddenly, a tremor shook the earth. Layla went to look at a skeleton in a small pit filled with an axe, a shield, and other relics.

    • Layla: How do we fix this? How are you the key to everything?

    Before leaving the grave, she talked again to the corpse.

    • Layla: You're a long way from home, Eivor. Hm.

    Layla then went up the small hill and looked at the landscape and aurora borealis from its small viewpoint.

    • Layla: It's beautiful, but it's not normal.

    Layla left and saw a series of runes carved into a nearby rock.

    • Layla: Runes?

    She left the rock and sat on a bench near the campfire.

    • Layla: I should do this more often. Relaxing.

    Layla saw the van Shaun had arrived in.

    • Layla: I'm not going anywhere. Not yet.

    Layla walked across the garden and looked at a gnome on a chair.

    • Layla: Probably bought this in a coffee shop, somewhere in Concord.

    A flaming object abruptly fell from the sky and crashed in the other side of the valley.

    • Layla: Another satellite. Damn.

    Layla went down the road and spotted a mail box, opening it.

    • Layla: Someone's got mail... An invitation to a fair in Concord. "Bring your best crop and you may win a prize." Tempting.

    She continued down the road until she reached a point where she decided to go back to the cabin.

    • Layla: Layla. You can't run away from this.

    Layla found the camp outhouse on her way back.

    • Layla: Oof... I'd rather walk into town than use this.

    Layla reached the cabin and saw some tools at the door.

    • Layla: Some quality stuff here.

    Layla stepped onto the cabin's porch and saw a table with playing cards laid out.

    • Layla: Would love to play a round, but I have bigger things in my mind.

    She entered the cabin and heard Shaun and Rebecca talking.

    • Rebecca: Did you get my tea?
    • Shaun: Oh... Mint tea is not actually tea, Becs. It's an infusion... it's really just dirty minty water.

    He grabbed a mug and brought it to Rebecca, who sat in front of the computer.

    • Rebecca: I don't care what you call it, Shaun. Did you buy any?
    • Shaun: Of course I did, love.

    Rebecca spotted Layla.

    • Rebecca: Hey, sorry about pulling you out. The generator was sputtering.
    • Layla: That's fine. I needed air.
    • Rebecca: How was the Animus data stream? Comfortable?
    • Layla: Felt pretty stable after a while.
    • Rebecca: Good. Just give me a sec, and you can jump back in.

    She went to talk to Shaun, now in front of a board full of paper notes.

    • Layla: Another satellite came down. Did you see?
    • Shaun: I did. One of Abstergo's
    • Layla: That's good.
    • Shaun: Well, most of North America just lost its GPS service. So... It depends what you mean by good, really.
    • Layla: Right. Even when we win, we lose.

    Rebecca returned to the computer.

    • Rebecca: Okay, we're all set. Whenever you're ready, you can jump back in.

    Layla talked to Shaun again as he checked his tablet.

    • Shaun: Hello, Layla.
    • Layla: Shaun, what do you make of the grave out there?
    • Shaun: Well, it overturns a few hundred years of scholarship about the first Europeans to set foot in North America. Apart from that, it's just a bunch of muddy bones, isn't it?

    He looked again to the board. Layla touched again the little device behind her ear, thinking.

    • Layla: Can we talk about this thing in my neck for a second?

    Shaun turned around.

    • Shaun: Ah. The mood stabilizer. Yes.
    • Layla: It's not harmful, is it? I mean, I feel good. But I want to make sure there's no... side effects.
    • Shaun Hastings: There shouldn't be. It's only blocking outside signals, a passive effect. So the staff doesn't, you know... mess with you.

    She turned to quickly look at the Staff.

    • Layla: Shaun, what happened last year, I—... I had no control over that. I... I tried to resist.
    • Shaun: I understand. And your old team... maybe they don't, but we've seen that sort of thing before. Still, if you want to work with us and get to the bottom of why the world is about to end for the second time in eight years... then you wear that thing until we say otherwise. William's orders.
    • Layla: I know. It's not a problem.
    • Shaun : It's just a few more weeks, yeah? Just until we figure this out.
    • Layla: You're right. I know you're right.

    She went to read Shaun's notes on the board.

    • Layla: Shaun has been busy...

    Layla approached the radio at the window.

    • Layla: You mind if I put some music on?
    • Rebecca: Go for it.
    • Layla: Cool.

    Layla noticed the bag of groceries Shaun had brought earlier in the counter.

    • Layla: You gonna put this in the fridge, Shaun?
    • Shaun: Of course. In half a minute.
    • Layla: Remember, tomatoes go on the counter. Not the fridge.

    She went on to read the note on the fridge, left by the owners of the property.

    • Layla: "Please enjoy the stay! Remember, all the garbage must be packed out. And please water the plants once a day." Yeah, I won't remember that.

    She spotted a plant in a pot on a shelf near the exit.

    • Layla: Shaun, don't forget to water the plants while I'm under, okay?

    Shaun replied tired and sarcastically.

    • Shaun: I'll add it to the calendar. And tattoo it on my leg.

    On the other side of the cabin, she saw a painting hanging on the wall.

    • Layla: That's quite nice. Soothing.

    Layla decided to check her laptop and her emails.

    • Layla: Let's have a look.

    Then, she looked to the encaged Staff at her side and thought to herself.

    • Layla: I went through hell to bring you here. It had better be worth it.

    Layla spoke to Rebecca again.

    • Rebecca: Feeling okay?
    • Layla: Better. But I'm worried that it could happen again, the two data streams.
    • Rebecca: I can't promise it won't. I barely understand it myself.
    • Layla: It felt like... two minds. Fighting over one brain. It hurt, like a shotgun to the head.
    • Rebecca: Right. There's something about this Viking's DNA sample that feels dense... noisy.

    Layla looked to the Staff.

    • Layla: Could it be the staff? Interfering somehow?
    • Rebecca: How do you mean?
    • Layla: My headaches, my temper. They started the day I got that thing.
    • Rebecca: I hope you're not making excuses for, you know... your friend.
    • Layla: Jesus, no. I'm not.
    • Rebecca: Sorry. Just... take it easy. And if you feel yourself slipping again, let us know.
    • Layla: I'm trying. I really am.

    Rebecca returned to her job. Layla then looked to the couch in a corner of the room.

    • Layla: Be nice to sleep in a real bed when this is over.

    Eventually, Layla prepared to re-enter the Animus HR-8.5.

    • Rebecca: All right, time to go. Norway to England takes about a week by longship, so I'll scrub ahead.

    Layla took one last look at the Staff and could still hear its hum.

    • Rebecca: Layla? You okay?

    Layla nodded.

    • Layla: Sorry. Can you play the message again?
    • Shaun: We have the transcript if you're looking for something. I can go and—
    • Layla: No, I wanna hear it.

    Shaun and Rebecca looked to each other, concerned.

    • Rebecca: Okay...
    • Layla: I don't mean to be cryptic, it's just... That message led us here, to this place. To a Norse grave in North America. So those bones out there are the only lead we have... our only chance at fixing this planet before it's too late.
    • Rebecca: Here it is.

    Rebecca touched in a buttom on her touchpad.

    • Unknown Male Voice: I lived, I died, and now I sleep. And in my sleep, I dream. And in my dreams, I see an end to the doom that will grip the earth once again. Find the Wolf-Kissed, find the Mad One, find me, and save us all from another death.
    • Shaun: Unsettling, that is.
    • Layla: That pulse in the message. Are you sure it's just coordinates? Nothing else?
    • Rebecca: Nothing I can find.
    • Layla: Okay. I'm ready.
    • Rebecca: Here we go.

    Layla laid back in the Animus and entered the simulation when Eivor and her clan arrived in England.[94]

    Animus Anomalies

    In the Animus, Layla approached a floating blue symbol as Eivor. As she touched it, Eivor's avatar was replaced with Layla's own image. The simulation stopped and a digital structure appeared in front of her, with a glowing packet at its end.

    • Layla: Becs, are you seeing this?
    • Rebecca: Yeah, it's weird. An anomaly of some kind. The rest of your simulation is frozen.
    • Layla: I can see a loose data package close by. I'll see if I can reach it.
    • Rebecca: Okay, but take it slow. We don't know what this thing is.

    Layla heard a recording of unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Layla: Becs, I'm closing in on the data packet.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: Got it.
    A small video clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Layla: Becs, I found another anomaly.
    • Rebecca: Is that what we're calling them?
    • Layla: And another data packet. Should I get it?
    • Rebecca: If it's anything like the last one, absolutely.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Layla: Hey, are you two hearing the same voices I'm hearing?
    • Rebecca: Not sure what you mean. It's all quiet on our end.
    • Layla: Dammit. Well, I'm at the second packet. You ready?
    • Rebecca: I'm ready.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: I got the data. Sending it now.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Rebecca: Your signal is flickering. Another anomaly?
    • Layla: Yeah. Are you losing touch with me when I find these?
    • Rebecca: Yeah, unfortunately. For a few minutes at a time.
    • Layla: Damn. Try to stay with me if you can. I need you to hear these.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Shaun: Hey, Becs! Layla's back! I see her here ... blipping and bleeping on your monitor. Layla, hey. Becs is fiddling with the back end. Trying to get a fix on you.
    • Layla: No luck?
    • Shaun: No luck. But she did show me how to decrypt your data packets. I just click a button when you've grabbed the data bits.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: Got it.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Layla: Anomaly four. Becs, you really have to hear this in here. Two voices, definitely Isu. One of them is Aletheia, I think.
    • Rebecca: From the staff?
    • Layla: Yeah. But I don't think these are contemporary. They feel candid. Accidental.
    • Rebecca: I'll keep trying.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Shaun: Layla, it's Shaun. I'm sifting through the videos you've been finding. This is an absolute gold mine, I hope you realize.
    • Layla: Feels like it.
    • Shaun: This is literally the clearest raw memory-stream footage we've ever seen from the Isu era. Only question is, who's feeding them to you?

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: Got it.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Layla: Here we go again.
    • Shaun: Hey, it's Shaun here. Hum... Becs is trying to cook up a trace of some kind. Hoping to find out where this raw data is coming from.
    • Layla: It's not in Eivor's DNA is it?
    • Shaun: Can't be. Feels too deliberate. Like someone wants you to see it.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Layla: Becs, any progress?
    • Rebecca: Nothing yet. Whoever put these here made a surgical incision into our server. They dumped this data and backed out before anyone noticed.
    • Shaun: Oddly enough, that's how Rebecca describes our wedding night. Which I find rude...
    • Rebecca: Hasting, get off the mic.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: I got it. Be ready.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Rebecca: Layla. How are you holding up?
    • Layla: Not bad, actually. These anomalies feel second nature now.
    • Rebecca: Any ghosting effects? Double-identity syndrome? Occipital shock signs?
    • Layla: Hey hey, you trying to freak me out? My God, just let me work.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Layla: All right, closing in on another one.
    • Rebecca: Sorry to freak you out earlier. It's just, the Animus can be dangerous. Prolonged exposure is hard on a brain.
    • Layla: I know. I just ... I wanna finish this.
    • Rebecca: Yes. Definitely. Jump out whenever you feel worn down.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: I got the data. Here it comes.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Layla: Anomaly number seven, if I'm counting right.
    • Rebecca: You are. Just a few more to go. Ten in total.
    • Layla: Ten. Okay, I can do ten. Does the Animus give achievements for stuff like this?
    • Rebecca: Sorry? Does it what?
    • Layla: Forget it.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Rebecca: You're getting good at these, Layla.
    • Layla: I'm an engineer. These puzzles are child's play.
    • Rebecca: Still, it's physical and mental. That can't be easy.
    • Layla: That's true. I never had to swim through any fluid dynamics equations to solve them.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: I got the data. Here it comes.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Layla: Shaun. These memory-stream fragments I'm finding ... are they adding up to anything?
    • Shaun: Nothing coherent so far. Just random clips. Hard to say how they all fit together.
    • Layla: Damn.
    • Shaun: I think there's more here than meets the eye. Just keep going.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Layla: Almost there. Eight down, two to go.
    • Shaun: Good. And here comes another kaleidoscopic gemstone of gibberish.
    • Layla: Not bad, Shaun. Working on your kennings?
    • Shaun: As a matter of fact, I am, yes. Thank you for noticing, data-wrangler.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: I got the data. Here it comes.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Rebecca: Anomaly number nine. Feeling okay? Any adverse effects?
    • Layla: I'm a little tired, that's all. Why? You expecting something worse?
    • Rebecca: Expecting the unexpected. It's hard to fully trust these things.
    • Layla: I'll be careful.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Layla: Number nine in sight. And the voices are still with me.
    • Rebecca: That's strange. We're still not hearing anything.
    • Shaun: Are you still sure they aren't coming from somewhere else? Like... from you?
    • Layla: God, no. How would that be possible?
    • Shaun: Sorry, just asking.

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: I got the data. Here it comes.
    Another small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    Layla encountered another floating blue symbol.

    • Layla: Last anomaly. This is it.
    • Rebecca Crane: I'm keeping a close watch on you. Don't do something weird or sudden, okay?
    • Layla: I won't. And pull me out if you see anything strange. Anything at all.
    • Rebecca: Gotcha.

    Layla heard another fragment of the Isu unknown voices as she got close to the packet.

    • Layla: Becs, I'm almost at number ten. Anything happening on your end?
    • Rebecca: Nothing. I'm decrypting the last data packet now. Here we go.
    • Shaun: Hold on, hold on. The fragment's unpacking itself. Gigs of compressed data. I think... hold on... I think we're in for something bigger than we bargained for. Get ready...

    Layla touched the data packet.

    • Layla: I got the data. Here it comes.

    The last piece of decrypted data completed the clip. The Assassins watched the Isu memory.

    • Layla: Holy shit. What is that?
    • Rebecca: I have a few guesses, and all of them are wild. I'll upload this to the server.

    Basim encountered a floating blue symbol.

    • Basim: Yes, here we are. My anomalies. Let's see how these turned out.

    Basim touched the data packet.

    • Basim: And here... the fragment of an ancient memory.
    A small clip from the Isu Era was inside the decrypted data.

    After solving the forth Anomaly, Layla went to speak to Rebecca.

    • Layla: The voices in those Animus anomalies. One of them is Aletheia, but the other, I just don't know.
    • Rebecca: How well do you know Aletheia?
    • Layla: She talked to me before, through the staff. Ran me through some tests, simulations. But I don't know if I passed or failed. I haven't heard anything from her for over a year.
    • Rebecca: And the anomalies, is she talking to you there?
    • Layla: No, these sound like... like overheard conversations. They don't seem to know I'm listening. Or they don't care.
    • Rebecca: Hm. I uploaded the data you found to our server. I'll have a closer listen when I have time.
    • Layla: Good idea.

    Layla returned to the Animus and, after solving the fifth Anomaly, she went in search of Shaun.

    • Layla: You have a second?
    • Shaun: Yeah. Sure. What's on your mind?
    • Layla: How long ago did this precursor race die out?
    • Shaun: Near as we can tell, about seventy-five thousand years ago. Hard to pinpoint an exact date. I can't tell if it was a Tuesday.
    • Layla Hassan: That's a long time. So why won't they leave us the hell alone?
    • Shaun: Good question. I think a blinding arrogance, coupled with a crippling fear of extiction, would drive a lot of people to desperate measures. They knew their human creations would survive the coming catastrophe. So a few of them devised ways to carry their imprint forward, hoping that, well, we might be able to resurrect them at some point in the future.
    • Layla: Would you resurrect one if you could?
    • Shaun: Well... we tried once before. Didn't work out.
    • Layla: Right...

    She talked to Shaun again.

    • Shaun Hastings: It's very hard to wrap one's head around all this. You know? It never gets easier.

    Layla left and returned to Rebecca talk again.

    • Layla: It's definitely Aletheia in those anomalies. I can't make out that other voice.
    • Rebecca: I had a listen. Feels like we're hearing conversations from the Isu era.
    • Layla: That's unheard of.
    • Rebecca: You saw simulations of that era, didn't you?
    • Layla: I did, but it's hard to know what was real and what was invented. There was Isu tech mixed with Greek architecture. It felt crafted. For a purpose. Like Aletheia was testing me.
    • Rebecca: I'd love to see the playbacks of those simulations. Can you get them?
    • Layla: Not likely. I'd have to talk with my old team and... well, it was a hard time.
    • Rebecca: Right...

    After watching the completely extracted memory file composed by the clips, Layla exited the cabin and saw Shaun examinating Eivor's grave.

    • Layla: Shaun, what the hell did we see in that video? The Isu... blood transfusions... a cataclysm.
    • Shaun: All that and more. Another Isu attempt to live beyond death.
    • Layla: How would that work?
    • Shaun: We know that one Isu was able to implant her husband's DNA into a human bloodline, causing him to be reborn every few generations. This footage appears to show something similar. Same technology, different application. That's all I can say for sure. It's not gonna help me sleep at night. I can tell you that!

    Another earthquake struck the earth.

    • Layla: God, I could never get used to that.

    Then, she went to the campfire near them, encountering Rebecca.

    • Layla: Becs, you watched the Anomaly video?
    • Rebecca: I did. That was... that was unreal. Unfiltered Isu memories, right from the source. Not like the hazy filtered footage we've seen from Sages in the past.
    • Layla: Right. But what source? Who sent these?
    • Rebecca: I wish I knew. It's not from Eivor, so... who the hell knows?
    Breaking the Cycle
    After witnessing Eivor and Sigurd defeat Basim and suspend him in the Yggdrasil supercomputer beneath Hordaland, Norway,[95] Layla requested an immediate extraction.
    • Layla: Becs, I'm coming out.

    Layla slowly sat up on the Animus. Rebecca knelt by her, with Shaun standing close.

    • Rebecca: Steady, Layla.
    • Layla: Were you watching my feed? What the hell was all that?

    Shaun touched his chin in thought.

    • Shaun: I think that was the solution to our problem.
    • Rebecca: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

    Shaun nodded.

    • Shaun: Desmond.

    Remembering Desmond's autopsy files from her time with Abstergo, Layla was bewildered how he was involved.

    • Layla: Desmond? Wh-What about him...?

    Knowing there was much to say and little time to tell it, Shaun and Rebecca took Layla to the fire pit to sit and discuss their late friend.

    • Shaun: He was just a bartender before he joined us. Not even a very good one! That's when he learned his real purpose. He was like a... I don't know, like a singularity. You know? A vanishing point. All of human history seemed to converge on him.
    • Rebecca: In 2012, the sun threw off a mass coronal ejection so large, it should have wrecked all life on earth.

    Layla nodded.

    • Layla: I remember. I worked at Abstergo then.
    • Rebecca: It was Desmond who saved us. He knew how to stop it.

    Layla gave a sidelong glance and frowned, remembering Abstergo's spin on that event.

    • Layla: Abstergo claimed credit for that. Something about their satellite network.
    • Rebecca: That's bullshit. It was Desmond. He pulled the switch that saved the world.

    Shaun stood up and walked a few steps away, then put his hand to his chin in realization.

    • Shaun: But that switch is still on. Still generating a magnetic field, one that's growing stronger every day.

    Layla closed her eyes in thought.

    • Layla: The temple Eivor found... that's where the field originates.

    Shaun turned around.

    • Shaun: Exactly. And it's been running for eight years, getting stronger and stronger. It will be dangerous now. Heat, radiation.

    Layla stood up.

    • Layla: Doesn't matter. We have to fix it. Shut it down.
    • Shaun: No, no no, slow it down. It's still protecting us.
    • Layla: All of this is starting to make sense. Everything I've done, everything I have learned. It led me here to this moment.

    Rebecca and Shaun looked at each other, then Shaun addressed Layla.

    • Shaun: You'll need the staff for this one. For protection. Otherwise, you won't make it past the first gate.

    Layla slowly nodded.

    • Layla: Right, of course. Okay... I'm ready.
    • Shaun: Okay. I'll pack the van.

    Shaun walked into the cabin as Rebecca finally stood up.

    • Rebecca: And I'll contact our ship. It can be in Boston Harbor by tomorrow night.
    • Layla: Thanks, Becs.

    Rebecca walked past. Layla revisited the runes near the lookout.

    • Layla: Eivor carved these runes. Didn't know I could read these, but... that's the Bleeding Effect, I guess.

    Layla returned to the cabin and talked to Rebecca at her computer station.

    • Layla: Thanks for keeping it steady in there.
    • Rebecca: You surf this thing better than anyone I know.
    • Layla: That's not true, is it?
    • Rebecca: Well, nearly. Be careful out there. And come back in once piece.
    • Layla: Thanks, Becs.

    Layla exited the cabin and met Shaun at the van.

    • Layla: I'm ready.
    • Shaun: It's a long way to Beantown. Hop in.

    Hours later, Layla stood outside the underground door to the Yggdrasil chamber with the Staff of Hermes in its box at her feet.

    • Shaun: Ah, good. Your signal's already a little bit wobbly. Are you inside?
    • Layla: Not yet, but there's a hundred feet of ice above me.
    • Shaun: All right, we may lose touch when you push through, so remember what we talked about. Watch your meters carefullt, for radiation especially. And keep the staff close.
    • Layla: Got it.
    • Shaun: Standing by.

    Layla took the Staff from the box and held it for a moment, closing her eyes as she remembered the last time she had used it. Rising to stand facing the door, she planted the Staff at her feet and spoke the password to open the chamber.

    • Layla: zrhwachày nàgkwat nsmæ br trrhwndi kwardæ, I sorhwlàs vras chnàkodi de, nsm huchràs réyzdéràæ chaz zàwomsi. (When the destruction and death threatens before us, and the solar flare is reaching, to the calculator of futures we run.)

    The stone door slowly rose, grinding against its long-forgotten tracks.

    • Layla: I'm in.

    Shaun's voice patched in, but was full of static the moment Layla crossed the door's threshold.

    • Shaun: Good. And remember, do not shut the machine off, just slow it down. The field it generates must still protect the earth.
    • Layla: I hear you.

    The door slid back down, sealing Layla inside. Layla strapped the Staff to her back and stepped onto the elevator plate to ride it down.

    • Layla: The elevator still works.
    • Shaun: Ah! Seventy-five thousand years, what's another millennium or two.

    The elevator continued descending.

    • Layla: It's getting hotter already.
    • Shaun: Yes, by our reckoning, it's gonna go up by about sixteen degrees Celsius.
    • Layla: How does it draw so much power?
    • Shaun: Tectonics is our best theory. The movement of the earth's crust, the churning lava beneath. Huge source of energy.
    • Layla: That's tech humans should have. Energy, not pieces of Eden.

    Shaun's voice came through, but filled with more static.

    • Shaun: Well, when all this is over, we could get a start-up going. You know? Get a little workspace, buy a van. Just the three of us.

    The elevator reached the bottom, showing Layla the large room covered in water vapor clouds and bathed in Yggdrasil's red warning light.

    • Layla: Shit, you're breaking up, Shaun.
    • Shaun: Say—say that again, please. You're breaking up.
    • Layla: Forget it. I'll call you when I'm topside.
    • Shaun: Why don't you try calling us when you're topside? We'll be right back.
    • Layla: Here we go...

    The elevator landed. Layla stepped off and through a doorway to see the entirety of Yggdrasil and its chamber. The earth tremored as she took in the sight.

    • Layla: There you are. You're working overtime.

    She turned left to access the bridge that Eivor and Sigurd had used, only to find the span was long broken.

    • Layla: Must have collapsed when the ice melted.

    She climbed onto a spar of rebar and jumped off, landing to slide down an angled bridge piece covered in rushing water.

    • Layla: Whoa. Steady...

    Just before the ledge ended in a drop, Layla jumped onto a nearby platform.

    • Layla: Huh!

    She turned to crouch and enter a smaller room.

    • Layla: A pool of water... from all that melted ice.

    She jumped in and swam through a short hall to the other side, then climbed up on a platform and freeran to a higher floor. This also ended in a spar of rebar hanging in the air.

    • Layla: Don't look down, don't look down.

    Layla jumped and climbed the column directly across from her, leaped to another piece of rebar, and then began climbing a wall followed by a third column. She eventually came to the steps leading to Yggdrasil's branches.

    • Layla: Why would anyone want to end their life here? Unless they thought it was just beginning.

    She looked up and saw Basim, still preserved despite hanging from Yggdrasil for just over a millennium.

    • Layla: Basim... after a thousand years, you're not looking so well.

    Layla stepped into the center. She took the Staff of Hermes from her back on hearing the machine activate and quicly scanned for movement in the shadows.

    • Layla: It's just like the Animus. It's just like the Animus. (breathing)

    A mechanical arm reached down behind and attached itself to her neck through a subcutinous epidural, then lifted her body into the air. Spasming as the device took hold, Layla dropped the Staff to the ground, then went limp as the simulation began. She found herself in Valhalla's fields, but the land was filled with glitches.

    • Layla: This is... this is Eivor's Valhalla. Or—or, a simulation of it. So what am I looking for? Will I know it when I see it?

    She crossed the doors into the great hall, but saw it in ruins, benches and tables overturned and haphazardly stacked or floating in midair to block her way to Asgard. More glitches filled the air.

    • Layla: Something feels off...

    She turned around and saw that the empty battlefield was replaced by a wide expanse of nothing, in which three figures stood in the distance.

    • Layla: What is this?
    • Urdr: The past we spun...
    • Verdandi: The present's done...
    • Skuld: ...the future comes on faster.

    Layla crossed the doorway again and walked to meet the digital representations of the Nornir.

    • Layla: Are you doing this? Are you pushing this machine to its limit?
    • Urdr: We will never end...
    • Verdandi: So here we wend...
    • Skuld: fealty to our master.

    One of the Norns began humming as Layla approached and saw that they were working at looms weaving blankets that changed pattern and size with every glitch.

    • Layla: Who's your master? Is he here?

    The Nornir did not answer and continued working, even as Layla stood in their midst and looked around.

    • Basim: (laugh)

    A simulation of Basim materialized before Layla.

    • Basim: They flatter me. I am only a guest in their world. A world spun of wishes and hopes.

    Basim bowed his head in greeting.

    • Layla: Basim... you sent the message. You led us to Eivor's grave.
    • Basim: Yes. A hopeful message, was it not?
    • Layla: How? You've been trapped here for a millennium. Eivor put you here.

    Basim nodded.

    • Basim: Indeed. But I'm not alone in this place. Not always. I have a friend who helps me. Together, we read the calculations. After we located Eivor's probable resting place, I contacted you.

    Layla crossed her arms, wary of Basim's explanations.

    • Basim: Through the digital lattice that enwebs this earth like a spider's nest. In our day, all the world was connected like this. A super-organism of technology. The staff you carry, the temples you have visited... all of it speaks as one. May I show you something?

    Layla uncrossed her arms and motioned to the empty space around them.

    • Layla: I imagine you can do anything you want in this place.

    Basim waved a hand and a simulation of the chamber's sphere appeared between them, looking much like the Eye.

    • Basim: Not as much as you might think. I am tethered to my body in a most uncomfortable way.
    • Layla: But you can slow this machine down. You know how it works.
    • Basim: Yes. We'll do it together, for another catastrophe is near at hand. This node of time has an ugly way of correcting itself. Go ahead.

    Layla gave him a sidelong look.

    • Layla: You're a hard man to trust. You must know that.

    Basim shrugged.

    • Basim: You're not obliged to trust me. But this is all I can offer.

    Layla shook her head in frustration.

    • Layla: God dammit.

    After a moment's hesitation, Layla put her hand on the sphere. It emitted a blinding flash of light, and when it faded, Basim was nowhere to be found, though his disembodied voice still echoed.

    • Basim: Silence Urdr, Verdandi, Skuld. Be at ease. Your day of rest has come.

    The Nornir spread their arms wide and looked upwards, relieved to finally be released from their work.

    • Urdr: At peace...
    • Verdandi: last...
    • Skuld: ...we rest.

    With each of their last words, they disintegrated, leaving an irritated Layla alone in the expanse.

    • Layla: Is that it? Is it done? Basim? Where are you?

    A bright tree of light suddenly sprouted and grew in the distance.

    • Layla: What is that?

    She walked to the tree and saw that its branches resembled neural synapses. Its trunk, made up of the synapse tendrils all woven together instead of a solid core, was not rooted in the false ground, but narrowed to focus on a single point. As she drew closer, she saw the shape of a man made of light walking around the trunk.

    • The Reader: Stop. Wipe everything. Run it again.

    The tree shrunk down to the focal point and regrew as Layla finally reached the glowing gardener and took a look at the strange pair.

    • The Reader: Layla. Hello.

    Layla frowned in confusion.

    • Layla: You know me?
    • The Reader: Yes. Through the calculations I read, here in the Grey. Eight years ago, the odds of your arrival were fifteen trillion, fifty-five million, three thousand, two hundred and seventy-six to one.

    Layla crossed her arms, unsure.

    • The Reader: As the years passed by, those odds improved. And as of yesterday, near even. It's a pleasure to meet you at last.

    Layla uncrossed her arms and stepped forward, looking over The Reader's shoulder.

    • Layla: Who are you? And what is this?
    • The Reader: I am the reader of the calculations. All these, possible futures for you and the world outside.

    Layla crossed her arms as she listened to The Reader.

    • The Reader: I have spent much of my new life reading these, searching for a way to finish everything we started so long ago. It begins here. You slow down this machine and save the world, from which point all possible futures expand.

    Layla uncrossed her arms and gave The Reader a sidelong look.

    • The Reader: Millions upon millions of possible roads.

    The Reader turned back to face the tree again.

    • The Reader: But in every one, another catastrophe recurs. The node collapses, and the world is wiped out. The human race dwindles, and fades. I must keep looking. I must find the solution for you. I must leave you with something.

    The Reader stood at the tree's base and stared at its branches, then continued to walk around and look up as he followed branch paths with his "eyes". Layla stared at the tree's focal point.

    • Layla: This node? This is right now, where I slow down this machine?
    • The Reader: Yes. I start all my calculations from this point, the only thing I know for certain.
    • Layla: That seems limiting.
    • The Reader: How do you mean?
    • Layla: What if you went back further, to 2012, when Desmond saved the world?
    • The Reader: Desmond...
    • Layla: What if he didn't save the world? What if he walked away and let the world burn? Look at those timelines. Read them instead.
    • The Reader: I see. An interesting idea.

    The tree shrunk down a second time and regrew, bigger and thicker than before, with some of the trunk's gold tendrils interwoven with separate blue-green ones.

    • The Reader: Fascinating. Billions upon billions of new timelines to explore.
    • Layla: Exactly. These are timelines that never came to pass. But they could have. If Desmond had let the world be destroyed, maybe the humans that survived would have learned something from the disaster. And maybe, in one of those timelines, they could have found a way to prevent it from happening ever again.
    • The Reader: That is brilliant. How did you come to that idea?
    • Layla: If you spend too much time narrowing down what is possible, you may never give another thought to the improbable.

    Layla walked to stand beside The Reader.

    • The Reader: Thank you for your insights, Layla.
    • Layla: It's only the beginning. We have a lot of data to sift through.
    • The Reader: Are you staying?
    • Layla: Until we find something useful, I will. I don't want this to happen ever again.
    • The Reader: You may not have much time, Layla. The machine is powered down, but the radiation... it will linger for decades. By my calculations, you have... seventy-three seconds before your exposure is lethal.

    Layla gave a knowing look.

    • Layla: I'm not worried, I have the Staff of Eden. It heals and protects.

    The Reader responded sadly.

    • The Reader: No... you do not.

    Layla frowned, confused.

    • Layla: What? How?

    She sighed and hung her head, suddenly realizing what Basim's disappearance meant.

    • Layla: Of course...
    • The Reader: Of course?
    • Layla: Fuck... All right. We'll find a solution together. However long it takes. And if that means I can never leave... so be it.

    Layla stepped closer to the tree and closed her eyes, remembering everyone she would be leaving behind. When she turned to address The Reader, her voice broke as tears formed in her eyes.

    • Layla: I owe this to the people that I... I hurt. And the people I love.
    • The Reader: Yes. I know the feeling.

    A glow spread over Layla's body from her feet and rising to her head, turning her into a being of pure light like The Reader.

    • Layla: Let's get going, huh? A few billion timelines might take a while.
    • The Reader: It will. But it will not feel like it. That is what I like about this place.

    The two stood and looked at the tree to start their new project.

    A Cautious Alliance
    Outside the simulation, Layla still hung from her Yggdrasil branch, while below, a severely aged Basim lay unresponsive on the ground atop the Staff of Hermes. With a sudden and pained gasp, he woke from a millennium of suspended animation. Giving an agonized cry at having to move atrophied muscles and from the chamber's lingering severe radiation, Basim grasped the Staff. He planted it on the ground and slowly hauled himself to his feet as the Staff's regenerative properties swirled, restoring him to his younger appearance as the ages literally fell away in flakes of dead skin. Basim haltingly spoke to the Staff with a voice not used in centuries.
    • Basim: Are you with me?
    • Aletheia: I'm with you.
    • Basim: It worked perfectly, my dear.
    • Aletheia: Is the Mad One here?
    • Basim: No, my love. Only we remain.
    • Aletheia: And Layla?

    Basim looked to where Layla would continue to hang without the Staff to protect her from radiation or delayed aging.

    • Basim: The Heir of Memories fulfilled her role perfectly. Now then. A new world awaits.

    Basim left the vault and eventually made his way back to the cabin where Shaun and Rebecca were waiting. Together, the three listened to Layla's final message transmitted from Yggdrasil.

    • Layla: Shaun, Becs, I... I had a choice. And I chose to stay. You'll wonder where I am. You might wonder IF I am. I don't know how to answer that. But I'm not afraid. And I'm not alone.

    Shaun and Rebecca looked at each other in surprise, shocked that something of Desmond had survived a decade later.

    • Layla: We have work to do. Work that may take us days or years. It's impossible to say. But we'll finish it. What I mean is... don't come looking for me. It's too dangerous and... too late. Take care of yourselves. Take care of the world we still have. And take care of—

    The message abruptly cut off in static. Basim spoke from where he sat on the couch, having changed from his old robes into a black wolf print t-shirt, a grey hoodie, and tan pants.

    • Basim: You see, she's fine. In a manner of speaking.
    • Rebecca: A manner of speaking? Jesus! We have to find her.

    Basim looked at the Animus.

    • Basim: You heard her. She doesn't want to be rescued.

    Rebecca glared at him.

    • Rebecca: Bullshit.
    • Basim: In any case, there's nothing left to save. Not after this long.

    Basim stood up and walked to Layla's open laptop. Shaun gave a hard stare as he passed by.

    • Shaun: Because of you! You left her there...

    Basim looked to the pair and put a hand to his chest.

    • Basim: This...this is all a bit much, I know. I'm in the same situation.
    • Rebecca: No, no. You're in a class all your own, man.

    Basim leaned over the laptop in thought, smirked, then opted to change the topic. He glanced at his new hosts.

    • Basim: We're Assassins now, not Hidden Ones?

    Shaun walked to stand beside Rebecca and crossed his arms.

    • Shaun: From the Arabic, Hashishyyin.
    • Basim: Ah. And do we have a mentor? Is that still the practice?

    Rebecca replied bluntly, still angry.

    • Rebecca: We do.
    • Basim: Name?

    Shaun uncrossed his arms before carefully answering Basim.

    • Shaun: William Miles.

    Basim carefully pronounced the name.

    • Basim: William Miles.

    He turned to face the pair and stood upright.

    • Basim: I'd like to meet William Miles. Would you bring him to me?
    • Shaun: We can call him. Encrypted line, you can talk to him right now.
    • Basim: No technology. Face to face. A meeting of minds. It's time to take the fight to these... these Templars, as you call them.

    Shaun looked at Rebecca, wary of trusting their guest, but she looked away refusing to answer. Basim looked at the Animus again.

    • Basim: I won't go anywhere, my friends. Your Animus is in good hands.
    • Rebecca: How much do you know?
    • Basim: My dear, we invented such things long, long before you did. I'll figure it out.

    He smirked. Their conversation over, Shaun clapped his hands and gave a resigned sigh.

    • Shaun: Okay.

    Shaun and Rebecca left the cabin, Basim smiling behind them as they walked out. The moment he heard their van drive off, Basim took the opportunity to explore his new surroundings, starting by visiting Eivor's grave.

    • Basim: It's a nice place to die, Eivor. Not everyone gets to choose. You bested me. I don't know how, but you did. Yet I'm the one left standing.

    Gloating, he spread his arms to indicate his new world, then knelt to the ground to share a secret with the skeleton.

    • Basim: And now I can take from you anything I want... your memories, your skills, your secrets. They're all mine... And when I have them, I will put them to good use. To find my children. And bring my family back together.

    Basim stood back up, but had some final words before he left.

    • Basim: A quiet place to find and end. I almost envy you.

    Basim walked over to the cliff lookout and admired the view.

    • Basim: Beautiful...

    Basim saw the runes carved into the nearby rock face.

    • Basim: A message for me? Hm. Not likely.

    Basim left and saw a squirrel near the camp outhouse. Remembering Ratatoskr, he greeted the animal.

    • Basim: Hello, little fella.

    Basim saw the tools near the door.

    • Basim: Tools or instruments of torture? Or both?

    He then visited the mailbox and read a letter.

    • Basim: "You're cordially invited to John and Judy's wedding, taking place this November, villiage's chapel." That would be interesting.

    Basim crossed to the garden, where he spotted the gnome on a chair.

    • Basim: Non-empathic art? That's rather dull.

    Basim left to the fire pit and sat down.

    • Basim: Ah, the wonderful smell of wood smoke. I'm glad some things never change.

    Basim stood up and returned to the cabin, where he made for the fridge and read the note there.

    • Basim: "Please enjoy the stay! Remember, all garbage must be packed out. And please water the plants once a day." At least they did something right.

    Basim read Shaun's note on the Hidden Ones.

    • Basim: Well done, young man. You were on to something.

    He walked to the cabin door and looked at the picture on the wall.

    • Basim: Hm. Magical.

    He inspected Layla's laptop on the nearby desk.

    • Basim: Is it wishful thinking to believe this device has a thought interface? Do I really have to use my hands and voice?

    His tour of the cabin done, Basim walked back to the Animus and talked to the Staff of Hermes.

    • Basim: Hold tight, love. A new world has opened to us. Once I get my bearings, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

    Basim sat on the Animus.

    • Basim: The Bleeding Effect shouldn't take long to kick in. A few days at most. So here we go...

    Basim laid back to continue reliving Eivor's life. Upon completing the last of Eivor's memories, he exited the machine and went outside to sit at the fire pit. After a moment of quiet contemplation, he looked to the bench on his left and through the Bleeding Effect saw a ghost of a hooded Eivor in Odin's robes, sitting and staring into the fire. She raised her head to look at him and he nodded his head with a slight smile on his face. Eivor returned the smile, and when Basim looked away, her ghost vanished.

    Goodbyes and New Beginnings
    Basim returned to the cabin and re-entered the Animus to experience Eivor's final memories. A hologram of him created by the Animus watched Eivor from afar as she wrestled with her decision to leave Ravensthorpe and start a journey of self-discovery about her past as Odin.[96]
    • Basim: Fascinating. Eivor grapples with Odin's memories in a way unfamiliar to me. My own struggle with Loki was intense but brief, ending with understanding of who we were. Where will this new conflict take you, I wonder? This calls for a bit of Animus magic, I think.

    Basim brought up a holographic HUD of the Animus' controls.

    • Basim: Searching for future memories, filtered by emotional intensity. Grief. Longing. Sadness. Here we are. A few images from the future. Let's see where Eivor leads us.

    Basim selected the first memory and watched Eivor make her way to the Ravensthorpe bureau to meet with Hytham one last time.[97]

    • Basim: Hytham's bureau. Another memory fragment here.

    He saw an Animus Anomaly resembling a blue dodecahedron hovering on a hill across from the bureau.

    • Basim: The memory fragment is close, I feel it.

    He approached the floating shape as Eivor and touched it, replacing Eivor's avatar with his hologram, which he used to manipulate the memory's timeframe.

    • Basim: Let's move this timeline forward...

    After watching the conversation between his former apprentice and Eivor, Basim skipped ahead to a memory Eivor had at The Old Minster in Wessex, where she met King Alfred.[98]

    • Basim: Ah, the Old Minster cathedral. Eivor's memory fragment is nearby.

    He saw another Anomaly hovering on a rooftop above the church courtyard.

    • Basim: The memory fragment should be close.

    He approached the floating shape as Eivor and touched it, replacing Eivor's avatar with his hologram, which he used to manipulate the memory's timeframe forward.

    • Basim: Hm. Right place, wrong time...

    He watched the conversation between Alfred and Eivor, frowning in suspicion when he heard Alfred mention he had founded a new militant Christian order that Basim knew would later become the Templars. After this, he skipped ahead to a memory Eivor had at Norwich's longhouse in East Anglia, where she met the newly-baptized Guthrum.[99]

    • Basim: This ship matches the memory fragment. I'm close...

    He saw another Anomaly hovering on the longhouse's roof.

    • Basim: Yes, memory is quite near.

    He approached the floating shape as Eivor and touched it, replacing Eivor's avatar with his hologram, which he used to manipulate the memory's timeframe by fast-forwarding until the ship was replaced by an empty stage and a raised cross.

    • Basim: Here we go...

    He watched the conversation between the two Vikings. After this, he skipped ahead to a memory Eivor had back at the Alrekstad estate in Hordaland, Norway, where she met King Harald Fairhair.[100]

    • Basim: King Harald's longhouse. I should find another memory fragment here.

    He saw another Anomaly hovering at the main doors to the hall itself.

    • Basim: I'm getting closer.

    He approached the floating shape as Eivor and touched it, replacing Eivor's avatar with his hologram, then stepped through the doors and saw the tables full with food in preparation for a feast.

    • Basim: Spinning forward, just a bit.

    He manipulated the memory's timeframe until Eivor arrived to talk to Harald and her brother Sigurd. He put his hands on his hips and smiled in amusement when he saw the three warriors agree to talk about their true pasts with each other. After this, he skipped ahead to Eivor's closing memory in Ravensthorpe. He saw the last Anomaly hovering over the Barracks near the docks Eivor had landed at long ago.[101]

    • Basim: Ah, here it is.

    He approached the floating shape as Eivor and touched it, replacing Eivor's avatar with his hologram, but this time found himself at the right moment and saw Eivor preparing for her departure to Vinland by loading a boat with supplies at night. Valka walked towards her.

    • Basim: Ah, here we are. A final future memory...

    The moment Eivor pushed off from the docks heading for transport in London, Basim teleported his hologram from the rooftop to behind Valka on the dock to better see Eivor leave. Through the Bleeding Effect, he saw a ghost of Odin sitting in the boat while Eivor sculled. A holographic projection of William Miles suddenly entered the simulation and stood behind Basim.

    • William: Basim, is it?
    • Basim: William Miles?

    Basim turned to face his guest.

    • Basim: I asked to meet you in person.
    • William: Face to face, you said. So here I am... in spirit, so to speak.
    • Basim: So close, yet so far. A clever trick.

    William pointed at Basim then began pacing.

    • William: Quite a trick of your own you pulled off. Resurrection. Hibernation. Many years in the making, I suppose.

    Basim waved his hand.

    • Basim: There were some improvisations along the way.
    • William: You've spent so much time in a simulation these past thousand years. Why so eager to jump into another?
    • Basim: A simple curiosity. It has been so long since I saw my friend Eivor, I wished to know this grand saga concluded.

    He turned back to the waters and stared in the direction Eivor had sailed off to.

    • William: Now you know. So what next? Where will Basim go?
    • Basim: As far as I can, William.
    • William: I feared as much.

    Basim faced William again.

    • Basim: Do not. I cherish the Creed that guides us. I always have.

    William's eyes narrowed slightly, still cautious about this new man.

    • Basim: But you people are infants compared to those I left behind. I need to get you up to speed. So... let's get started.

    He clenched his hand in a fist, eager to begin, and walked down the deck back to the shore. William pivoted around but stayed put.

    • William: Wait. If we're to work together, there is something I want first...

    Basim stopped, put his hands on his hips and chuckled, then glanced behind.

    • Basim: Hm. Name it.

    William walked up to him and the two began negotiating.

    Mutual Understanding
    Basim ended his Animus session and woke in the cabin, which still was untouched since Shaun and Rebecca had left him. He walked over to the computer station, grabbed a syringe on the desk, and stabbed the sharp into his right arm to take a blood sample, grunting in pain as he did so. He removed the needle and placed it into the central intake port of a stolen, Abstergo-brand device in a thick, briefcase-sized box wired up to the computer.
    • Computer: Viable genetic material obtained.

    Basim briefly typed on the desktop keyboard.

    • Computer: Genetic memory extraction has begun. Estimated sequencing time: 29 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes.

    Basim smiled, knowing what his blood sample would reveal to the Assassins.

    • Basim: You are in for quite a ride, Mister Miles.

    He left the computer parsing data, stepped outside to lean on the porch railing, and took a breath of fresh air. The Bleeding Effect then took hold again, making him see and hear ghosts of Eivor and Odin conversing with each other as they walked to the cliff's edge, the sun setting before them.

    • Eivor: This is all so strange...And what of Ragnarök? The twilight of the gods? Are those stories true?

    Odin stopped to talk.

    • Odin: In a sense. The great cataclysm happened much as your legends say. There were earthquakes and storms, wars and famine.

    The two continued to the railing at the cliff.

    • Odin: My people died out. But yours thrived.
    • Eivor: But you said there were no gods, as we know them. So what natural force could cause such an upheaval?

    Odin looked around at the sky, at a loss for words.

    • Odin: How to explain...

    His eye settled on the sun as it sank behind the hills.

    • Odin: Does the term solar flare mean anything to you?

    Eivor shook her head.

    • Eivor: I don't think so.

    At this, Odin realized the enormity of how much he would have to explain for Eivor to understand.

    • Odin: Hm, this may take some time to describe.
    • Eivor: Not a problem. Time is all we have left, All-Father.

    Assassin's Creed: Mirage[]

    The One who Lived Many Lives
    William Miles spoke as Basim's memories were loaded into the Animus. The system projected a series of data nodes.
    • William Miles: You asked me once about this memory. I lied. I told you it was lost.

    The Animus selected the furthest node and activated it, dissolving into a mandala pattern, which faded to show a trade caravan travelling in the desert.

    • William: I worried the wrong lesson would be learned. But this man lived many lives... and he has much to teach us.

    The scene switched to an overview of Baghdad and then to a closer view of Basim and Nehal freerunning on the city rooftops, passing by a pair of children playing in the water of a fountain.

    • William: Of course, when he came to us, he was little more than a common thief. Scrambling to survive on the streets of Baghdad, dreaming of a better future...

    The Animus focused in on Basim while he walked through a bazaar and saw a trio of guards accosting a civilian.

    • William: ...not just for himself, but for all those he saw suffering in the margins.

    The Animus then zeroed in on a view of the Round City, before projecting an image of executed civilians tied to posts.

    • William: For while he lived in a Golden Age... at the heart, and the height, of the Abbasid Caliphate... scratch its gilded surface... and you'd find a rot beneath.

    The image was replaced by one of assembled members from the Order of the Ancients, then faded to show a pile of corpses in a pool of blood.

    • William: The Order of the Ancients fought to rise and spread their cruelty through the land.

    A projection of a group of Hidden Ones appeared, comprising of Rebekah, Rayhan, Basim, Roshan, and Fuladh Al Haami, then showed Alamut being constructed.

    • William: The Hidden Ones, as we were known then... resisted...

    Basim's shadow was seen on a wall as he ran by a door.

    • William: ...striking at our enemy from the shadows. An eternal struggle.

    Basim scaled a building and stood on its domed roof. Enkidu flew by him and the pair looked at the Round City in the distance.

    • William: Centuries ago, he was at its heart. Basim Ibn Is'haq. He honored the Creed. He challenged it. So must we.

    The simulation deconstructed itself, with the Animus closing the data stream and returned it to its node form.

    • William: We have it in all of us to mistake the shadows we walk for the light we serve. The time may come... when we will be tested as he was.

    The data node transformed through the Animus into an atom.

    • William: I fear that time is coming soon.

    A group of atoms appeared, then the Animus changed the perspective to show molecules in stasis which were part of a triple-helix DNA strand. The strand was one of many that merged into a blood vessel with red blood cells rapidly flowing through it until they collected to form a drop of blood that fell from a stormy sky onto a dreaming Basim's face. From here, the memories of Basim's early life as a thief began.[102]

    Assassin's Creed: Nexus VR[]

    Incoming Call
    An elite Assassin hacker plugged themselves into a virtual space and received a call request. Before accepting it, they selected a voice core through which they masked their voice in said space, testing its sound system.
    • Hacker: Testing, testing, one two three.

    They confirmed their selection.

    • Hacker: That'll do.

    The hacker joined the call and was greeted by Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane.

    • Shaun: Ah, hello there. Thanks for taking our call. I'm Shaun and this is Rebecca.
    • Rebecca: We're your Brotherhood contacts for this op.
    • Hacker: What's the job?
    • Shaun: Straight to the point, I like that. Becks?
    • Rebecca: Our intelligence indicates Abstergo is developing a new profiling technology that goes way beyond anything seen before.
    • Shaun: Over the years, they've collected and archived the memories of countless individuals. Politicians, generals... even normal people like you and me.
    • Rebecca: I don't think I'd call you normal, Shaun.
    • Shaun: Very funny, but the point is, imagine if your own memories could be analyzed to understand how you think. To learn about your values and beliefs. And to know what to show you or tell you, online or in person, to slowly replace those beliefs with a set of new ones. Templar beliefs.
    • Hacker: So where do I come in?
    • Rebecca: The executive in charge of this initiative, Dominika Wilk, needs someone with your skills to finish the project. But she doesn't know you're working for us, or that you're going to shut her operation down for good.
    • Shaun: But more on that later. For now, we'll piggyback on your connection, so we'll be there when you need us. You'll have to switch over from our network to Abstergo's, then you're off to your first meeting with your new boss.

    The hacker ended the call, switched to Abstergo's virtual network and hacked its password, after which an authentication pattern was generated as a preventive measure to access the external system.

    • Shaun: Hm, what have we here?
    • Rebecca: Our friend is one step ahead of us. That will sever their connection to our virtual space when they connect to Abstergo and Dominika, and let us listen in on their conversations safely.

    They filled in the pattern as instructed and their access to Abstergo's network was authenticated.

    Job Interview
    The hacker connected to Abstergo's virtual network and spawned in an ethereal environment made up of several forms of cubical geometry. They faced a virtual representation of a desk with three monitors, in front of which sat Dominika's virtual avatar in a wheeled chair with her back to the new employee. She turned her seat to meet them.
    • Dominika Wilk: Ah, you must be the hacker.
    • Hacker: As ordered.

    She grabbed a tablet from off the table.

    • Dominika: Good. I'm Dominika Wilk. You'll report to me.

    Dominika checked some information on the tablet.

    • Dominika: Your skills are impressive, and so's your track record. Hacking governments, multinationals...
    • Hacker: Whatever you want, I can can get it.
    • Dominika: That's why I hired you. But this job is different.

    Dominika put her tablet down on the table and stood up, pointing to their surroundings.

    • Dominika: This is the Abstergo Cloud. It's an archive of memories, stretching back through time. We use a technology called The Animus to visit these memories, seeing them through the eyes of those who lived them.
    • Hacker: What is this, time travel?
    • Dominika: It's a simulation. No action you take in the Animus can directly affect the present.
    • Hacker: So why do you need me?

    Dominika walked around the space, prompting the desk and chair to vanish.

    • Dominika: The memories in the cloud hold the key to an important project I'm working on. So I want you to visit these memories, and bring back the information I need.
    • Hacker: Where do I start?
    • Dominika: It's more of a 'who' than a 'where'.

    Dominika nodded at an hologram of Ezio Auditore which materialized in front of them.

    • Dominika: Ezio Auditore de Firenze. An Italian noble and a Master Assassin.
    • Hacker: Sounds like quite a character.

    She paced before his hologram.

    • Dominika: He was. Ezio was friends with Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli, and a sworn enemy of the Borgias. He touched many lives at the end of the fifteenth century. And his blade ended more than a few.
    • Hacker: Count me in.

    Dominika dispelled the apparition.

    • Dominika: Not so fast. The Animus is unlike anything you've ever experienced before, so we need to get you acclimated to its use. Think of it as a test before we set you loose on the real deal. Now, let's see what you've got.

    Dominika's avatar disappeared when she removed her virtual headset. The hacker was left alone, being then loaded into a memory of Ezio Auditore to experience a training course.[103]

    The Test
    The hacker began reliving a memory of Ezio Auditore, in which he infiltrated a palazzo in Venice to recover his stolen sword.[103] They gained control over the Assassin once he climbed a window of the building and entered it.
    • Animus Orientation Protocol: Welcome to the Animus Orientation Protocol. I will guide you through the basics of using the Animus. Your avatar is now active. You should be able to move around freely.

    They tested the control system.

    • A.O.P.: Is everything alright? Try moving around to verify that all systems are live and good to go.

    The hacker moved around the room and then pressed onward. Eventually, Ezio reached the library of the palazzo, which contained three stationed guards.

    • A.O.P.: You must make your way through the library without being detected. If you're spotted, you'll desynchronize, and will restart from your last checkpoint in this memory.

    They successfully managed to sneak past the guards in the library, reaching a storage room where another mercenary guarded its exit.

    • A.O.P.: You can distract guards in a number of ways. For example, you can divert their attention by throwing objects to make noise.

    The hacker distracted the guard by throwing an object to lure him out of the way, allowing them to reach the next room.

    • A.O.P.: If you feel uncomfortable when using the Animus, remember that you can adjust your control settings at any time.

    Shortly after, they entered a dining room where an unsuspecting guard stood facing the entrance's opposite direction.

    • A.O.P.: You are now going to learn how to assassinate a target. Flick your wrist outward while holding the trigger button to draw your Hidden Blade.

    They unsheathed either one or both of Ezio's Hidden Blades.

    • A.O.P.: Once the blade is drawn, you can use it to assassinate your unsuspecting target.

    The hacker successfully prompted Ezio to assassinate the guard.

    • A.O.P.: Well done. You have mastered the art of assassination. Now proceed with your mission.

    To locate their next objective, the hacker used the Animus Pulse.

    • A.O.P.: The Animus Pulse ability detects key objects nearby and highlights them in gold.

    The hacker then located the two pieces of the key needed to open a secret passage in the room's fireplace, which gave access to a network of tunnels. While exploring them, they found a wooden wall on their way.

    • A.O.P.: To reach the next room, you will need to climb this wall. Try it now.

    The climb lead to a storeroom where Ezio found his stolen yataghan. Later, the hacker encountered another soldier which was alerted to his position, leading the simulation to temporarily freeze.

    • A.O.P.: Now initiating the Animus Combat Protocol. Loading standard enemy profile. Block the incoming strikes by holding your weapon to intercept them.

    The hacker blocked three strikes from the enemy's halberd.

    • A.O.P.: Excellent. Now block a sequence of strikes.

    The hacker successfully managed to block a full attack sequence.

    • A.O.P.: Blocking enemy attacks can create opportunities for you to strike. Block the following attack sequence to continue.

    They blocked another sequence of attacks after which the guard temporarily slowed down.

    • A.O.P.: Blocking a series of enemy attacks opens up windows to strike. Use these chances to slash an enemy.

    The hacker struck the mercenary with the yataghan.

    • A.O.P.: Execution rated acceptable. Now perform the maneuver in real time.

    The simulation resumed and the hacker fought the enemy on even footing, blocking his attacks and stunning him after slashing them with the sword.

    • A.O.P.: A well-placed attack will stun an enemy. This will allow you to strike and cause increased damage.
      Performance rated acceptable. Now eliminate this enemy.

    The hacker defeated and killed the soldier.

    • A.O.P.: User training rated a success. Terminating Animus Combat Protocol.

    They then left the office through a door that gave to a balcony, observing the guards that patrolled the courtyard below and tagging them with a small arrow above their heads.

    • A.O.P.: Looking at enemies will tag them, so you can track them when they're out of sight.

    The hacker sneaked their way through the courtyard without alerting the guards. Later, Ezio finally escaped the palazzo and the hacker was then ejected from the Animus.

    The Mission
    The hacker spawned back at the virtual space within Abstergo Cloud and was greeted by Dominika, who leaned on her desk.
    • Dominika: Not bad, for your first time in the Animus.
    • Hacker: I'm a quick study. Now how about we take the training wheels off?
    • Dominika: Certainly, but first you need to know why you're here.

    Dominika clicked on her tablet lying on top of the desk, triggering a hologram of a strange golden device to appear.

    • Dominika: We call it the Antikythera mechanism. It was found a hundred years ago, in a shipwreck off the coast of Greece.
    • Hacker: What is it?
    • Dominika: It's part of an ancient computer, older than recorded history. We think it was used for prognostication—predicting the future.
    • Hacker: So who built it?
    • Dominika: We believe it predates human civilization.

    Dominika stood up and walked around.

    • Dominika. Though what's important is that within this device is code more advanced than any we've seen before. We reverse engineered it so it can interface with the Animus, but that's just the start.
    • Hacker: I'm listening.

    Her desk disappeared.

    • Dominika: The Antikythera mechanism is one part of a much larger machine, broken apart in the distant past. With the code from those missing fragments, we can bring the old an the new together, and create a computer more powerful than we've ever seen before. I call the project the 'Nexus Eye', and now you're a part of it.
    • Hacker: I guess I am. Where are these fragments?
    • Dominika: Hidden in the past, and that's where you come in. I need you to visit the memories within the Abstergo Cloud, find the missing fragments, and extract the code contained within them.
    • Hacker: Are you asking me to search the whole Cloud?

    Dominika's desk materialized again for her to pick up her tablet.

    • Dominika: No. We've identified a series of memories as linked to the missing fragments.

    By clicking on the tablet, Dominika commanded the hologram to vanish.

    • Dominika: You'll place tracking beacons within them to triangulate your position within the memory clusters and direct us towards those most likely to contain what we're looking for.
    • Hacker: Do I stay with Ezio?
    • Dominika: For now, but in time you'll visit other memories. We'll have to see where the search leads. I'll be watching your progress. Good luck.

    The hacker left the space and returned to their personal hub, now filled with Abstergo imagery, where they received a message from Rebecca.

    Open Secure Connection

    We need to talk. Meet us in a secure environment. Disconnect from the Abstergo network and establish a connection to us. Then we'll send you the authentication code.

    They disconnected from Abstergo's network, reverting the hub to its default appearance, and connected to the Brotherhood's network. Another authentication pattern was generated and the hacker received another message.

    Authentication Code

    Use this authentication code to connect:
    92 92 10 34 57 69 10 21 40
    02 23 45 67 29 10 22 77 94
    20 18 68 20 39 67 19 20 50
    • Rebecca: Hm, looks like you need to align the nodes to match the pattern.
      Don't forget you're working in a three-dimensional space.
    • Shaun: Thank you, Rebecca, but I think our friend knows how this works.

    They filled in the pattern as before and were cleared into the Assassins' network. The hacker loaded into another virtual environment, similar to the one linked to Abstergo Cloud but darker and lacking its genetic memory nodes. Rebecca sat behind a desk.

    • Rebecca: Ooh, she'll be watching. Scary.

    Shaun materialized and approached the desk, typing something onto a monitor turned to him.

    • Shaun: I thought she'd never leave.
    • Hacker: You've heard what she had to say—now remind me what you want from me.
    • Rebecca: Just what we've hired you to do—use your skills to help us stop them.

    Rebecca rested her feet on the desk.

    • Rebecca: Now before you dive into the past, let's have a quick brief. As Dominika said, you're going to be planting beacons in memories to try to zoom in on these fragments she's after.
    • Shaun: But thanks to you, we've got a little surprise for her.

    Shaun approached the hacker and held out his hand, from which a small glitching digital globe was summoned.

    • Shaun: Now this particular bit of code that you whipped up is one of the neatest logic bombs I've ever seen. It's going to fit undetectably inside the beacons. Plant a beacon and you'll be planting a bomb, too.

    The piece of code disappeared.

    • Rebecca: And when all the logic bombs have been placed, we'll trigger them and they'll devour the memories you've visited. Abstergo will no longer have access to their content.

    A panel that pictured the Villa Auditore towering over Monteriggioni appeared.

    • Shaun: Right. Time to go. Enjoy the... Italian countryside. Have some pasta and... please be careful.

    Shaun took off his headset and left the space. The hacker was left to explore the memories of the Cloud and began to relive the memory in which Ezio returned to Monteriggioni.[104]

    First Steps
    The hacker witnessed Ezio walk along Monteriggioni's main road[104] at which point Dominika patched in the sound system.
    • Dominika: Okay. I need you working at peak efficiency, so let's get you integrated into the memory data structure. I'll find a suitable point where you can attune your Animus scout function.

    They used the function, disconnecting from Ezio's avatar and teleporting to a higher position above from where they could see all of Monteriggioni.

    • Dominika: Got it. There's one at the top of Villa Auditore. Make your way there now.

    The hacker exited the Animus scout and advanced further in the memory until Ezio approached the city's fountain when nearing the Villa.

    • Dominika: Once you've synchronized, much of each memory's top-level detail will become visible. You'll see points of interests, Animus constructs, significant data locators... information useful to seeking the fragments. It's not just sightseeing, though. Synching will help you better navigate the memory and locate what's important.

    They continued until Ezio scaled the villa and reached the viewpoint at its top, where a small eagle hologram hovered.

    • Dominika: There. Synchronize where you see that Animus node inviting you to interact with it.

    The hacker grabbed the node and was pulled into the Animus scout view.

    • A.O.P.: This is the sync view. It displays important details about the memory you're exploring. You should always sync when searching memories for the first time.

    A digital wave emerged from the viewpoint and spread out through the memory's map, scanning it and identifying points of interest across it.

    • A.O.P.: When in sync view, you will often see secondary activities the Assassin performed in their time. You do not have to do them yourself, but they can improve the quality of your synchronization in the Animus. Every memory has them. Synching reveals them so you can pursue them, or not, as you wish.

    The hacker returned to Ezio's avatar as he was about to perform a Leap of Faith into the haystack below.

    • Dominika: Hmm. You're synched, but something's still not optimized on the Animus side. I have an idea–let's defragment your presence in the memory. First, head over to the coordinates I'm sending you.

    The hacker headed over to the pointed coordinates in the memory, which corresponded to a Golden Construct.

    • A.O.P.: Beginning calibration. Gold Constructs challenge your navigation skills. Grab the Construct to begin.

    They grabbed and held the data node, prompting the Animus to initiate a freerunning course across the city's rooftops.

    • A.O.P.: Now, pass through the gates within the time limit to complete the challenge.

    The hacker made Ezio successfully pass through all the digital gates in time.

    • A.O.P.: Calibration at fifty percent.
    • Dominika: Good. That's improving the data fidelity. More coordinates incoming.

    The hacker followed the new coordinates to the town's church.

    • A.O.P.: Platinum Constructs reward your climbing skills. Climb to the top of the church to collect the Construct.

    They scaled to the top of the building's bell and grabbed the construct.

    • A.O.P.: Calibration at one hundred percent. Optional challenges activated. You can now seek out other Constructs in the environment to further test and develop your skills.
    • Dominika: And that's that! Calibration complete. Okay, now you're ready to do the real work.

    The hacker then descended from the church's rooftop and entered it, where they saw a Historical Construct by its altar.

    • A.O.P.: That Construct contains extra information about the time period the memory is from.

    By grabbing it, they unlocked a database entry on the Church's power in the Renaissance.[105] The hacker continued following the memory until Ezio joined his sister Claudia at the Villa's workshop and she gave him the key to access his room in the attic.

    • A.O.P.: Do not worry about losing key items. If you release them, they will re-holster automatically when they are needed.

    They released the key, which immediately stored itself on the avatar's inventory. After progressing further in the memory up to the point when Ezio pursued the escaping bandits who had tried to kill him into the Sanctuary, the hacker encountered a halberd-armed bandit, at which point the simulation temporarily froze.

    • A.O.P.: Now initiating the Animus Advanced Combat Protocol. Loading professional soldier enemy profile. Begin with parrying. Strike the enemy's weapon with your own just before it hits you. Time it right and you will open them to a counter attack.

    The hacker struck the enemy's halberd as he attacked, parrying him and opening a counter-attack window.

    • A.O.P.: A successful parry opens up immediate attack opportunities. To continue, perform a parry strike.

    The hacker parried and struck at the enemy.

    • A.O.P.: Well done. Correctly executed parries will enable you to create openings to strike during combat. This next exercise will require usage of the Combat Dash ability which is now available to you. Perform a Combat Dash to knock enemies off balance. This will create more attack opportunities.

    They used the ability to break their opponent's guard and slash him.

    • A.O.P.: The Combat Dash ability needs to recharge before it can be used again. The Animus indicates this charging period below enemies when they are targeted. You can lunge forward with your hidden blade by drawing it and thrusting your arm towards an enemy.

    The hacker performed a lunge attack on the weakened enemy, killing him.

    • A.O.P.: User training successful. Exiting Animus Advanced Combat Protocol.

    With the simulation resumed, the hacker defeated the remaining bandits in combat. After Ezio unlocked the secret passage behind Altaïr's statue, the simulation stopped once again, and Shaun and Rebecca contacted the hacker.

    • Rebecca: And now you get to plant a beacon–and a logic bomb with it.
    • Shaun: Just grab the data node and you're all set.

    They grabbed the beacon and activated it, prompting it to spread its code across the memory. The hacker then continued to follow Ezio as he entered the tunnels beneath Monteriggioni through the passage to pursue the fleeing bandits.[106]

    Combat Maneuvers
    The hacker followed Ezio in his journey across the tunnels until he reached an unsuspecting mercenary that looted the vacant cells beneath his position.[106] The simulation stopped for a moment.
    • A.O.P.: Use that guard below as an opportunity to review air assassinations. You will first need to have a weapon ready. Draw your sword or Hidden Blade. Either will do.

    They deployed one of the Assassin's weapons.

    • A.O.P.: When you strike, you will need to be certain to hit your target, so keep a steady hand. Now focus on your target, and jump when you feel ready.

    The hacker focused on the mercenary and the Animus highlighted the enemy, allowing them to air-assassinate him. Further in the memory, after Ezio pursued the thief Seraphina up to a locked door guarded by the bandits' commander, the simulation froze again.

    • A.O.P.: Some enemies are tougher than others. It is time for you to encounter one. Before you initiate combat, we need to review one more technique. Some enemies have special attacks that can not be blocked. These must be dodged instead. Do so either by using the input on your controller or by moving physically out of the way.

    The hacker used this maneuver to evade the commander's attacks and successfully defeat him and his lackeys. Eventually, Ezio left the tunnels to find a ravaged Monteriggioni and a somber Claudia at the surface. When the two siblings finished talking to each other, the simulation stopped and another beacon was summoned, which the hacker grabbed and activated, prompting it to spread its code across the memory. They were then ejected from the Animus and redirected to Dominika's virtual space on the Cloud.

    Groundbreaking Discovery
    The hacker found Dominika working at her virtual desk with her back to them.
    • Dominika: Welcome back.
    • Hacker: Monteriggioni was a bust.
    • Dominika: I wouldn't say that. You placed two beacons, and that helps narrow down our search. The fragments will come–just give it time.
    • Hacker: All this just to build a computer?

    She turned her chair to face them.

    • Dominika: It's so much more than that. Within these fragments is source code that, when combined with the Animus, can build a behavioral profile of a person from their lifetime of memories.
    • Hacker: We have algorithms today that do the same thing.
    • Dominika: No, not like this.

    Dominika rose from her seat and approached the hacker. The desk vanished as she talked.

    • Dominika: The Nexus Eye will be a window into the future–using data from the Abstergo Cloud, it will map out with near certainty how an individual or a group will act. We will take people's memories and use them...
    • Hacker: For what?
    • Dominika: ...For the betterment of us all. Let's leave it at that.
    • Hacker: Why do you need me? Doesn't Abstergo have people for this?
    • Dominika: Abstergo is too big to move quickly. We must seize the opportunity the Nexus Eye presents now, not in ten years' time.

    Dominika returned to where her desk had been and it rematerialized for her to lean on.

    • Dominika: And if my employers can't see that, then I'll just have to show them. And that means taking the initiative.

    Dominika picked up her tablet from the desk.

    • Dominika: We have a fix on your next memory.
    • Hacker: Italy again?
    • Dominika: About eight hundred miles and two thousand years away.

    A hologram of a hooded Kassandra wielding the Sword of Damokles materialized in front of them.

    • Dominika: The Greek mercenary, Kassandra. She fought on both sides in the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. You'll be joining her two decades later, when the war's about to end in Sparta's favor.
    • Hacker: She's still a warrior?
    • Dominika: It's said she found the secret to immortality, but that may be just part of her legend. Time has a strange way of bending the truth.

    Dominika looked aside, pensive.

    • Dominika: Now, get to work.

    She then took off her virtual headset, prompting the hologram and the desk to vanish, and leaving the hacker to relive one of Kassandra's memories of her time revisiting Delos to kill two Athenian commanders.[107]

    Behind the scenes[]

    The runes in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla that Layla and Basim interact with are identical to one of the two inscriptions carved on the Hagia Sophia's marble parapets by a member of the Varangian Guard. Translated, they read "Halfdan carved these runes", even though Layla comments that Eivor had carved the message.[108]


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