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The 10 August insurrection, also known as "the storming of the Tuileries Palace", was the French revolutionary insurrection upon King Louis XVI's reign in Paris on 10 August 1792.

The insurrection was led by Frédéric Rouille and Antoine Joseph Santerre with thousands of armed revolutionary extremists fighting against two-to-three thousand men, mainly Swiss Guards. The fighting was fast and brutal, and the Swiss Guards were massacred. During the confusion of the battle, the King escaped from the palace and took refuge with the National Assembly. This resulted in the abolition of monarchy and the creation of a new National Convention in France.[2]

The Assassin Council, which discovered that their late Mentor Mirabeau had sent letters to the King with important information on the French Brotherhood, sent Arno Dorian to infiltrate the Tuileries and destroy the letters before the Templars could recover them. In the King's office, the Assassin met a young soldier, Napoleon Bonaparte,[3] who found a key to open the Isu Temple under the Basilica of Saint-Denis.[4] The two allied and took what they searched before fleeing when Rouille and his men arrived, with the Templars recovering the evidence they needed for the King's trial that would lead to his execution.[3]