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Ögedei Khan was an altered representation of one of Nergüi's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Qulan: Ah, Nergüi. Thank you for coming.
  • Nergüi: Of course. What is it you wanted to discuss?
  • Qulan: Batu Khan. His army has no equal. He has torn a path through Russia with swiftness, and now readies his army for a march westward.
  • Nergüi: To confront him would be a difficult task. It is a long journey, and his position appears to be unassailable.
  • Qulan: I have a plan. For now, we will leave Batu to his devices.
  • Nergüi: And allow him to invade Europa?
  • Qulan: Hear me out, Nerkaa. I fear we cannot stop Batu with our strength alone. But if we force his traditions against him, he will have no choice but to halt his advance.
  • Nergüi: Traditions? What do you mean?
  • Qulan: Two lives must end. You will travel to Karakorum and eliminate Ögedei Khan. I will go travel to Transoxiana and eliminate his brother Chagatai.
  • Nergüi: I see. If we succeed, we leave the Empire with no Khan and no ready successor. Batu will be forced to return to Mongolia until a new Khan can be named.
  • Qulan: Yes. And if we accomplish these tasks swiftly enough, Batu could be recalled before his army can advance any further.
  • Nergüi: Then we should leave now.
  • Qulan: We should leave soon. You go to claim the life of the Great Khan, Nergüi. He is not the man his father was, but you should still be well prepared before you depart.
  • Nergüi: Very well. I will leave at first light.
  • Qulan: Good luck.
  • Nergüi: And to you.




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