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Île à Vache

Île à Vache is a Caribbean island located in the Baie de Cayes, just south of Haiti. During the Golden Age of Piracy, it served as a French trading post.

During his time in the West Indies, the pirate Edward Kenway visited the island to accept two assassination contracts via pigeon coop. He later returned to the island in 1721 with the Assassin Mentor Ah TabaiAdéwalé, and his new quartermaster Anne Bonny, to begin his search for his first major assassination target, Woodes Rogers. Besides a harbormaster's station, the island was also home to a tavern, named "Vino A Vache".[1]


  • Île á Vache translates to Cow Island. True to the name, several cows can be seen freely roaming about the island.



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