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The Æsir were a group of powerful Isu who held dominion over the European region of Scandinavia. After the Great Catastrophe, the Æsir were then revered as the main pantheon of gods in the Norse-Germanic religion.


The Æsir was the name of a group of Scandinavian Isu later remembered as the main pantheon of gods in Norse and Germanic mythology and religion. The pantheon consisted of many gods, among them, Odin, Frigg, Hother, Thor, Baldr, and Tyr.[1] The Æsir used to be enemies of another pantheon in the Norse religion, the Vanir. These two pantheons declared war on each other and battled, but following the political marriage between Odin and Freyja, the two groups settled into a peace with the unification of the two pantheons.[2]

Known members




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