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This article is about the Abstergo scientist. For other uses, see Alvaro.

Álvaro Gramática (1965 – 2018) was the Director of Research of the Future Technology division of Abstergo Industries and a member of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order.

As one of Abstergo's leading scientists, Gramática has been in charge of the Phoenix Project, an attempt to recreate Isu DNA and tissue, since at least 2014, and has done extensive research into the Pieces of Eden.


Early life

Álvaro was born in Mexico City in 1965 and graduated from university at the age of 17 with advanced degrees in physics and computer science, eventually developing an expertise in mechanical engineering and biology.[2]

Early years with Abstergo

Álvaro was recruited into Abstergo in 2008 to work on the Akashic Satellite Plexus. In 2009, he created the Data Dump Scanner, a proprietary technology that would eventually lead to the creation of Helix, when combined with the Animus interface.[2] He quickly developed a rivalry with long-term Abstergo employee and fellow Templar, Dr. Warren Vidic, who he felt could always do with being "knocked down a peg".[3]

In 2011, Gramática received an offer from fellow Inner Sanctum member Isabelle Ardant. She gave Álvaro the opportunity to hand Alan Rikkin a new working Piece of Eden after the DIA satellite accident by giving him an apparently broken Shroud of Eden for him to fix. Álvaro accepted her offer since it would kill Vidic's Animus Project.[4]

By 2012, Álvaro managed to trigger the Shroud's healing function by shooting himself while wearing it, causing a Precursor to briefly possess him.[5] Isabelle later assigned Violet da Costa of Sigma Team to work with Gramática, who had her wear the Shroud and shot her, causing a Precursor named Consus to possess her. Gramática conversed with Consus but the conversation came to an end when Violet's wound was healed. With Violet's consent, Gramática shot her again.[3]

Following Vidic's death in 2012, Álvaro's desire to use all resources available to Abstergo in his Phoenix Project, even at the expense of other Abstergo operations, began to cause strife within the Inner Sanctum. Álvaro was unable to keep the Templars unified towards a common goal like Vidic had been.[2]

On 21 December 2012, during one of his usual conversations with Consus through Violet's body, he informed Álvaro of Juno's release from her imprisonment in the Grand Temple. Greatly disturbed by the event, Consus claimed that all was now lost, while a confused Álvaro demanded him to explain what he was talking about.[6]

In 2013, Violet and Sigma Team leader Juhani Otso Berg drugged Álvaro by their own initiative to use the Shroud and speak to Consus to ask him if Juno and her followers were a serious threat without anyone noticing. For their surprise, Álvaro was barely affected by the drugs and discovered the pair while they were about to use the Shroud. He then interrogate Berg asking him the reason of why they had broken into his office. Happy with his answer, he let them proceed. Berg shot Violet, who was using the Shroud, and Consus possessed her body. Berg asked him about Juno and found out that she had induced her consciousness into "the grey area inside of systems" using Consus' former research. Álvaro concluded that Berg and Violet were right to be concerned and that they needed to do more research on Juno.[7]

Head of Phoenix Project

As of 2014, he is the director of the Phoenix Project, which aims to successfully sequence a full First Civilization genome. After the death of John Standish the year before, Gramática's team analyzed his body and DNA. Through their research, Gramática found that roughly five percent of Standish's genome was pure First Civilization DNA, and decided that locating other Sages would be the most practical way to achieve his goals.[8]

In his efforts, Gramática frequently contacted Melanie Lemay, head of Abstergo Entertainment, for advice, insight and leads concerning the location of Sages, specifically their remains. Under his authorization, Abstergo Entertainment's Robert Fraser began analyzing the genetic memories of Arno Dorian.[8]

Gramática also instructed Lemay on how to deal with intruders into Abstergo Entertainment's Helix network using the company's proprietary intrusion detection system. When implemented, the system sent intruders into hippocampal shock, or even death in some cases. However, this defense was bypassed by a Helix initiate who saved their trapped comrades.[8]

On 13 October, the Paris lab was assaulted by the Assassins. Gramática was wearing the Shroud when he was confronted by Shaun Hastings and Galina Voronina, the latter who promptly killed him. But when the Assassins had left, the Shroud, though damaged beyond repair, was able to revive Gramática.[9]

Quest for the Shroud

Gramática speaking with Ardant

In 2015, Gramática worked with Isabelle Ardant to recover a Shroud of Eden located in London. Isabella and Violet da Costa were able to retrieve the Shroud, though Isabelle was killed by Shaun Hastings when he stabbed her with his Shock Blade. Ecstatic to have the Shroud of Eden, Gramática revealed his plans to use it to recreate an actual First Civilization member from scratch and planned to call Alan Rikkin to update him on this development.[10]

Following the death of Ardant and the recovery of the Shroud, Gramática retreated to a top-secret facility in Australia[11] to continue working on Project Phoenix without prying eyes. Even his fellow Templars, such as Laetitia England, were unaware of his exact location. Gramática did, however, send the coordinates to Berg, allowing him to deliver the Precursor box to his lab, which he hoped would help him better understand the Shroud. [12]

In October 2016, he was present during the induction of Simon Hathaway into the Inner Sanctum. Ten days later, Gramática sided with Rikkin against Hathaway when charges of treason were brought against their fellow Templar. However, only backed by Gramática, Kilkerman and Stearns, Rikkin had no choices but to drop the charges.[13]

In March 2017, the Inner Sanctum invited the new Black Cross to a meeting in Quebec, during which Gramática was present. Displeased that he self-proclamed himself their inquisitor, they threatened him and demanded to know his identity. The masked man responded that he came only as a courtesy, to inform them that he was investigating a hostile fifth column within the Order. After affirming his independence, the Black Cross dropped a smoke bomb and disappeared.[14]

Sometime later in his laboratory, Gramatica was visited by Violet da Costa and the Instruments who was holding André Bolden hostage. She informed him that they were there for the Phoenix Project.[14]

Personality and characteristics

"Álvaro Gramática is a brilliant mind, an arrogant pig, a raging sociopath, and a spectacular prima donna."
―Juhani Otso Berg on his colleague[src]

Álvaro Gramática was noted as being a genius from the day he was born, excelling in puzzles like Sudoku. His genius, coupled with his expertise in mechanical engineering and biology made him attractive as a potential employee to Abstergo.[2]

Following his appointment as director of the Phoenix Project in 2014, Álvaro become completely focused on his goal of fully sequencing a First Civilization genome, and hoped to use every resource available to Abstergo in this mission. This caused some strife with his fellow Templars, and Álvaro was unable to keep the Inner Sanctum unified towards a common goal, like his former rival, Dr. Warren Vidic had been.[2]

Gramática was more concerned with his work than human relationships, and was noted as often abandoning his wife and three children for long periods of time while immersed in his work.[2] This also resulted in him having poor relations with many of his colleagues; Isabelle Ardant called him a prick after a video conversation with him and showed reluctance in dealing with him, while Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa were dismissive and somewhat contemptuous of him. In his research, Gramática had no qualms in harming children, as seen by his eagerness to experiment on Desmond Miles' son, who was only ten years old at the time, much to the disgust of Isabelle Ardant.[15]

Reportedly, Álvaro is highly resistant to drugs, as he was barely affected when Violet da Costa put "enough tranquilizers in [his] coffee to knock out a whale".[7] Despite this, he had to get his stomach pumped when he deliberately ingested a massive dose of pills while experimenting with the Shroud of Eden.


  • Álvaro is a Spanish masculine name borrowed from the Germanic language. Its origins can be found in the Old Norse Alfarr from the components alfr meaning "elf" and arr meaning "army." Gramática is a Spanish colloquial meaning "to look out for oneself" and "cleverness, shrewdness."
  • Gramática was part of the development team for Abstergo’s Liberation video game.