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"Escort" Mission was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Théroigne de Méricourt asked Arno to recruit prostitutes into her women's militia.


  • Théroigne: Arno!
    I've had a very good idea. I want to raise up an army, a whole army of women! Women have had the worst of it, and it's women who will know how to set things right! Now, when I say women, I mean the women of the streets. You know... prostitutes. Street-walkers. I need you to go to the brothels. Give them these recruitment handbills. They'll join up in droves.

Arno freed a group of prostitutes from captivity and showed them the handbills.

  • Prostitutes: An army of women? About time! I'm in.
    Tell her I'll be there.
    As long as I get out of this hellhole, yes.

Arno infiltrated a brothel.

  • Guard: Keep out the riff-raff. You wanna play, you gotta pay.
  • Prostitute 1: Tough day at the revolution?
  • Prostitute 2: Dear God, this is backbreaking work.
  • Prostitute 1: Ain't it the truth, sister.
  • Patron 1: What can I get for three francs?
  • Prostitute 3: A flirty wink and a peek at my stocking.
  • Patron 1: Sold!
  • Patron 2: You don't sleep with royalists, do you?
  • Prostitute 4: Their money's as good as yours.
  • Prostitute 5: Hey, handsome. Need to stretch your legs?

Arno showed the handbills to the prostitutes in the brothel.

  • Prostitutes: For Méricourt? All right.
    Do we get uniforms?
    It's gotta be more fun than this.
    Let's go!
    I'm at her command!

Arno found the last group of prostitutes being auctioned.

  • Auctioneer: How much am I offered for this sweet little parsnip? Come on, gentlemen. She'll brighten up your miserable, disgusting life! She'll perform feats of salaciousness the likes of which you never dared dream!

Arno freed the prostitutes and showed them the handbills.

  • Prostitutes: Women's army? Where do I sign?
    That Théroigne! She's always got somethin' goin'.
    Women's army? That's crazy. I'll join.
    Different kind of grunt work.
    Shooting instead of screwing? Sounds good.
    A chance to get off my back? Sure.


Arno freed and recruited several prostitutes, providing Théroigne with a considerable force for her militia.


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