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Welcome to Abstergo Entertainment

After an Abstergo Entertainment research analyst relived Edward Kenway's memory in which he survived the JacobitePredefinição:'s destruction and killed Duncan Walpole,[1] they were taken out of the simulation by Melanie Lemay.

  • Melanie: Fantastic work! Very promising. All right... easy now. There you go. Welcome back. Well, your numbers look good... Now, let's make sure we didn't break your brain, all right? I need you to move your head and look at these lights. Just here. Look up. That's it. Down. So far so good. Let's get you up. So, welcome to the Sample 17 Project. Before you get started, you're gonna need this...

Melanie inserted an earpiece into the analyst's right ear.

  • Melanie: There you go. Testing, testing... 1,2,3... hello, (Hello. Is it good?) It works? All right. Let's take a walk.

Melanie led the analyst out of the Animus room and through Abstergo Entertainment's lobby.

  • Melanie: Your file says you've done Memory Research before, but not to this extent, which is surprising. You're very good. The data-steams are very stable. Impressive, right? This building is barely six months old, but Abstergo Entertainment has been a studio for a few years. Since 2010. Maybe you saw Liberation? That was our first title powered by Animus tech. That was just the tip of the iceberg. Soon we'll be unveiling commercial Animus servers for the whole world to enjoy. They'll offer passive experiences, of course. Edited versions of real history. But only the exciting parts. And we think we found the perfect subject for our first full-length virtual feature: Caribbean pirates! So that's your gig. It'll just take a minute, okay?

Melanie approached the information desk, where Rebecca Crane, disguised as a courier, picked up a parcel to deliver elsewhere.

  • Rebecca: Well, thank you Nancy. (Have a good day.)

Rebecca left.

  • Nancy: (Okay. Everything's ready.)
  • Melanie: (Wonderful! Thank you.)

The analyst walked up to Melanie and received their communicator, before they both made their way to the elevator.

  • Melanie: This is for you. The primary tool of our trade. Your communicator. Power it up and give it a look. It's pretty slick. You might have noticed that security seems a little light around here. That's because your communicator is your key to getting around.

Melanie and the analyst entered the elevator.

  • Melanie: See that flashing wireless signal? It means you're hooked up to the elevator. I'll let you do the honors. We're headed up to the Sample 17 studio. Second floor.

The analyst activated the elevator and rode it to the second floor. The doors opened to the front desk, where Olivier Garneau was talking to an employee.

  • Melanie: You ready? Let's go! Ah, there's the boss... Olivier Garneau, our CCO. I'll introduce you. (Hello!)
  • Olivier: (Hello, Melanie. How are you?)
  • Melanie: Well, thanks. Have you met our new hire? Just started today.
  • Olivier: I haven't. (Hello.) What project?
  • Melanie: Sample 17. The Kenway line.
  • Oliver: Haytham? Connor?
  • Melanie: Edward. The pirate!
  • Olivier: Ah... Arrrgh... Yarrr matey! Very exciting. Welcome aboard. Melanie, can we talk in your office for a minute?
  • Melanie: Just let me get this one settled and I'll see you in... five minutes?
  • Olivier: (That's good.) Nice to meet you!

Melanie took the analyst to their cubicle, where John Standish lay under the desk partially obscured by panels and loose wires.

  • Melanie: So, this is the Sample 17 floor. We're driving into the memories of one very generous donor, Desmond Miles. We're pulling at the best stuff from his DNA... and hopefully, one day we can forge some fantastic experiences from what we find in there. This pair of legs is John, one of the wizards in IT. He's just fixing something for you.
  • John: Not fixing. Calibrating.
  • Melanie: Calibrating, right. So here we are, your very own Animus workstation. This is all yours, so sit back, relax, and find us some good footage. If you need any hints or tips, the Animus is loaded with tutorial programs, so you'll have no problems. And I'll check in on you later. Happy pirating!
A Small Favor

After reliving Edward's memory in which he killed Julien du Casse,[2] the analyst exited the Animus and was met by Melanie.

  • Melanie: Hey! I just saw you were logging out. I thought I'd stop by to give you something. A little welcome gift. We give awards for top-notch employees doing quality work. And they're nice to have, since there's no official bonus scheme here. I already have about eleven or so— Oh... (Hello?)... Of course... I'll pass it on. Well... looks like Olivier wants to meet with you. It's exciting! Follow me.

Melanie led the analyst to the elevator.

  • Melanie: It's on the top floor, so it's not hard to find. But the rest of this building can be confusing to first-timers, so we had the tools team whip up a great Map application... Check your communicator. I added a waypoint to Olivier's office. It should be easy to find. Olivier's a nice guy. He won't bite.

The analyst entered the elevator and as they rode it to the top floor, John patched into their earpiece.

  • John: Hello? Hi? Testing, testing. Is this thing working? This is John from IT. We met earlier. I was calibrating your Animus. I'm sort of the, uh... Scotty of this Abstergo enterprise ... in charge of all the techie stuff. Do you have a minute or... ah, dammit. The tracker says you're on your way to Olivier's office. All right, I'll ping you when you're done. I have a favor to ask.

The elevator opened to Olivier's suite and the analyst stepped out.

  • Secretary: (Hello!) Go right in. He's waiting for you.

The analyst entered Olivier's office, where he was pacing about as he concluded a conversation with Laetitia England over a headset.

  • Olivier: Well—Well, unless you are specifically ordering me to abandon it, I won't jeopardize our flagship project. Edward Kenway is the—But this is... but this is how Hollywood got its start, right? With pirate movies! Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn. And now we have access to the real deal! (Yes...) Exactly. We'll talk about all that together at the shareholders event. Right. Looking forward to seeing you. Take care, Laetitia.

Olivier ended the call and turned to the analyst, before walking to look out his balcony and inviting the analyst to follow.

  • Olivier: (Hello.) Hi, thanks for coming in. I know you're busy. So I reviewed some of your data. Pretty raw stuff! Obviously we need to scrub off some of the dirt to make it family friendly. Maybe give Edward a voice like James Bond or something. more of a ladies man. A beautiful city, no? So... the main reason I asked you here concerns something called The Observatory. It's been mentioned a few times in the footage you found. I'd like to encourage you to focus on locating this specific set of memories as soon as possible. If it were up to me, (we don't care)... I wouldn't bother. But some bigwigs at Abstergo Industries have been hounding me for days. So follow whatever leads you find, and hopefully we can a— Incoming call. I have to take this. We'll keep in touch. (Good day. Allen, hello. Yeah. Everything is fine. Of course I do.)

As the analyst left Olivier's office, John patched into their earpiece again as they passed the secretary and returned to the elevator.

  • John: Hi. John from IT again. You got a second? Good. I'm adding a waypoint to your map. So, a colleague of yours left for vacation this morning and forgot to send a video file she promised me. Since I hate just about everyone else on your floor, I was hoping you could help me. Could you transfer the file from her computer and deliver it to the courier when she comes? It'll be easy. You just wander over to their Animus, log in, and transfer the file. Easy. And please be snappy. Before I find a reason to hate you too.

The analyst entered their work floor but found the path to their coworker's desk blocked by a door locked with Level 1 security.

  • John: A locked door. Not a problem. That's the advantage of me having Level 1 security clearance. Now you do too! Don't abuse it. Log on and I'll walk you through this.

The analyst found their coworker's cubicle.

  • John: Now, you need to bypass the core to find the data inside. Once you reach it, your communicator will download it automatically. You need to find your way around the core to reach the data inside.

The analyst bypassed the core's security.

  • John: You cracked it! Good. The file should be downloading. I set up a database for any data you find. Just look for the "My Files" section in your communicator and you'll be redirected right away. Everything you download will be found in there. Protected by a firewall, of course.

The analyst also activated a video of Case Fisher submitting an audio/visual report on Abstergo's autopsy of Desmond Miles' body and subsequent "material extraction".

  • John: You're better at this than I'd hoped. Now zip on down to the lobby. Come on! See... that file you acquired... I wouldn't recommend watching it. I mean, you could... but it's unpleasant. So once you hand it off, just pretend this never happened. Okay? Otherwise, you'll just go to bed feeling sad. Anyway, the courier should be waiting downstairs. She's been here a while. I suppose it goes without saying... just because you know how to hack all you colleagues' computers, it doesn't mean you should. I mean... not every day, right? No seriously though, that's illegal. So don't be a dick. Unless that's just your nature.

The analyst entered the elevator and rode it down to the lobby level, where they saw Rebecca talking to Shaun Hastings, who was undercover at a barista stand.

  • Shaun: I'm not sure I can keep this up, you know. This job is well below my skill level.
  • Rebecca: Yeah, well, your coffee is shit. You could use some practice.
  • Shaun: Wh– What? No no no, I followed that recipe to the letter.
  • Rebecca: It's an art, Shaun. Not a science.
  • Shaun: Oh, look who's here. So you didn't forget after all. You're just incredibly rude, and made poor Rebecca here wait for nearly thirty minutes.
  • Rebecca: You limey. Be nice. Sorry about him. He's high on his own supply. So how should we do this? Data transfer? Great! That should do it! We'll email you the receipt. Til next time. Take care Shaun.

Rebecca left.

  • Shaun: Bye, bye... Yes, bye. Oh, and don't expect any more free coffee! Arrogant. She's great, isn't she?

John patched in as the analyst returned to the elevator and rode it to their work floor.

  • John: Hey, I just got word the courier has come and gone. Wonderful. You're a miracle. No, no, no that's an exaggeration. You're not a miracle. You're an employee. Doing a job. But thanks for helping out. Anyway, thanks. Have fun pirating.
  • Secretary: (Support to the second floor, Sample 17 Project) Support to the second floor, Sample 17 Project.

The analyst returned to their cubicle and resumed Edward's memory as he and James Kidd explored Great Inagua.[3]

Corporate Pressure

After reliving Edward's memory in which he convinced Edward Thatch to end his blockade of Charles-Towne, South Carolina,[4] the analyst logged out of their Animus in time to hear Melanie patch into their earpiece.

  • Melanie: Hey you. Do you have a minute? I'm on my way upstairs. Olivier wanted to talk with us about putting together a trailer using some of the footage you've been recording this past month. Take your time. I'll meet you by the elevator.

The analyst walked to the elevator, where Melanie was waiting. They entered the elevator and rode to Olivier's suite.

  • Melanie: Over here! Are you ready? He's waiting for us. I just watched some of your footage from this week. It's amazing. Blackbeard was mental! And we all got so excited that we started talking about this idea for a trailer about him... maybe start with him drinking, talking to some pirates, telling a story... Then, we cut to him leaping across the deck of his boat and—Sorry, his ship. Not boat. But jumping around the deck of his ship, swinging from ropes, and fighting like a Devil. I mean, obviously we'll have to manipulate some of the existing footage to get it looking good but—It could be great. I'm getting a shiver in me timbers just thinking about it. Sorry.

The elevator opened and the two walked to Olivier's secretary.

  • Melanie: (Hello. How's it going?) I hope we're not late.
  • Secretary: No. You can go right—
  • Olivier: Hi, Melanie. I saw you just walked in. I need a few minutes with you alone. Laetitia's on the phone and we're discussing the Kenway project.
  • Melanie: Oh. Yes, of course. Sorry about this. I'll call you when we're ready.
  • Secretary: Shouldn't be long.

As Melanie left, John patched into the earpiece.

  • John: Hello, Hellooooooo. Do you have a second? Of course you do. Head to the waypoint on your map. I have another job for you. I'd like to link all the cameras in the building to a central monitoring system, but most aren't calibrated correctly.

The analyst went down a maintenance side hall into the sub-level that held the suite's security station, which was locked with Level 2 security.

  • John: Another locked door. Not a problem. Voila! You now have Level 2 security clearance. Not bad for your first few weeks. Find the camera control station first. I'll update your communicator.

The analyst found the station and logged in.

  • John: Ah. This is an interesting security measure. It looks like you need to find the right combination of numbers to adjust the wave. Easy enough, right? Pick a number selector, then change its value. once you find the right combination of numbers, you should get access.

The analyst adjusted the wavelength to the correct frequency.

  • John: It works!

A live feed appeared on-screen from the camera in Olivier's office above his main desk.

  • Laetitia: —and if we want information on Assassins or Templars or the Observatory, or whatever the fuck else interests us, Olivier, you will deliver it. Full stop.
  • John: Aha...
  • Olivier: I understand that, Laetitia. I'm sorry if that came out wrong. We're not trying to be a bottleneck here. But we just don't have the resources right now to do two times the research.
  • Laetitia: Finding that balance is your priority. Your entertainment products are simply a means to pay the bills for larger and more important work. That's the way the world works, hm? Dirty money buys clean hospitals. You get it?
  • Melanie: We're on board, Laetitia, rest assured. We have our best employee working on this. But it will take time.
  • John: That means you!
  • Laetitia: Good. And thank you. The both of you. I look forward to seeing what you deliver. Until then, I'll see you at the shareholders meeting, Olivier.
  • Olivier: Looking forward to it. Bye bye. Tabarnak! It's a little too early for that kind of abuse. Come on.
  • Melanie: So... what's next?
  • Olivier: We do as the lady says. Focus on the Observatory.
  • The live feed ended.
  • John: Assassins. Templars... crazy talk. I'm curious about this shareholders meeting though. How about you break into Olivier's office and see if you can find his schedule? Oh, what? You don't like that idea? Well how about I blow the fucking whistle on you, hacker! I OWN YOU! What I mean is... I don't want to ruin your life. So do as I say. Now, step over to the window.

The analyst left the security station and continued through the hall until they found a section of the level that had construction scaffolding open to the outside. A scaffold basket lowered and the analyst stepped inside before it slowly lifted.

  • John: You can't waltz into Olivier's office through the front door, so I've opened another route. Up we go! Did you know that Abstergo was run by Templars? Oh yes. Sounds like crackpot stuff, I know. But then again, the moon landing was faked, right? So anything's possible.

The basket parked itself outside Olivier's balcony.

  • John: All right... either you walk through that door, or throw yourself off the terrace. Those are your options.

Faced with either suicide or continued existence, the analyst entered Olivier's suite

  • John: Oh, well done, kiddo! Find his computer. Make it snappy.

The analyst approached Olivier's desk and logged on to his computer.

  • John: We're looking for the Shareholder's meeting schedule. It's worth a lot of money to us. Be careful, now. As the data moves, there are security programs constantly monitoring the data flow. You need to sneak past them or they will destroy your data and send it back home.

The analyst hacked Olivier's computer and transferred a copy of an email chain with details on the meeting to their communicator.

  • John: You sneaky bastard. A pirate through and through, aren't ya? Now get down to the lobby. There's a courier waiting. That's right... I've been planning this for a few hours. Now, wait. The receptionist. Hold on. I'll try something.

John paged the receptionist and called her away to check on something down the maintenance hall. The moment she turned the corner, Olivier's office doors opened and the analyst quickly walked to the elevator.

  • John: As gullible as ever. Now hurry down to the lobby. Before I remotely detonate your earpiece. Don't even think about ratting me out. My tracks are covered. Yours ain't.

The analyst rode the elevator down to the lobby and revisited Shaun and Rebecca at the barista stand.

  • Shaun: Did you uh, like the Allongé? I practiced.
  • Rebecca: I think you pulled it a little too long.
  • Shaun: Oh come on! It's not encrypted code, for God's sake. It's just a bloody coffee! Ah, hurray. It's our old friend.
  • Rebecca: Hey there. I just got a call about picking up another transfer.
  • Shaun: Aw. You said you were here to see me.
  • Rebecca: Yes, that IS one of the perks. Let's see it. Hm. A conference in Chicago. Very nice. Thanks for this. We'll be in touch.
  • Shaun: Ciao, Rebecca. Text me!
  • Rebecca: Stuff it, Hastings.

Rebecca left, and the analyst reentered to the elevator

  • John: Well done, friend. Very well done. Apologies for my temper tantrum there. You are with the good guys, I promise. We'll keep you safe. Trust me. Go on back to work. We'll be in touch.

The analyst returned to their cubicle and resumed Edward's memory as he eavesdropped on Woodes Rogers' offer to the Republic of Pirates of taking King George I's pardon.[5]

The Bunker

After reliving Edward's memory in which Bartholomew Roberts betrayed him upon locating the Observatory in Long Bay, Jamaica,[6] the analyst woke up disoriented to find that they had inexplicably been transferred to The Bunker after their last Animus session. The TV in the room turned on as Melanie called the analyst.

  • Melanie: Hello? How are you? If you're anxious, that'll pass. It's the Midazolam. I'm sorry about this, but... we've had so many security breaches, we were forced to take drastic action. And Olivier is missing. He left for Chicago two days ago but... no one's seen him since. I know this seems excessive, but with our high-level security clearance, we have an obligation to our shareholders. Rest assured, we will compensate you when the hacker is found. So get some rest, okay? And if you're up to it... maybe capture some more footage. You're doing amazing work. I can't wait to show the work we've done with your stuff. Take care.

Melanie ended the call and the TV turned to screensaver mode just as John patched into the analyst's earpiece.

  • John: So! They tossed you in the bunker. Nice! Those Templars upstairs aren't taking any chances. I think we need to erase all the dirt they might have on you. Did you hear that? I think I just gave you Level 3 security clearance! Now, head to the security room and use the cameras to watch the door to the server farm. Unfortunately Melanie is in there now, so when I escort her out, that's when you make your move. I'd wipe these servers myself, but as the head of IT, I'd be a suspect. It has to be someone they've already locked up.

The analyst left their room now that they could unlock the door.

  • John: Oh these Templars. They run our lives, you know? They decide elections, they control various capital markets, and they inject us with little microchips to track our movements and read our thoughts. It's all very scary.

The analyst walked through the Bunker until they found the hall to the security station.

  • John: All right, listen. I'm entering the server room now. When you see us leave, get in there.

The analyst found the station and logged in. After adjusting the wavelength to the correct frequency, a live feed appeared on-screen from the camera overhead the server room's doors.

  • John: ...there's no need for you to be down here by yourself, Miss Lemay. My team will handle the investigation.
  • Melanie: But you need extra eyes on this thing, John. We don't even know when the hackers broke in. It could takes weeks to go through this data.
  • John: One at most.
  • Melanie: Still too long. I can't keep my team locked up for a week.
  • John: Legally you CAN. It's what they signed up for. Even if they didn't read their contracts.
  • Melanie: Yes, of course. I just hate the idea. So what's the next step?
  • John: My team is processing the data now. We'll start sifting through it tonight. Scout's honor. Coffee's on me, okay?

John walked away and Melanie followed. As the analyst made their way into the server room, John patched into their earpiece again.

  • John: All right, I ditched her at the coffee stand. Find the server containing the network logs. Since I have a record of each and every one of your hacks, we'll just search for the timestamps on those, and turn that data into something harmless. Easy as that. Here we are! Beautiful. I'll update your communicator one more time. A little program I cooked up, just for this purpose. There we go. I think that worked. Try it out.

The analyst accessed the main server. After bypassing security, they activated an early trailer of Pirates of Nightmares. On closing the file, the analyst looked up to see a living hologram of Juno floating over the server controls.

  • Juno: I can feel you, cipher. Feel, but hardly touch. Signal is still too weak, and I am spread thin. Unfocused. Like static and fog, lingering in networks and nodes, the nervous system of the world.
  • John: Can you hear her?
  • Juno: Perhaps the Temple was opened too soon. But this was not by choice. The cataclysm pushed all doubt aside. Ah... we bless poor Desmond, who gave his life so that you, the Children of our Labors would live on. To fulfill your purpose in ours. In mine. But now is not the time. My strength is not sufficient to inhabit an organic vessel. There is more work to do, more samples to acquire, more artifacts to find, before my will may obtain.
  • John: What's happening! TELL ME!
  • Juno: Make me whole again, my children. My instruments. Bring me forth to fulfill your purpose.
  • John: TELL ME! No no no. Something's wrong. God dammit! She should be here! Now! Living in that god damned head of yours! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Why did she spare you! Why are you still HERE!

With no means of escaping the Bunker, the analyst returned to their room and activated the Animus there to resume Edward's memory of his time in Port Royal's jail.[7]

A Face from the Past

After reliving Edward's memory in which he assassinated Laureano de Torres y Ayala in the Observatory,[8] the analyst again woke up disoriented to find John sitting inches from their face holding an uncapped needle with blue liquid in the syringe.

  • John: Wakey, wakey! I don't believe we've been formally introduced... not in this era, anyway. I wish I could explain all this strangeness, but there isn't much time. The short of it is, you saw my beloved Juno. And for a brief moment I thought she might occupy this tender body of yours. But something went wrong. And now she's back out there. Adrift. Oh... she was magnificent once. One of a race of beautiful, wonderful creatures. They created your kind. Did you know that? Your people were tools to them. That's all you have ever been. That's all you should ever be! One day soon, I hope. For the world is nearly ready for her return! Wired. Prepared for a second coming! Uh... Oh oh... Here they come! Those Templars. Or maybe Assassins this time. Idiots, all of them.

John stabbed the analyst in the neck with the needle.

  • John: I envy you! It was her wish that I be here to greet her. It was her experiment that made it possible for my rebirth as one of... these things. Ah!

An explosion shattered the Bunker door, knocking John flat. As the Abstergo security team stormed in, John stood up with his back to the guards.

  • Abstergo guard 1: Stay down!
  • Abstergo guard 2: Get down on your back! Now!
  • Abstergo guard 1: He's got a gun!
  • John: Guide me into Grey, Beloved! I am your instrument!
  • Abstergo guard 1: Put the gun down!
  • Abstergo guard 2: Drop it!
  • Abstergo guard 1: Drop your weapon!

John turned around and made to aim at a guard, but was cut down when the team instantly opened fire and killed him with two shots to the chest.

  • Abstergo guard 2: Clear! Clear! Check his vitals!
  • Abstergo guard 1: He's bleeding fast.
  • Abstergo guard 2: Check the victim!

Melanie ran in and rushed to the analyst's side.

  • Melanie: Are you okay? Can you hear me? Hello? Talk to me! You're all right?

The research agent blacked out and awakened later in Melanie's office.

  • Melanie: There you are. Thank God. I hope you feel well. You look good. Can you stand? Good. Try walking around. A doctor came by. Said there wasn't anything to worry about. That the liquid in that syringe was far, far below a lethal dose. I feel terrible about all this. About everything. All our evidence pointed to you... but it was John all along. God, the things we found on his computer. Whatever you need, we'll provide. You've done an amazing job. Speaking of which! Our trailer is finished. Would you like to see it? I owe you that much. There we go. I uploaded it to your database. You can watch it here, or at your Animus. I think you'll love it. It really captures the... the essence of the era. So—Take care. And again... thank you.

The analyst returned to their cubicle, at which point their earpiece was hacked by Shaun and Rebecca.

  • Shaun: Ahhh. And well... what now?
  • Rebecca: Talk, you idiot. Look at the light.
  • Shaun: Isn't that the battery? I think that's the battery. Hello? Hello? Ah! Sorry about this. My name is Shaun. And back there is, Rebecca, my... partner in crime.
  • Rebecca: Hello!
  • Shaun: Bloody good work earlier. Honestly, I mean it. Delivering us all that data. It's really just too bad our man on the inside was such a... uh, how how how to put it, fanatic, fanatic is the best word, I suppose.
  • Rebecca: We take who we can get!
  • Shaun: Exactly. Exactly. Well put. We saw in John an opportunity to burrow deeper into Abstergo's cloud servers, and I am not ashamed to say, we took it... uh, not realizing of course that he was enlisting you to help him. And to blame, should anything go wrong. I suppose it all worked really nicely in the end. Most of it, anyway.
  • Rebecca: What Shaun really wants to say is... if you're up for more hacking, we are too. John gave you Level 3 security clearance before he died. You should use it. The Assassins don't have the resources to pay you like the Templars do. But we'll make it worth your while.
  • Shaun: Ah, look, we should really cut it short, Bex. Twenty seconds.
  • Rebecca: Ah, right... Good luck!
  • Shaun: Cheers Mate. And top notch work, really top, give yourself a pat on the back. And... happy hacking.

The analyst entered the Animus for a final time and resumed Edward's memory as a young Jennifer Scott arrived in Great Inagua from England.[9]

Security camera footage

After being rescued from the Bunker, the analyst hacked three security stations throughout the building and eavesdropped on other employees' conversations. Upon hacking a camera on the first floor, they overheard a woman talking to her male co-worker at a computer terminal in the lobby.

  • Abstergo employee 1: I'm glad that's over. I hate it when they escalate the security. Makes me jumpy.
  • Abstergo employee 2: Did they put anyone in the bunker this time?
  • Abstergo employee 1: Just for a few days, I think. It sucks, but... I suppose it's necessary? We deal with some really sensitive data.
  • Abstergo employee 2: Classified shit, yeah. I don't know how I feel about it, but... It's in our contracts, so...
  • Abstergo employee 1: And they pay out bonuses, too. Inconvenience Pay, they call it.
  • Abstergo employee 2: Really? That's actually kind of nice.

The analyst then hacked another security station on the second floor and listened to more employees' conversations across the work area.

A woman talked to her male co-worker near some beanbag seats.

  • Abstergo employee 3: Pierre handed in his notice this morning. This new security measure is freaking people out.
  • Abstergo employee 4: They won't let him go. It's part of our contract. Having ultra-high security clearance means you have to got though a whole debriefing process. It takes months.
  • Abstergo employee 3: Really? I had no idea.
  • Abstergo employee 4: Read the fine print, man. Working for Abstergo has its benefits, but there are some drawbacks, too. Big ones.

A man talked to a woman at the front desk.

  • Abstergo employee 5: What's with all these security notices I'm seeing lately?
  • Abstergo employee 6: Just a standard message we use on occasion. Nothing to worry about. We've just had some issues around the office lately.
  • Abstergo employee 5: Like, server security issues? Because these notices seem pretty severe. Like, draconian, actually.
  • Abstergo employee 6: No, no. It's nothing to worry about, really. Walk with me and I'll explain.

Two men talked to each other in the employee's lounge.

  • Abstergo employee 7: Hey, thanks for sharing the White Whale data with me. I was able to track it down myself.
  • Abstergo employee 8: No problem, man. It's amazing, right.
  • Abstergo employee 7: Yeah, I tracked it down as soon as I saw your message. Followed it for a while... couldn't catch it though.

Melanie talked to Laetitia England over the phone in her office.

  • Melanie: Yeah... yeah, he was killed...shot in the chest multiple times... no, no, that shouldn't be a problem... we collected more than enough data— we'll know soon enough... mm-hm, mm-hm... all right... All right, I can send you the results as soon as possible... Okay... any word on Olivier... dammit... God, I'm worried sick... yeah... all right... Thanks, Laetitia... bye.

Finally, the analyst hacked the security station in the basement servers and overheard two security guards talking outside the Bunker.

  • Abstergo guard 3: The body has been moved?
  • Abstergo guard 4: Yes, sir. And preserved. We'll do what we can.
  • Abstergo guard 3: Good. Let's keep security units on standby. I know Miss Lemay said the situation was under control, but I have a feeling we may be needing them again soon.
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