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William Miles' ruminations

Williams Miles stood in thought looking out an apartment window in a coastal city at night.

  • William: It used to be when people talked about the end of the world, we locked them up or laughed them off. Sometimes both. But we never took them seriously. Maybe we should have.

In his mind's eye, the scene changed to one of a blindfolded Desmond being captured by Abstergo Industries agents.

  • William: But I'm getting ahead of myself. Better to start at the beginning, with the abduction of Desmond Miles. My son.

The scene changed to one of Desmond in Bad Weather downing a shot from a glass with a frosted Abstergo logo on the bottom.

  • William: This... boy had no ambition. No direction. No plans for the future. What he DID have was a heritage. One he chose to deny. It nearly cost him his life.

The scene changed to Dr. Vidic watching Desmond in the Animus 1.28.

  • William: He was captured and imprisoned. Those who took him believed he could help them find something.

The scene changed to one of a power-mad Cesare Borgia wielding the Apple of Eden as it shot out beams of energy.

  • William: The Apple. One of several artifacts we call Pieces of Eden. Bits of ancient technology scattered across the globe. Some hidden. Some found. All of them dangerous. Most are held by a single group—the same group that now had Desmond.

The scene changed to one of a metal Abstergo Industries logo hovering in midair in a dimly lit, dusty room, before it pivoted and turned into a Templar insignia.

  • William: You know them as Abstergo Industries, we know them as the Templars—as the enemy. We've been fighting them for thousands of years.

The cross changed texture, merging with the fabric logo on the tunic of a Templar knight about to be stabbed in the face by a Levantine Assassin's Hidden Blade.

  • William: Even longer if you believe the stories of their origins. I do. After all, I've seen the truth.

The scene changed to one of Ezio Auditore in a Memory Corridor littered with partial models of Roman architecture.

  • William: That's the beauty—and the horror—of the Animus. A device that allows us to enter and experience the lives of our ancestors. It holds the power to change everything. To show is history the way it really happened. Up until its creation—to the victor went the spoils—went the truth.

The scene changed to a group of men in black suits standing in a V-formation in a dark room. Their faces were obscured by shadow as the point man held a sword with a Templar cross on the pommel by its crossguard, stabbing down at a larger cross on the floor.

  • William: We're trying to fix that. To free minds and bodies both. But there's only so much we can do. And the Templars have the upper hand these days.

The scene changed to show the world engulfed in flame.

  • William: But something larger than the Assassins and Templars is approaching. Bigger than all of us. And if we can't find a way to stop it—these next few weeks will probably be our last. EVERYONE's last.

The scene changed to show Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad standing on a castle parapet.

  • William: In the end, it all comes down to him. To Desmond. Through the Animus, he discovered his heritage. Explored the lives of his ancestors and uncovered their secrets.

Altaïr faded into the background as an image of Ezio Auditore came into focus.

  • William: When that was finished, he trained. He used another ancestor to provide decades of experience in the span of a few days. It worked. We think.

Ezio faded into the background as an image of a hooded Desmond briefly came into focus, before all three Assassins were replaced by red numbers from a digital clock hovering in midair in a dimly lit, dusty room as they read "21:12:12".

  • William: Soon, though—soon we'll know. That ominous date fast approaches. December 21, 2012. None of us knows what it'll bring—only that this is where they want us to be when it does.

Each number changed to a glyph of an Eye of Horus, an Omega symbol with a dot in the center, and a Japanese torii, respectively, before floating away to reveal Minerva talking to Ezio Auditore in the Vatican Vault.

  • William: They've been guiding us, in their own fractured, frustrating way. These voices from The First Civilization, The Ones Who Came Before. A precursor race of immense power and uncertain motives. They're the one who made the Pieces of Eden.

The scene changed to show a figure standing in the Grand Temple.

  • William: This is where they've lead him. And through him, us.

The scene changed to show Altaïr, an elderly Ezio, and Desmond holding the Apple all standing back-to-back in a triangle

  • William: He stands at the entrance to this long-lost place, armed with the knowledge of Altaïr and the abilities of Ezio.

The images of Altaïr and Ezio dissolved into static as the focus drew in on Desmond and the Apple.

  • William: He holds in his hand the Apple of Eden. And we stand at his side, ready to support him however we can. His name is Desmond Miles and he has brought us to the end.

The Apple emitted a burst of blinding light as William's thoughts drew to a close.

Arrival at the Temple

Desmond and his team arrived at the Grand Temple in upstate New York. William Miles opened the doors to their van.

  • William: We're here.

The other Assassins gathered up their equipment while Desmond waited at the mouth of the cave.

  • William: Let's go.

Desmond led the Assassins into the cave, stopping at the door, which was covered in modern graffiti and ancient Native American cave paintings. The Apple of Eden began to glow, and Desmond took it out and stuck it in a spherical concave imprint in the door which activated and opened.

  • Shaun: "In another moment, down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again."

Desmond bent under the door and walked under it, with the rest of his team following. The Assassins continued down a long empty hallway for some time before coming to a sloping drop which led to another door. Again, Desmond used the Apple to open the door.

  • Desmond: I think we're... here.

Beyond the door was a sliding drop. Desmond slid down this and then made his way into the main hall of the Temple. Upon entering it, he saw a bright glowing cube on the ground in front of a power bank. Desmond picked up the cube and inserted it into a matching slot on the bench-shaped structure, which activated the entire Temple, especially the great door at the very back. The Assassins made their way towards the door. As they reached it, Desmond heard Juno's voice.

  • Juno: ...the key... you must...find...the key.

Desmond began to experience the Bleeding Effect.

  • William: Son?

Desmond turned to face his father, but saw instead Haytham Kenway's coachman.

  • Holden: Sir?
  • Desmond: Here we go again.

Desmond collapsed. Some time later he awoke in the new Animus 3.0.

  • Rebecca: Desmond?
  • William: Do you hear us?

Desmond responded in a dazed manner.

  • Desmond: Yeah. What happened?
  • William: The Temple triggered a Bleeding Effect. You collapsed and entered into a fugue state.
  • Desmond: So naturally, you dropped me in the Animus instead of... I don't know... making sure I was okay?

William tried to calm his son's anxiety.

  • William: You weren't in any danger. Besides, the Temple appeared to be communicating with you, and I didn't want to risk severing the connection. At least not until we knew what it wanted.
  • Desmond: Right. Of course.
  • William: Son, I...
  • Desmond: No, it's fine. I get it. And I know what I'm looking for, by the way. It's a key. Just don't know where it is, though... Guess that's why she triggered the Bleeding Effect.
  • William: She?!
  • Desmond: Juno, dad. She's... talking to me.

Desmond then began the refresher course Rebecca set up for him, before reliving Haytham's attendance of John Gay's play The Beggar's Opera at the the London Royal Opera House.[1]

After Sequence 3

After watching Haytham induct Charles Lee into the Colonial Templars,[2] Desmond got out of the Animus, shocked about learning Haytham's true loyalties.

  • Desmond: You all saw that, right?
  • Rebecca: Wow.
  • Shaun: Wow, indeed.
  • Desmond: The key must be the amulet Haytham took from London.
  • William: We might know what it looks like, but we're no closer to finding it. Desmond, you need to keep going.

At this, Desmond showed his disgust at William's seeming inhumanity.

  • Desmond: Hey, he was your ancestor too. Why don't you hop in the Animus?!
  • William: Really? That's your response. It's like dealing with a six year old. What is wrong with you, Desmond?

Finally, Desmond let loose his rage and anger at being exploited.

  • Desmond: You wanna know what's wrong?! I'm sick of being treated like I'm not even here! Desmond, do this! Desmond, do that! Desmond, you'd better figure things out because the sun is going to turn us all to ash and I know I was really nice to you but actually, I'm just another Templar plot-twist and, yes, I would like very much for you to be controlled by a magic space wizard so that you can murder me! So there's you're answer! I'm sick of being a goddamn pawn! I thought it might be different with you! I mean you're my FATHER but is turns out you're no better than the fucking Templars!

Angered to his own breaking point, William punched Desmond in the jaw.

  • William: Don't you EVER equate me with those bastards again! You hear me?! EVERYTHING I do—EVERYTHING I have DONE—has been for you! Maybe I pushed a little too hard. Asked a little too much. But try to remember exactly what's at stake here. You need to get it together, kid! We're running out of time!

At this point, Shaun decided to break up the fight for an announcement.

  • Shaun: Riiight. That was unusual. Well, I'm just going to pretend that this never happened and get back to bringing everyone up to speed on where we stand. The news isn't good. It appears this Temple is powered by a collection of um... well, I guess they're batteries. You found one on the way in. But there aren't any more. At least... not down here.
  • Desmond: Any idea on where we can find replacements?
  • Shaun: Not yet. So, I intend to tiptoe into the Abstergo database. Now, if I can cross reference these particular devices with their database, I might get lucky.
  • William: See what you can do.

Shaun agreed, though he appeared just as disgusted with William's indifference as Desmond.

  • Shaun: Obviously. Anyway, Desmond—you can either take a look around here or we can head back into the Animus.
Before Sequence 4

The argument settled, Desmond spoke to Rebecca.

  • Desmond: What are you working on?
  • Rebecca: Lots of different stuff. If you're going into the field, we need a way to keep tabs on you and stay in touch. Hacking into local security systems won't cut it.
  • Desmond: Thanks.
  • Rebecca: For what?
  • Desmond: I don't know...everything. You've sacrificed a lot for me. You and Shaun both. You upgraded the Animus, helped train me, pulled me out of that coma... You put all that work into the database. Helped me solve Clay's puzzles... I know I haven't been the easiest person to work with... And I'm sorry for that. And I just want you to know that even if I'm shitty at showing it—I appreciate everything you've done.
  • Rebecca: You really think we'll finally get some answers down here?
  • Desmond: Maybe. Talking to the First Civ has always been a pain in the ass though.
  • William: Imagine what it must be like for them.
  • Rebecca: What do you mean?
  • William: They've been separated from us by tens of thousands of years-A completely different language and  culture...possessed of an intelligence vastly superior to our own. We're lucky they've communicated as much as they have.
  • Desmond: I don't know why they had to make this all so complicated. I mean if they need something from me, they should just come out and say it.
  • William: I've been wondering about that myself. I get the sense Juno and Minerva didn't exactly see eye to eye. I'm studying everything I can get my hands on...But maybe you'll find something down here that can shed light on the mystery. What happened between them-and why?
  • Rebecca: What do you think is behind that door?
  • Desmond: No idea.
  • Rebecca: Do you think it can save us?
  • Desmond: The First Civ seemed to think so.
  • Rebecca: What if it's dangerous?
  • Desmond: It's not like we have a lot of alternatives.
  • Rebecca: Well, we could...I don't know...warn the President?
  • Desmond: And what's he gonna do? And who's to say he's not in bed with Abstergo. Seems everyone is these days...
  • Rebecca: What if we went to them? To Abstergo, I mean.
  • Desmond: Thought about it actually. Showing them what we've seen. Trying to work together... They must know so much more than we do. But...
  • Rebecca: What is it?
  • Desmond: It's possible that they know what's going to happen. That they WANT it to happen. For all we know they're hiding out in bunkers right now, waiting for the world to end. And then when its all over—out they come—ready to take control.
  • Rebecca: God, I hope you're wrong.
  • Desmond: So do I, Rebecca. So do I...

Desmond then ran over to Shaun who was inspecting the door.

  • Shaun: Would you look at that...
  • Rebecca: What is it?
  • Shaun: If I had to guess, I would say that's a counter. And judging from the iconography, I think it's safe to say when that's emptied...the end begins.

Shaun noticed Desmond.

  • Shaun: Hello, Desmond. How's things?
  • Desmond: Same old. Another day, another ancestor.
  • Shaun: Who'd have thought that you had a Templar in your family tree?
  • Desmond: I think he started out as an Assassin. They must have turned him...
  • Shaun: Right you are, in fact! I've been reviewing our archives and it appears that Haytham's father was indeed an Assassin. Which means he was likely one too. At least for a little while...
  • Desmond: What else did you find?
  • Shaun: That fellow from the opera—Reginald BirchGrand Master of the London chapter of the Templars. He and Haytham's father—a man named Edward—well, they were longtime rivals. Now, it appears Birch got his hands on Haytham at a rather young age—working his wiles to convince Haytham to switch sides. Wonder how he did it. I'll see if I can't dig up more...

Shaun then asked Desmond about their situation.

  • Shaun: Hon—Honest answer please, Desmond: Do you think we're getting out of this alive?
  • Desmond: I don't know... I mean—it's a pretty tall order. If the First Civ couldn't save the world—how the hell are we supposed to swing it?
  • Shaun: We have some time.
  • Desmond: We have less than two months! They had decades and a lot more resources. And the worst part... is that we knew this was coming for, what, hundreds of years?
  • Shaun: History repeats, it seems. The First Civ was so busy with their war against us—no one even noticed what was happening. We get advanced warning and then fall to fighting with the Templars... Lovely.
  • Desmond: Hopefully, whatever's behind that door will make a difference.
  • Shaun: And if it doesn't—well, at least we tried.

Desmond tried to talk to his father with no success.

  • William: Yes?
  • Desmond: Just thought I' know...say hi.
  • William: You have more important things to do right now.
  • Desmond: Jesus, Dad.
  • William: What? What do you want me to say?
  • Desmond: I don't know. "Hi, son. How are you? What have you been up to?"
  • William: I know what you've been up to. Nothing. You wasted away in some shitty apartment with a pointless job, while the rest of us were out there fighting to make a difference.
  • Desmond: You are such an asshole. Oh, you thinking about hitting me again? Because this time, I will hit back.
First Power Source

Desmond got out of the Animus, having experienced Connor's early memories.

  • Shaun: Welcome back, Desmond! You'll be happy to hear there's actually good news for once.
  • Desmond: Yeah?
  • Shaun: I've managed to locate a power source. And it's relatively close by. Up for a trip to Manhattan?

Rebecca voiced concern.

  • Rebecca: Is it safe to leave? Abstergo's got to be looking for us.
  • Shaun: Obviously, it's not safe. We can't just sit around here hoping to get lucky, though, can we? We need that power source. Besides, I'm sure you can cook up some way to hide our movements.
  • Rebecca: Maybe. The Templars have access to all kinds of satellites and camera systems. We'll need to find a way to mask our digital signature. I can probably camouflage the van, too. But there's not much I can do for US.
  • Desmond: That's an easy one.

Desmond pulled up his hood and set out to recover the first power source.[3] After recovering it, the Assassins left New York immediately and made a two day detour through Boston. Upon returning to the Grand Temple, Desmond demanded to know about Daniel Cross.

  • Desmond: So who the hell is Daniel Cross?
  • Shaun: Believe it or not, he used to be an Assassin. THE Assassin, the way I've heard it told. But it turned out that he was a sleeper agent for Abstergo, trained to infiltrate and bring down the organization.
  • William: How did he know you were there? We could be compromised...
  • Shaun: They must have caught me snooping inside their network and sent Cross to see what we were after. If they were aware of our current location, we'd know. Though I will say this—it doesn't bode well for future expeditions.
  • Rebecca: I've set up some cameras topside. If anyone shows up we'll see it.
  • Shaun: I'd suggest you go see about finding a socket for that power source. Or we can return to Connor if you prefer. All the artifacts in the world won't mean a thing without the key.
Juno encounters 1 & 2

Desmond explored the Temple while looking for a socket for the battery he'd just acquired. Along the way, he encountered Juno, who explained the solutions the First Civilization had tried to save the world from the First Disaster.

  • Juno: In the beginning, when we thought we could be saved, we sought to face the sun's wrath and contain it. Four towers would be built—to pull her fury into this place and dispel it. But even with all we knew... with all we had... It would take too long. A thousand years we could labor and still the work would not be done... The first tower was never completed, the project abandoned... We moved on. But while we labored on other endeavors, a few returned. They thought to automate the process... Metal might finish what flesh could not. If we could not meet the sun's cruel embrace... Perhaps we might rebuke it. Already we could generate the fields—to protect us in times of strife... But these were small and simple things. To replicate them on a scale the size of a world... We lacked the energy to make it so. Half the world, they said, then. It is better than none at all. We tried. Again, we failed. A quarter, they asked. Even this, we could not do... A sixth! An eighth! A tenth, they cried! The answer was still the same. Perhaps in time, a city might be spared... But it was time we did not have... So we moved on.
Before Sequence 6

Desmond soon found a socket and plugged the power source into it. When this was done, he returned down below and talked to Rebecca.

  • Rebecca: I know everyone thinks I'm being silly, but I can't shake the feeling we're being watched.
  • Desmond: We are being watched. By Juno. Or some version of her.
  • Rebecca: Do you think it's a recording? Or is she a ghost? Or... something else? Is she talking to us the way Minerva talked to Ezio?
  • Desmond: No clue. I mean, who knows what else they were working on down here. There are still so many rooms we don't have access to...
  • Rebecca: But... do you think she's like literally down here? Waiting somewhere? Still alive?
  • Shaun: Still alive, that's mental! That would mean she'd be at least—75? 80 thousand years old? They were powerful, yeah—but not that powerful.
  • Rebecca: They came down here looking for a way to survive... Maybe they found one?

Rebecca then nervously asked Desmond about his encounter with Daniel Cross.

  • Rebecca: Was it weird seeing Cross?
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Rebecca: It's different for you. You don't know what happened, I guess. For a long time he was... important to us. He was a different person.
  • Desmond: Shaun said he was a sleeper agent. Like Lucy.
  • Rebecca: It was different. She made a choice. But Cross... if you read the files... Abstergo just... they did terrible things to him.
  • Desmond: Rebecca?
  • Rebecca: You're lucky. We all are. We have people who care about us. Who look out for us. He was all alone—and the people he thought he could trust, they used him.
  • Desmond: Did you know him?
  • Rebecca: No... But... I knew Hannah.
  • Desmond: Who's that?
  • Rebecca: She tried to help him. She trusted him. But there was a raid about a year ago... She stayed behind so the others could escape. Tried to reason with him. To see if she could fix things...
  • Desmond: What happened?

Rebecca's voice broke as she related what happened next.

  • Rebecca: What do you think happened? He killed her. That's what he does. That's all he knows how to do. Sometimes, it seems that's all any of us know how to do...
  • Desmond: Rebecca...

Desmond then spoke to his father next. William first tried to apologize for the earlier punch, then to make peace for Desmond's rough childhood.

  • William: Son? I... I owe you an apology. I shouldn't have lashed out like that. You have to understand I've never been very good at this. Nevermind that we live rather... extraordinary lives.
  • Desmond: Yeah... I kinda liked my ordinary one.
  • William: You can't escape who you are, Desmond.
  • Desmond: So I've noticed.
  • William: Look... it's silly for us to go back and forth like this. I admit, I did a shitty job raising you. I apologize, I'm sorry. But it's important you understand it didn't come from a bad place. You're my son. I love you. I guess I was so busy trying to make sure nothing bad happened, I didn't... consider the consequences. Truce?
  • Desmond: I can't believe it's taken me so long to ask, but—how's Mom? She's not...
  • William: No, no. Your mother's fine. We decided it would be better if we split up for this job.
  • Desmond: Always assuming the worst.
  • William: Hmm. For good reason.
  • Desmond: Can I at least say hi to her?
  • William: I'm sorry... it's too risky. Maybe when we're done...
  • Desmond: Right. When we're done.

Desmond then asked his father if the Assassins and Templars had ever worked together.

  • Desmond: Have... Have we ever tried to make peace with the Templars?
  • William: Throughout our history, there have been moments... Several, in fact. But... It's impossible. There are... existential differences. Insurmountable. If there were to be unity, it wouldn't be a truce so much as a submission.
  • Desmond: But knowing what's about to happen... Wouldn't it make sense to try and talk to Vidic? Come to an arrangement? Even if it's only temporary?
  • William: We'd all be so busy watching our backs, nothing would be accomplished. Imagine that, we're more productive at war...
  • Desmond: Well, have we tried... sending in someone? Doing to them what they did to us with Lucy? Or Cross?
  • William: We have. And it's never worked. We either sent in people who were either too weak, and found themselves turned—or too strong, and were unable to carry out the charade.
  • Desmond: I just feel like we all want the same thing.
  • William: We use the same words, but that's all they are... words. In the end, it all comes down to freedom. We seek it. They detest it. And so there's never an end to the fight. Not until one side is completely gone.
  • Desmond: Is that even possible?
  • William: Probably not. Our two groups have existed in one form or another since... well... forever. But things can be better than they are. And that's something.

Desmond then asked William about whether he had ever looked for him.

  • Desmond: Did you look for me, Dad? When I was gone.
  • William: Every day.
  • Desmond: Come on...
  • William: I mean it. Every night I'd look. Searching for your name—or variations of it—hoping you'd slip up. Abstergo only found you first because they had better access. A few more days and it would have been me.
  • Desmond: Well, I'm here now.
  • William: And I'm glad.
  • Desmond: Do you think Lucy regretted what she was doing?
  • William: I used to think I knew her well, but clearly, that wasn't the case. So I can't give you an honest answer.
  • Desmond: She seemed so sincere, though. Like she really wanted to make a difference.
  • William: Yes, well, when I first met him, I thought the same thing about Cross.

Desmond then lamented the fact that more often than not, the Assassins kept defecting to the Templars than vice-versa.

  • Desmond: It just keeps happening over and over again.
  • William: What does?
  • Desmond: Everything...
  • William: Don't get weird on me, Desmond.
  • Desmond: No. It's fine. I'm fine. Don't worry.
  • William: Alright, then. You should think about getting back in the Animus. We've got to find that key.

Desmond then made his way over to Shaun, who wanted to use the Animus to go back to the beginning.

  • Shaun: Oh, Desmond, there you are! Can I ask a favor?
  • Desmond: Maybe...
  • Shaun: When this is all over, I'd like to try turning the dial back on the Animus. Like, ALL the way back. To the time of the First Civilization.
  • Desmond: You think it would work?
  • Shaun: There was no real loss of fidelity when you visited Altaïr. Then again, that was about a thousand years ago, and I'm looking at going back at least seventy thousand more.
  • Desmond: Sure, I'd be up for it. Would be interesting to see what things were like back then.
  • Shaun: Excellent! I think it would prove most enlightening.

Shaun then launched into seeing the American Revolution from a decidedly British perspective.

  • Shaun: So this is how it started...
  • Desmond: What are you up to?
  • Shaun: Just brushing up on my American history, I... I say history. They certainly teach you strange things in the states.
  • Desmond: Like what?
  • Shaun: Well—for all the talk of this being a "revolutionary" war, it was more of a civil one. Well, not THAT kind of civil. I mean there was no America versus Britain. It was Brit on Brit action. And you can clearly see how the whole thing got started: one war gave birth to the other.
  • Desmond: You mean the Seven Years' War?
  • Shaun: Exactly. Seems the Crown overspent in its attempt to keep the French out. Wound up with a great deal of debt. Believing that the colonists should help to shoulder the burden, new taxes were created. It was a reasonable request—even if Parliament was rather, well, undiplomatic about it.
  • Desmond: It's not really fair to tax people for a war they didn't want any part of...
  • Shaun: What?! Didn't want any part of?! Did you not notice George Washington with Edward Braddock? He was right in the middle of it! So here you have the Crown spending who knows how much money to secure a place for the colonists to thrive—and then when they ask for a little bit of help... Right, look, think of it this way. King George and the colonists, they all go out to dinner, right. And when the bill comes, George asks them to kick in and pay their share. Fair enough! But keep in mind, his family's been taking them out to dinner, gratis, for DECADES now. But the colonists, oh no, they insist they only had a glass of water and a side salad. Nevermind the table is FULL of half-eaten food and empty bottles of wine. And then when the King points this out, what do the colonists do? Oh! They flip the table over and storm out of the restaurant—probably intending to return later and burn it down.
  • Desmond: You left out the part where the King pointed a GUN at the colonists and forced them to cover dinner for EVERYONE at the restaurant.
  • Shaun: Riiight. Right, yeah. Interesting take. IF he pulled out a gun—and it's not fair to say he did—it would only have been after the hundredth failed attempt at getting them to pay their fair share.
  • Desmond: But how do you define someone's fair share?
  • Shaun: With a war, apparently.

Shaun then wondered how many other First Civilization vaults there were still to find.

  • Shaun: I wonder how many other places like this exist...
  • Desmond: There are dozens of them. All over the world.
  • Shaun: And somehow no one's ever found one before us?
  • Desmond: I don't think that's true.
  • Shaun: Oh?
  • Desmond: When I was at Abstergo, Vidic talked about silencing discoveries made by non-Templars. And I'm sure Abstergo has dug up plenty.
  • Shaun: The things they must know...
  • Desmond: Regretting throwing in with us?
  • Shaun: Hah. No. Just looking forward to when we can finally trounce those bastards so I can dive into their archives.
Second Power Source

Desmond left the Animus after exploring more of Connor's memories.

  • Desmond: Everything alright?
  • William: Shaun has located a second power source. I've asked Rebecca to charter a flight for us.
  • Desmond: Where to?
  • Shaun: Brazil.

Desmond and the team traveled to Brazil and recovered the second power source.[4]

Before Sequence 9

Desmond and the team returned with the second power source.

  • Rebecca: We can get back to Connor whenever you're ready, Desmond... Unless you want to plug in the power source first? Up to you.

Desmond and the team discussed their findings on the Grand Temple.

  • Rebecca: I'm telling you, there's something down there...
  • Shaun: Don't be daft.
  • Rebecca: I don't know… Maybe they were sleeping or something and we woke them. Some kind of… cryogenics. Or hibernation. I mean, how do we know what the hell they were doing down here?
  • Desmond: They were working on a bunch of different solutions. But nothing worked. Just went from one to the next. And then I don't know. They must have left at some point. After the end...
  • Rebecca: I wonder what the world would be like if they'd succeeded...
  • Shaun: I'm more concerned about what it'll be like if we don't.
  • Juno: ...salvation...they found a way...too late for them...but not for protect it...though now it bars your way...find the key...the past will tell...

Desmond talked to Rebecca about his exploration through the Grand Temple.

  • Rebecca: So what's the latest? Learn anything interesting while you were exploring?
  • Desmond: They were working on some weird stuff towards the end. Trying to engineer new bodies and store their minds inside computers.
  • Rebecca: Failure after failure. It must have been hard for them...
  • Desmond: I worry about it too. I mean—they say there's something in here that'll help us. But what is it? Why is it locked up if it's exactly what we need?
  • Rebecca: I don't know... Maybe it's dangerous. Maybe they wanted to make sure only you could reach it.
  • Desmond: That's the other question... what makes me so special?
  • Rebecca: I guess we'll know once we open the door.

Rebecca asked Desmond about Lucy's death.

  • Rebecca: Hey. I hope it's not uncomfortable for me to ask but... what happened with Lucy?
  • Desmond: I don't know...
  • Rebecca: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.
  • Desmond: No—it's fine. I really don't know. I was talking to my dad about it. It's hard to say. I mean—Juno definitely took control. But I think I agreed to it on some level. I think I let her in. No. That's not right... It wasn't her, not exactly. It was more like... a program. Does that sound weird? It showed me things.
  • Rebecca: What did you see?
  • Desmond: That if I didn't stop Lucy, Abstergo would get the Apple and we'd all be dead.
  • Rebecca: I still don't understand why she turned on us...
  • Desmond: I'm sure she thought she was doing the right thing.

Shaun expressed his frustration at American politicians.

  • Shaun: Unbelievable...
  • Desmond: What's up?
  • Shaun: Your politicians are constantly referencing the founding fathers—and insisting they must have been in support of one thing or another. I have never seen such a blatant disregard for history.
  • Desmond: That's just typical political propaganda.
  • Shaun: It's also dishonest and delusional. How could anyone claim to know what these people wanted based off scraps of paper and wishful thinking?
  • Desmond: They're looking for intent—what these men envisioned for our country and its future.
  • Shaun: Idealistic... and unlikely. I don't think most of your presidents and senators and judges care what the founders thought. They just want to know how they can bend old words to achieve modern goals. Who cares if they were deists or theists or wanted a central bank. Why do people need the validation? What should matter is what you—as an individual, believe. And why you believe it. What? Are we so insecure that we have to find 18th century letters to validate our beliefs? Oh, look mom! A dead man agreed with me. Maybe. If you transpose the letters in his shopping list you can plainly see he was on my side.
  • Desmond: Jesus Shaun. That's a cynical way to look at it...
  • Shaun: Doesn't make it less true. I keep trying to understand how men like Washington and Jefferson could dedicate their lives to the pursuit of liberty and equality, yet have no problem owning slaves. It's hypocritical in the extreme. And your history books make only passing mention of the subject. As if... as if it were of little consequence.
  • Desmond: They had a war to win. A country's future to secure. How could they deal with all these issues at the same time?
  • Shaun: Spoken like a true apologist. We hear it today too. That matters of civil rights and equality must wait. There are conflicts to settle. Economies to salvage. What do any of these things matter if the people are not free and equal. ALL of them.

Before Desmond went back into the Animus, Shaun discovered a third power source which William volunteered to retrieve on his own.

  • Shaun: Look at that! I've found a third power source!
  • Desmond: Already?
  • Shaun: It popped up in an earlier search, but I've only just managed to confirm it.
  • Desmond: Where?
  • Shaun: There's a museum in Cairo with one on display.
  • Desmond: I guess Connor will have to wait.
  • William: No. You stay. We need to find that key—and time is running out. I'll make the trip.
  • Desmond: What about Cross?
  • William: Everything's going to be fine. I'll be back soon.
  • Rebecca: Ready when you are, Desmond.
Juno encounters 3 & 4
  • Juno: What is a fact? Is it fixed? Immutable? Certain in its existence and only awaiting discovery? Or might it be changed? Here we learned the answer—and thought that it might save us. They were used to command. To control. To own. But we soon discovered another use. When enough sat in thrall and were told to believe, their thoughts took on form. What was imagined became real. If a hundred minds could wish away a wall or create a tree, what might a thousand do? Ten thousand? More? Might we change the consensus and will the threat away? We resolved to send one into the sky where it illuminate us all. Once placed, a sentence would be uttered: Make us safe. In this way, we would change the consensus. We would save the world. But it never came to be. We sent a dozen of them skyward—but there was no way to maintain control. To direct the beam. To enthrall the world. To speak the words. Though this was strange and dangerous—what we tried next was worse... Our first instance was to travel back. To change the past. But we could not find a way. But forward… We could look forward... And so here we sought to see beyond ourselves—and know what was to come. First we watched to learn if our work would succeed. But the answer was always the same. So we moved on to other things, but she remained. The one you call Minerva. In time she too stopped looking—and instead began to speak. She called out across time in the hopes that you might be saved. She hid messages where none might find them, save for you and those within this place...
  • William: Fascinating...
  • Desmond: I'm tired of it. The cryptic warnings. The threats. Just tell us what you want!
  • William: But they are… "We saw the Nephilim there. We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them." Imagine trying to explain all this to a two-year-old. To a grasshopper. When they said the will of the gods was unknowable, they meant it—literally.
  • Desmond: I killed her, you know. I killed Lucy.
  • William: It was the Apple, son. It was Juno.
  • Desmond: I saw what she was. What would happen if I let her live. I could have stopped myself. I mean... there was a force there. But I didn't have to. I chose to.
  • William: Desmond...
  • Desmond: Lucy was going to betray us and take the Apple back to Abstergo. I saw the satellite launch. I saw them turn it on. And then... it failed... Whatever's on the other side of that door—it benefits Juno. We need to be careful.
Third Power Source

Desmond woke from the Animus with news that his father had been kidnapped by Abstergo and were holding him hostage in exchange for the Apple of Eden.

  • Rebecca: Something's happened, Desmond... Abstergo has your dad.
  • Desmond: Where?
  • Shaun: Italy. Same place they were holding you.
  • Desmond: What are you two waiting for? Let's go.
  • Rebecca: There's more.

Rebecca played back a video of Warren Vidic holding William hostage.

  • Vidic: Hello again, Mister Miles. I hope this message finds you well—or as well as it can, all things considered… It appears we now each have something the other desires. I propose a trade. Bring me the Apple and I'll return your father to you no worse for the wear. Should you refuse, he will still be returned, albeit much worse for the wear. I assume you'd like to avoid an unpleasant outcome.

Desmond narrated the decision to go to Italy and rescue his father.

  • Desmond: I always knew it would come to this—just not so soon. I wonder if Abstergo even knows what's about to happen… And has this been a part of their plan all along? Maybe they want the world to end. To see it all burned away. Then they'd have their new world—ripe for the reshaping... We talked about looking for another power source. Leaving him there. That's probably what he'd want. For us to finish the mission. But I can't. It's hard enough taking a life—but letting one be taken... Knowing there was something I could do about it. Not a chance. Might be I'm risking my life—risking all our lives to save an asshole. But what else am I supposed to do? That asshole is my dad.

Desmond managed to infiltrate Abstergo, kill both Daniel Cross and Warren Vidic, and rescue his father.[5]

Juno encounters 5 & 6
  • Juno: A new world approached. One that was dark and cold. It would consume us. For we were flesh and flesh is frail. Though suits and shields might offer comfort—such adornments would not suffice... Not to save us all... So we sought to change what we were. In this manner we might thrive in a world made poisonous... It was Aita who volunteered to see if it might be done. Aita, my husband, my love. In the end it changed him... Ruined him... He was made a prisoner of the machines. The body might survive—but his mind became brittle to the touch... He begged me for release. For days—for weeks—for months. I pleaded with him to give us more time to find another way. But there wasn't one. Not for him. Not for us... What is consciousness but a series of electrical impulses... And the body a vessel to hold these sparks. But it is weak. In time, it decays and crumbles into dust... We asked ourselves, then: what if it might be replaced—with something stronger. Something better. So we forged a new vessel. One that might endure. It proved easy enough to enter... But to leave... To leave required something more... Something wrong... And so this too they abandoned. I wondered, though... were they right to turn away...
Before Sequence 11

Desmond and the team returned from Italy.

  • William: I'd get that power source hooked up before heading back into the Animus—but it's your call.

Shaun expressed his regret at not asking Desmond to hack into the Abstergo servers.

  • Shaun: I regret not asking you to hack into the Abstergo servers while you were there. A couple of well-placed relays and we'd be swimming in information.
  • Desmond: We have everything we need.
  • Shaun: Yeah, except the key!
  • Desmond: We're close.
  • Shaun: How do you know?
  • Desmond: I just... do.

Shaun talked about his discovery of manna.

  • Shaun: I've been poking around a bit. Did you know that there are machines down here that make... well, manna.
  • Rebecca: Wizard manna or Biblical manna?
  • Shaun: What do you think? Biblical of course. The Greeks called it ambrosia. The Indians, amrita or soma. Most cultures around the world refer to a divine food, though I'd say it's taste is anything but.
  • William: You ate something that came out of a seventy five thousand year old machine?
  • Shaun: And I lived to tell the tale!
  • Desmond: So... what did it taste like?
  • Shaun: Cardboard. The taste of cardboard. Hardly the stuff of legends... Though I wonder if the First Civilization didn't taste differently than we do.
  • Rebecca: Maybe the flavorizer broke.
  • Shaun: Flavorizer? You've certainly got a way with words, Rebecca.

Shaun mentioned news from the outside to Desmond.

  • Shaun: Things are getting worse outside.
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Shaun: Every day for the past two weeks the sun has been throwing off larger and larger flares. Older satellites are starting to malfunction, I hear rumblings of recalling the crew on the international space station. There's already work being done as well to shield power stations and transformers on the ground. Not that any of it matters. This goes far beyond some brownouts... We all saw what's ACTUALLY coming.
  • Desmond: Do you know how it works?
  • Shaun: Look, I'm no physicist, but it's, it's something to do with the Earth's magnetic field. The flares and mass ejections disturb it, which appears to trigger seismic events. I've tried reaching out to people who might know better, but they all insist it's bunk. And I don't blame them. It sounds ridiculous...
  • Desmond: I wish it was.

Desmond and the team discussed George Washington's connection to a Piece of Eden.

  • Rebecca: Hey, Desmond. Didn't Subject Sixteen's—
  • Desmond: His name was Clay.
  • Rebecca: Sorry. Didn't Clay say Washington was a Templar?
  • Shaun: No. He indicated that Washington came into contact with an Apple of Eden. But beyond that, it's all speculation. Furthermore, judging from the portrait referenced by Clay, the event occurred much later in Washington's life. Perhaps Connor wasn't even involved. It's very hard to know for sure. We'll just have to wait and see what—if anything—happens.

Rebecca asked Desmond about returning to Abstergo's facility in Rome.

  • Rebecca: So, what was it like being back at Abstergo?
  • Desmond: I didn't expect to get out of there alive. It's a good thing that Cross broke down the way he did. If he wasn't losing his mind, I'd probably be dead.
  • Rebecca: I guess he never really recovered...
  • Desmond: What do you mean?
  • Rebecca: When he first came to us, he was exhibiting symptoms of the Bleeding Effect. It was real bad. He'd just go in and out at a moment's notice—no Animus required. Got a little violent too, sometimes. It took a while and a bunch of therapy, but we thought we had it under control. once he went back over to Abstergo, though... who knows what they did to him.
  • Desmond: I still worry about that happening to me.
  • Rebecca: He was RAISED in an Animus, Desmond. There's overexposure and then, there's... Daniel. Poor guy. That could never happen to you. We won't let it.

The team started discussing vacation ideas.

  • Rebecca: When this is all over, we should take a trip somewhere. Celebratory vacation!
  • Desmond: Yeah, that sounds nice.
  • Shaun: Listen to you. Italy, Brazil, and the United States—all in the span of a few weeks—and you're complaining about not getting out enough?
  • Desmond: Seriously, Shaun?
  • Shaun: No, not seriously. Are you mad? Trust me—no one wants time off more than I do, right. Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to crank those database entries out as fast as I do?

Desmond went to see his father.

  • William: Hello.
  • Desmond: Hey. You think killing Vidic set Abstergo back?
  • William: I doubt it. Sure, he pioneered the Animus, but they've had the technology for decades now. Plenty of other people can take his place.
  • Desmond: And Cross?
  • William: He was a loose cannon—I doubt anyone's mourning his death. I think these days he was more a symbol than an asset.
  • Desmond: Hmmm...
  • William: Sorry. I don't mean to dismiss what you did. But it's going to take a lot more than a couple of deaths to stop the Templars.

Desmond and William talked about the latter's capture by Abstergo.

  • Desmond: Did Vidic put you in an Animus when you were at Abstergo? They'd be able to search your memories and track you back here.
  • William: Oh they definitely tried. But I made things difficult for them. You can resist, you can cloud up the transmission or just refuse to move. Eventually they would have gotten what they needed but still it would have taken them weeks.
  • Desmond: Vidic threatened to put me in a coma once.
  • William: It would have made you more pliable. But if the user isn't engaged, it's a mess. I know they've been working on ways to extract memories and let others sift through those memories. Maybe they're even analyzing mine right now. Maybe they'll find us, I don't know... What I do know is that we've got to get through that door.
  • Desmond: Yeah... I should probably get back into the Animus.

As Desmond was about to enter the Animus, he asked his father if he could come home, to which his father showed enthusiasm.

  • Desmond:, uh, when this is over… And assuming it all works out… I was hoping I could... you know... come home.
  • William: I'd like nothing more.

William provided words of encouragement to Desmond before starting the last Animus session.

  • William: Home stretch, Desmond. I can feel it.
End of a Hero

Desmond, William, Shaun and Rebecca approached the gate inside the Grand Temple.

  • Desmond: Moment of truth.

The team proceeded to make their way towards the ending of the path, leading to a spherical device.

  • Juno: Yes... Come... Here... at last. You know our story now. Of how we tried. Of how we failed. All our hopes extinguished. Save one. Your touch, a spark. A spark to save the world.
  • Minerva: Wait! Do not touch the pedestal!
  • Desmond: Minerva...?
  • Juno: You... But how? You left! You destroyed the device!
  • Minerva: Did you think there was only one?
  • William: What the hell is going on here?
  • Minerva: You must not free her!
  • Desmond: Free her?
  • Minerva: Juno dwells within these walls, awaiting release. I will explain. While we worked to save the world, she sought, instead, to conquer it. She used our machines to set her plans in motion. Divination through numbers. There is a pattern to existence. To comprehend the calculations is to tame time. This was my focus. And so I built the Eye to aid us. But she turned it towards her own ends. When we discovered her treachery, we put a stop to it. And then we left. But first we called to you... That you might try again. We thought it would be safe with her gone. Now I see we were deceived. She survived. She endured. And then she began to work... For centuries Tinia and I walked the world, hoping to rekindle the spark of civilization. We shared what we knew as best we could. We were not the only ones. But for all the power we wrought, still death would claim us. But before it did, I would have one last look to know if we had succeeded.
  • Desmond: That's how you're here now?
  • Minerva: I had hoped you might find this place—and finish our work. But it is too late. You and the Templars have squabbled over our refuse. You have wasted centuries. And so you have lost your chance. You cannot hope to stop the end now, Desmond. Only to survive it.
  • Juno: She's lying! Only touch of the pedestal and the world WILL be saved.
  • Minerva: Better the world burn than she be loosed upon it.
  • Juno: Is that so? Show him, then.
  • Minerva: But he will not understand. It is complicated... It is...
  • Desmond: Show me.

Desmond was shown a vision of what would happen to the world if he refused to use the device.

  • Juno: If you heed Minerva the sun will have its way. The ground will crack and spit fire into the sky. All the world will burn. But this does not end the world, merely heralds its arrival. Darkness follows. Then you emerge... Resolving to lay a foundation that such a tragedy does not befall the world again. You will become a symbol to those who survive. Hope. Knowledge. Determination. You will inspire them to rebuild. To thrive once more. And as the world heals, so too will humanity... But you are just a man. Frail and mortal. You pass from the world, leaving behind only a memory. A... legacy. You will be remembered first as a hero. Later as a legend. And in time... As a god. It is the cruelest fate. To have written words that meant well—and see them made wicked and unwise. What was meant to encourage life—used instead to justify taking it! And so now you see... That what was shall be again. So tell me: How is this better?

Desmond, Juno and Minerva then continued their conversation.

  • Juno: She would sacrifice you—sacrifice the WORLD—for no other reason than to deny me vindication.
  • Minerva: They will enslave your kind, Desmond. Is this not why you fight? Is this not why you came here? To ensure more than just your race's future, but its freedom?
  • Juno: What future? What freedom? Billions dead and the whole cycle begun anew? This world has known nothing but heartache and horror since we left it.
  • Minerva: Our gift to them. And you'd see it all returned.
  • Desmond: ENOUGH!
  • Minerva: You must not do this.
  • Desmond: Whatever Juno's planning—however terrible it might seem today—we'll find a way to stop it. But the alternative, what you want... There's no hope there.
  • Minerva: If you free her—you'll be destroyed.
  • Juno: It will happen in an instant. There will be no pain.
  • Minerva: You mustn't!
  • Desmond: It's done, Minerva. The decision's made.
  • Minerva: Then the consequences of this mistake are yours to live—and die—with.
  • Desmond: You need to go. All of you. Now. Get as far away from here as you can.
  • William: Come with us. We'll find another way.
  • Desmond: There isn't time!
  • William: Son...
  • Desmond: You know it's true. It's already started. I need to do this now. So go! GO!

Desmond touched the sphere with his hand, unleashing a torrent of searing energy which blasted upwards through his body and eventually killed him. The device activated a planetary shield, saving the world, at the cost of his life.

  • News reporter:'s some sort of global aurora borealis... ...never seen anything like this before... ...eyewitnesses describe electrical storms and erratic displays of unusual weather... residents are being asked to remain INSIDE and wait for... ...geological surveys are now reporting seismic activity throughout the ring of fire... northeastern Canada is said to be experiencing the largest... on record... ...satellites and transformers are failing as the flare increases in intensity... Worldwide reports of blackouts and... ...seems to be receding...Residual seismic activity and volcanic activity is being reported, but nothing approaching earlier levels... Obviously it will be a while before experts are able to assess the full extent of the damage caused by today's event. But it appears the worst is behind us... We'll be sure to bring you more as this story develops...
  • Juno: It is done. The world is saved. You played your part well, Desmond. But now... Now it's time that I played mine.
The Cloud

An Abstergo employee began explaining to a colleague on how to synchronize Desmond's data to the cloud.

  • Abstergo employee: Alright! We're up and running. This code is hacked to all hell—nicely hacked but hacked. The worm found three pivots before failing, so we've got those. You need to locate the remaining pivots on your own from inside. The three we've got will triangulate the rest. It's a sweet bit of hacking on my part if I dare say—each pivot detects the others in proximity. The should be twelve total. Every one you find is supposed to produce a hex cipher and that's what we're after. Once you find them all, we'll sequence the code, package the data and Bob's your uncle. Now, don't putz around too much in revolutionary America—I know it's tempting. So I've planted two of our pivots, not easy from my end, believe you me, but there they are. You can see those two activating a buried one... kinda. If you drop the third one we have, the buried pivot's precise location should resolve. Then go gather the hex cipher, rinse, and repeat. If you get a chance I'd love to see Franklin's Glass Harmonica in person... just a side note. Have fun!

After finding all pivots, Desmond's data was uploaded to the cloud.

  • Abstergo employee: Holy crap. We did it. It's done. His data's uploading to the cloud! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Vegas baby! Vegas!
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