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Solving the codes

Laetitia England sat in her office typing on her laptop.

  • Berg: You sent for me?

Laetitia swiveled in her chair to face Berg, who had just entered the room.

  • Laetitia: I have, Master Berg.
  • Berg: An urgent matter, I presume.
  • Laetitia: Shay Cormac's Precursor box. You recovered it last year, when the Assassins stole it... before we knew what it was.
  • Berg: Before I uncovered Shay's memories.
  • Laetitia: I need you to deliver it to Dr. Gramática.
  • Berg: Very well. Where?
  • Laetitia: A secret location. Not even I know where it is. Gramática will send you the coordinates.

Berg made to leave but was stopped at the door when Laetitia called to him.

  • Laetitia: Master Berg. No one is to know about this. Understood?
  • Berg: Understood.

The scene faded away and resumed as Berg entered Gramática's lab carrying a briefcase. The doctor stared at a wall of screens displaying various charts before turning to greet his guest.

  • Álvaro: Master Berg! Is this it? The Precursor box?

Berg handed the briefcase to Gramática.

  • Berg: Delivered as ordered. Master Gramática.

Gramática opened the case and withdrew the Precursor box, holding it to his eyes.

  • Álvaro: Ah! Curious little item, isn't it?
  • Berg: What do you plan to do with it?
  • Álvaro: I'm hoping it will help me better understand another artifact we have uncovered.

A distant scream echoed through the room, making Berg uneasy.

  • Berg: What kind of research are you doing here?
  • Álvaro: Project Phoenix, Master Berg!

Gramática walked away from Berg to the entrance of his lab.

  • Álvaro: Project Phoenix!