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Bishop and Deacon
  • Bishop: —yeah, let's get a sniffer running. If Abstergo pings us, pull me out. Okay, I have a visual. Hey there... This is probably disorienting, so I'll be brief. I'm Bishop... not my real name, obviously... but that's as much as you'll get today. Please listen carefully. Abstergo is using you, hijacking your neurons to help them sift through genetic memory data. These guys already have their fingers in countless corporations, governments, media outlets, and NGOs—but now they want control over history itself. If that doesn't frighten you, it should. But we're here to stop them. And I need your help. Deacon, pre-load gene sequence AD16-B13-I87.
  • Deacon: Yep, spooling it up.
  • Bishop: Last week we gained access to a bank of unsequenced memories in Abstergo's Helix servers—For now, we'd like you to experience a small sample. This should help you understand our struggle. And after that, you can decide for yourself what comes next. We'll be waiting.

The Helix Initiate began reliving a memory of Jacques de Molay's advisor at the culmination of the persecution of the Templars.[1]

  • Bishop: Welcome back. Now that you've experienced life as an Assassin, are you willing to take up the fight and join us? Deacon, load the file.
  • Deacon: Coming up.
  • Bishop: We lifted a media file from Abstergo last month, and the information it contains is astounding. But we won't share these things with just anyone. By pressing play you'll be joining the Assassins. If you want to fight the Templar menace, if you're willing to save civilization from Abstergo's play, sit back and ready yourself for the truth.

The individual accepted the offer and played the video.

  • Bishop: Good choice. Welcome to the Assassins, Initiate.
  • Video commentator: In the 1950s, it was theorized that human DNA worked via the Triple-Helix model. Some years later, the work of Crick and Watson demolished this theory in favor of the Double Helix. Today we know the double helix to be indisputably the basis of all life. So why did the Triple-Helix theory gain so much traction? Why did Rosalind Franklin's X-rays seem to confirm it? It turns out that their initial samples had been taken from small traces of Precursor DNA—the rare genes of an ancient race embedded in our own. We now know that Triple Helix DNA is the foundation of the Precursor genome. It is the genetic Rosetta stone of our age. If we can crack it open—if we can sequence the full Precursor genome—there is no limit to the knowledge we will gain. Using Animus technology, Precursor history will be open to us for the first time ever. Ancient languages will be unlocked and ancient technology will be ours for the taking. Imagine what will be possible if we master the technology that underpins the Pieces of Eden. Such discoveries would surpass one-hundredfold the splitting of the atom. Last year we located a rich sample of Precursor DNA in a donor whose genes contained human and precursor DNA at an incredible 25 to 1 ratio. Our work will begin with this sample. Our goal is to unravel the Triple-Helix, sequence the Precursor genome, and change the world for the better, forever. Welcome to The Phoenix Project.
  • Bishop: So this is where we stand... Last year, Abstergo acquired the body of a man we call a Sage—one of a rare breed of humans with a surplus of ancient DNA. This sparked a search for more Sages, in the present and in the past. The more Abstergo finds, the closer they get to their final goal. We've blocked their recent attempts to find more, but Abstergo will not stop looking until they sequence a full precursor genome. So... why Arno Dorian? Why chase an Assassin through the French Revolution? It turns out, at some point in his life, Arno came into contact with another Sage. We need you to find out when and where these meetings took place. If Arno was present for this Sage's death, it may lead Abstergo straight to his body. Naturally we would like to find it first. This is where you come in. It won't be simple. Genetic memory must be tackled in sequence, to keep the data stable. But we're confident you're up to the task. And you won't be alone. Other initiates—Assassins just like you—are doing their part to end this fight. If you need more training, more experience... you can call on them for help. All right. Loading the next Sequence...

Bishop loaded the sequence, landing in the Initiate back in Paris.

  • Bishop: I've got something else for you. The more time you spend with Arno, the more data we'll have to increase your synchronization with him—and to activate his abilities. Here, have a loot at this...

Bishop opened up a list of abilities before returning to action.

  • Bishop: One last thing—while you've been busy, I had Deacon do some poking around in Arno's memories. Seems he was a busy guy. See that symbol? That's a co-op mission. I play a lot of games multiplayer, I don't know about you. But I thought you'd like to mix it up a little. These are missions Arno ran with his Assassin buddies, so they'll give you an idea of what our organization's about. Just walk into the glitch and you'll get all the details. I've marked them on your map.
Templar Sage
  • Bishop: Initiate. Bishop here. You're in good shape so far. I'd like to give you a little boost. We've made a major breakthrough on our side. Through deep data analysis, we've discovered that the Sage we're looking for was a Templar Grand Master, the same man Arno is hunting. It doesn't get much better than that.

Bishop unlocked a new set of Assassin Skills in the Helix Navigator for the Initiate.

  • Bishop: There, everything's been updated. Use them wisely. We'll be in touch.
  • Bishop: Initiate... this is Bishop. Do you copy? Good bloody work out there. You found him. François-Thomas Germain. Grand Master of the Templars, and a Sage to boot. By our reckoning, that's the second Sage to rise to the Templars' highest rank. A troubling trend. Until we know more about this Germain, stick with Arno. He might have outlived this Grand Master, and that could lead us to his body. Bishop out.
Mission accomplished
  • Bishop: My God. I don't believe what I'm seeing. Arno won this fight two centuries before it started. Well done, kid. Uh, I don't think Abstergo will bother searching the catacombs for Germain's body. The bones are going to be too damaged, too decayed. We're in the clear of this stage. You did good work, Initiate. Until we contact you again, the best you can do is continue searching Arno's memories for anything else you might have seen. Like rare historical data, more DNA samples, anything to help our cause. We'll be in touch when we need you. Count on it.
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