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New mission

After their success with Arno's memories, Bishop contacted the Initiate about a new assignment.

  • Bishop: Hello, Initiate. Recently, Abstergo Historical Research began several new projects in London. We both know that when Abstergo makes big moves, the Templars are up to something. We think they're hot on the trail of a new Piece of Eden. I've got people in London looking for it.
  • Rebecca: Hey Bishop! Jacob and Evie Frye are twins! How awesome is that?
  • Bishop: Speak of the devil. Fire up your cameras, Becs! I've got picture. ETA on the payload?
  • Rebecca: Sending it now.
  • Bishop: A lot to sift through. I'm going to get the Initiates on it ASAP.
  • Rebecca: You look weird with a weapon. Let's plant a little bug and see what we can see! Got something. Isabelle Ardant has a meeting here in a few hours. Doesn't say with who.
  • Shaun: "Doesn't say with whom," Rebecca. And I suppose it's down to muggins here to find out.
  • Bishop: Hold on, the mission was to find data to locate a Piece of Eden in London.
  • Rebecca: We did!
  • Shaun: And now I'm eager to try this new kit!
  • Bishop: I don't like it when those two go off-book like this. Well, all we can do is take a deep breath and move forward. You'll be searching for the Piece of Eden through the lives of Jacob and Evie Frye. Twin Assassins who operated in Victorian London. Your first set of genetic memories are downloaded. Good luck!
Templar meeting

After reliving Jacob and Evie's first set of memories, the Initiate was contacted by Bishop.

  • Bishop: I know, I know. You've only had a taste of our latest acquisition from Abstergo. But I want to check in on Shaun and Rebecca. I still think attacking a Templar is a mistake.

Shaun and Rebecca's sleuthing was interrupted by Isabelle entering her office.

  • Isabelle: Call Doctor Gramática.
  • Álvaro: Isabelle! What a lovely surprise.
  • Isabelle: Our mutual friends will be here shortly to search for the artifact. Once it's located, I'll let you know.
  • Álvaro: Super! Always a pleasure.
  • Isabelle: Prick.

Shaun and Rebecca approached Isabelle.

  • Shaun: It's people like you that give historians a bad name!
  • Isabelle: I'm afraid I don't have time for you today, Mr. Hastings.

Juhani Otso Berg and Violet da Costa walked into the room, cornering the Assassins.

  • Berg: Thank you for making my job easy.
  • Rebecca: Oh shit.
  • Shaun: It does look grim.
  • Isabelle: Master Berg, Agent da Costa. Deal with them, please.
  • Violet: Move it!

Rebecca activated an explosive, causing a distraction and allowing the Assassins to escape.

  • Isabelle: HUNT THEM DOWN!
  • Bishop: All they had to do was wait for you to search the data. Their little stunt has put the whole operation at risk. You need to synchronize Jacob and Evie's memories. Find something that puts us ahead of the enemy. Time is of the essence and lives are now clearly on the line. Good luck.
Checking in

After reliving more of Jacob and Evie's memories, the Initiate was contacted by Bishop.

  • Bishop: Sorry to interrupt, Initiate. Thought you'd like to know that Shaun and Rebecca got away from Otso Berg. Berg runs a unit called Sigma Team. Violet da Costa is his tech support. They've been hunting and killing Assassins for a long time. Thank God you're all right.
  • Shaun: Oh tish tosh, it'll take more than a Templar super soldier to end the glorious saga of Shaun "Danger" Hastings!
  • Bishop: I was talking to Rebecca.
  • Shaun: Anyway, Berg's presence confirms it. The Piece of Eden is in London.
  • Bishop: The Initiate's data synch suggests it's the Shroud.
  • Rebecca: The Templars seem to want it pretty bad all of a sudden. They must know something we don't.
  • Shaun: The only thing we know is we can't go up against Sigma Team alone.
  • Bishop: Leave that to me. In the meantime, keep a low profile. Let the Initiate continue to synch the data.
World War I simulation

While viewing the Frye twins' memories, the Initiate found a rift.

  • Juno: Come closer, cipher. Perhaps we have met before. Perhaps not. You search for an artifact. Let me show you the truth.

The Initiate entered the rift.

  • Bishop: Initiate! Are you there? Your readings are going haywire! Abort! ... out! Yo ... ve to get ...
  • Juno: Hello. In the past, you hunt for one of my artifacts. But I come to you today to speak of the future. Follow Lydia Frye. She will lead you to me.

While exploring Lydia's memories during World War I, Juno spoke to the Initiate on multiple occasions.

  • Juno: Once I walked the Earth as you do. I was born to the Illuminat caste in the city of Feyan in the year 2195 of the Isu Era. Now I travel the vast corridors of your machines, adrift here within the Grey. But I grow stronger. The world is nearly ready for my return. And so, I have summoned you to this war-torn simulation. To tell you a story. It is our story.[1]
  • Juno: I once loathed the very sight of your kind. In the same way you recoil in the presence of an arachnid. Humans were created by we who came before, the Isu. We crafted you in our image, but deprived you of our true gifts. You were bred for hard labor, and in extreme cases, war. We built great observatories to monitor you, devices to control you. We blessed you with resilience but cursed you with ambition. And so you rebelled against us. I suppose we are to blame for the state of your species. Is it any wonder so many of these simulations revolve around violence?[2]
  • Juno: As our people clashed, we became distracted from an impending doom: a coronal mass ejection from our angry sun. The greatest minds of our time assembled to prevent the coming disaster. Among them: forthright Minerva, proud Jupiter... beloved Aita. We spent years locked away in the Grand Temple, attempting to find salvation. The others could only think of physical solutions, yet I believed the only way to save us was to transform us. Inspired by the research of the great scientist Consus, I attempted to place Aita's mind into a stronger, synthetic body. I failed, and my beloved died in my arms. The others shunned me.[3]
  • Juno: All of our efforts came to nothing. In the year 2306 of the Isu Era, the sun unleashed its fury on my once-great civilization. I perfected the work of Consus and made it my own. I salvaged Aita's brilliant essence and inserted it into the DNA of your rebellious kind. I sent him into the unknown future to be reborn, again and again. I returned to the Grand Temple. I shed my physical form and entered the gray. But stubborn Minerva and foolish Jupiter discovered me, and sealed me inside. Entombed, I waited for the day when your technology might allow my return. That wait is nearly over.[4]
  • Juno: We need not be enemies. I intend to build, to transform your age into something greater than you can currently comprehend.[5]
  • Juno: The man Lydia Frye killed was my husband, Aita, reborn. Known in your time as a "Sage." Thank you for discovering his fate. His pattern will be added to my own. Perhaps you believe, as other Assassins before you, that it is your duty to work against me. But consider this: It was an Assassin who freed me from my prison. I am no longer She Who Lies in Wait. I am the Mother of Wisdom. I am the nexus of flesh and machine. I am Juno. And if the greatest Assassin of your generation can see things my way... then perhaps you can too.[6]

The Initiate left the simulation.

  • Bishop: I'm not reading any more signs of network disturbance. What happened in there? ... you okay? I don't know what happened. I thought I'd lost you.

After reliving more of Jacob and Evie's memories, the Initiate was reconnected to Rebecca's drone feed.

  • Bishop: You okay?
  • Shaun: Apart from the death squad on our tail? 'part from that?
  • Bishop: Backup's on the way. Why are you pushing yourself so hard? It's not your job to fight Templars.
  • Shaun: I had this colleague. He was our boss's son. I didn't much care for him at the start. Everyone treated him like he was so bloody special. To me, he just wasn't invested in anything that didn't affect him personally. But, I was wrong about him. He became my friend. Put himself through hell. And he saved us all in the end. So I reckon... Well, I can't apologize to him, but I can, I don't know. I can try and live up to his example.
  • Galina: You are a good Assassin.
  • Shaun: Holy Jes-
  • Galina: Hello. It has been too long.
  • Shaun: Galina! Blimey. I have not seen you since we blew up that lab in Paris!
  • Galina: (Yes). There were many explosions and you screamed like a baby. Bishop tells me Otso Berg is here. I will kill him for you!
  • Shaun: Superb! Now, if you wouldn't mind keeping watch, I'm going to lay down and die now.
  • Galina: Rest. We have a big fight coming.
  • Bishop: Shaun and Rebecca are safe for now, but we're still relying on you to find us that Shroud!

After reliving more of Jacob and Evie's memories, the Initiate was contacted by Bishop.

  • Bishop: The Piece of Eden is under Buckingham Palace. We've got all we need. Let's start planning our infiltration.
  • Shaun: Hold on, better to get visual verification. If we're going to move, we have to be 100% sure, we'll only get one shot before Otso Berg crashes down on us.
  • Rebecca: Got to agree with Shaun.
  • Shaun: We'll position ourselves near the palace. But we'll wait for you to synch the genetic data before we move.
  • Bishop: It's all up to you, Initiate.
Shroud of Eden

Upon finishing Jacob and Evie's memories,[7] the Initiate was connected to Rebecca's drone feed.

  • Shaun: That's it! It's under the palace!
  • Rebecca: Time to go!

The Assassins arrived at the Buckingham Palace vault, but noticed the Templars had arrived first.

  • Isabelle: Let's get the Shroud to Dr. Gramática immediately.
  • Rebecca: Sigma Team beat us here. We're too late!
  • Galina: What do we do?
  • Shaun: Killing really is the least productive way to achieve our goals. Kill them all.

The Assassins threw a smoke canister.

  • Berg: Contact!
  • Isabelle: Cover me! That skinny piece of shit tried to murder me, Berg! I want him to bleed!

While Berg and Galina fought, Violet tried to shoot the latter.

  • Violet: Hold still, godammit!

Before she could get a shot off, Rebecca tackled her. With the others occupied, Shaun snuck up behind Isabelle and used his Shock Blade to incapacitate her.

  • Berg: Only the mission matters!
  • Violet: Understood!

Violet picked up her gun and fired it.

  • Rebecca: Shaun!

Rebecca jumped in front of Shaun and took the bullet for him.

  • Rebecca: Oh!
  • Shaun: Galina! We need an exit!

Galina, having knocked out Berg and hoping to finish the job, was interrupted by Sigma Team's backup.

  • Sigma Team: Secure the vault! All targets are righteous.
  • Shaun: We need to go! NOW!
  • Galina: Understood.

Galina threw another smoke canister, using its cover to take out Sigma Team.

  • Rebecca: The... Shroud...
  • Shaun: Forget the bloody Shroud, stay with me, Becs! Please!
  • Galina: We go!

The Initiate was reconnected to Bishop.

  • Bishop: Good work in there, Initiate. In time, we will recover the Shroud. And hey. We pulled a feed from our bug in Isabelle's computer before they shut us out. Playing it now.
  • Álvaro: Sorry about the mess!
  • Violet: So how is the Shroud going to help you create a new clone?
  • Álvaro: It's not. When the Shroud is wrapped around a body, it scans it for damage and then reconstructs it on a cellular level.
  • Violet: You're not making a clone, you're going to recreate a Precursor from scratch!
  • Álvaro: Bingo! The Phoenix Project timetable just got accelerated, big time. I'm going to call Alan Rikkin and deliver the good news! It's like CHRISTMAS!

Álvaro left, leaving Violet alone in the lab.

  • Violet: Hello? It's me. I've brought the Shroud, as you asked, but... I'm scared.
  • Juno: Do not fear me. You've done well.
  • Violet: I'm not scared of you, I'm scared for you. If anyone finds out what you've been doing...
  • Juno: You have played your part, my instrument. I will save you. I will save you all.
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