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A Rude Awakening

As a Helix research analyst relived Shay Cormac's memory in which he captured the brig Morrigan,[1] they triggered a virus.

  • Violet: What the hell did you do? It's... some kind of dormant virus... Shit! Hang on, I'm getting you out of there!

Violet da Costa awoke the analyst from the Animus, as the Abstergo Entertainment facility was put on alert.

  • Violet: Sorry for the rough exit. Earpiece working? Check. You were just in an Animus. AH-NIH-MUHS? Yes? You were using it to access a genetic memory file in Helix labeled "Shay Cormac". You work for Abstergo Entertainment, remember? Any of this ringing a bell? Your session triggered something bad, and it's affecting the whole building. We need to find your boss. You haven't forgotten your boss, have you? Melanie Lemay? Super chipper over-achiever?

Violet gave the analyst their communicator tablet.

  • Violet: Here, take your communicator. Check it if you get lost. Now, let's get out of here. Follow me. Double time! This chaos is absolutely your fault, in case you're wondering!

The analyst followed Violet to Melanie, who was sending Abstergo employees into an elevator.

  • Melanie: Come on, everyone! Just like we practiced in our safety drills! Everything is gonna be okay, guys! Stay positive! What the hell is happening?
  • Violet: A file labeled "Shay Cormac" was booby-trapped with some kind of virus.
  • Melanie: Your job is to prevent things like this!
  • Violet: We need to contain these genetic memories, then we can destroy them.

Juhani Otso Berg spoke over their earpieces.

  • Berg: No. Isolate them. I want to study these memories.
  • Melanie: But-
  • Berg: With respect, Ms. Lemay, this is not a request.
  • Violet: You heard the man.
  • Melanie: Fine.
  • Violet: I need to borrow your numbskull. That okay with you, "Ms. Lemay"?

Melanie turned to the analyst.

  • Melanie: Hey there, this might seem a bit weird, but you're gonna to work for contractors we hired to, you know, upgrade our security. Mr. Otso Berg and Ms. Violet da Costa.
  • Violet: Call me Violet.
  • Melanie: I have to go check on our people and prepare a statement for the press.

Melanie turned to the analyst again.

  • Melanie: Do whatever they tell you to do, okay? Go team!

Melanie left with the elevator.

  • Violet: Technically, you're not responsible for this, but you're the one who let the virus out, so I think it's only fair you help me clean it up. Mr. Berg wants us to relive Shay's genetic memories. To do that, we need to access them from Helix. But the Helix is down. We'll have to reboot the main servers in the basement.

Violet attempted to open the elevator, only to have the lights turn off.

  • Violet: Man, whoever designed this virus is a genius. Not only does it restrict our access to the Cloud, it's adapted to fuck up the other operating systems that regulate building functions!

The lights were turned on again, and Violet contacted Melanie over her earpiece.

  • Violet: Melanie, the elevators are out of commission. Are we stuck on this floor?
  • Melanie: Damn, yes. I'll get a repair crew onsite ASAP.
  • Violet: There's a working area server on this floor. I guess it'll have to do for now.
  • Berg: Agent da Costa, I want regular updates on your progress with Shay's genetic memories.
  • Violet: Why? He's just a nobody as far as I can tell.
  • Berg: If Shay Cormac is who I suspect he is, then this temporary setback may provide us with an unexpected reward. Proceed to the server room on this floor.

As the analyst entered the server room, Violet contacted them over their earpiece.

  • Violet: Do you see a flashing wireless signal? Great, that means you can still access systems. Go ahead and patch me into their feed.

The analyst activated a program to repair the server.

  • Violet: Once you've restored the server, I'll connect your Animus work station back to Helix. In theory, if you align the beams to segments of the core, it should solve the problem. But here's where it gets tricky. You have to move the circles in such a way that each segment is powered by a beam. The keyword here is "each". One beam and one beam only per core segment, okay? Once everything is lit up properly, the system will reboot. Got it? Give it a shot!

The analyst repaired the server.

  • Violet: Good job! This core wasn't too complex, but rebooting the advanced hardware in the rest of the building will require more work.

The analyst also activated a video in which Berg analyzed the turncoat Assassin Mentor Al Mualim.

  • Violet: Uh. Okay, so, I'm not sure you were supposed to see that. Just, ah, you should just get back to your Animus. With the servers back online, you could, in theory, restore your coworkers' work stations, if you, you know, feel like being helpful. And you could, in theory, find some more digital goodies, if you, you know, feel like being sneaky! Hey, one of your coworkers dropped his communicator by the elevator. If you see any tech lying around like that, grab 'em. There might be a clue as to who did this.
  • Berg: Now that you have unlocked Shay Cormac's memories, we stand on the brink of a grand discovery. I know you must have questions about your new assignment, or about me. For now, all I will say is that Shay's story contains the answers. Shay will lead you to a greater understanding.
Fragmented memories
  • Berg: The memory appears to be fragmented. How much time has passed?
  • Violet: A few months, I think. That virus is cutting off our access to complete memories. They're readable, but messy.
  • Berg: The Seven Years' War will soon break out in the colonies. Focus on Assassin interference.
  • Violet: We'll do our best. Won't we, numbskull?
Damage Control

After the analyst relived a glitched memory, Violet contacted them via earpiece.

  • Violet: You've hit a wall and I'm busy with something. Why don't you go meet Otso Berg? You'll find him squatting in one the offices.

The analyst met with Berg at the latter's office.

  • Berg: Shay Cormac is an Assassin... but he is unlike the ones you have used for your entertainment products in the past.

Berg drove a knife into a portrait of the Assassin ally Le Chasseur.

  • Berg: I believe Shay may be the most important Assassin who ever lived. Your research will help me achieve something I have wanted for a very long time. Shay's story may have something to offer you as well...
  • Violet: There's another server we can access to get the next chunk of Shay's memories.
  • Berg: Excellent.
  • Violet: I'm gonna need the numbskull back if we're going to proceed.
  • Berg: Your next task is clear. But please reflect on what we have discussed.

The analyst met Violet by the elevator.

  • Violet: I got tired of waiting for Melanie's stupid repair crew, so I got this piece of shit working well enough to get you to the lobby and back. I'll get your Animus prepped while you're downstairs. I've added the location of the next server on your map. Get going!

The analyst took the elevator to the lobby.

  • Violet: Shit. I forgot, the server is behind a Level One security lock.
  • Berg: I have granted you Level One Security Clearance. I trust there will be no further delays.
  • Violet: Great! Now you can get into the server room. Once you restore the servers, I'll load the next set of Shay's memories to your Animus.

The analyst entered the server room.

  • Violet: And you're in!

The analyst repaired the lobby server.

  • Violet: Great job, numbskull. The data we have is pretty raw, but it's enough to move forward. Get back up here, double time! It looks like restoring servers also clears the virus from some of the other systems.
  • Berg: You are making excellent progress. I am eager to see what Shay will show us next.
  • Violet: Level One Clearance will also let you into some of the other parts of the building as well, if you need to... stretch your legs in between Animus sessions.

The analyst entered the Animus, where they saw an unconscious Shay being taken away.

  • Violet: If I said that was the craziest shit I'd ever seen, would that be the most obvious statement ever?
  • Berg: Shay has been through a severely traumatic experience.
  • Violet: Okay. Second most obvious statement ever.
  • Berg: Continue exploring his memories. The best is yet to come.
High Places

After viewing Shay's induction into the Templar Order,[2] the analyst was contacted again by Berg and Violet.

  • Berg: Do you understand now?
  • Violet: I'm starting to see why you're so interested in Shay Cormac.

The analyst left the Animus.

  • Berg: Shay has see the true face of the world. And he has chosen his path accordingly. A similar choice will soon present itself to you.
  • Violet: I did not think you'd get this far, but you seem to be on the right track. We still can't access the servers in the basement. But there's another one located at the top of the building, near Melanie's office. That's your next stop.

The analyst used the elevator to reach the top floor.

  • Melanie: Could you stop by my office? We need to have a talk.

The analyst entered Melanie's office.

  • Melanie: This office used to belong to a man named Olivier Garneau. He was my predecessor as Chief Creative Officer of Abstergo Entertainment. Otso Berg is a representative from our parent company, Abstergo Industries. He's showing you the true history of the world, just like they showed me. Olivier was kind, he was intelligent, and passionate about our work. But a year ago, he caught a glimpse of this truth. They never found his body. This is not the way we normally bring people up to speed on these matters. But you've worked hard and are proving yourself so! I'm granting you Level 2 security access. The servers on this floor should unlock more of Shay's memories.

With Level 2 clearance, the analyst repaired the servers.

  • Violet: I've got your Animus ready and waiting!

The analyst took the elevator down to the second floor.

  • Violet: Smooth moves, numbskull, I've got the next set of Shay's memories loaded up and ready to go.
  • Berg: We are nearly there. Know that you are aiding a worthy cause, even if you do not yet know what it is.

The analyst accessed the Animus, triggering another glitched memory.[3]

  • Violet: Shit! What's happening?
  • Berg: Another glitch?
  • Violet: Same one as before. Shay's back at Notre-Dame.
  • Berg: See if you can complete the memory this time.

The analyst progressed further through the memory.

  • Violet: That's the best we can do for now. We keep trying to sequence memories out of order, which is why we're crashing like this.
  • Berg: What do you suggest?
  • Violet: If we progress further with Shay's life in the colonies, I'm confident we can get better results from these Paris memories.
  • Berg: Very well. Keep me informed.
  • Violet: Uploading the next memory sequence now...

After reliving Shay's final sequenced memory in the Arctic Circle,[4] the analyst was contacted by Violet.

  • Violet: Incredible! Who knew that Shay had that kind of potential?

The analyst exited the Animus.

  • Berg: I have everything I need to complete our assignment here.
  • Violet: One last job, numbskull. We need you to upload Shay's story.
  • Berg: But not to Helix. I want some very specific people to see what we have found here.

The analyst used the elevator to reach the basement.

  • Berg: To reward you for your services to me, I am granting you Level 3 security access. From this point on, no doors will be closed to you. In the distant past, the Assassins had a noble goal, that of peace. But over the centuries, that goal eroded into a far more dangerous one: Freedom.

Another power failure occurred, causing a blackout in the basement.

  • Violet: Shit! What's going on now?
  • Berg: A minor setback.
  • Violet: Okay... Your communicator doesn't work right now, and it must be dark as hell down there... but I can show you the way. There! Just follow those lights and you'll be set! I promise you won't die if you follow the bright lights! I haven't steered you wrong, yet, have I? Follow the lights! Please hurry, numbskull! It all comes down to this!

The analyst reached the server room entryway.

  • Berg: Your communicator should work now. The Assassin Brotherhood still exists today, and they remain dedicated to their foolish cause. I am a Templar Knight. I protect the world from the Assassins. Today, you have helped me to fulfill this role. Please, restore the servers.

The analyst restored the servers.

  • Berg: You have exceeded my every expectation. Use that terminal to upload Shay's story to the Assassin network. The time to strike is now!

The analyst uploaded Shay's story.

  • Berg: The modern day Assassins are weak. It is only a matter of time before I catch the last of them, and kill them. But it is not enough for them to die. I want them to know how weak they truly are, and I want everyone to see them suffer. So on the day they finally meet me, they will welcome the death I offer them. My plan is in motion. I have no further demands to place upon you. However, Shay's story is not complete. I would ask that you see it through to the end.
  • Violet: I am super impressed, numbskull. You really came through for us. And yes, I'm also a Templar. Have been for years. There's still one last chunk of Shay's data left to explore. It's a bit of a trip, but I think you should see it.

The analyst used the elevator to reach the second floor and returned their workstation.

  • Violet: Once you go back to finish Shay's story, your life is never going to be the same afterwards. You should finish any outstanding business before entering your Animus.
The Choice

After finishing Shay's story with his trip to Versailles,[5] the analyst met Melanie in her office, along with Berg and Violet.

  • Melanie: It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you up here today.
  • Violet: Gotta hand it to you, numbskull, you proved yourself to more than a simple research monkey.
  • Berg: The data you extracted from Shay Cormac's memories has served us well. Shay's story is a message. One that says that when threatened, what an Assassin truly wants isn't freedom, but order.
  • Melanie: And we represent the highest Order there is.
  • Berg: Whatever you learned from your Animus experience only scratches the surface. We have existed since before recorded human history and have recently been reborn, disguised as Abstergo Industries.
  • Melanie: And Entertainment.
  • Berg: You have crossed the threshold and your eyes have been opened. You have seen the world for what it truly is.
  • Violet: There's no turning back now. We've got big plans for you!
  • Berg: The Father of Understanding guided you to us. And for that we are grateful. The test of your true worth begins now. And it begins with a choice.

Melanie presented a Templar ring to the analyst.

  • Melanie: Join us, and a bright future will be all yours.

Berg pulled out his gun.

  • Berg: Refuse...
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