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Hotep Cavern

After witnissing Bayeks' departure from Siwa to Alexandria following Khemu's death in the Siwa Vault,[1] Layla Hassan's Animus session was interrupted by Deanna Geary.

  • Deanna: Oh, shit! Layla, you need to refill on cyclosporine, stat. Don't make me come down there! Layla. Layla! Come on back.

Gasping for air, Layla jolted upright from lying in the Animus HR-8 stationed in Hotep Cavern.

  • Deanna: Layla, are you with me? (Sweetheart)?
  • Layla: I told you... not to call me that.
  • Deanna: Thing is, the fastest way to get your attention is to piss you off.
  • Layla: I'm... paying attention.
  • Deanna: OK, you need to take a break. The Animus is rejecting you.
  • Layla: Ugh. I'm fine.
  • Deanna: Yes, but your kidneys aren't Go add more cyclosporine before they shut down.
  • Layla: Yes, Nurse Geary.
  • Deanna: That's Medical Officer Geary to you. So? How did it go?
  • Layla: My mods are holding. Subject's memories are perfectly clear. If this doesn't convince Abstergo to give me a place on the Animus Project, nothing will.
  • Deanna: Amazing! Who do you have in there?
  • Layla: His name is Bayek of Siwa. The death of his son turned him into a killer.
  • Deanna: Think he'd be of interest to Abstergo?
  • Layla: Don't start.
  • Deanna: You know they're not going to be happy with how you handled this assignment.
  • Layla: They know I don't work by the book.
  • Deanna: Well, this time you lit the book on fire, and then stomped on it. Anyway, none of this will matter if you're comatose. Now go get that cyclosporine!
    Still looking for the cyclosporine? I definitely packed it in the med kit.

Layla checked her phone.

  • Layla: One bar... no, half a bar.

Layla approached Bayek's sarcophagus and read the inscription.

  • Layla: "Come forth by day, and I will guide you home."
  • Deanna: Who are you talking to?
  • Layla: Bayek's mummy.
  • Deanna: Real chatterbox, that one.

Layla left the cavern and found a piece of paper near the entrance.

  • Layla: Dammit, my papers went everywhere!
  • Desmond: Whoops! Anything important?
  • Layla: Yeah. The notes on the Animus. Here's the blueprint for my dialysis system mod.
  • Deanna: Could've used a bigger fluid chamber.
  • Layla: Could've used a bigger piece of tape over your mouth.
  • Deanna: Whoa, so aggro!

Layla searched the vicinity, finding another piece of paper.

  • Layla: The genetic sequencer blueprint. Never got the creases out.

Layla checked the light stands she had set up earlier.

  • Layla: Generator's holding up. Good job, Layla.

Layla returned to the cavern and found the med kit.

  • Layla: (muttering) Dee never puts in enough snacks.
    (aloud) Got the cyclosporine.
  • Deanna: Two ccs should do.

Layla walked back to the Animus HR-8.

  • Deanna: Don't forget the alcohol wipe!

Layla inserted the vial of cyclosporine into a port on the Animus HR-8.

  • Deanna: I wish I was there to help.
  • Layla: You do a good job looking after me, even from the hotel. And I know how much you love your air-con.

Layla approached the Animus HR-8.

  • Layla: Going back in. This is so badass.
  • Deanna: Be careful!

Layla resumed Bayek's memories as he entered Alexandrua in searh of his wife, Aya.[2]

Finding Aya

Layla gasped for air as she sat up and disconnected from the Animus.

  • Layla: Dee.
  • Deanna: Hey! I was wondering if I should pull you out.
  • Deanna: Your adrenaline and BP are elevated, and it's affecting your heart rate and hormonal markings...
  • Deanna: ...serotonin and oxytocin in particular. What happened in there?
  • Layla: Aya's here.
  • Deanna: Who's Aya?
  • Layla: Bayek's wife. I can feel her nearby.
  • Deanna: You can "feel" her? Pretty sure that's the Bleeding Effect. Along with Bayek's memories, you're also experiencing his emotions.
  • Layla: No, you dork, I think she's actually in this cave. Spouses usually shared the same tomb.
  • Deanna: A second mummy? We should really report to Abstergo.
  • Layla: Maybe after I find Aya.
  • Deanna: I'm going to call it in if you don't.
  • Layla: Deanna, no! If we do it their way, I'll get no credit. They'll cut me out like always.

Deanna sighed.

  • Deanna: Okay.

Layla hallucinated Aya walking towards an inner chamber where Bayek's mummy resided.

  • Layla: There!
  • Deanna: What is it?
  • Layla: The Bleeding Effect is leading me to Aya.
  • Deanna: Oh, great. More fuel for your superhero complex.

She followed it, then briefly commented on Bayek's mummy as the hallucination passed by it.

  • Layla: Come forth by day, and I will guide you home.
  • Deanna: Who're you talking to?
  • Layla: Bayek's mummy.
  • Deanna: Real chatterbox, that one.

The hallucination disappeared as it neared a pit.

  • Layla: She's down there.
  • Layla: My turn for a Leap of Faith.
  • Deanna: Leap of what? You're in no condition to do any leaping!

Layla looked down at the edge and saw a pool of water, after which she dove down. She immediately swam up.

  • Layla: Damn, that's cold.

She looked around to see a fallen, open sarcophagus with Aya's mummy laid bare.

  • Layla: I was right—she's here!
  • Deanna: There you are! Thank God.

Layla found a Hidden Blade and activated it, then used it to make an incision on the mummy's arm to take a sample.

  • Layla: I can almost taste the blood...
  • Deanna: Okay, you're making less and less sense, Layla. We need to report.
  • Layla: Not yet.
  • Deanna: "Not yet?" So when?
  • Layla: Ugh.

She put the sample on a small vial container then stood up to find an exit.

  • Layla: Well, I can't chew my way out of here.

Layla whispered to herself as she climbed her way out.

  • Layla: Your story will be told.
  • Deanna: What are you doing now?
  • Layla: Climbing. And it's hard, so (cut the chatter), will you?
  • Deanna: Fine. Let me know when you get to the top.

She reached the outer chamber of the Hotep Cavern.

  • Layla: I'm going back in.
  • Deanna: Why?
  • Layla: I took a DNA sample from Aya. I want to see her memories.
  • Deanna: Look, I get that you're excited but... The more risks we take, the worse things could go for us.
  • Layla: It's my dream on the line here. Let me do this my way.

Layla went back inside where the Portable Animus was and laid down the Hidden Blade she found on a table beside her laptop. She walked to a small red box adjacent and mixed the sample of Aya with another sample in a small container.

  • Layla: Adding Aya's DNA to the chamber.
  • Deanna: It'll take time to sequence. You won't be able to synch with her memories right away.

She inserted the mixed container to the Animus.

  • Deanna: Layla, something else you should know... Since you're mixing gene sequences in an uncontrolled manner, the transition between memories will likely be unpredictable.
  • Layla: I'm comfortable with unpredictability.
  • Deanna: Yeah? Well, I'm worried.
  • Layla: You always are.

The machine beeped itself ready. Layla laid down on it and connected herself. It showed her scrambled glimpses of Aya's memories.

  • Deanna: I told you! The Animus hasn't finished interpreting Aya's DNA yet!
  • Layla: Fine, fine.

She switched back to Bayek's memory as he met with Apollodorus to seek audience with Cleopatra.[3]

Terminating Layla

Deanna abruptly roused Layla out of the Animus, leaving her temporarily disoriented.

  • Deanna: Wake up! Wake up! Layla, NOW! I need you!

Layla got off the Portable Animus but immediately collapsed on her knees and vomited.

  • Deanna: There's a van in the alleyway, oh God...
  • Layla: A van? Aya, what are you trying to—
  • Deanna: Forget about Aya. Abstergo's here.

Layla managed to regain her composure.

  • Deanna: They must have found out about—oh, shit! Fuck!
  • Layla: Dee?

There was an explosion in the cave outside her chamber.

  • Layla: Shit! They're here, too!

Layla took Aya's Hidden Blade on a table then fastened it to her arm with tape.

  • Deanna: Okay, Layla, listen. I know you. And I know you'll find a way out of this.
  • Layla: Picked up that blade I found.
  • Deanna: Good.

Layla crept towards the outer cave and overheard a hitman, wearing advanced military garb, talking to his comms in Arabic.

  • Egyptian Soldier: (Remember, neutralize the target, then recover the Animus.)
  • Layla: Well, they're definitely planning to kill me.
  • Deanna: You've been living in the mind of a trained assassin for the past however many hours, remember? So get ready to rock, killer queen.
  • Layla: I'm ready, American woman.

Layla noticed their weaponry.

  • Layla: They're using bows, not guns. Why?
  • Deanna: Guess they don't consider you much of a threat.
  • Layla: Huh.
  • Deanna: They're almost on me. Going dark.

Layla assassinated one of the men.

  • Deanna: How's it going?
  • Layla: Bad.

She then proceeded to kill the rest with the Hidden Blade.

  • Layla: I have to do this. It's them or me.

As she eliminated the last mercenary outside of the cave during a sandstorm, she heard his walkie-talkie receive a transmission Sigma Team.

  • Egyptian Soldier: (Team One, we've located the secondary target. Extracting her now.)

Layla heard Deanna struggle in her earpiece.

  • Deanna: No, don't, please—No!

A sharp thud sounded through the comm.

  • Egyptian Soldier: (Secondary target neutralized.)
  • Layla: Dee? No, Dee, no, no, no...

Layla dropped the radio in panic, but felt helpless under the storm. She screamed in rage as her voice echoed.

  • Layla: Fuck you, Abstergo. I'm seeing this through.

She walked back into the cave while recording a message on her phone.

  • Layla: If you're listening to this, you work for Abstergo, and I'm dead. Do me a favor and make sure Sophia Rikkin hears it. My dream was to work on the Animus Project. I waited twelve years. Waiting got me nowhere. So I built an Animus that lets me access anyone's memories, even ancestors not my own. I even witnessed the origins of the Assassins. Artifacts, tombs that were supposed to be stuff of legends... I found them. By killing me, you've lost all this knowledge.

Layla broke down into anger.

  • Layla: I understand why you thought I had to die. But did you have to kill my best friend? Why did she... Oh (sweetheart)... I should have listened to you.

She despondently went back to her chamber.

  • Layla: Back to the Animus. What else can I do?
Meeting William Miles

Layla lay in the Animus while the recording she made earlier was being played by William Miles.

  • Layla: Oh (sweetheart)... I should have listened to you. Oh (sweetheart)... I should have listened to you.
  • William: Those don't need to be your last words.
  • Layla: Who the fuck are you?

Startled, Layla quickly disconnected from the Animus and drew her Hidden Blade on him.

  • William: Does the name "William Miles" ring a bell?
  • Layla: The Assassin?
  • William: Then you know who I am.

William showed his Hidden Blade, answering her question. Layla retracted her blade.

  • William: We—the Assassins—have been watching you. It's... unusual for an Abstergo employee to take an interest in a country's revolution.
  • Layla: You're not wrong there.

Layla snatched her phone off William and walked to her laptop.

  • William: We know about your work with the Animus. Astounding, what you and Deanna were up to.
  • Layla: Dee...
  • William: They played you, didn't they? Sophia Rikkin made you so many promises...
  • Layla: Enough! We're not talking about her.
  • William: Sure. Plenty of other subjects to cover on our ride to Alexandria.
  • Layla: Don't assume I'm going anywhere with you.
  • William: Well, let's look at your options. You can come with me, or you can stay here and do the dance of death again, and again until you make a mistake. They only need you to make one.

Layla began pondering Willam's words.

  • William: There's no going back to your old life, Layla.
  • Layla: I never planned to.
  • William: But you'd finally be able to work on the Animus Project... our version of it. And with us, you'd always have the freedom to do things your way.

Layla thought for a moment, then answered.

  • Layla: Fine. Let's do this.

William extended his hand for a handshake.

  • Layla: That doesn't mean I'm on your side.

He withdrew his hand.

  • William: Good enough.

Their conversation ended, William walked around the cave.

  • William: These articles on "hidden chambers"... Always so misguided. Always missing crucial information.

William went to check Layla's laptop.

  • Layla: Stay away from my laptop!
  • William: I should, shouldn't I? It's a terrible invasion of privacy. Just think of it as me reliving your memories.
  • Layla: Bayek's a corpse. I'm alive.
  • William: You're right, and I apologize.

William reached Bayek's tomb.

  • William: Bayek. We've been looking for him for so long—and you found him.
  • Layla: Technically Abstergo found him.
  • William: Yes, but you lived him. I can't wait to hear the stories you have to tell.

Annoyed by Willam's meddling, Layla spoke to herself.

  • Layla: The best way to avoid this jerk is to get back in the Animus.

William left the cave and found a body of a Sigma Team operative.

  • William: Sigma Team? Well, well. They must be convinced that you're an Assassin already. But why bows?
  • Layla: Anyone ever tell you you're kind of an asshole?
  • William: My son, as a matter of fact.
  • Layla: Sounds like we would have gotten along. I'm sorry he's dead.
  • William: Occupational hazard.

After some time, Layla wanted to know when they were leaving.

  • Layla: What are we waiting for, then?
  • William: Extraction helicopter. It'll be here in an hour. Go back to the Animus if you like. I know its charms are compelling.
  • Layla: There might be something left to do in there.
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