• Hi Creed,

    As you already know, it's been months and months that we're asking for a forge tool that can extract text from all Assassin's Creed games. Sadly, there were no answers. That's why we decided, on the french wikia, to collaborate with the other wikias in order to appeal programmers in the community and finally be able to extract this text from the games.

    We hope to have the Portuguese wikia with us,

    May the Father of Understanding guide you

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    • Hi!

      Creed has left Wikia for several personal reasons, I'm the only bureaucrat here now. What do you exactly propose?

      Thank you.

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    • Ok. Let me explain.

      For a long time, Creed and I were seeking a forge tool that can extract the text files of the games, but we never found it. So the french wikia decided to contact some other wikias, in order to have their support and appeal the community in order to create this universal forge tool. It will help us with the memories, the databases, and also help translaters. It's a really important thing and I think that if the different wikias ask it together, something might happen.

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    • Yes, Creed told me about that. It really helps if we don't need to copy each word off a database, play every single memory to know the quotes and so on. One of the biggest problems with PT-BR Assassin's Creed media is the lack of a solid global translation.

      I fully support this.

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    • Glad to hear it :) Thank you !

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    • Um contribuidor do FANDOM
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