I'm writing this in English language since I don't speak Dutch, sorry for that. I'd like to use my bot (Gebruiker:Weas-El-Bot) on this wiki too, and ask Wikia staff for a "bot flag". This requires the community's agreement.

The actual priority objective is the creation of interlanguage links between this wiki and the nine other Assassin's Creed wikis in other languages. This will produce lots of small edits, that a bot can do very quickly and with a high level of automation.

Tasks like this have produced several hundred edits in a short period of time in the past. The "bot flag" will hide those edits from the list of recent changes, so the more important changes by users don't get lost. It will still be possible to track the bot's edits by clicking "show bots" in the list of recent changes.

I've used the bot successfully in the past in the following wikis amongst others:

The bot reached a number of 19,000+ edits, that means it's proven and tested.

Please leave a comment whether you agree or don't. Thank you, --Weas-El  dec 2, 2011 21:42 (UTC)

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