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The ship was still, anchored. The crew was at the table, together. 
Nodar Ninidze, our chief steward, outdid himself again this year
and while the dinner was consumed, the conversation was
allowed to approach topics that didn't include murder,
conspiracies, and desperate survival.
This year, like last year, Akaki Ninidze, our chief engineer,
demanded to know how his brother managed to smuggle a turkey
on the ship. Nodar replied to his little brother with the shit-eating
grin of an older brother and said nothing.
Instead, he offered the crew a bottle of the Ninidze Brothers
special reserve, made in a rickety still in the deepest bowels of the
ship, and for one magic night, it didn't taste like something
scraped off the side of a drug addict's bathtub. 
Of course, I know how Nodar does it, but I like the guy, so I'll keep
this one secret, even from you.
I remain your festive spy.