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とはアサシンクリードにおける苦行の一種である。were tools used by many different factions to increase their influence over a certain location. The Assassins were notorious for removing flags to hinder the Templars.

High Middle Ages[]

Flags and locations[]

Flags were scattered by members of various factions throughout the Holy Land to lay claim to particular regions of territory. There were different kinds of flags, each representing a different faction. Collection of these flags unlocked additional memories available to be relived through the Animus.[1]

Image Flag name Location Number of flags
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCreed Assassin flags Masyaf 20
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheLionsPassant King Richard flags Kingdom 100
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCrescent Saracen flags Damascus 100
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheBlackCross Teutonic flags Acre
Middle District
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheOrder Templar flags Acre
Rich District
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfThe8Virtues Hospitalier flags Acre
Poor District
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheFourGospels Jerusalem crosses Jerusalem 100


Collecting all of the flags of a particular kind in the Xbox 360 version gave an achievement.[1]

Icon Name Description Points Secret?
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheLionsPassant Keeper of the Lions Passant Find all of Richard's Flags in the Kingdom. 25ファイル:Xbox360g.png No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCreed Keeper of the Creed Find all Flags in Masyaf. 10ファイル:Xbox360g.png No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheFourGospels Keeper of the Four Gospels Find all Flags in Jerusalem. 20ファイル:Xbox360g.png No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheCrescent Keeper of the Crescent Find all Flags in Damascus. 20ファイル:Xbox360g.png No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheBlackCross Keeper of the Black Cross Find all Teutonic Flags in Acre. 10ファイル:Xbox360g.png No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfTheOrder Keeper of the Order Find all Templar Flags in Acre. 10ファイル:Xbox360g.png No
AssassinsCreed KeeperOfThe8Virtues Keeper of the 8 Virtues Find all Hospitalier Flags in Acre. 10ファイル:Xbox360g.png No


The Borgia also used flags to increase their control over Italy. There were 101 Borgia flags to collect in Rome. However, art merchants in the city sold Flag Maps which made it easier for Ezio Auditore to find and remove all of the Borgia flags. An additional method to locate the flags was through Ezio's use of Eagle Vision, thus marking the flag on the map.[2]

Collecting all 101 flags rewarded Ezio with the Borgia Cape, and the achievement "Capture the Flag."[2]

Icon Name Description Points Secret?
Capturetheflag Capture the Flag Remove all Borgia Flags in Rome. 30ファイル:Xbox360g.png No