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この記事は 娼婦を書いている記事で、 あなたが探しているのは アニムスのアバターの可能性があります。
―1476年 ラ・ローザ・コルタ経営者パオラがエツィオ・アウディトーレに[src]








フィレンツェの娼館はパオラによって 、ヴェネツィアの娼館はテオドラ・コンタントによて経営されている。そして、ローマの娼館は前経営者マダム・ソラーリの死後、クラウディア・アウディトーレが引い継ぎ、その後ローザが主となった。



Courtesans in Venice.

娼婦は主に都市の中の娼館に拠点を置いた。4人のグループで客引きのため通りに沿って立っている [1]


Afterwards, Ezio hired courtesans to distract the guards and allow his family to escape the city, and would continue to use their services from then on, usually instructing them to seduce a group of nearby guards in order to allow him to slip past unseen. Alternatively, they would follow Ezio along the streets, concealing him among them by walking around him in a diamond formation, in a similar manner to how Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad blended with scholars.[1]

Upon traveling to Rome, Ezio aided the courtesans by funding the renovations for their main brothel, the Rosa in Fiore, as well as renovating smaller brothels throughout the city. After his sister took over Rosa in Fiore's administration, he volunteered to teach the girls several skills.[2]


Courtesans ACII Art v

Courtesans could not perform any sort of free-running, and were usually unarmed, though in the cases where they were, they carried knives and bladed fans. Should they be discovered aiding Ezio in attempting to infiltrate a guarded area, the courtesans were usually attacked mercilessly, and killed very quickly in the fight.[1][2]

If Ezio encountered a group of guards while walking with the courtesans, two of them would leave the group to distract the enemies, while the other two stayed with Ezio, in order to maintain the blend and help keep him anonymous. This behavior was very helpful in assassination missions where the target walked among civilians.[1]

The courtesans in Rome acted much as they did in other cities, however, after Ezio had allied himself to their guild for some time, the girls he hired were able to poison any enemies they were instructed to distract.[2]


ファイル:Rome Courtesan.png

Roman Courtesans insignia.


主な記事: ラ・ローザ・コルタ


主な記事: ラ・ローザ・デラ・ヴィルゥ
  • テオドラ・コンタント[1]
  • Lucia[1] - A courtesan who was attacked and robbed just outside her brothel.


主な記事: 薔薇の館
  • マダム・ソラーリ[2][3] - Former owner of the Rosa in Fiore.
  • フィオラ・カヴァッツァ[3] - A courtesan working for the Solari, who eventually entered the service of Cesare Borgia.
  • ジュリエッタ[2] - A traitorous courtesan who traded information about the Assassins to a Borgia contact.
  • Lucia[2] - A courtesan who accompanied Fiora and Santino Solari on one of his business outings, along with being kidnapped by slave traders alongside Madonna Solari later on. She was sent back to alert the other girls of the ransom for Solari.
  • Mina[2] - A victim of the Templar Malfatto, a rogue doctor that preyed on courtesans. Ezio Auditore found her being mourned by her friend in a back alley of Rome.
  • Agnella[4]
  • Sarghina[4]


実績「英雄色を好む」は娼婦を雇うのに5,000フローリン使用すると解除される。 娼婦は一回150フローリンかかり、約34回雇う必要がある。

アイコン 名前 入手方法 ポイント Trophy
RedLightAddict-ACII-trophy 英雄色を好む 娼婦に5000フローリンつぎ込む. 10 G ブロンズ


ファイル:Assacreed2 b02 375.jpg

Courtesans of La Rosa Colta.

  • A courtesan's appearance had five randomly generated options: hair, face, dress color, necklace and sleeves.
  • A glitch could be encountered with a group of hired courtesans outside of Forlì, where one of them became stuck and separated from the rest of the group, along with the remaining three not activating any blending effects until Ezio approached the lost courtesan's perimeter and entered into the middle of the group.
  • In Assassin's Creed II, if Ezio hired a courtesan group and then immediately attacked guards, the courtesans might draw weapons and fight the guards with him.
  • Should one of the courtesans in a group fall into water, the remaining three would continue to activate the blending effect without her, indicating that the death of one courtesan was similar to when two left the group to distract passing guards.
  • ファイル:Early courtesan concept art.jpg

    Concept art of Courtesans.

    Courtesans could not be killed or grabbed by Ezio.
  • The Assassin's Creed II memory "Fitting In" was the only one where Ezio could beat up, pickpocket and grab courtesans.
  • During the memory "Carnevale," courtesans appeared in the streets wearing masks.
  • In Monteriggioni, after renovating the brothel, random courtesans appeared to walk in the streets. However, Ezio was unable to hire them.
    • They no longer appeared during the early scenes of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, except for one who appeared behind Ezio as he was leaving the hidden tunnel from Monteriggioni.
  • In Brotherhood, if a civilian you stole from prepared to have a fistfight with Ezio, the courtesans he had hired would sometimes go and fight them instead, knocking them out with only two punches.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, courtesans were replaced by the Romani, as they were not accepted in Ottoman-Byzantine society.