• アルノ: What's the mission?
  • ベレック: The mission is get your arse in position and don't ask questions, pisspot.
  • アルノ: I live to serve.

After killing three guards and sabotaging a nearby alarm bell, アルノ eavesdropped on a Templar meeting.

  • シヴェール: Lord Guillaume de Roussel has generously agreed to our price of forty percent.
  • Arpinon: An act of desperation. What about the priest?
  • シヴェール: He'll come around.
  • Arpinon: Your confidence is infectious, シヴェール. My boys will have the wagon ready.
  • シヴェール: Here are the details--make sure it goes smoothly.
  • Arpinon: Of course.
    "Make sure that it goes smoothly." (Ass). When have I ever--

ベレック assassinated Arpinon from above.

  • Bodyguard: Murder! Murder! Help!
  • ベレック: These bastards always have bodyguards. Well?

アルノ assassinated the bodyguard from behind.

  • ベレック: Next time, do that before he starts screaming.
  • アルノ: Why do we hang about here when シヴェール still lives? He killed (Mister) De La Serre!
  • ベレック: Patience. シヴェール is not the target. Not today. Come on. Council is waiting for our report.

After アルノ looted the ledger from Arpinon's body, he and ベレック were spotted the guards.

  • ベレック: That's a lot of bastards. Give 'em a smoke bomb and slip away while they're choking.
    Give 'em a smoke bomb!


  • ベレック: さあ、行こう
    Let's move, pisspot.


  • ベレック: 役に立ってみろ



  • ベレック: まずいな。愛国派だ。喧嘩好きの間抜けどもめ。奴らの気を引くな
  • アルノ: 止めなくていいのか?
  • ベレック: 止めても、無視しても変わらない相手にしたところで・・・ 全員は救えないんだ、小僧
  • アルノ: なんと前向きな
  • 過激派1: 警戒しろ!この近くでレミーがムッシュ・アルピノンの死体を見つけた 喉を切り裂かれてたらしい
  • 過激派2: クソ。散開しろ!油断するな!


  • ベレック: Careful pisspot, you'll hurt someone!
    I'll still be running when you're dead.
  • アルノ: あんたの心臓に負担を掛けたくないんだ
    Need a break?


  • アルノ: おい!この1年行方が分からなかったシヴェールを見つけたんだぞ? 名前がリストにないってだけで逃すのか?
  • ベレック: 今はその時ではない。不確定要素が多すぎる
  • アルノ: また見失ってしまうぞ
  • ベレック: 見つけた予定表通りなら、明日はノートルダムに来る
  • アルノ: そういうのは先に教えといてくれ


  • アルノ: So what happens next?
  • ベレック: We take this ledger full of Templar records to ミラボー, who proceeds to do nothing with it.
  • アルノ: You don't seem terribly fond of him.
  • ベレック: He's a politician. Sees himself as a great peacemaker. He thinks he can end the war between Assassins and Templars, bring the Revolution to a happy conclusion, and convince dogs and cats to live together in peace.
  • アルノ: And that's... bad?
  • ベレック: It's a self-aggrandizing pipe dream. The Templars are at their weakest since Jacques de Molay burned, and we're running around after second rate smugglers! All because ミラボー wants to secure his legacy.
  • アルノ: (Mister) De La Serre believed a truce was possible.
  • ベレック: And look where it got him.

アルノ and ベレック reached the Council Chamber.

  • ベレック: The customs agents of France can rest easy. Arpinon is dead.
  • ミラボー: Shaking down imprisoned nobles seems a bit out of his oeuvre. What are the Templars up to?
  • ベレック: If we hadn't spent the last year hobbled by your damned truce, we might know that.
  • Beylier: He has a point, Honoré. The truce was with Grand Master De La Serre.
  • Trenet: The man's been dead for two years! Whoever is in charge now, you can be certain they aren't sitting idle.
  • アルノ: We might have learned more had we not allowed シヴェール to escape.
  • ミラボー: シヴェール was there?
  • アルノ: I know your heart is set on keeping the peace, but bringing (Mister) De La Serre's killer to justice would count for something, wouldn't it?
  • ミラボー: Yes, it would. But do not confuse your personal vendetta with a sound strategy.
  • ベレック: If he wants to kill Templars, let him kill Templars. I've taught him all I can. The boy is ready.
  • ミラボー: Very well. Assassin, I charge you to go to Notre Dame de Paris, and to find there, the Templar agent Charles Gabriel シヴェール. You will learn his secrets, and when you have done so, you will bring him peace, in accordance with our tenets.


アルノ was tasked with finding and assassinating Charles Gabriel シヴェール at Notre-Dame.