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"I have traveled far and I have taken lives. I am a messenger and a deceiver."
―Perotto Calderon.[src]

ペロット・カルデロン (Perotto Calderon) (不明– 1498)は15世紀のアサシン教団の一員である。弓術と変装の名手であり、そのスキルを買われてボルジア家にスパイとして潜入する任務を負っていた。




"My Brothers have placed a child into my care. [...] I am to teach him the ways of our Order as I was taught at his age."
―Perotto, regarding Francesco.[src]


He was initiated in the traditional manner; reciting the Creed, receiving a brand on his left ring finger, and taking a Leap of Faith.

After growing into an experienced Assassin, Perotto was in turn assigned to train the young Francesco Vecellio, who he began to think of as his own son. Though he found the boy to be rather frail and too much of a perfectionist,[1] he taught him well all the same, and praised him as wise beyond his years.[2]

Undercover with the Borgia[]

"They believe me to be a mere courier, but my true loyalty lies with their sworn enemy."
―Perotto on his work for the Borgia.[src]
Masquerade projectlegacy

Perotto delivering a letter to Lucrezia

As of 1498, Perotto worked as a courier for the Borgia family, in order to spy on Templar activity in Rome.

He gathered information by reading (and occasionally altering) the messages entrusted to him, as well as by eavesdropping on conversations between Rodrigo Borgia, the Grand Master of the Templar Order, and Cesare Borgia, the Captain-General of the Papal armies. From them, he discovered planned executions and deceptions, all of which he delivered to the Order through his understudy, Francesco.

Over the course of his service, he also delivered letters to Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Rodrigo Borgia, who was between marriages, and was staying at the San Sisto convent. After seeing her tears caused by the messages she received, as well as hearing Rodrigo speak of marrying Lucrezia off like mere property, Perotto began to pity and eventually fall in love with her.[2]

Affair with Lucrezia[]

"I have decided to follow my heart rather than my instructions, but I cannot sit idle while Lucrezia's family destroys her life! I do not believe mine can continue without her."
―Perotto thinking of Lucrezia.[src]
PL Memory TheLadysFavour

Perotto sharing an intimate moment with Lucrezia

In order to gain Lucrezia's favor, Perotto began bringing her gifts; often those he took from assassination targets, or those meant for the Pope. In time, they began taking walks together at the convent, with Lucrezia asking him of his adventures as a courier, and the two of them teasingly trying to offend each other with their filthiest jokes.

Through this, Perotto befriended and received much advice from Giulia, Lucrezia's chambermaid. She told him of Lucrezia's favorite foods and gifts, as well as fussed over his appearance and posture, insisting that he walk straighter and stop "slinking like some shady murderer."

Despite their growing attachment to one another, Perotto and Lucrezia were forced to keep their distance in public, as she could not be seen with someone of Perotto's status. Eventually, their relationship became more intimate and in a night of passion, Lucrezia ended up pregnant.[2] However, it is undetermined whether the child was sired by Perotto, or by Lucrezia's brother Cesare.[3]

A boy was eventually born, but the baby was malformed and, according to a doctor, was likely to die in a few days time.[2]

Escape and betrayal[]

"My enemies will come in greater numbers if my Brothers do not reach me first. I give my life for my son's, gambling everything upon a legend."
―Perotto, after escaping the Borgia.[src]
PL Memory Psychosomatic

Perotto with his child

Unable to hide such a secret as a child, Perotto was severely beaten and thrown into jail. With the help of Giulia, who secretly brought him several lock-picking tools, he managed to break out of the prison.

Despite his own injuries, Perotto was able to retrieve his son from Giulia's brother and flee, carrying his child out of Rome, and knowing that it would be impossible to see Lucrezia ever again.

However, Rodrigo Borgia quickly discovered his escape, and sent his soldiers after him. Perotto ambushed the men in the outskirts of Florence, and managed to kill or injure nearly all of them with his bow.


Perotto fighting off his Assassin brethren

After this, Perotto headed to Agnadello, knowing that the only thing that could heal his son was the Shroud of Eden, an artifact that was in the possession of his Order. However, as he neared the town, he was surprised and saddened that his own Brothers – those who been set to guard the Shroud – stood in his way. With no other choice, he fought them and won, either killing or otherwise disabling all of them.

Reaching the home of his friend and the Keeper of the Shroud, Rinaldo Vitturi, he found the artifact and asked it to heal his son.[2] The Shroud refused at first, but on Perotto's insistence, he began to feel the life drain from his body, and seem to pass into his son.[1]

After the process, the boy appeared to be healed, but it was not certain to Perotto whether or not it was effective. He put the Shroud back into the box that he had claimed it from and left.[2]


Perotto's last moments

However, Perotto's recklessness in rushing for the Shroud cost him dearly, as his Brothers – his former apprentice Francesco Vecellio among them – had decided that he was a threat to be eliminated at once, and had tracked him to Agnadello. Upon reaching the town themselves, the team had found the bodies of the Assassins that Perotto had defeated in his desperation, and after questioning the civilians of his location, they attempted to stealthily engage him.

A battle of bows began, with Perotto taking out yet more of his Brothers, even those that dared to come closer. However, he refused to attack Francesco, even when the young Assassin took aim at him. In the end, Perotto was surrounded and granted swift justice for his breaking of the Creed that he had vowed to follow.[1]


Lateral Vision PL

Perotto appearing in Giovanni's dreams

  • Perotto's memories were extracted from the genetic memory of one of his descendants by Abstergo Industries, and relived by another person in 2012.
  • Giovanni often dreamt of the memories of Perotto, usually mistaking them to be his own.
  • In 1503, through a lapse similar to the Bleeding Effect, Perotto seemed to speak through Giovanni to tell Francesco that he forgave him.
  • Lucrezia's database entry in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood mentioned a man named Pedro Calderon - a Papal Chamberlain who grew close to her, and who Cesare drowned out of jealousy in 1498.


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