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―When I was very young, I was foolish enough to believe that our Creed would bring an end to all these conflicts. If only I had possessed the humility to say to myself, I have seen enough for one life, I've done my part. Then again, there is no greater glory than fighting to find the truth.[src]

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (Arabic: الطائر ابن لا أحد‎, 1165 – 1257) was a Syrian Assassin during the Middle Ages and, from 1191 until his death, the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins.

Raised to be an Assassin from birth, Altaïr obtained the rank of Master Assassin by his twenty-fourth year. However, following his failure to obtain the Apple from Robert de Sable in early 1191, and subsequently allowing the Templars to attack the city of Masyaf, headquarters to the Order of Assassins, he was demoted to the rank of novice and sent on a quest for redemption.

Tasked with the deaths of nine individuals, who, unbeknown to him, made up the ranks of the Templar Order in the Holy Land, Altaïr began a quest to change his ways and lib作品|te the Kingdom from the corruption of the nine. During his quest however, Altaïr learned of a plot far more sinister than originally believed. Completing his mission to kill the nine targets, and cleansing the Order of its treacherous leader Al Mualim, Altaïr rose to the rank of Mentor, taking the Assassins into a new, more secretive direction.

With the Apple in hand, Altaïr changed the ways his Order lived their lives; writing the details in his fabled Codex for later gen作品|tions of the Order to read. Altaïr's vision of the Assassin Order was for them to be across the world living among the people and started setting up Assassins Guilds during his tenure as Mentor. During his adventures Altaïr strengthened the Order, stopped the Templars various times and was able to prevent the uprising of Genghis Khan.

His name would continue to resonate through the Order in later years, greatly influencing the lives of his descendants and other Assassins in years to come. His bloodline would go on to contain an important figure in the Assassin Order, Desmond Miles.

Biography 編集

Early life 編集

Training as an Assassin 編集

Altaïr was born to Assassin parents: a Christian mother and a Muslim father,[1] Umar Ibn-La'Ahad.[2]

While Altaïr's mother died at childbirth, his father Umar was executed by the Saracens, in retribution for him killing a nobleman of their kind during the First siege of Masyaf, with Altaïr being 11 years old at the time. Moments before the execution, Altaïr frantically called out to his father before he was killed, leading to a sight that would cause him much grief from that point on. Ahmad Sofian, the Assassin who had revealed Umar's name to the Saracens under torture, felt responsible for Umar's death and some time after the event, he infiltrated Altaïr's quarters, before apologizing to Altaïr for his weakness under pressure and proceeded to commit suicide with a dagger.[2]

Following this, Altaïr ran to Al Mualim's quarters with haste, informing him of the situation that occurred. Al Mualim advised Altaïr that he should not disclose any information that the two had discussed - not even to Ahmad's son Abbas - especially since Altaïr and Abbas would start their training under him together. Altaïr considered Al Mualim as more of a father figure to him than his biological father, even though he was aware that Al Mualim's love was "weak and dishonest."[3] Altaïr grew up alongside Abbas, studying together and becoming best friends, with the two always being at one another's side.[2]

One day, Altaïr, after having noticed Abbas' continued grief over his father, decided to tell him that Ahmad had killed himself, in an effort to console him with the truth. Upon hearing it, Abbas turned around in his bed, not saying a word. The following day, the two of them didn't speak to each other, spending most of the day in silence, until Abbas asked their combat instructor Labib if they could fight with real swords, instead of the wooden practice ones. It was then that Abbas revealed his hatred to Altaïr, believing him to have lied about his father, before attacking him in a frenzy - fueled with rage.[2]

After the battle between the two entered into a struggle, with the two of them laying in the mud, Abbas holding his knife to Altaïr's throat; Abbas yelled out that Altaïr had lied about his father, with the commotion catching the attention of the other Assassins, the villagers and Al Mualim himself. Deciding to try and quell Abbas' anger, Altaïr claimed that he had lied, and the two of them were brought to Masyaf's dungeon, where they both spent a month, after which they had to resume their training. With his crimes deemed more severe, Abbas was forced by Al Mualim to spend an extra year in training, whilst Altaïr was made into an Assassin.[2]

Elevation to Master Assassin 編集

―I have watched you grow from a boy to a man in so short a time. It fills me with as much sadness as pride. You fit your father's shoes as if they have been tailored to your feet.[src]
Mentor's keeper 4

Altaïr giving orders to Abbas.

When Altaïr was 24 years old, Masyaf was attacked and overrun by Templars, aided by a Templar agent who had pretended to be an ally of the Assassins. Riding his horse into the village and rescuing a fellow Assassin from the Templars and having led him to a bench after being injured in his leg, Altaïr met with Abbas. Despite Abbas saying that they had to fall back and that they could do nothing for Al Mualim, who was still in the fortress, already captured by the traitor alongside sev作品|l other Assassins, Altaïr gave Abbas orders to flank the Templars and lead them into the canyon while Altaïr himself would go to rescue Al Mualim, telling him to make "no mistakes".[4]

Mentor's keeper 12

Al Mualim, proud of Altaïr's actions.

Altaïr made his way to the fortress, killing Templar soldiers and rescuing villagers along the way. Upon arriving at the fortress' gates, was greeted by the traitor. Taunting Altaïr, the traitor closed the gates behind him as he went to execute the captured Assassins, which included Al Mualim himself, in the courtyard with a crossbow. With Altaïr locked out of the fortress' gates, he managed to climb up some scaffolding on the outside to get onto the walls. From there, he ran along the walls and jumped onto a tiled roof of a balcony, before he assassinated the traitor from above, saving Al Mualim from being killed in the process.[4]

After that, Altaïr had earned Al Mualim's respect and had been elevated to rank of Master Assassin. Upon hearing this, Abbas spit on the ground near Altaïr's feet, whereas Altaïr only sneered at him. This event was the first time Altaïr began to display arrogance, which would cause his downfall a few years later.[2]

Quest for the Chalice 編集

Return to Alep 編集


Altaïr discovering the dying guard

In the year 1190, returning from a journey, Altaïr discovered that a village near the city of Alep was under attack. He ran to the village and came across an Assassin guard who told him that Templars were attacking it. Before he died, Altaïr was given a sword by the guard to defend himself. Fending off many Templars along the way, Altaïr came across an archer who revealed the Templar's plans and admitted that they were tasked to attack the village by Templar Grand Master, Lord Basilisk, and gain information from a member of the Brotherhood who held information that was valuable to them. Altaïr dispatched the Templar and continued on. Altaïr assassinated a Templar Captain and one Assassin told him that Al Mualim requested his presence.[5]

Altaïr made it to Al Mualim, who tasked him with retrieving an Ancient artifact called the Chalice and, after he had prepared, Altaïr left for the city of Damascus to slay Tamir.[5]

Research in Damascus 編集

Tamir: "My beautiful carpets! The Venetian Silverware! All gone!"
Altaïr: "Surely, you can buy them back...."
Tamir: "What....Who's there!?"
—Tamir and Altaïr's initial meeting

Beginning in Damascus, Altaïr located the Rafiq who seemed to be selling clothes among other things, Altaïr accidentally blurted out the Assassin's password with inappropriate timing. Once in a secluded area, the Rafiq started to question Altaïr's skills and explained how he acted stupidly. The Rafiq then tasked Altaïr to take the life of an enemy and once done, he would then give Altaïr the information he sought. Altaïr did as asked and took the man's life with his Hidden Blade.[5]


Misbah hanging for his life.

Altaïr then explained to the Rafiq of his situation with the Chalice and was given the information he needed. Although the Rafiq did not explain how exactly to get in, Altaïr was told to look for a man who had close connections with Tamir by the name of Misbah. Once Altaïr had left and located Misbah, he interrogated the man, but the nearby city guard caught wind of the altercation. As Misbah fled the scene, Altaïr took down the guards. Altaïr soon found Misbah who was desp作品|tely hanging on a rope after a beam had broke. Altaïr requested information in return for safety. Reluctantly, Misbah accepted although he tried to deny it. After he had told the Assassin what Altaïr needed to know, he requested help, but Altaïr left him for dead.[5]


Tamir's death.

Altaïr then made his way to Tamir's house and conveniently found some torches and lit the Merchant's house into flames, luring him out. Grieving over the loss of his belongings, he told Altaïr of an Ancient Temple in which he would find the Chalice. Tamir also told the Assassin of a dancer named Faj作品 who held a key. With the information acquired, Altaïr ended Tamir's life.[5]

Acquiring the first key 編集

After he left the Bureau, Altaïr went to the Circus to get one of three keys Tamir had mentioned. Altaïr confronted Faj作品| and asked her if she had the key with her. She refused to coop作品|te and called one of her circus friends, a brute who went by the name of Badr. Altaïr fought off Badr but, before he could defeat him, the Dancer left the tent. The tent started to cave in and collapse, but Altaïr escaped in time, leaving the brute. Altaïr chased her across the city, dodging civilians and guards alike. Altaïr then lost the tail as a bridge collapsed, leaving Altaïr behind.[5]


Altaïr killing Alaat.

Altaïr made it to Faj作品|, who was by a well. She was impressed by Altaïr's actions and gladly gave him the key. Altaïr was confused by her actions, so Faj作品| explained that she had actually been testing Altaïr. She continued that, through her cards, she had foreseen his coming and thought that she had best prepare herself in aiding the Assassin. She then requested Altaïr to dispose of a man named Alaat, who was within a bath-house not too far from where they were. Going through old sewer tunnels, Altaïr made his way into the bathhouse and, although Alaat let out a cry for help, he was too late to save himself as Altaïr plunged his blade into the man and escaped. As a thanks, Faj作品| told Altaïr of another key holder in Tyre.[5]

Infiltrating the hospital 編集

―Find the one who is in charge of the hospital: Roland Napule[src]

Roland meets his end

Arriving in Tyre and recollecting on past events, Altaïr met up with Hamid who informed him of a man named Roland Napule. He explained to Altaïr how Roland was holding the actual holder of the second key in his Hospital. With this information, Altaïr went through old passageways inside a sewer, which were heavily patrolled by Templar guards. Altaïr soon found Roland interrogating the key holder. The Templar soon felt the sting of Altaïr's blade, but the keyholder was convinced that Altaïr was a Templar and asked for proof that suggested otherwise. Altaïr had none until the man asked for his left hand. With this, he knew that Altaïr was one of the Assassins. After giving him the key, the men bid his farewell and told Altaïr the location of the next key: in Jerusalem with Lord Basilisk himself.[5]

Confrontation in Jerusalem 編集

Altaïr: "Tell me where the king is having his party this evening."
Ayman: "I don't have to tell you anything, begone!"
Altaïr: "I'm not a Djinn for you to order around."
—Altaïr and Ayman's exchange of words at the gardens of Jerusalem

After arriving in Jerusalem, Altaïr met up with Rafiq Kadar, asking him where he could find Lord Basilisk. Kadar remarked that the man's fierceness and f作品|l bravado in battle had earned him the trust of the King, meaning Basilisk was frequently idling in the King's audience. As the Assassin pondered over a way to get closer to his target, Kadar informed him of an upcoming party hosted by the King himself, which meant that he would be sending invitations to some of the citizens. Altaïr eavesdropped on some citizens to learn of the party's whereabouts.[5]

Kadar told Altaïr of some city gardens in the city and from there Altaïr learned of a man known as Ayman who appeared to be walking on the other side of the garden. Confronting Ayman, Altaïr learned what he could despite the man's resistance: the location of the party. Altaïr then left for the location and traveled through a secret passage inside. Once inside, the Assassin confronted Basilisk. Altaïr managed to take the key from Basilisk and flee.[5]

Through the tower 編集

―Join the Templars? To dress myself in a strange garb?[src]

The Master talking with Altaïr

Altaïr arrived at a tower and navigated his way to the tower and its master, an Assassin-like figure who was actually a high-ranking Templar. Altaïr fought his way up the tower, killing the master's guards and his student. Finally, he reached the master himself. At the top of the tower, Altaïr confronted the master, who tried to get him to join the Templars in their quests. Altaïr, however, refused the offer, killed the master, and took the map to the Temple of the Sand.[5]

Temple of Sand 編集

―Looking for something, assassin? This game of ours is amusing, but it's getting old rather quickly...[src]

Altaïr arrived at the Temple of Sand. At the upper areas, Altaïr continued to search the temple, dispatching the guards that were patrolling the area as he did so. Through the crumbling structure and the falling debris, Altaïr finally managed to make his way to the Chalice's antechamber. There, he saw the shrine of the Chalice, wrought in gold and placed upon a stone pillar with four bridges stretching in four different directions. Altaïr carefully made his way to the center, cautious of the fire below the bridge. Altaïr discovered Basilisk inside and was then told of the Chalice's true nature: that she was no artifact and was instead a woman. The Temple then collapsed and Altaïr found himself in rubble.[5]


Adha about Basilisk.

As he climbed to his feet, Altaïr was dumbfounded when he saw a powerful sandstorm ravaging the rubble behind him, slowly making its way towards him. The Assassin fled the scene and avoided the obstacles formed by the fallen rubble of the temple. After a long sprint and some trouble with fleeing guards, Altaïr managed to escape the area. As he recalled what Basilisk had said at the Temple, he remembered Basilisk mentioning that he had some business at the city of Tyre. Wasting no time, Altaïr quickly left the area and made his way back to the city.[5]

Hunt in Tyre 編集

Upon arriving in Tyre once more, Altaïr was once again greeted by Hamid, who asked if he knew of Basilisk's location. The Assassin told him he was inside one of Tyre's forts, hidden within its solid walls. As he told him Basilisk's location, Hamid pointed the other Assassin to an alternate route, which required Altaïr to navigate through beams and crates above the deadly waters.[5]

Altaïr was forced to take the alternate route, but before doing so, Hamid explained to him of the existence of two members of the Brotherhood imprisoned within the fort. Keeping this in mind, Altaïr made his way across the beams and platforms, all the while evading the water. After a long path and brief battles between guards and patrols - proving Altaïr to be better in skill - Altaïr was able to traverse further into the fort.[5]

As he did, Altaïr discovered the missing agents of Hamid: one was trapped with him, and another was trapped at the other side of the fort. After freeing the first agent, Altaïr navigated through multiple obstacles in order to reach the other agent. After the two were set free, Altaïr was able to progress further into the fortress with the agents' help.

Inside the fortress Altaïr dueled with Basilisk. He was about to kill the Templar when he was made a proposal. Basilisk told him that the Chalice was in Jerusalem and that the Templars planned to poison the water supply of Acre, to end the costly siege. In exchange, he demanded that Altaïr spare him. Altaïr did spare him but burnt his ships to ensure that he wouldn't leave Tyre any time soon.[5]

Siege of Acre 編集

Altaïr hurried to Acre to stop the Templar plan. He fought his way through the burning city, dodging catapults and falling debris. He went to the walls and destroyed Templar siege equipment. He climbed down a ladder, to try and reach the Templar camp. He took the disguise of a soldier and sneaked into the camp. He reached a point where only higher ranked soldiers could enter, but the Assassin was able to maintain his disguise.

At the next checkpoint only scholars could enter. He took the disguise of a scholar and continued onward, breaking siege equipment along the way. He found the Templar commander giving orders to other soldiers. The commander beckoned Altaïr to bless him and the op作品|tion. When Altaïr tried to finish him off, the commander saw through the disguise and dueled him. Altaïr defeated him and escaped the camp by launching himself from a catapult.[5]

Rescuing the Chalice 編集

Altaïr went to Jerusalem and found Templars escorting the Chalice through the streets. He recognized the Chalice as Adha and tailed them through the streets. He confronted her escorts and killed them by opening a sewer next to them. Adha and Altaïr navigated the sewers together. At the ending of their journey, Adha told Altaïr about the betrayal of Harash, Al Mualim's second-in-command. She told him to kill Harash and gave him a special sword.[5]

Dealing with Harash 編集

Altaïr was taken aback but nonetheless went back to Alep. He infiltrated the city and stealthily moved towards Harash. The guards, however, occasionally noticed him, forcing the Assassin to kill or incapacitate many. At one point the guards barricaded him inside a building and told him to come out. He fought his way through and disguised himself as a guard and sneaked by the other guards. He found Harash consorting with a Templar captain. Angered at his betrayal, he killed Harash in a long duel.[5]

Confrontation with Basilisk 編集

―Assassin, this battle will be our last![src]

When Altaïr returned to Jerusalem, he was stopped by Templars who questioned whether he could fight through the Templar army that came between him and Basilisk. Despite their numbers, the Templar forces were taken down by Altaïr. Altaïr then traversed deeper into the fortress, fighting through the guards that lay in wait and charged through the obstacles. He saw Adha being dragged down Tyre's ports. She screamed for Altaïr and he ran to help her.[5]


Altaïr dueling with Basilisk.

He was confronted by Basilisk who challenged him to a battle. Altaïr accepted and fought long and hard. Eventually he overpowered Basilisk and killed him. Little known by Altaïr at the time, the ship which Adha was on was leaving the docks. Altaïr tried to rescue her but didn't make it in time. Basilisk's ship was set on fire, and Altaïr quickly fled the scene. The ship left the docks and Altaïr watched it leave from the harbor.[5]

It would be years before Altaïr found Adha again but it was too late to save her. All he could do was avenge her death. In a furious and emotional rage, Altaïr hunted down and killed everyone responsible for Adha's death, though the act brought him no joy, as the deed could neither console him nor bring her back.[3]

Third Crusade 編集

Confrontation in Solomon's Temple 編集

AC1 Solomon's Temple Altair attacks Robert

Robert thwarts Altaïr's attempt on his life.

By the following year, the Holy Land was in the midst of war.[1]

In early 1191, Altaïr and the brothers Malik and Kadar Al-Sayf were tasked with retrieving an artifact from the Templars in Solomon's Temple. After progressing through the catacombs, Altaïr broke two tenets of the Assassin's Creed, but arrogantly dismissed the warning against his actions, confident in his mastery as an Assassin.[1]

Finally, upon seeing the archenemy of his Order - Robert de Sable - Altaïr broke another tenet; risking the safety of the Brotherhood. Having attempted to slay the Grand Master of the Knights Templar after making his presence known, Altaïr was easily thwarted, spared on purpose by Robert and thrown from the temple, leaving Malik and Kadar alone with the Templars. Altaïr escaped from the temple and Jerusalem to report his failure to the Order.[1]

Siege of Masyaf 編集

Upon returning to Masyaf, Altaïr was kindly greeted by Rauf who told him Al Mualim waited to hear how the mission went. At the fortress gates, Abbas and Altaïr exchanged sev作品|l insults and threats before Altaïr informed Al Mualim of his failure to acquire the Templar treasure and was lambasted for it. Soon after, Malik returned with the artifact, alive but alone, and with a heavily injured left arm, shouting at Altaïr, blaming him for Kadar's death. Before any further action could be taken, the Templars attacked Masyaf.[1]

While the Templars were attacking the village, slaughtering its inhabitants, and besieging the castle, Altaïr and sev作品|l groups of Assassins ran to defend it. Altaïr killed many attacking Templars, and thought of staying and fighting until he was defeated, thereby redeeming himself for his actions at Solomon's Temple. However, thinking it would be a waste, he retreated to the fortress along with the other Assassins because they were being overwhelmed by the Templars. Along with Rauf and another Assassin, Altaïr led the defense of the fortress. Performing a Leap of Faith and sneaking behind the Templar army, Altaïr unleashed a torrent of felled tree logs, crushing the Templar army and driving them away from Masyaf.[1]

AC 1

Altaïr being questioned by Al Mualim.

Once the attack was over, the matters of his actions in Solomon's Temple were addressed once again. Altaïr, having broken all three tenets of the Creed, failing to acquire the Templar treasure, causing the death of a brother and the incapacitation of another, as well as being responsible for all who had died in the Templar attack, was deemed a traitor to the Creed. Al Mualim declared this judgement before the entire Order, before stabbing Altaïr in the stomach with a dagger .[1]

Altaïr awoke from his "sleep of the dead" and questioned Al Mualim of his survival, with the Mentor answering that Altaïr had only seen what he had wanted him to see. He then stripped Altaïr of his rank and possessions as alternate punishment, though also offered him a chance for redemption.[1]

Starting as a novice once again, Altaïr was tasked with hunting down the traitor within Masyaf who had allowed the Templars entrance. Successful, Altaïr returned to Al Mualim and was rewarded with the return of his Hidden Blade and sword. Once again officially a member of the Order, Altaïr was offered a trade; the lives of nine men in exchange for his own.[1]

Hunt for the nine 編集

Al Mualim: "I hold here a list. Nine names adorn it, nine men who need to die. They are plague-bringers, war-makers... Their power and influence corrupts the land, ensuring that the Crusades continue. Find them, kill them... In doing so, you will sow the seeds of peace, both for the region and for yourself. In this way, you might be redeemed."
Altaïr: "Nine lives in exchange for mine..."
Al Mualim: "A most generous offer, I think. Have you any questions?"
Altaïr: "Only where I need begin."
—Al Mualim and Altaïr, regarding Altaïr's assignment.[src]

―I am but a piece, a man with a part to play. You'll come to know the others soon enough...[src]

Altaïr started his quest, leaving Masyaf and riding to Damascus in pursuit of Tamir, his first target. Arriving there, he traveled to the local Assassins' Bureau and requested permission for the assassination. The Rafiq denied him, ordering Altaïr to first gather information about his target.[1]

AC Tamir 1

Altaïr assassinates Tamir.

Going through the city's poor district, Altaïr interrogated informants, pick-pocketed letters and maps, and eavesdropped on conversations around him, ultimately acquiring the location of his target. Returning to the Bureau with this information, he received a pass for the kill and a white feather to be dipped in the victim's blood, as proof of the deed.[1]

In a plaza of the market district, Altaïr witnessed Tamir slaying a business partner, and killed him as he examined the nearby stalls. Returning to the Bureau, Altaïr was told to return to Al Mualim, who rewarded him for this first step on the road to redemption, and granted him a piece of his equipment back. Altaïr then left for the other cities, Acre and Jerusalem, to pursue his next targets.[1]

Altaïr: "You truly believed you were helping them?"
Garnier: "It's not what I believe... It's what I know."
―Altaïr and Garnier.[src]
AC 14

Altaïr witnessing Garnier interrogating a prisoner.

Proceeding on to Acre, Altaïr met with the Bureau leader to gather the information about his target - Garnier de Naplouse, Grand Master of the Knights Hospitalier. Learning that Garnier was located in the Hospitalier hospital in the city's Poor District and was trafficking men from other cities to Acre for him to experiment on, Altaïr infiltrated the hospital.[1]

There, Altaïr found one of Garnier's prisoners running away from his captors. After the fleeing man was caught, Garnier ordered his guards to break the prisoner's legs to prevent him from making another escape, and had him brought back to his quarters. Garnier then returned to his usual routine of checking his patients, and was eventually struck down by Altaïr.[1]

With his dying breath, Garnier revealed that he had used the Apple of Eden to conduct his experiments, but after its loss, his progress had slowed. He was also convinced that he was helping the people he experimented on, causing Altaïr to question his own opinion on Garnier's experiments.[1]

Altaïr: "You profit from the war, from lives lost and broken."
Talal: "Yes, you would think that, ignorant as you are. Wall off your mind: they say it's what your kind do best. Do you see the irony in all this? No, not yet, it seems, but you will..."
―Altaïr and Talal.[src]
AC1 Warehouse ambush

Talal mocks Altaïr.

Arriving at Jerusalem's Bureau, Altaïr was harshly received by Malik, that Bureau's new leader. Reluctantly, Malik sent him on his investigations, and received him once again when he returned. After obtaining the permission and the feather, Altaïr entered the slave complex of his target Talal, but was ambushed by his followers.[1]

Dispatching them, Altaïr chased Talal across the rooftops and through the streets, finally catching up to him and putting a hidden blade in his neck. Altaïr returned to the Bureau and reported to Al Mualim once again. Gaining another piece of his equipment back, Altaïr once again had to return to all three cities to take out new targets.[1]

―You take the lives of men and women, strong in the conviction that their deaths will improve the lots of those left behind. A minor evil for a greater good? We are the same.[src]

Altaïr returned to Damascus to eliminate Abu'l Nuqoud, known as "the Merchant King." After investigating and receiving the feather from the Rafiq, he proceeded to the merchant's palace where a party was being held.[1]


Altaïr observing Abu'l Nuqoud at the party.

Infiltrating the palace, Altaïr arrived shortly before Abu'l Nuqoud began his speech, lambasting his guests for their intol作品|nce and ignorance, before revealing he had poisoned the wine that was being served. As a number of the revelers fell to the poison, Abu'l Nuqoud ordered his archers to eliminate the rest.[1]

Through the panic of the crowd, the Assassin scaled the palace walls, killing sev作品|l archers in the process, and managed to climb onto the roof above his target. Jumping down and killing the Merchant King's bodyguard, Altaïr chased down and assassinated his target, once again setting the city on full alert, before losing his pursuers. Returning to the Bureau, he reported his success, before returning once again to Masyaf.[1]

―We'll see how sweet they are... the fruits of your labors. You do not free the cities as you believe, but damn them. And in the end, you'll have only yourself to blame; you who speak of good intentions...[src]
AC William v 1

Altaïr overlooking William's and Richard's argument.

In Acre, Altaïr was tasked with the death of William of Montferrat, regent of the city and a lieutenant of Richard the Lionheart. Meeting once again with the Bureau leader, Altaïr gathered information on his target in the city's rich district, and learned that he was to meet with King Richard later that day.[1]

Approaching as William and Richard quarreled outside the city fort's walls, he waited for the King to leave, before infiltrating the castle via the fortress walls. Waiting until William had finished b作品|ting his men for their perceived failures and had dismissed his guards, Altaïr struck from above, killing the Marquese of Montferrat. As usual, Al Mualim was informed, and Altaïr left the city for his next target in Jerusalem.[1]

―Do you know what it feels like to determine another man's fate? And did you see the way the people cheered? The way they feared me? I was like a god! You'd have done the same if you could! Such power...[src]
AC Majd Addin 2

Altaïr viewing the execution.

Within Jerusalem, Altaïr found his sixth target, Majd Addin; the illegitimate ruler of the city, who personally acted as judge, jury and executioner. During one of his public executions, Altaïr made his way through the crowd and onto the stage where Addin stood, killing him and saving an imprisoned Assassin who was mere moments from death. Fleeing from the guards, Altaïr returned to Masyaf.[1]

Rewarded with another rank and equipment, Altaïr demanded Al Mualim of the truth behind connections between his targets. Al Mualim revealed to him that all nine of his targets were members of the Knights Templar, and that the treasure Malik had lib作品|ted from Robert de Sable held the power to control the minds of others. Content with this new information, Altaïr left for Acre and Damascus once again.[1]

Altaïr: "Freedom!? You worked to overthrow cities, control men's minds, murdered any who spoke against you!"
Sibrand: "I followed my orders, believing in my cause, same as you."
―Altaïr and Sibrand.[src]
AC Sibrand 1

Altaïr watches Sibrand torment a scholar.

Altaïr's seventh target was present in Acre. The target, named Sibrand, was the Grand Master of the Knights Teutonic and paranoid with fear of the Assassin that had hunted down his Templar brethren. Reporting to the Bureau and investigating, Altaïr traveled to the city's ports, where he witnessed Sibrand falsely accusing a passing scholar of being the Assassin before cutting him down. Afterwards, he retired to his ship.[1]

Altaïr navigated through the ports and docked boats, arriving on Sibrand's ship and striking him down. Once again, the alert was sounded, though Altaïr managed to escape once more. After giving the Rafiq the feather marked with Sibrand's blood, Altaïr left for Masyaf as always.[1]

―Am I not unlike those precious books you seek to save? A source of knowledge with which you disagree? Yet you are rather quick to steal my life.[src]
AC Jubair 3

Altaïr observing Jubair's book burning.

In Damascus, Jubair al Hakim, Saladin's head scholar, had begun burning every book in the city in an attempt to wipe the history of the land. Traveling to the Bureau, Altaïr gathered the information, received his feather, and moved in for the kill.[1]

Jubair stood flanked by many followers, all dressed in identical clothing; fortunately for Altaïr, however, his previous investigations had shown him where Jubair would be, and what he looked like. Before long, the scholar joined his Templar brothers in death, and Altaïr escaped the city guard to report his success to the Rafiq.[1]

―You have laid waste to our plans: first, the treasure, then our men. Control of the Holy Land slipped away, but then he saw an opportunity, to reclaim what has been stolen, to turn your victories to our advantage![src]

Returning to Masyaf, Altaïr had only one target remaining; the Grand Master of the Knights Templar himself. Altaïr discussed this with Al Mualim, where he explained that the Piece of Eden was essentially temptation given form. Al Mualim explained that Robert did seek peace like the Assassins, though through means of force by using the Apple. Altaïr concluded that Robert's death was the only way to end the Templar's quest for control.

Robert had apparently arrived in Jerusalem to attend the fun作品|l of Majd Addin, in a show of mutual coop作品|tion between and friendship between Saracen and Crusaders. Gathering intelligence for the strike, Altaïr presented this to Malik, who now realized Altaïr was a changed man and changed his attitude towards him. Arriving at the cemetery Altaïr, hid among the crowd, he was instead singled out and ambushed by the Templars, who had anticipated his arrival. Engaging the Templars and Saracen guard in battle, he fought them off one by one.[1]

ファイル:AC1 Fun作品
During this fray, Altaïr defeated Robert and removed the helm, however, to his horror, he discovered the person to be a decoy. At first believing it to be sorcery, the shock of seeing the woman standing before him soon wore off. He soon learned from her that Robert had used the time she had given him to travel to Arsuf, in the hopes of uniting the Saracens and Crusaders against the Assassins.[1]

Sparing her life as she was not his target, Altaïr returned to the Bureau and revealed the deception to Malik, who had recently come to believe that Altaïr had truly repented for his past crimes. Malik suggested to Altaïr that it was best he return to Masyaf, and enlighten Al Mualim to the development, but Altaïr refused, citing time to be lacking.[1]

He accused Malik of hiding behind the Creed, and refusing to see what he did not wish to see. Suggesting Malik search for answers in Solomon's Temple, Altaïr made his departure from the city and rode directly to Arsuf.[1]

Battle of Arsuf 編集

―You know nothing of schemes. You are but a puppet. He betrayed you, boy, just as he betrayed me.[src]
AC1 Altair Richard

Altaïr speaking with King Richard.

Arriving at Arsuf, Altaïr discovered that the engagement between the Crusader and Saracen forces had commenced. Fighting his way through the battlefield, engaging Saracen and Christian troops alike, Altaïr arrived at Richard's camp, only to be mistaken for making an attempt on the King's life.[1]

Denying this, Altaïr informed the Crusader leader of Robert's treachery, as well as that of his followers. Though de Sable persistently denied the accusations, Richard was unconvinced.[1]

Leaving the decision to God, Richard ordered a trial by combat to determine the truth. Altaïr fought de Sable and his Templar elites, cutting them down and striking the Grand Master in the throat.[1]

With his dying breaths, Robert revealed to Altaïr that Al Mualim was, in fact, a Templar, and that Altaïr had been an unwitting pawn in his quest to hoard the Apple, and eliminate the others who knew of its existence. After this, Richard congratulated the Assassin on his success. As the two discussed their views on peace, Richard allowed Altaïr to leave Arsuf. Altaïr hurried to Masyaf to discover the truth about his master.[1]

Retaking of Masyaf 編集

Al Mualim: "So... the student returns."
Altaïr: "I've never been one to run."
Al Mualim: "Never been one to listen either."
—Al Mualim and Altaïr at the Masyaf fortress[src]

Arriving at Masyaf, Altaïr found the villagers in a hypnotized trance, who acknowledged Al Mualim as the one who had "led [them] to the light". Progressing up the hill towards Masyaf, Altaïr encountered a group of hypnotized Assassins who, bent as they were to Al Mualim's will, attacked him.[1] Left with no other option, Altaïr engaged in battle with them, and managed to slay them all. However, another wave of Assassins entered the fray, heavily outnumbering and threatening to overwhelm him.[1]

To his luck, Malik and sev作品|l Assassins aided him by throwing knives at the Assassins, killing some and causing the rest to flee. Meeting with Malik, Altaïr requested him to distract the hypnotized Assassins outside of the fortress so that he could reach Al Mualim without much trouble. Agreeing to his request, Malik and his men left Altaïr to infiltrate the fortress.[1]


Altaïr confronting Al Mualim's duplications.

Searching for his former Master in the fortress garden that Al Mualim referred to as "Paradise," Altaïr only found himself caught and bound by the Apple's power. Seeing Al Mualim on a balcony overhead, he demanded an explanation from him.[1] Al Mualim then revealed that he had used the Apple recovered at Solomon's Temple to both end the Crusades by eliminating the leaders, and to control the minds of the people to attain their obedience; ensuring utter and absolute peace.[1]

Ending his explanation, Al Mualim used the power of the Apple to create an illusion of the nine Templars Altaïr had killed, who attacked the confused Assassin. Defeating them one by one, Altaïr was once again bound by the Apple's power.[1] By this point, Al Mualim confronted Altaïr personally, and created multiple copies of himself to aid in his fight. Faced with this second illusion, Altaïr took the defensive, striking them as they attacked one by one.[1]

As Altaïr finally singled his Master out, Al Mualim bound him once again. There, he explained to Altaïr that though he sought peace like Robert, he wanted the Apple to himself, thus the Templar needed to die. Altaïr questioned why Al Mualim had not that used the Apple on him, and Al Mualim explained that he had tried and failed due to Altaïr's mental strength.[1]


Altaïr and Malik amazed by the Apple.

At this, Altaïr and Al Mualim dueled for a final time. Despite a lengthy battle, Altaïr managed to finally defeat his Master and down him with his hidden blade. Altaïr then listened as his Master spoke his final words, challenging Altaïr's strength of character and ability to destroy the Apple. As Al Mualim died, the Assassin watched as the Apple rolled from his lifeless hand, before activating itself.[1]

Altaïr was eventually joined by Malik and his men and stood before the vast holographic image that projected from the orb: a map of the world indicating the location of various other Pieces of Eden.[1]

Becoming Mentor 編集

The rebellion 編集

―Have you anything to teach us, or would you lead us all to ruin?[src]
Mentor's wake 5

Altaïr and Abbas argue next to Al Mualim's burning body.

Almost immediately after killing his former mentor, Altaïr carried Al Mualim's body through the fortress and a shocked crowd. Subsequently, Altaïr held a small fun作品|l for his former mentor. Altaïr was suspicious the Apple may have some way of ensuring Al Mualim's return from the dead, so he decided to burn the body. Abbas arrived outraged at Altaïr's actions. Sev作品|l Assassins and Masyaf villagers were also enraged with this even though Altaïr attempted to explain. However, the Order was divided into two groups: those who were loyal to Altaïr and those who believed that Altaïr staged a coup to gain the position of Mentor.[4]

Sev作品|l of the Assassins attacked Altaïr still believing him a traitor and outraged for burning Al Mualim's remains. As Altaïr was distracted, Abbas was somehow able to take the Apple and flee. As Abbas climbed to the watchtower and used the Apple, it proved too much for him and began draining the life from him and sev作品|l other Assassins.[4]

Mentor's wake 14

Altaïr having taken the Apple from Abbas.

Altaïr was eventually able to confront Abbas, defeat him and reclaim the Apple. As Abbas lay defeated muttering for forgiveness. Altaïr stared at the Apple, asking the ancient artifact if it would teach people knowledge or lead them to destruction. Altaïr stayed true to the Creed: ensuring that none of the rebelling Brothers were killed or harmed. After managing to subdue them, he persuaded the rebels of Al Mualim's guilt and his own suitability to lead the Order. Successful in his attempts, Altaïr won the hearts of the Assassins for him.[4]

Accepted as Mentor 編集

―Our duty is to the people, not to custom. [...] We shall be made anew...[src]
This earned the loyalty, respect and faith of the whole Order in the process. Desiring to tell the tale that his life had been, Altaïr began writing his Codex, which acted as a personal journal detailing segments of his life. Altaïr started to drastically change the methods and rituals that the Order had followed for gen作品|tions. The Templars started to make their movements less public, and Altaïr consequently did the same with his Order; abandoning all of the Assassin fortresses in the process.[3][6]

As the Assassins' main motive was to protect the people, Altaïr found the removal of the ring finger "a false promise of paradise" and the prohibition of using poison to be useless. He redesigned the hidden blade so that it would not need the removal of the ring finger, created a way to use poison via the hidden blade and, together with his right-hand man, Malik, discovered new methods of assassination.[3]

Lib作品|ting Cyprus 編集

Attack on Acre's harbor 編集

One month after Al Mualim's death, the Crusade continued to wage, and the Templars had not yet been defeated. Attempting to flee to Cyprus under the leadership of Armand Bouchart, the Templars had secured Acre's harbor for their escape.[6]

Altair Maria Acre

Altaïr defeating Maria.

Leading the attack on the harbor castle, Altaïr was confronted by the same woman who had posed as Robert de Sable at Majd Addin's fun作品|l. The woman, blaming Altaïr for ruining her life by killing de Sable, furiously engaged the Assassin in a sword duel, though she was defeated by Altaïr's greater skill and calm state of mind.[6]

Revealing her name to be Maria, and slowly realizing that she had been betrayed by Bouchart, the Templar was taken hostage by Altaïr, and was forced to travel along with him to Cyprus.[6]

Altaïr temporarily left the control of the Order, saying that he "built this Brotherhood to last", and left for the island of Cyprus; the island just recently bought by the Templars from King Richard. Arriving in the city of Limassol, Altaïr established contact with Alexander; the leader of the resistance against the Templars in Limassol. He became Altaïr's primary ally in Cyprus, and also took Maria under his protection.[6]

Retaking Limassol Castle 編集


Altaïr conversing with Osman.

Altaïr met with Alexander at the local Resistance safehouse, and Alexander revealed that the Templars were holed up in Limassol Castle; though they were already starting to overrun more areas in Cyprus. Alexander advised Altaïr to kill the Captain of the castle guard, who would most likely be replaced by one of Alexander's spies afterwards.[6]

Successfully completing this task, Altaïr was told to meet Osman, a man spying upon the Templars, and to tell him that "Alexander wishes his grandmother a joyous birthday." Upon receiving the password, Osman told Altaïr that he had heard of the Templars being interested in some sort of archive located in Cyprus, and that the ranking Templar in Limassol was Frederick "the Red". Osman reduced the castle guard for a short time, allowing Altaïr to sneak into the castle and slay Frederick.[6]

Afterwards, upon returning to the Resistance safehouse, Altaïr found it surrounded by Templars and set aflame. He killed the Templars outside but found no sign of any person left inside. He thus left for the Limassol cathedral, where he witnessed Armand Bouchart giving a speech to the people of Limassol about Frederick's death.[6]

Furious, Armand threatened the Cypriots but was advised not to do so by Osman. Armand paused for thought and, upon realizing that Osman was a traitor, killed him. Shortly after this, Maria came running up to Armand and informed him of Altaïr's presence, though he refused to trust Maria, blaming her for de Sable's death and ordering his guards to lock her up.[6]


Altaïr and Maria on the boat to Kyrenia.

Altaïr managed to save Maria, and successfully escorted her back to Alexander near Limassol's port. There, Altaïr was informed that Bouchart had fled to Kyrenia, and Alexander told him to ask a sailor named Pasha, who owed Alexander a debt, to bring him and Maria to Kyrenia as well.[6]

Before leaving, Altaïr infiltrated the remaining Templar ship docked in the port to look into its shipping manifest. Upon departing for Kyrenia, Altaïr aimed to get in contact with Alexander's associate, Barnabas.[6]

Arrival in Kyrenia 編集

As the boat arrived in Cyprus and Altaïr and Maria made to leave, their identities were discovered by pirates, who sought to turn them in to the authorities. Quickly climbing up, Maria kicked Altaïr off the ladder they were using to escape, and fled.[6]

Altaïr eventually managed to evade the pirates and went after Maria, eventually discovering her caught by Resistance soldiers. Maria was then returned to Altaïr's hands, and Altaïr made his first contact with the resistance; a man named Markos, who offered to keep an eye on Maria.[6]


Altaïr meeting Barnabas.

Altaïr went on further into the city and eventually found the Resistance's safehouse, meeting the man stationed there, who called himself Barnabas. Explaining that he was after Armand Bouchart's head, Barnabas explained that he would most likely have gone to Buffavento Castle, a Templar stronghold.[6]

Barnabas said that he could help him enter it with no trouble from the Templar guards in exchange for killing a man who had supposedly betrayed the Resistance. Agreeing to the task, Altaïr left to search for the traitor named Jonas.[6]

Altaïr investigated the city and eventually found Jonas talking with another person. Having dispatched the nearby guards, Altaïr confronted Jonas, though the latter fled before Altaïr could make any action. Altaïr intercepted him in a secluded area, and Jonas tried to explain that a man known as "The Bull" was after him, but his reasoning was in vain.[6]

Having killed his target, Altaïr left for the harbor to secure Maria. Altaïr found Maria and Markos surrounded by guards but managed to save them in time. After Altaïr mentioned "The Bull", Maria revealed that she had met him once, and he was in fact named Moloch.[6]

Altaïr, afraid of Maria being captured, told Markos to meet them at the Resistance safehouse. Altaïr went ahead of them, and met Barnabas again, who explained that Jonas' death had caused riots in the city. After having explained that there were Resistance members coming to the safehouse, Altaïr left to suppress the riots, which had been instigated by Moloch.[6]

Infiltration of Kantara Castle 編集

By taking down Moloch's fanatics throughout Kyrenia, Altaïr managed to calm the riots and prevented a disaster from occurring. When Altaïr returned to the safehouse, Markos questioned him about the riots, and Altaïr confirmed the death of Jonas as having been the cause.[6]

Altaïr focused on his new goal; locating and assassinating Moloch. Maria revealed that he resided in Kantara Castle, and Altaïr subsequently made his departure from the safehouse towards the castle. As he proceeded to scale its walls while evading the guards' attention, Altaïr found a chapel and entered via the rooftops.[6]


Altaïr battling Moloch.

With Moloch at the altar, Altaïr stealthily approached from behind and lunged at the giant man to perform the assassination. However, Moloch, having detected Altaïr's presence, turned to grab Altaïr by the throat, right before the Assassin's blade could reach him, and threw him away to the floor.[6]

Acting quickly, Moloch grabbed his flail and the two men engaged in battle. Using Moloch's large size to his advantage, Altaïr grabbed Moloch's own flail, and strangled him with it. As he met his inevitable end, Moloch spoke a warning to Altaïr that his will would expand far beyond the ideals of both the Templars and the Assassins.[6]


Altaïr doing a backwards Leap of Faith.

Upon being discovered, Altaïr was immediately attacked by Templar guards and Moloch's followers. Traveling through the immensely fortified castle once again, Altaïr eventually managed to make his way to the top of the castle. However, he found himself cornered there by sev作品|l of Moloch's fanatics and guards.[6]

Turning around to face the guards advancing upon him, Altaïr managed to counter their attack, throwing two of Moloch's fanatics over the edge of the castle in the process. Subsequently, Altaïr did a backwards Leap of Faith into a hay bale, and returned to the safehouse.[6]

Aiding the Resistance 編集

At the safehouse, Markos informed him that the Templars had attacked the safehouse during the Assassin's absence, and while Markos was hiding, they had taken Maria and a few Resistance members captive. Markos feared that one of the Templars' prisoners, the Dark Oracle, was responsible for revealing the safehouse location. However, Altaïr reasoned that it could have been Barnabas who had betrayed them to the Templars instead. Shocked, Markos informed Altaïr that Barnabas had been executed on the day before Altaïr's arrival in Kyrenia.[6]

The Resistance members' executions were about to take place, and Markos requested Altaïr save them. Altaïr obliged and proceeded to scout the city. Upon finding sev作品|l Resistance members, Altaïr dispatched the executioner and the surrounding Templar guards and set the members free.[6]

Altaïr quickly returned to the safehouse and reported his mission a success, to which Markos replied that the remaining prisoners would be located in either the harbor or Buffavento Castle.[6]


Altaïr unlocking the prison.

First going to the harbor, Altaïr spotted a prison guard and tailed the man to a secluded area, where he swiftly defeated him. Then, impersonating a drunk, he tricked another guard into revealing the location of the imprisoned Resistance members in the harbor as well as the location of the key to their prison.[6]

Having served his purpose, the prison guard was given a quick death. Altaïr then infiltrated the Crusader Outpost and retrieved the keys, before proceeding to free the remaining Resistance members. Questioning them if a woman had accompanied them, one affirmed this, and revealed that Moloch's son Shalim had taken her with him. Fending off the attacking Templars at the harbor, Altaïr returned to the safehouse.[6]

Infiltration of Buffavento Castle 編集

Altaïr informed Markos of the freed Resistance members. Additionally, Altaïr warned Markos of another possible Templar attack. While Markos believed the Oracle was responsible for revealing the safehouse's location, Altaïr believed it was the man posing as Barnabas.[6]

Believing that the real Barnabas had revealed too much about the Resistance under torture, Altaïr prepared to infiltrate Buffavento Castle in order to confront the Dark Oracle. Infiltrating the castle under the cover of dusk, Altaïr made his way through the fortress' dungeons, stealthily killing any Templars he encountered. Subsequently, Altaïr witnessed a conversation between Shalim and Armand Bouchart.[6]

Oracle Assassination

Altaïr confronting the Oracle.

Armand lectured Shalim about his weakness for women, which had led to Maria's escape. Promising to find her, Shalim was presented with a package by Armand, which he ordered to be delivered to Alexander in Limassol. Altaïr, hearing this, was shocked and immediately came under the impression that Alexander was a Templar spy.[6]

Making his way further into the castle, Altaïr dispatched the warden and his guards to gain a key to a barred door and eventually arrived at the prison cells. There, Armand exited the Oracle's cells, warning his men of her hostility. After Bouchart left, Altaïr entered the Oracle's prison.[6]

With shrill screams, the Oracle appeared and aggressively attacked the Assassin. Despite the Oracle being aided by sev作品|l prisoners who had lost their sanity, Altaïr eventually defeated her. Altaïr questioned what had led to her insanity, though she only responded with twisted ramblings, and claims of being an "instrument of God." Altaïr concluded to put her out of her misery, and ended her life with his blade. The Assassin immediately fled the fortress to return to the safehouse.[6]

Lib作品|ting Kyrenia 編集

As Altaïr returned to the safehouse he questioned Marko about information on Shalim. Marko claimed Shalim though not as vile as his father, Moloch. Stating that Shalim has been seen consorting with Bouchart on sev作品|l occasions, Markos tasked Altaïr with gathering intelligence on Shalim and share what he learned in the Market District afterwards. Scouting the city for Shalim, Altaïr witnessed him abuse the civilians and rob them.[6]

As Shalim eventually reached a Brothel he instructed his men to "have fun". Left to their own devices, Shalims men began to abuse the civilians further, robbing them and attacking them. However, the Assassin dispatched all Shalim's abusive henchmen throughout the districts. Rendezvousing with Markos, Altaïr informed him of Shalim's violent and brash actions. Markos acknowledged Shalim's constant confessions at church and suggested Altaïr search for one of the Scholars there.[6]

Subsequently, witnessing Shalim addressing the people, promising rewards through hard work. Altaïr asked the Scholar about Shalim's attitude change. However, the Scholar suggested they discuss in a secluded location. Approaching the Scholar at the rendezvous, a crate of materials collapses on the Scholar, killing him. Altaïr notices a Templar above, with his face hidden. Pursuing the killer from the rooftops, the Templar eventually escaped despite Altaïr's efforts. Returning to the safehouse, Markos directed Altaïr towards the harbor.[6]

As he arrived at the harbor, Altaïr noticed a carriage of female dancers, Maria among them. Concluding the Templars would attempt to inspect the carriage and recognize Maria, Altaïr dispatched the Templar soldiers as the carriage passed through the city. As the carriage safely left the city, Altaïr followed it, with the intention of discovering Maria's destination.[6]

―You dishonor our father, Assassin! But you will not dishonor his cause![src]

As the carriage came to a halt, at the Saint Hilarion Castle Altaïr watched from afar as Maria entered the castle. Scaling the wall and stealthily killing off any guards he encountered, Altaïr finally located Shalim at his quarters. However Maria then entered his quarters and demanded answers, asking whether the Templars intended to use the Apple for tyranny and stating that she believed the Templars wanted liberty instead. Shalim replied the people were to be led like sheep and those who defied the Templars were to be disposed of.[6]

Shalim and Shahar assassination

Altaïr defeats the twins.

When Maria denied this, Shalim became more persistent. Altaïr revealed himself, calling out to Shalim. However the Templar revealed himself to be Shahar instead, Shalim's twin and the man who Altaïr saw speaking to the civilians.[6]

Shalim himself arrived at the scene as the twins prepared to duel. Maria however, after disarming guards present, fled the feud and left the Assassin to fend for himself. After a long battle, Altaïr eventually proved the victor and killed both twins with his sword.[6]

Returning to the safehouse, Markos joyfully welcomed Altaïr and informed him of the Templar's abrupt departure from Kyrenia. Concluding the Templar Archive was not in Kyrenia, as they would not leave it unprotected so willingly, Markos claimed the Templars sailed for Limassol instead. Concluding the Archive was there, Altaïr bid Markos farewell, claiming he had served his country well. Altaïr sailed towards Limassol to confront the remaining Templars in Cyprus.[6]

Routing the Templars 編集


Altaïr returns to Limassol.

Returning to Limassol, Altaïr subsequently entered the new safehouse to find Alexander horrified by his presence, accusing Altaïr of being a traitor to the Resistance. Altaïr, however, asked if he had received a package from the Templars. Alexander then exclaimed it contained the head of Barnabas. Altaïr, after inspecting the package, claimed it was different man from the Barnabas he met. Altaïr explained that the real Barnabas was executed before his arrival and the other man was a Templar Spy.[6]

Alexander added the Templars had done the same in Limassol: using their Propaganda to turn sev作品|l Resistance members to the Templar cause. Tasking himself with dispatching the Templar soldiers in order to prevent any further conflict, Altaïr noticed one of the Templar's contacts at the harbor consorting with pirates and Crusaders. Tailing him to an obscured area, Altaïr posed as a messenger for Bouchart himself.[6]

Questioning the Templar on Bouchart's location, the contact admitted he was unable to say; however, he informed Altaïr that sev作品|l of his men were murdered the previous night be a Templar sergeant. Asking where the Templar was, the contact directed Altaïr to the Cathedral. Once at the Cathedral, the Templar sergeant fled. However, Altaïr pursued him and used his throwing knifes to injure and stop him. Questioning the Templar, he directed Altaïr to Demetris.[6]

Arriving at the home of Demetris, Altaïr stealthily entered Demetris's from the rooftop, whilst avoiding confrontations with guards. Entering to find Demetris, Altaïr made his presence known and began interrogating Demetris. After being beaten down, Demetris finally confessed that he was responsible for the murder at the harbor. However, Demetris was then killed with a throwing knife from above. Noticing the same Templar agent from Kyrenia, Altaïr attempted to pursue him; however, after reaching the rooftops, the Templar was gone.[6]

Altair Apple

Altaïr wields the Apple in Limassol.

Returning to the safehouse, Altaïr found it abandoned and a note from Alexander requesting he meet him at the Limassol castle courtyard. Though expecting a trap to be in place, Altaïr proceeded to the courtyard disregarding his suspicions. Once at the courtyard, however, Altaïr found the dead body of Alexander. Saddened by his friend's death, Altaïr looked up to the balcony above only to find the Templar Agent. Sneering at Altaïr, a enraged mob of citizens arrive at the courtyard, convinced Altaïr is the enemy. Though failing to calm then, Altaïr reluctantly used the Apple against them. Telling them that Bouchart and the Templars are the true enemy, the civilians left the courtyard, under the Apple's effect.[6]

The Agent continued to mock the Assassin. However, he was stabbed from behind. Then kicked from the balcony, Maria revealed herself. Asking where the Templar Archive is located, Maria revealed they stood directly above it. Preparing to enter it together, a group of Templars attacked. Though Maria fled inside the Archive, Altaïr fought off the Templar soldiers. After dispatching them all, the Assassins proceeded, and entered the Archive.[6]

Bouchart: "Ever since you stuck your nose into too many dark corners, the Archive hasn't been safe."
Altaïr: "I wish I could say I'm sorry. But I tend to get what I want."
―Altaïr and Bouchart at the Templar Archive.
Progressing further into the Archive, Altaïr dispatched any Templars guarding the way forward. Eventually he witnessed a duel between Maria and Bouchart, however, the Templar eventually left her unconscious. Bouchart explained that because of Isaac Comnenus the Archive was almost exposed to the public. When Altaïr challenged this statement, Bouchart merely replied that they were forced to buy what they already owned, to prevent Richard from discovering it. Revealing they moved the contents of the Archive in the Assassin's absence Armand drew his sword preparing to duel his nemesis.[6]
Armand Bouchart Death

Altaïr impales Bouchart.

Both skilled swordsmen, Bouchart and Altaïr attacked each other with skill and speed. Eventually, however, Altaïr gained the upperhand, dodged Bouchart's attack and impaled him with his sword. In his dying moments, Bouchart respectfully credited Altaïr for his superior skill. Warning the Assassin regarding the Piece of Eden's safety and keep it hidden. With Bouchart dead Altaïr came to Maria's aid. Suddenly, the Archive became to fall apart from Templar cannon fire, planning to leave no evidence.[6]

The two ran off immediately. The two were able to climb through the almost-destroyed structure and successfully escape. Walking on the harbor, Maria then confirmed her official retirement from the Templar Order, instead intending to travel East or to India. Asking Altaïr of his plans, he claimed to travel the world and meet the most intelligent minds, continuing to learn while expanding the Assassin Order. Altaïr remarked that he would travel East and make his departure from Cyprus with Maria at his side.[6]

Changing the Order 編集

Lib作品|ting Cyprus from Bouchart and his Templar followers, Altaïr, who had previously intended to seal the Apple within the Limassol archives, decided it best that the Apple remain with him and over the following years, he peered into it quite often.[3]

In 1195, Altaïr and Maria married in Limassol, Cyprus, out of respect to the Cypriots for offering the island as a base to the Assassins. Among the guests of honor was Markos. Upon returning to Masyaf, their first son Darim was born. Around 1204, Altaïr personally began to promote the way of the Assassin Order in various cities and regions. However, this came to an end when he made an attempt to do so in Constantinople as the Fourth Crusade was causing chaos among the population. In 1204, Altaïr traveled to the city in hopes of spreading the Creed to Europe. However, his plans were thwarted when he discovered waves of Roman Catholics that laid siege to the city and burnt most of it to the ground. Altaïr returned to Masyaf in bitter disappointment.[2]

By studying the Apple of Eden, Altaïr gained the knowledge to create a form of metal that was lighter and stronger than any other metal known until then. He created an armor set for himself but decided to 作品|se the formula to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.[3]

Contrary to what his former mentor strived for, Altaïr allowed the members of the Order to express love for their children. While Al Mualim believed that love would make them weaker, Altaïr thought that love would make it easier for them to make sacrifices for the right cause. With the usage of the Apple "in small doses, and with a focused mind," Altaïr gained the knowledge to once again redesign the hidden blade so that it could contain an additional device capable of launching small projectiles.[3]

Fall from grace 編集

Journey to Mongolia 編集

In 1217, Genghis Khan was rapidly approaching from the east and was preventing the Assassin Order's progression. Altaïr also suspected that he possessed a Piece of Eden. Thus, Altaïr, Maria and Darim, who was an accomplished crossbowman, left for Mongolia. Their son Sef was left behind to take care of his wife and two children and Malik was placed in temporary control of the Order.[2]

In Mongolia, they liased with the Assassin Qulan Gal, and the four of them traveled to near Xing-ging in Xu province, which was being besieged by the Mongols. Darim found a vantage point to look over the Mongol encampment, disposing of any guard who might notice them, while Altaïr and Qulan Gal infiltrated the camp. However, Altaïr had lost some of his stealth in his old age and was detected by a guard. The guard was able to wound Altaïr, but he was killed by Qulan Gal before he could raise the alarm. Qulan Gal managed to bring Altaïr out of the camp to safety, thus saving his life. Qulan Gal and Darim proceeded to formulate a plan to flush Khan out of his tent. After realizing the danger, Khan tried to escape on horseback, but his horse was quickly shot by Qulan Gal. Right afterwards, Khan himself was finished by a shot of Darim's crossbow. Successful, the family headed back home, ten years after they had left Masyaf.[2]

Return to Masyaf 編集

When they arrived in Masyaf, in 1228, they were greeted by Swami, a former apprentice who was only eager to fight. Altaïr asked the man why he had not been greeted by Rauf as he had requested in his letters, but Swami explained that Rauf had died of fever during his absence. Swami also explained that Malik had been thrown into prison, and that, without anyone to lead the Order, a council had been formed with Abbas Sofian at its head. Altaïr and Maria, not trusting the situation, asked where Sef was, to which Swami responded that he had fled to Alamut. Darim had left for Alamut to retrieve his brother.[2]

Altaïr and Maria continued onwards towards the castle, where they found it half-abandoned, stripped of the life it had had under Altaïr's rule. They were directed to a room in the right wing of the castle, despite Altaïr expecting his residence to be in the Master's tower. The next day, they went to the Master's tower to meet the council but were intercepted by Swami halfway through to lead them the rest of the way himself. Arriving there, Altaïr saw that the council consisted of the most weak-minded of the Order.

Abbas had puppeteered the whole council in his favor. Altaïr told the council of their travels in Mongolia, after which Abbas explained what had happened to Sef. He claimed that Sef had been killed by Malik, after Sef supposedly found out about Malik wanting to keep control of the Order for himself. Altaïr, furious, demanded that control of the Order be returned to him, as the Creed would decree it. Abbas, with a smile on his face, replied that the Creed no longer did.[2]

Finding the truth 編集

Altaïr and Maria returned to their residence, where Altaïr began reflecting on the pain he had caused Malik in his life. Maria managed to persuade him that Malik would never betray him, and thus Altaïr decided to infiltrate the prison in Masyaf's dungeon. He evaded the patrolling guards until he finally came to the room where the prisons were located. The prison guard was asleep, to both Altaïr's rage and relief, allowing him easy entrance to the prison cell. He found Malik in the cell's corner, skinny to the bone and with his hair long and his beard overgrown.[2]

Altaïr physically knocked the guard unconscious before lifting Malik's arm over his shoulder and taking him back to his residence. There, Malik revealed that Abbas had staged a coup two years before, and had Sef killed, before putting the blame on Malik. Malik regretted that he had not been a better leader and that this would not have happened to Altaïr. Altaïr and Maria waited until he was asleep before going to confront Abbas about the truth.[2]

New regime 3

Altaïr and Maria facing Abbas.

Together, they faced Abbas, who greeted them. He was joined by Swami not too soon afterwards, who delivered him a burlap sack. Abbas took a look in it, before giving the sack to Altaïr. Upon opening it, he found out that it contained the head of Malik, who had been quickly killed by Swami after being left alone. Abbas publicly asked Altaïr why he had infiltrated the prison, which caused the other present Assassins to doubt Altaïr's motives.[2]

Abbas said that Altaïr was not in a state to control the Order, and demanded of Altaïr that he give the Apple of Eden to him. For some reason, Altaïr agreed to this and took the Apple out of his robes. Swami was sent to take the Apple, and when he approached Altaïr, he whispered to the former leader that, before Sef's death, he had been told that his own father had ordered his death. Altaïr became furious, and his rage was sent into the Apple. When Swami touched it, his eyes started popping out and his mouth became wide open, with a golden glow erupting from it.[2]

New regime 11

Maria dying in Altaïr's arms.

Maria yelled at Altaïr that he had let his rage take over and used the Apple to control the Assassin. Swami started to bring his dagger to his throat, but as Altaïr stopped, he accidentally stabbed Maria in the spine, who was standing right next to him. Altaïr hurried to Maria, who died in his arms and then stabbed Swami in the neck with his Hidden Blade, avenging the loss of his love. Altaïr returned to confront Abbas, and the other Assassins present were afraid that Altaïr might use the Apple again.

In a moment of insecurity, Altaïr decided to flee the castle and village, which he managed to do successfully after rejoining his son Darim in the village. He traveled to Alamut, where he spent the next twenty years with his son, former daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Altaïr began to show remorse from his actions, and completely focused his studies on the Apple of Eden, creating new designs, tactics and medicine. During Altaïr's quiet contemplation over the Apple, he discovered that the fortress of Alamut was built upon the remains of a First Civilization temple. Upon venturing into these remains, Altaïr unearthed a series of Memory Seals, ancient artifacts capable of recording genetic memory. Altaïr took six of these seals and recorded his most significant memories on five of them, keeping the final one for later use. After some time, Sef's wife and children left Alamut, and they apparently settled in Alexandria, Egypt.

Driven away by his father's remorse and obsession with the Apple, Darim had also left Alamut for France and England to warn them of the emerging Mongol threat. On one occasion, the Apple directed Altaïr to the six artifacts that he had retrieved. He was told that they were a message for someone, though Altaïr did not know for whom.[2]

Reclaiming his title 編集

―There will be no killing in the name of this old man.[src]

One day circa 1247, Altaïr was sleeping beside a well located near Masyaf, when he was woken up by a local merchant by the name of Mukhlis. Not too long afterwards, Mukhlis was attacked by a group of bandits, consisting of Bayhas and two henchmen of which one was nicknamed Long Hair. Altaïr, who was around 81 years old at the time, faced the bandits and managed to kill the first henchman with ease. However, when he faced the other two men, he realized that because of his old age, his combat skills had significantly diminished.[2]

Eventually, he was wounded in both legs and dropped to his knees, after which Bayhas tried to finish him off. Before he could do so, however, Mukhlis - who was hung upside down by the bandits in a tree - swung and held onto Bayhas. Altaïr quickly thrust his sword upwards into Bayhas' stomach and Mukhlis took Bayhas' dagger in mid-air as it dropped. He cut his rope and stood next to his savior, facing Long Hair.[2]

Long Hair found himself outnumbered and fled on horseback. Mukhlis brought Altaïr home with him, and his wife Aalia and daughter Nalia tended to his wounds. For two days, he grew dangerously pale, but on the third day he regained his color. Mukhlis, who had been speaking to him for the past three days, hoping that the old man would regain consciousness, mentioned that Master Altaïr would not have allowed Abbas, who was an inadequate leader, to take care of the Order.[2]

The moment that Mukhlis mentioned his name, Altaïr woke up and revealed his identity. Mukhlis brought the bad state of the Order to Altaïr's attention, who went on to show the people the right ways of the Order, through example. He settled disputes in the town and had the tradesmen in the city make new tools and medicine for him. As he traveled across the village, he noticed a shadow - an Assassin - following him. When he got to the fountain, he noticed that the man was standing behind him and addressed him.[2]

Mentor's return 2

Altaïr talks with Assassins loyal to him.

The Assassin said that he was one of few that remained loyal to the old codes, and revealed himself to be Tazim Al-Sayf, who was also called Malik; the son of Altaïr's late friend. Altaïr revealed to him that he planned to take control of the Order to restore it back to its former glory and before Fahad, the father of Bayhas, came to Masyaf, and thus asked Tazim to rally all the Assassins that were loyal to Altaïr. Altaïr waited outside the castle gates and was met by the young Malik and a group of about twenty Assassins.[2]

He explained that there was to be no killing; the Assassins should respect the Creed, and that no Assassin, loyal to Abbas or Altaïr, should kill a Brother. One of Abbas' followers heard this and charged at Altaïr, hoping to kill him and stop the uprising. Despite his old age, Altaïr, with great speed, dodged the incoming attack and incapacitated the Assassin. The Assassins loyal to Abbas, who fought without enthusiasm, were all easily captured or knocked unconscious.[2]

Mentor's return 7

Altaïr making his way towards Abbas.

However, a second wave of them arrived, including Assassin archers, who readied their bows at the ramparts. Altaïr hoped that the archers would be of good heart and lower their bows once they saw that Altaïr's men did not intend to kill. As Abbas and Altaïr caught sight of one another, the archers lowered their bows, and the Abbas Assassins surrendered as well, quickly noticing the turn of events. The castle gates were opened by surrendering Assassins, and Altaïr and Abbas came face to face.[2]

Abbas still hated Altaïr and would not believe the truth about his father. Abbas, slowly beginning to be aware of the tide of battle turning against him, sent his remaining men to attack Altaïr; daring his rival to take back the Order without any loss of Assassin life.[2]

Mentor's return 10

Altaïr confronting Abbas.

Altaïr raised his arm and pointed it towards Abbas. Then an explosion was heard, and smoke erupted from Altaïr's hand: he finally used his hidden gun for the first time. Abbas fell to the ground, and Altaïr crouched over him. Abbas said that he still would not believe what Altaïr had said about his father, and that he would find the truth soon, in the afterlife. At this, Altaïr was the Master once again.[2]

Two days later, Fahad arrived with his force. However, Altaïr managed to persuade him to back down, saying that they would only cause the downfall of their own communities should their forces fight one another.[2]

Later life 編集

Altaïr: "Be safe and stay alert."
Niccolò Polo: "Likewise, Master. Take care of yourself."
Altaïr: "I'll consider it."
—Altaïr's and Niccolò Polo's last words to each other, 1257.[src]

Altaïr began building a library in Masyaf on the location where Al Mualim's garden once was, where he would store thousands of his books containing knowledge gained from the Apple. The five seals he had obtained while residing in Alamut were used as keys for this library. After it was completed by 1257, Altaïr sent Darim to invite the Venetian explorers Niccolò and Maffeo Polo to Masyaf. After they had arrived, Altaïr told Niccolò stories about his life, which Niccolò would later pass on to his son, Marco, in the form of a journal.[2]

The torch 1

Altaïr handing his Codex to Niccolò Polo.

Additionally, Altaïr began to dissolve the Order from Masyaf, saying it should be spread throughout the world. He thus intended to have Assassin Guilds created in new countries, a task which he thought the Polo brothers could be useful in. In late 1257, Masyaf came under siege by Mongols, and Niccolò and Maffeo were forced to leave. Before they did, Altaïr gave his Codex to the explorers, relying on them to start Assassin Guilds in other countries. He also gave them his seals, which they later hid throughout Constantinople. Altaïr then personally escorted the two out of Masyaf, fighting off the Mongols with his Apple of Eden. Standing in front of Masyaf's gates, Altaïr lastly handed Niccolò five of the six Memory Seals he had previously found,[4] asking him to hide them and prevent them from falling in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the brothers lost the Codex to the Mongols on their way back home.[2]

Lost legacy 5

Altaïr imprinting his memory onto his sixth and last Memory Seal.

Altaïr returned to Masyaf castle and, once he was sure everyone else had been evacuated, locked himself into his library, which was previously emptied of books by Darim on Altaïr's orders. Saying farewell to his son before the library door, Altaïr entered it armed with the Apple, making his way towards the far end of the library. There, he placed the Apple on a pedestal and sealed it behind the wall. Desiring to sit and rest for a while, he sat on the center chair in the library. Altaïr then imprinted a memory into his sixth and last key while seated, right before passing away.[4]

Legacy 編集

In 1269, Altaïr's Codex had passed into the hands of Marco Polo, who had retrieved it from Kublai Khan. The Templars, having knowledge about the Codex, hired a contingent of pirates to retrieve it from the Assassin Dante Alighieri, who was transporting it from Venice to Spain.[7]

Dante was also escorted by his apprentice, a man named Domenico, who had only recently been made aware of his Assassin heritage. As the pirates attacked, Domenico broke apart the Codex and hid it from the pirates, though he was too late to save the life of his Master and his wife.[7]

Eventually, Domenico and his son took the name of Auditore, and constructed the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni.[7] Beneath the villa, they constructed the Sanctuary; inside of which rested the unbreakable armor of Altaïr. These robes later passed into the possession of one of Domenico's descendants: the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze.[3]

Homecoming 5

Ezio Auditore discovers Altaïr's body.

Ezio Auditore - the fabled 'prophet' - would use Altaïr's codex (which was taken back from powerful Italian Templars) to construct the weapons with the help of Leonardo da Vinci and locate the hidden vault, later revealed to be underneath the Vatican. After the eventual defeat of the Templars in Rome, Ezio traveled to Masyaf to learn more about the order, but found it overrun by Templars. Traveling to Constantinople, Ezio searched for the seals left behind by Altaïr to see into moments of Altaïr's life, gained access to the library underneath Masyaf and ultimately reveal the future.[4]

Centuries later, in the early 21st Century the Templar organization Abstergo Industries kidnapped a descendant of Altaïr, Desmond Miles, as "Subject 17" in order to "read" the memories that were encoded into his DNA. Using the Animus, Desmond was forced to relive the memories of his ancestors, his time in the Animus overseen by researchers Dr. Warren Vidic and his assistant, an undercover Assassin named Lucy Stillman. Throughout his sessions, they strove to find a specific memory about the Pieces of Eden to use for the Templar's project bent on creating a "New World Order".[1]


Desmond suffering from the bleeding effect.

Following his escape from Abstergo Industries, Desmond, suffering from a condition known as the "bleeding effect", received a hallucination of Altaïr's memories whilst outside the Animus. Within the hallucination Desmond watched as Altaïr chased a hooded figure through the castle of Acre. Ending upon the castle's highest tower, the runner revealed herself to be Maria. After sharing an intimate moment with her, Altaïr left, leaving Desmond shocked upon realizing that he was no longer following Altaïr - he had just witnessed the conception of his ancestor Sef Ibn-La'Ahad.[3]

After entering a comatose state, Desmond was linked up to the Animus 2.0 and in the hope of repairing his splintered subconscious and revealing the future, he searched his genetic memories for a specific memory connecting himself, Altaïr and his Renaissance ancestor, Ezio Auditore together. Altaïr's Apple and Ezio's knowledge of the future enabled Desmond to enter a Sync Nexus and receive the location of the Grand Temple.[4]

Characteristics and personality 編集

Malik: "I do not accept your apology."
Altaïr: "I understand."
Malik: "No, you don't. I do not accept your apology, because you are not the same man who went with me into Solomon's Temple."
—Altaïr and Malik shortly before the fun作品[src]

Altaïr was raised at the Assassin's fortress at Masyaf and possessed incredible skills, quickly rising among the ranks of the Order. A cold and objective person, he fully devoted himself to the cause he chose to pursue. Altaïr had a rebellious nature; he was impetuous, demanding, arrogant, self-centered, and impatient. However, after the failure at Solomon's Temple and being sent after the nine, Altaïr began listening to the final words of his victims, and their justifications for their deeds.[1]

Mentor's wake 6

Altaïr reasoning with the Assassins.

As his mission progressed, his attitude changed, and he began to perceive the lines and actions of the world, as well as draw upon the teachings of the Creed: prior a guide, now a way of life. At the end of the conflict, all of his brash and rebellious nature had been put under control, and he became a calm, focused, driven and wise man. Even in his early life as an Assassin, Altaïr was one of the most respected and feared in the Order, second only to the Brotherhood's leader, Al Mualim.[1]

Smart and dedicated, his studies and determination to ensure "peace in all things" ensured that the Order survived to fight for as long as was necessary. He understood that the new world would have no place for the current ways of the Assassins and thus changed its practices accordingly.[3] Also, his cold personality did not impede his emotions: Altaïr was known to have fallen in love at least twice, with Adha,[5] who unfortunately died and was avenged subsequently,[3] and Maria Thorpe, de Sable's steward, who became his wife and the mother of his children.[2][3]

New regime 8

Altaïr losing control of his anger.

Altaïr, although remaining often calm and controlled, sometimes allowed his anger to get the better of him, such as almost using the Apple to force Swami to kill himself. By his 80s, Altaïr became a very isolated individual, as Maria's death drove him into deep depression. During this time he began to hate the Apple and spend nights staring at it. By the time he reclaimed his title as leader of the Levantine Assassins and rebuilt the Order, Altaïr was able to put his grief behind him.[2]

Altaïr was also a natural leader. Even at 24, during the Assault on Masyaf, he was able to quickly take control of the situation and devise a plan, which resulted in saving Al Mualim and the Assassins winning the battle. As Mentor, he was believed to have done more for the Order than any Mentor before him, including his predecessor.[2][4]

Equipment and skills 編集

BoA 4

l Crusaders at once.

Altaïr was a Master Assassin and instructor, capable of extraordinary acrobatic feats, adept in social stealth, and fully apt in the application of deadly arts and possessed great physical and mental strength and stamina. Trained extensively, he was able to overcome any obstacle, human or terrain. He was able to get anywhere, climbing the tallest tower and jumping from the highest ledge without a hint of fear.[1]

Like other Assassins, he was also trained in stealth assassination techniques, hand to hand and weapons combat, blade throwing, climbing, urban acrobatics, eavesdropping, interrogation, pick pocketing and anything else that would help complete a mission. Besides physical prowess, he also had extensive knowledge of the Holy Land politics and religion, which helped the Assassins understand their opponents.[1]

As a high member of the Order, Altaïr possessed an array of weapons at his disposal, comprised of a longsword, a short blade, throwing knives, and the iconic Hidden Blade. Altaïr also possessed an ability called Eagle Vision, a sort of "sixth sense" or intuition that allowed him to see people's true intentions, though this seemed to be a rarity even among the Assassins.[1]

During his 80s, Altaïr was less skilled than in his youth, due to his age and for being inactive from the Order for so long and lack of training. However, according to Niccolò Polo, Altaïr still retained the same strength, stamina and skill he had in his youth at the age of 92, possibly due to the Assassin retraining and regaining his old skills once reclaiming title of leader.[2]

Des Alt Sanctuary

The Sanctuary statue of Altaïr in the 21st century.

Due to his gift of Eagle Vision, Altaïr had heightened intuitive abilities and senses, along with his sharpened fighting skills. Altaïr's abilities made him one of the most deadly and adept members in the Assassin Order's history. Altaïr's fighting skills became legendary through the Assassin Order, even after his death.[8]

As a Master Assassin, Altaïr has a pair of long white robes with a red sash, leather armor, and sheaths to store his weaponry and pouches. At 92, Altaïr wore long white robes with patterns imprinted on them and a black cape. Despite his age, Altaïr still continued to wield two hidden blades, though he carried no other weapon.[4]

Romantic life 編集

The earliest information about Altaïr's love interests lay with Adha, who was also known as the Chalice. At first appearance, there only seemed to be a friendly relationship between them, but on a closer inspection of the Codex, more of Altaïr's feeling for her were revealed.[5] Her death consumed the young Assassin with hatred, and he swore vengeance on all those who had killed her. He hunted down and killed every man responsible for her death; but this brought no joy or satisfaction, and he was left heavily scarred by her memory. He wrote in the Codex that he felt he would never have the same feelings for any other woman, and that the love he later felt for Maria Thorpe proved him wrong.[3]


Altaïr first met Maria when she was serving her master Robert de Sable as a decoy at the fun作品|l of Majd Addin. However, there was no improvement in their relationship until she became Altaïr's prisoner, just before he traveled to Cyprus to help the resistance against the Templars.[1][6]

During these events, Maria acted very rebelliously against her captor. However, in time, they both grew to know each other; and once Maria learned and accepted the truth of what the Templars truly were, there was hope for both of them. From the Codex, it was revealed that they did foster a relationship together, and eventually got married. Altaïr and Maria had at least two sons, who they named Darim and Sef Ibn-La'Ahad.[2][3]

Behind the scenes 編集

Altair concept art

Altaïr's concept art.

The name "Altaïr" was a word in the Arabic language, meaning "The Flyer," "The Flying One" or "The Flying Eagle." In interviews, the game's producer Jade Raymond stated that in mid-air, Altaïr's shadow resembled that of an eagle, because his attire included a point at the front of the hood (to resemble a beak) and slits through the back of the outfit (to resemble tail feathers).

The second part of his name, "Ibn-La'Ahad," meant "son of none", reflecting his mysterious origins. His face, as Desmond's and Ezio's, was modeled after Canadian model Francisco Randez.


アブスターゴのロゴ An image gallery is available for
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Assassin's Creed

  • Altaïr's American-sounding voice in Assassin's Creed, which was completely different from other Assassins, was an intentional design choice. Philip Shahbaz stated in an interview that originally, Altaïr was to have a Middle-Eastern accent, but changed to an American accent at the last second because the voice directors thought Shahbaz had an "awesome-sounding voice".
  • Altaïr was seen wielding a crossbow in the E3 trailer for the original Assassin's Creed, though the weapon did not appear until Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Altaïr used the weapon in the same manner Ezio did, by holding it one-handed and firing single bolts in a short span of time.
  • Altaïr was the youngest Assassin to attain the rank of Master Assassin.
  • In the game manual of Assassin's Creed II, Lucy's comments mention an error in the old animus which causes ancestors to drown, which explains Altaïr's inability to swim in the first game.

Assassin's Creed II

  • During Desmond's vision of the chase between Altaïr and Maria Thorpe, Altaïr could not drown, should he fall into the sea surrounding the castle in Acre. When deviating from the event's circumstances, the vision would return to an earlier state, and during the time it did to do so, Altaïr could be seen floating in the water.
    • Following this, Altaïr could only kill Templars using his sword in the vision, as he was not equipped with his short blade and could only use his hidden blade to perform aerial and ledge assassinations. Meanwhile, Altaïr also fought in a similar manner to Ezio, and Templars would only react to him by pushing him away from them, as if he had caused a minor inconvenience instead of physically attacking them.
  • Altaïr's Robes were available from Uplay for Assassin's Creed II for 30 Units.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • In 2012, by int作品|cting with the statue of Altaïr, Desmond would say "Hey, wassa-matta-you, Altaïr?", followed by Rebecca stating that it was "racist" for him to refer to the Assassin in that way.
    • After the first time Desmond said "Hey, wassa-matta-you, Altaïr?" and argued with Rebecca, if he walked up to the statue again and int作品|cted with it once more, he would say the line again but with no response from Rebecca.
  • Altaïr's Robes were available once more for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood through Uplay, costing 20 Units.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Mentor's wake 16

Altaïr as he appeared in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

  • Altaïr's outfit shared the same notable difference as the one he wore in Assassin's Creed II, though his short blade was completely missing from his attire. However, despite this, the leather sheath remained on his back. In addition, the trims at bottom of the robes were more prominent.
  • Despite it taking place when he was 24, Altaïr was able to air and ledge assassinate in a memory contained within one of the seals, even though he himself did not officially record those techniques until later in his life.
    • It was confirmed by the developers Darby McDevitt and Falko Poiker that Altaïr was able perform those techniques because of the dangerous situation he was placed in.
  • Altaïr's voice differed from the first Assassin's Creed, changing to a Middle Eastern accent to better reflect his location. As well as this, he also had a new face and likeness.
  • Revelations was the only installment where Altaïr was seen with his hood down. This was seen when he shared his final words with his son, Darim, before entering into the library constructed for him.
  • When replaying "The Mentor's Keeper" and "The Mentor's Wake," there was a glitch that would make Altaïr appear as he did in "A New Regime."
  • Differing from the two prior Assassin's Creed games in the series, Altaïr's Robes appeared in Revelations as a pre-order bonus or through purchasing the Lost Archive DLC, instead of being available from the Uplay service.
  • Despite being 24 years old in 1189, in Assassin's Creed , Altaïr was depicted as being 25 years old in the year 1191 according to the game manual.


  • The connection that Altaïr had with eagles was not coincidental, as he was named after the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, which was known symbolically as "The Eagle."
  • There were different pronunciations of the name "Altaïr." In Arabic, it mostly sounded like "Al-tai-ear" or "Al-ta-'ir," with a subtle pronunciation of the "r" at the end. Inversely, Desmond pronounced the Assassin's name as "Al-ta-ear", with a clearer "r" at the end and a harder "t."
    • In Assassin's Creed II, however, Desmond pronounced it as "Al-tai-air."
    • Strictly, due to Arabic grammar, the name "Altaïr" was to be pronounced as "At-air" with no "l".


  • Altaïr had four different voices throughout the games. His voice in Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles sounded slightly higher than that of the original Assassin's Creed game, while his voice in Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines had more of a Middle Eastern accent. In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, he had a Middle Eastern accent once again.

Altaïr, in Academy of Champions: Soccer.

  • Altaïr, Ezio and Desmond shared exactly the same face in Assassin's Creed II, except for the beard that Ezio grew when he became older, along with other minor differences.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, though Altaïr did not have a sheath for his short blade on his back, he would nevertheless draw and sheathe his dagger as though he did.
  • Through his Codex pages, it could be seen that Altaïr was an artist, illustrating sev作品|l blueprints for hidden blade modifications, learning manuals for assassination techniques, maps, and even a detailed sketch bordered with hand-drawn flowers of his lover and wife, Maria Thorpe.
  • Altaïr appeared as a guest character in Ubisoft's Academy of Champions: Soccer, along with sev作品|l other characters that they had created.
  • Altaïr's robes could be unlocked as a skin in the 2008 Ubisoft game Prince of Persia.
    • Altaïr's robes could also be bought in the Alter Ego store on PlayStation Home for both male or female avatars.
  • In the game The Saboteur, there was a car named Altaïr, which was also nicknamed "The Flying Eagle".
  • According to the Assassin's Creed game manual, Altaïr was six feet tall and weighed 170 pounds.
  • One of Altaïr's descendents, Iskender, was mentioned to be the Mentor of Alexandria in the Mediterranean Defense contracts for the city.[4]
  • In the promotional artworks for the original Assassin's Creed, Altaïr wears only one glove on his left hand, but in the game, he wears his both gloves.

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