バンカー =


When I logged out of my ANIMUS session, I discovered that I was no longer in my cubicle. Someone had transported me, while I was in the ANIMUS and vulnerable to a different location.

Melanie's face appeared on a nearby screen, and she told me I was in some sort of containment facility with some of my other colleagues. They were conducting an internal investigation and had moved us to here to keep an eye on. And for our own safety, supposedly. She seemed sympathetic, and advised me to keep up hope and try to get some work done.

Almost immediately after she logged off, John called. He was unperturbed by my predicament, but at least promised to help me clear my name. He unlocked the doors to my cell and sent me to sneak into the server room for the entire building. Melanie was in there for some reason, but John managed to get her out of the way.

The moment I hacked the server, an apparition appeared in front of me. She kept talking about it being too early, while at the same time, John kept losing his cool over the communicator. When she left, John left little doubt about what he had expected to happen here - he wanted this apparition to possess my body and was audibly enraged when that didn't happen.

In the end, I tried to seek refuge in my work. Perhaps Edward's memories and the secrets within could bring clarity to my present predicament.


A Face from the Past =

Work diary - week 5

John tried to kill me. I awoke with him looming over me like an old snake. He looked oddly familiar at first, and when he spoke, I knew why right away: he was the spitting image of Bartholomew Roberts. He ranted for a time about his Beloved - the specter from the server room I assume - and about how he was a reborn figure of some sort. Before he could elaborate further however, Abstergo security guards were upon him. John resisted and they shot him dead.

Melanie apologized profusely for my detainment, and thanked me for my work. I think I believe her. She has always struck me as sincere...

Shaken by the whole experience, I wanted only to go home...but I was soon contacted by the courier and the barista from a few weeks earlier. My instincts about them proved correct. They seem to belong to this "Assassin" collective, and they encouraged me to continue hacking Abstergo's servers. With the security level I have now, it is doubtful I will ever be caught again. Not any time soon anyway. I'm not sure what to do next...quit my job? Or press forward. There is still so much work to do... </tabber>