The Abstergo Entertainment research analyst, known amongst their fellow researchers as "Noob", due to their recent arrival, is an employee assigned to the Sample 17 Project. They were tasked to relive the memories of the pirate Edward Kenway, in order to gain footage for a product that would feature him.

Not long after their induction, the employee was enlisted by John to hack the company's computers, Animi, security cameras and servers around Abstergo's Montreal facility where they worked, in order to obtain information on Abstergo's actions for the Assassins. The employee was also charged with passing on this information to Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings, who routinely collected it at Shaun's coffee stand in the building's lobby.

Eventually, Abstergo realized that there was a hacker in the facility, and at around the same time, the Chief Creative Officer, Olivier Garneau, went missing. In response, Olivier's stand-in, Melanie Lemay, reluctantly imprisoned the facility's employees in bunkers in the basement, where they would continue their work until the hacker could be identified.

Subsequently, John raised the employee's security clearance so that they could leave their bunker, and was told by John to hack the main server in order to cover their tracks. Though successful, John had also tricked the employee into using a program which was designed to allow for the transference of Juno's consciousness into their body; unfortunately for John, this aspect of the plan failed.

As it transpired that Juno was still too weak to inhabit a body, John entered the employee's bunker while they were using the Animus and attempted to poison them, weakening them enough so that their body could host Juno. At this time, he revealed himself to be a Sage; a reincarnation of Aita. However, he was caught and killed by Abstergo's security guards.

The employee later woke in Melanie's office, where she apologized for imprisoning them, stating that she had believed the employee to be the hacker, until the attack and the information recovered from John's computer subsequently made her realize that he was responsible. After Melanie revealed the completed trailer for their product as a token of good will, the employee was allowed to return to work.

On the way back to the Animus, Shaun and Rebecca contacted the employee, for which they apologized for getting the latter into such a mess with John, and offered to recompense the employee if they continued to obtain information on Abstergo Entertainment.