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Assassin's Creed: Desert Oath è un romanzo scritto da Oliver Bowden, che è stato rilasciato il 31 ottobre 2017.

È un prequel di Assassin's Creed: Origins, ambientato nel 70 a.C.


Prima di Assassin's Creed: Origins, c'era un giuramento.

Egitto, 70 a.C. Uno spietato assassino è in missione: deve trovare, e soprattutto distruggere, gli ultimi membri dell'antico ordine dei medjai, i valorosi guerrieri guardiani del faraone.

Intanto, la cittadina di Siwa perde il suo protettore, costretto ad andarsene lasciando dietro di sé il figlio adolescente Bayek. Al ragazzo rimangono moltissime domande senza risposta, tutte quelle che avrebbe voluto fare al padre prima dell'improvvisa partenza. Perché Bayek non sa ancora che cosa gli riservi il futuro, ma sa di avere un destino che ha il dovere di portare a compimento. Anche lui, quindi, decide di intraprendere un viaggio, nel quale dovrà affrontare i pericoli e i misteri legati alle sue origini: quelle della stirpe medjai.


  • 1- Emsaf leaves his family in Hebenou on a mission; he discovers he is being tailed and lies in wait in a hunter's shelter. His arrow ends the follower.
  • 2- The follower had killed Emsaf's family in an attempt to get information; he killed a traveler and used the body as a decoy for Emsaf's arrow, letting him kill his quarry.
  • 3- Bayek and Aya have a conversation before learning Bayek's father is about to leave their hometown of Siwa.
  • 4- Despite others' protestations, Bayek's father Sabu departs and leaves questions in his wake.
  • 5- Fabled graverobber Menna is known to Bayek as a terror his father defeated.
  • 6- Bayek recalls the night his father and mother saved their family from Menna's assassination attempt. He also recounts why his training is lacking, and Rabiah agrees to train him.
  • 7- Bayek leaves to advance his training, saying goodbye to his mother Ahmose but not bearing to say goodbye to Aya.
  • 8- He journeys across the desert, practicing his survival skills and making a bow.
  • 9- Bayek travels along the mighty Nile to Zawty, admiring the wildlife along the river and nearly losing himself in the twists and turns of the town.
  • 10- He sits down to eat with a boy, Tuta, who has become his shadow. Bayek hires the boy to help him find a blue-eyed stranger.
  • 11- Sabu meets with Sabestet, son of the Elder Hemon, and is told to check on Emsaf in Ipou. Hemon suspects the enemy is acting as Emsaf.
  • 12- Tuta leads Bayek to Blue Eyes and arranges a meet. However he betrays them both into a trap.
  • 13- Bayek survives an ambush by Tuta and his father, but Blue Eyes does not. Before he dies, he tells Bayek the same message he had given Sabu.
  • 14- Bayek tracks Tuta and his father to their home where the father is recovering from his wounds.
  • 15- He recovers the money that night and encourages Tuta to leave with him, but the father wakes and attacks, only to be stopped by Aya.
  • 16- Aya, Bayek, and Tuta escape the house to the desert. As they build a fire for a dinner of fish, Bayek and Aya make up after Bayek's wordless disappearance. They discuss Rabiah and Sabu's plans, and Tuta vows to lead them through Thebes, their next destination.
  • 17-Sabu meets with Sabustet and Hemmon -- they agree a new army is needed to combat the Order, and Bayek is chosen to be among them.
  • 18- Ex-soldier Raia and ancient scholar Theotimos meet at Alexandria to discuss the Medjay.
  • 19- Raia hires Bion a legendary killer to eliminate Medjay for the Order.
  • 20- Bion remembers a time when Raia saved his life while they were both guarding a princeling. He will do the job for Raia to repay the debt.
  • 21- Aya and Bayek wait outside crumbling Thebes waiting for Tuta to return from his sister and with food -- despite Aya's concerns, on the fourth day he does.
  • 22- Bion delivers Emsaf's Medjay medallion to Raia and sets his eyes on Raia's translator as a Medjay informant.
  • 23- Bion interrogates and kills the informant and his wife, burning the bodies before heading to his next target.
  • 24- Aya and Bayek are introduced to Tuta's mother Imi and sister Kiya who direct them to the priestess for the next leg of their journey.
  • 25- Priestess Nitokris hints that Bayek may have more to protect than Siwa. Aha and Bayek enjoy their time with Tuta's family until he finds Khensa.
  • 26- Tuta leads them to where Khensa and her tribe reside: an empty tomb in Thebes' necropolis.
  • 27- Khensa leads Bayek to her devastated and dwindling tribe. She also informs Bayek that his father is a Medjay and he's been sheltered from reality.
  • 28- Khensa describes the Medjay as believers in honoring tradition while changing for the better -- they respect questioning without being self-seeking.
  • 29- While Khensa hasn't seen Menna, her tribes losses are in the pursuit of Sabu's goal of ending Jenna's reign of terror.
  • 30- The priestess also tells Bayek the Medjay serve Amun who rules by listening to the poor and embody Ma'at, the deity of justice. Khensa leads them to Menna's camp, where they discover her scout Neka is imprisoned and tortured.
  • 31- Seti, one of Khensa's tribesmen, convinces her to take Bayek and Aya along for a rescue of Neka.
  • 32- They rescue Neka, who despite his injuries insists this is the opportunity to end Menna.