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Uberto Alberti


Vieri de' Pazzi

File:Vieri de Pazzi AC2 database by OneShotOneKil.png


Francesco de' Pazzi]]

Brought up as a noble in a city captivated by the newly rich House of Medici|Medici]] family, Francesco was taught to hate the middle class and its social climbers. Dismayed, he watched as the Medici bank eclipsed his own and centuries of influence over the Florentine government slipped away. It looks like the Rodrigo Borgia|Spaniard]] offered him a solution. Rather than compete in something as dirty as banking, Francesco only had to do one thing for the Templars, one thing to put the middle class in their place for good: kill the Medici. Giovanni Auditore tried to stop Francesco by putting him in jail, but the Templars took care of that.


Jacopo de' Pazzi|Jacopo de Pazzi]]

The money. This guy was the head of the House of Pazzi|Pazzi]] family, and he ran their banking business. An associate of Lorenzo de' Medici]], he had nothing against him personally, so he hired four Templar hitmen to take care of the situation for him. Bernardo Baroncelli|Bernardo di Bandino Baroncelli]]. Brought up to hate the Medici family for the exile of his cousins, Baroncelli ran the numbers in the Pazzi bank by day and murdered for the Templars at night. It was Baroncelli who delivered the first blow. Stefano da Bagnone]]. Known for his cruelty, Bagnone was trained in Rome as a Templar butcher. It was Bagnone who stabbed Lorenzo de' Medici in the back. Antonio Maffei]]. Witness to the sacking of Volterra by Florentine mercenaries, Maffei blamed Lorenzo. He joined the Templars to seek revenge. It was Maffei who slashed Lorenzo’s neck. Francesco Salviati|Archbishop Francesco Salviati]]. Convinced he would be the next archbishop of Florence, Salviati was enraged when Lorenzo stood in his way. But the Templars were there to heal his wounds. It was Salviati who marched their troops into the city.


Emilio Barbarigo]]

Titan of Venice|Venetian]] industry, terror of the underworld. Aided by his powerful family, he cornered the market through smart business practices such as edging out the competition and lobbying the government. He funded the Venetian police force almost single-handedly, keeping the streets safe from crime and his finances tax free. Emilio claims to be a supporter of the republic. The problem is, once you own the police force, voting becomes…well…inefficient, as does, you know, opposition.


Carlo Grimaldi]]

Emerging from his palace in Monaco with a craving for political power, Carlo quickly becomes a key guest at the tables of Venetian nobility, while his reputation for discretion earned him entrance into the back rooms. Here’s how the old bastard ended up in the Council of Ten. While visiting the head of the council, Ignazio Contarini, Carlo ran into Ignazio’s daughter. Desperate for help and aware of Carlo’s trustworthy reputation, she confided in him. Her father had arranged her marriage but she wanted to run away with the son of one of the servants. They’d been in love ever since they were children, and they planned to start a new life in Milan, where they could be free of her father. Carlo suggested immediate action: an escape by ship that night. The two lovers followed his instructions and, as they climbed the gangplank, they were free! That is…until Ignazio appeared on deck. Carlo was rewarded for his loyalty to the Contarini family, while true love…well, see for yourself.


Marco Barbarigo]]

Although his brother Agostino Barbarigo|Agostino]] was destined for greatness, Marco left his mark on Venetian history as well. A tyrant since he was barely old enough to walk, whatever Marco wanted, he got. There are records here for jewels, entire fleets of ships all paid for by his family and all ordered directly from him. And then there’s his personal life: apparently, Marco’s wife, Carlotta, used to be married to his bodyguard, Dante Moro. Dante was captain of the city guard, and heir to one of the most prestigious families in Venezia. Marco was supposedly his close friend, right? But get this: Marco decides he wants Carlotta. In the Catholic religion, marriage is ‘till death do us part’ and Marco’s a good Catholic. So, he hires a hit on Dante. Dante gets stabbed three times in the body and once in the head. But he doesn’t die. He recovers with severe brain damage. Dante becomes like a child. So, what does Marco do? Well, he hires Dante as HIS personal bodyguard and gets him to sign a confession annulling the marriage. Marco takes Carlotta and keeps Dante as his personal slave. What a lovely fella.


Silvio Barbarigo]]

Raised by wealthy merchants]], Silvio was introduced to politics when his father was cut out of the family inheritance. From then on, Silvio worked for his uncle, his father’s killer. Apparently, he had a knack for persuasion. Quickly, he became his uncle’s advisor, proving his worth by discovering a Soranzo plot against the Barbarigos. You’re gonna love this. Before the plot could be carried out, Silvio throws an Easter celebration, inviting the Soranzos. There’s a pageant for the children in the central courtyard, while Silvio escorts the parents to the roof. He toasts the family, then signals the archers hidden behind the courtyard windows. The Soranzos never plotted against the Barbarigos again. Fast forward ten years and Silvio’s living in his uncle’s luxurious Venetian palazzo. According to the history books, his uncle died in bed.


Checco Orsi|Checco]] és Ludovico Orsi]]

Bored with their leisurely life in the country side, the Orsi Brothers decided to spice things up a little. They started a money lending business that was extremely successful, mostly because they killed anyone who didn’t pay them back. Then, Caterina Sforza]] hired them to murder her Templar husband, Girolamo Riario]], which they did in true cavalier fashion. They rode up to his palace, waltzed into the dining room, stabbed him in the chest, ransacked the estate and left his naked body in the center of town. According to Abstergo Industries|Abstergo’s]] files, Rodrigo Borgia]], after escaping from Venice, offered to pay them for the recapture of the Ezio's Apple of Eden|Piece of Eden]], and, of course, Caterina’s head. It was the Orsi Brothers’ idea to kidnap her children. I ask you, what has this world come to when the rich go so bad?


Girolamo Savonarola]]

A Dominican friar from Ferrara, this man took his job seriously. He saw the excesses of his age, the rich stomping the poor into the dirt, the priests selling indulgences to the populace, and he went insane. Calling himself an “instrument of God,” Savonarola descended on Firenze. His sermons sent people into frenzies. He demanded an end to all personal property, to all progress, a return to Eden. Knowledge became the enemy. And he could erase it all with the Pieces of Eden|Piece of Eden]] at his command. Books, paintings, musical instruments, he burned everything in the Bonfire of the Vanities]]. History unraveled as his legions took control. And Firenze descended into darkness.


Rodrigo Borgia

A.k.a. the Spaniard. A dark stain on human history, Rodrigo left a trail of blood a mile wide on his quest to unify Italy under the Templar banner. Anyone who opposed him ended up in little pieces inside a sack, or, if he was in a good mood, poisoned. Once he was crowned Pope, Rodrigo, or should I say Alexander VI [the sixth], used his influence to wage war with any city that held out against the Templars. And then there are the rumored x- rated atrocities: hundreds of courtesans]] brought before the Vatican by the cartload and the Pope’s close ‘friendship’ with his illegitimate daughter, Lucrezia Borgia|Lucrezia]]. Oh yeah, and did I mention the killings never stopped? Throughout all his public debauchery, Rodrigo was quietly murdering his enemies behind the scenes, consolidating Templar power for the moment when they would seize control.


File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Uberto Alberti 2 9|thumb|center|300px|Uberto Alberti]]

File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Vieri de'Pazzi 1 9|thumb|center|300px|Vieri de' Pazzi]]

File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Francesco de' Pazzi 8 9|thumb|center|300px|Francesco de' Pazzi]]

File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Emilio Barbarigo 6 9|center|thumb|300px|Emilio Barbarigo]]

File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Carlo Grimaldi 5 9|thumb|center|300px|Carlo Grimaldi]]

File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Marco Barbarigo and Dante Moro 4 9|thumb|center|300px|Marco Barbarigo and Dante Moro]]

File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Silvio Barbarigo 9 9|thumb|center|300px|Silvio Barbarigo]]

File:Assassin's Creed 2 - Targets Rodrigo Borgia 3 9|thumb|center|300px|Rodrigo Borgia]]



  • Arsenale di Venezia]]
  • Basilica di San Marco]]
  • Bottega di Leonardo|Bottega di Leonardo a Venezia]]
  • Campanile di San Marco]]
  • Cannaregio District]]
  • Castello District]]
  • San Polo District|District of San Polo]]
  • Dorsoduro District]]
  • Gilda dei Ladri di Venezia]]
  • La Rosa della Virtù]]
  • Madonna dell'Orto]]
  • Palazzo della Seta]]
  • Palazzo Ducale di Venezia]]
  • Ponte di Rialto]]
  • Quartier di Bartolomeo d'Alviano|Quartier Generale di Bartolomeo d'Alviano]]
  • San Giacomo di Rialto]]
  • San Giobbe]]
  • San Marco District (Venice)|San Marco District]]
  • San Pietro di Castello]]
  • San Zaccaria]]
  • Santa Maria dei Carmini]]
  • Santa Maria della Visitazione]]
  • Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari|Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari]]
  • San Giovanni e Paolo]]
  • Santo Stefano]]
  • Scuola Grande di San Marco]]
  • Squero di San Trovaso]]
  • Torre dell'Orologio]]
  • Venice|Venezia]]


  • Bottega di Leonardo|Bottega di Leonardo a Firenze]]
  • Casa di Vespucci]]
  • Florence|Firenze]]
  • Campanile di Giotto|Giotto's Campanile]]
  • Brothels#La Rosa Colta|La Rosa Colta]]
  • Loggia dei Lanzi]]
  • Mercato Vecchio]]
  • Oltrarno District]]
  • Ospedale degli Innocenti]]
  • Palazzo Auditore]]
  • Palazzo della Signoria]]
  • Palazzo Medici]]
  • Palazzo Pitti]]
  • Ponte Vecchio]]
  • San Giovanni District]]
  • Basilica di San Lorenzo|San Lorenzo]]
  • San Marco District (Florence)|San Marco District]]
  • Basilica di Santa Croce|Santa Croce]]
  • Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore|Santa Maria del Fiore]]
  • Basilica di Santa Maria Novella|Santa Maria Novella]]
  • Santa Maria Novella District]]
  • Santa Trinita]]


  • Antico Teatro Romano]]
  • Monte Oliveto Maggiore]]
  • Monteriggioni]]
  • Palazzo Comunale (San Gimignano)|Palazzo Comunale]]
  • San Gimignano]]
  • Santa Maria Assunta]]
  • Torre del Diavolo]]
  • Torre Grossa]]
  • Torre Rognosa]]
  • Torri dei Salvucci]]
  • Villa Auditore]]
  • Villa Salviati]]


  • Abbazia di San Mercuriale]]
  • Avamposto Veneziano]]
  • Forlì]]
  • Palazzo Comunale (Forlì)|Palazzo Comunale]]
  • Rocca di Ravaldino]]


  • Basilica di San Pietro]]
  • Cappella Sistina]]
  • Castel Sant'Angelo]]


Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Kódexe


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Adatbázis bejegyzések



  • Építészek]]
  • Képkereskedők]]
  • Bankok]]
  • Kovácsok]]
  • Kurtizánok]]
  • Doktorok]]
  • Romolus követői]]
  • Hírnök]]
  • Hermecisták]]
  • Jubileumi előadók
  • Zsoldosok]]
  • Szabók]]
  • Tolvajok]]


  • Bartolomeo d'Alviano]]
  • Caterina Sforza]]
  • Claudia Auditore da Firenze|Claudia Auditore]]
  • Cristina Vespucci]]
  • Egidio Troche]]
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze|Ezio Auditore]]
  • Fabio Orsini]]
  • Francesco Troche]]
  • La Volpe]]
  • Leonardo da Vinci]]
  • Lucrezia Borgia]]
  • Maria Auditore da Firenze|Maria Auditore]]
  • Mario Auditore]]
  • Nicolaus Copernicus|Niccolò Copernico]]
  • Niccolò Machiavelli]]
  • Pantasilea Baglioni]]
  • Pietro Rossi]]
  • Salaì]]


  • Auguste Oberlin|Augustine Oberlin]]
  • Ristoro|Brother Ristoro]]
  • Cesare Borgia]]
  • Donato Mancini]]
  • Duccio de Luca]]
  • Ercole Massimo]]
  • Gaspar de la Croix]]
  • Il Carnefice]]
  • Juan Borgia the Elder]]
  • Lanz]]
  • Lia de Russo]]
  • Malfatto]]
  • Micheletto Corella]]
  • Octavian de Valois]]
  • Rodrigo Borgia]]
  • Silvestro Sabbatini]]
  • Vieri de' Pazzi]]



There are 77 locations to be found in Rome. Of these, 75 are located within the city walls, one of them (Tivoli) in the bonus mission "The Aqueduct" and the last entry is unknown (it lists up under "Gates" in the filter). Also notice that the in-game locations and database pictures of the 15 gates don't accord to their actual position in Rome and appear to have been swapped. It is unknown why this is the case, though it just might be a production flaw.

  • Acqua Antoniniana]]
  • Acqua Marcia]]
  • Acqua Vergene]]
  • Acquedotto Claudia]]
  • Arco di Constantino|Arco di Costantino]]
  • Arco di Settimio Severo]]
  • Arco di Tito]]
  • Aventino]]
  • Basilica di Massenzio]]
  • Basilica di San Pietro]]
  • Santa Maria in Aracoeli|Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara Coeli]]
  • Basilica Emilia]]
  • Basilica Giulia]]
  • Cappella Sistina]]
  • Caserma di Alviano]]
  • Castel Sant'Angelo]]
  • Castra Praetoria]]
  • Celio]]
  • Circo Massimo]]
  • Cloaca Maxima]]
  • Colle Palatino]]
  • Colle Quirinale]]
  • Colle Viminale]]
  • Colonna Traiana]]
  • Colosseo]]
  • Esquilino]]
  • Il Campidoglio]]
  • La Volpe Addormentata]]
  • Mausoleo di Augusto]]
  • Mercati di Traiano]]
  • Mura Aureliane]]
  • Nero's Golden Palace]]
  • Palazzo dei Conservatori]]
  • Palazzo Laterano]]
  • Palazzo Senatorio]]
  • Piazza del Popolo]]
  • Piazza di Spagna]]
  • Piazza Navona]]
  • Piramide Cestia]]
  • Ponte Cestio]]
  • Ponte Emilio]]
  • Ponte Fabricio]]
  • Ponte Sant'Angelo]]
  • Ponte Sisto]]
  • Porta Appia]]
  • Porta Asinaria]]
  • Porta Aurelia]]
  • Porta Flaminia]]
  • Porta Metronia]]
  • Porta Nomentana]]
  • Porta Ostiense]]
  • Porta Pinciana]]
  • Porta Praenestina]]
  • Porta Salaria]]
  • Porta Settimiana]]
  • Porta Tiburtina]]
  • Porta Turrionis]]
  • Porta Viridaria]]
  • Rome|Roma]]
  • Rosa in Fiore]]
  • San Andrea della Valle]]
  • San Giovanni dei Fiorentini|San Giovanni Dei Fiorentini]]
  • Sant'Antonio dei Portoghesi|Sant'Antonio Dei Portoghesi]]
  • Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria di Montesant]]
  • Santa Maria in Vallicella]]
  • Santi Apostoli]]
  • Tempio di Antonino e Faustina]]
  • Tempio di Saturno]]
  • Temple of Vespasian|Tempio di Vespasiano]]
  • Terme di Caracalla]]
  • Terme di Diocleziano]]
  • Terme di Traiano]]
  • Pantheon|The Pantheon]]
  • Tivoli]]
  • Torre Milizie
  • Trinita dei Monti|Trinita Dei Monti]]


  • La Rosa della Virtù]]
  • Squero di San Trovaso]]
  • Venice|Venezia]]


  • Casa di Vespucci]]
  • Campanile di Giotto|Giotto's Campanile]]
  • Florence|Firenze]]
  • Loggia dei Lanzi]]
  • Palazzo Auditore]]
  • Palazzo della Signoria]]
  • Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore|Santa Maria del Fiore]]
  • Santa Trinita]]


  • Villa Auditore]]
  • Monteriggioni]]

Leonardo Gépei

  • Castel dell'Ovo]]
  • Colli Albani]]
  • Lago di Nemi]]
  • Monte Circeo]]
  • Monte Vesuvio]]
  • Naples|Napoli]]
  • Nera]]
  • Porto di Napoli]]
  • Valnerina]]


  • Viana Castle|Castel Viana]]
  • Viana]]


  • Delizia di Belriguardo]]


Romolus tekercsei

  • Scroll of Romulus 1
  • Scroll of Romulus 2
  • Scroll of Romulus 3
  • Scroll of Romulus 4
  • Scroll of Romulus 4 (cont.)
  • Scroll of Romulus 5
  • Scroll of Romulus 6


  • Decoded Romulus letter
  • Encoded Romulus letter
  • Letter to Cristina


  • Annunciation (Leonardo)
  • Lady with an Ermine}}
  • Portrait of a Musician}}
  • St. Jerome in the Wilderness}}
  • Adoration of theMagi (Leonardo da Vinci)

Assassin's Creed: Revelations Database entries



  • Banks|Bankers]]
  • Black market dealers|Black Market Dealer]]
  • Blacksmiths]]
  • Book shops|Book Shop]]
  • Byzantine Empire|Byzantines]]
  • Doctors]]
  • Greek Fire]]
  • Heralds]]
  • Janissaries]]
  • Mercenaries]]
  • Ottoman Empire|Ottomans]]
  • Romani]]es
  • Tailors]]
  • Thieves]]


  • Abbas Sofian]]
  • Rashid ad-Din Sinan|Al Mualim]]
  • Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad|Altaïr Ibn La'Ahad]]
  • Darim Ibn-La'Ahad|Darim]] and Sef Ibn-La'Ahad|Sef]]
  • Dilara]]
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze]]
  • Maria Thorpe]]
  • Niccolò Polo|Niccolò]] and Maffeo Polo]]
  • Piri Reis]]
  • Ahmet|Prince Ahmet]]
  • Selim I|Prince Selim]]
  • Suleiman I|Prince Suleiman]]
  • Sofia Sartor]]
  • Clay Kaczmarek|Subject 16]]
  • Tarik Barleti]]
  • Yusuf Tazim]]


  • Cyril of Rhodes]]
  • Damat Ali Pasha]]
  • Georgios Kostas]]
  • Lysistrata]]
  • Manuel Palaiologos]]
  • Mirela Djuric]]
  • Odai Dunqas]]
  • Shahkulu]]
  • Vali cel Tradat]]



There are 34 locations to be discovered in Constantinople.

  • Harbor of Theodosius|Arsenal/Harbor of Theodosius]]
  • Bayezid Camii|Bayezid Mosque]]
  • Cistern of Mocius]]
  • Column of Marcian]]
  • Constantinople]]
  • Fatih Camii]]
  • Fenari Isa Mosque]]
  • Forum of Arcadius]]
  • Forum of Constantine]]
  • Forum of the Ox]]
  • Forum of Theodosius]]
  • Galata Tower]]
  • Great Nymphaeum]]
  • Hagia Irene|Hagia Eirene]]
  • Hagia Sophia]]
  • Harbor of Julian]]
  • Hippodrome of Constantinople|Hippodrome]]
  • Kalenderhane Mosque]]
  • Little Hagia Sophia]]
  • Myrelaion Church]]
  • Obelisk of Theodosius]]
  • Prosphorion and Neorion Harbors]]
  • Lycus|River Lycus]]
  • Rose Mosque]]
  • Sancaktar Hayrettin Mosque]]
  • Golden Horn|The Golden Horn]]
  • Grand Bazaar|The Grand Bazaar]]
  • Great Chain|The Great Chain]]
  • Maiden's Tower|The Maiden's Tower]]
  • Topkapı Palace]]
  • Valens Aqueduct]]
  • Walled Obelisk]]
  • Yerebatan Cistern]]
  • Zeyrek Mosque]]


  • Derinkuyu|Cappadocia


  • Masyaf]]

Bomb Codex

  • Blood bombs|Blood bomb]]
  • Caltrop bombs|Caltrop bomb]]
  • Cherry bombs|Cherry bomb]]
  • Datura bombs|Datura bomb]]
  • Fuse bomb casing|Fuse shell]]
  • Gold bombs|Gold bomb]]
  • Impact bomb casing|Impact shell]]
  • Smoke decoy bombs|Smoke decoy]]
  • Smoke screen bombs|Smoke screen]]
  • Splinter bombs|Splinter bomb]]
  • Sticky bomb casing|Sticky pouch]]
  • Stink bombs|Stink bomb]]
  • Thunder bombs|Thunder bomb]]
  • Trip-wire bomb casing|Trip-wire]]

Assassin's Creed III Database entries



  • Beacon Hill]]
  • Boston Common]]
  • Bunch of Grapes]]
  • Crown Coffee House]]
  • Faneuil Hall]]
  • Green Dragon Tavern]]
  • King's Chapel]]
  • Liberty Tree]]
  • Macneal's Rope Yard]]
  • Mill Pond]]
  • New South Meeting House]]
  • Old Corner Book Store]]
  • Old Meeting House]]
  • Christ Church]]
  • Old North Church]]
  • Old South Meeting House]]
  • Old State House]]
  • Paul Revere House]]
  • Boston Neck]]
  • Breed's Hill]]
  • Bunker Hill]]
  • Charlestown]]
  • Copp's Hill Battery]]
  • Fort Hill and South Battery]]
  • Moulton's Hill]]
  • Hancock-Clarke House
  • Church Residence]]

New York

  • Trinity Church]]
  • Trinity School]]
  • Wall Street]]
  • Smith and Company Brewery]]
  • St. Paul's Chapel]]
  • Old Royal Exchange]]
  • The New Gaol]]
  • Bowling Green]]
  • Bridewell Prison]]
  • Broad Street]]
  • Broadway]]
  • King's College]]
  • Fort George]]
  • HMS Jersey]]
  • City Hall]]


  • North Bridge
  • Old Belfry
  • Buckman Tavern
  • Davenport Homestead]]
  • Isaac Potts House
  • Johnson Hall]]
  • Fort Duquesne]]
  • Kanièn:keh Nation Territory
  • Boston Light]]
  • Lexington]]
  • Concord]]


  • Theatre Royal]]
  • Printer's Shop
  • Markets
  • Independence Hall]]
  • Trading Posts
  • Pocket Boroughs
  • Gunpowder Magazine


  • Atlantic Ocean]]
  • Caribbean Sea]]
  • Cerros]]
  • Chesapeake Bay]]
  • Dead Chest Island]]
  • Edinburgh Castle]]
  • Fort Wolcott]]
  • Oak Island]]
  • Octavius]]



  • Mason Locke Weems]]
  • Marquis de Lafayette]]
  • James Barrett]]
  • Nicholas Biddle]]
  • Israel Putnam]]
  • Benjamin Franklin]]
  • Benedict Arnold]]
  • Samuel Adams]]
  • Paul Revere]]
  • Daniel Boone]]
  • François Joseph Paul de Grasse|Admiral de Grasse]]
  • Benjamin Tallmadge]]
  • John Fraser]]
  • John Hancock]]
  • John Parker]]
  • Robert Newman]]
  • Samuel Prescott]]
  • Willian Dawes Jr.]]
  • William Molineux]]
  • Surry]]
  • Tadeusz Kościuszko]]
  • William Kidd]]
  • Charles Lee]]
  • Benjamin Church]]
  • William Johnson]]
  • John Pitcairn]]
  • Thomas Hickey]]
  • Edward Braddock]]
  • Shao Jun]]
  • Reginald Birch]]
  • Haytham Kenway]]
  • Shaun Hastings]]
  • Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad]]
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze|Ezio Auditore]]
  • Achilles Davenport]]
  • Louis Mills]]
  • David Clutterbuck|David]] and Richard Clutterbuck]]
  • Amanda Bailey]]
  • Robert Faulkner]]
  • Silas Thatcher]]
  • Kaniehtí:io]]
  • Kanen'tó:kon]]
  • George Washington
  • Casimir Pulaski
  • Thomas Paine
  • Alexander Hamilton


  • Abenaki
  • Lenape
  • Shawnee
  • Kanien'kehá:ka|Mohawk
  • Sons of Liberty
  • Committees of Correspondence
  • Continental Congress
  • British Army|British Regulars
  • Grenadiers
  • Jägers
  • Loyalists
  • Patriots
  • New England Hunting Society
  • Boston Brawlers
  • Frontiersmen
  • Conway Cabal
  • Culper Ring
  • Continental Army

Assassin Recruits

  • Stephane Chapheau
  • Duncan Little
  • Clipper Wilkinson
  • Deborah Carter
  • Jacob Zenger
  • Jamie Colley

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Database entries

Sea shanties

  • Billy Riley
  • Bully In The Alley
  • Captain Kidd
  • Cheerly Man
  • Derby Ram
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Fish In The Sea
  • Good Morning Ladies All
  • Handy Me Boys
  • Hauley Hauley Ho
  • Hi-Ho Come Roll Me Over
  • Homeward Bound
  • Johnny Booker
  • Leave Her, Johnny
  • Lowlands Away
  • Paddy Doyle's Boots
  • Padstow's Farewell
  • Randy Dandy-O
  • Roll and Go
  • Roll, Boys, Roll!
  • Roller Bowler
  • Running Down To Cuba
  • So Early in The Morning
  • Spanish Ladies
  • Stormalong John
  • The Coasts of High Barbary
  • The Dead Horse
  • The Maid of Amsterdam
  • The Rio Grande
  • The Sailboat Malarkey
  • The Wild Goose
  • The Worst Old Ship
  • Where Am I To Go M'Johnnies
  • Whiskey Johnny
  • 'Way Me Susiana



  • 'Aberdeen Bestiary' (Phoenix Detail)
  • 'Atalanta Fugiens'
  • 'Cortez and La Malinche' from The History of Tiaxcala
  • 'Crónica dos Feitos de Guiné'
  • 'De Gama Diary Extract'
  • 'Epistola de Magnete'
  • 'Introductio Geographica'
  • 'Magellan's Ship'
  • 'Sacred Theory of the Earth'
  • 'Solaris' from 'Mundus Subterraneus'
  • 'Tabulae Rudolphinae'
  • 'The Fetus In The Womb'
  • 'Vertumnus, a Portrait of Today'
  • 'Voynich Manuscript' - Folio 33v
  • 'Voynich Manuscript' - Folio 34r
  • 'Voynich Manuscript' - Folio 34v
  • 'Voynich Manuscript' - Folio 35r
  • 'World Map' (1570)
  • Columbus Map
  • Mayan 'Dresden' Codex

Thom Kavanagh's letters



  • "Calico" Jack Rackham
  • "Dancers"
  • "Drunkards"
  • "The Sage"
  • Adéwalé
  • Ah Tabai
  • Anne Bonny
  • Antó
  • Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts
  • Benjamin Hornigold
  • Caroline Scott
  • Charles Vane
  • Duncan Walpole
  • Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch
  • Edward Kenway
  • El Tiburón
  • Hilary Flint
  • Jing Lang
  • John Cockram
  • Josiah Burgess
  • Julien du Casse
  • Kenneth Abraham
  • Laureano Torres y Ayala
  • Laurens Prins
  • Lucia Márquez
  • Mary Read
  • Opía Apito
  • Peter Chamberlaine
  • Pirates, Buccaneers, and Privateers
  • Rhona Dinsmore
  • Smuggler Upton
  • Smuggler Vance
  • Stede Bonnet
  • British Empire
  • The Guardians
  • The Spanish Empire
  • Woodes Rogers


  • Charles-Towne
  • Coconut Beach
  • Fishermen's Villages
  • Florida
  • Forts
  • Great Inagua
  • Havana
  • Jungles
  • Kingston
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Mayan Temples
  • Nassau
  • North Carolina
  • Pirate Camps
  • Shipwrecks
  • Smuggler's Dens
  • Sugar Plantations
  • The Observatory



  • Assassin's Bureau
  • Basilica Menor de San Francisco de Asis
  • Castillo de la Real Fuerza
  • Castillo Moro
  • Castillo San Salvador de la Punta
  • Cathedral of Havana
  • Governor's Mansion
  • Governor's Prisons
  • Ramparts
  • Warehouse


  • Fort Charles
  • Laurence Prins's Manor
  • Parish Church
  • Port Royal Tower
  • Sugar Mill
  • Watch Tower
  • Windmill


  • Old Avery Tavern
  • The Queen's Staircase


  • El Arca del Maestro
  • El Dorado
  • El Impoluto
  • HMS Intrigue
  • HMS Prince
  • Jackdaw
  • La Dama Negra
  • Nosso Senhor da Compreensão
  • Queen Anne's Revenge
  • Royal Convoys
  • Royal Fortune
  • The Benjamin
  • The Brothers-in-Arms
  • The Jacobite
  • The Ranger
  • The Revenge

Art Collection

  • "An English Ship in Action with Barbary Vessels"
  • "Harbour Scene at Sunset"
  • "Merry Company"
  • "Nymphs By A Fountain"
  • "Saint Jerome as Cardinal"
  • "The Burning of the 'Royal James' at the Battle of Solebay"
  • "The Flight into Egypt"
  • Baroque Guitar
  • Bat-nosed Figurine
  • Beaver Pelt
  • Bracelet
  • Bust of a Water Deity
  • Cabinet
  • Chalice
  • Clock
  • Commode
  • Copper Field Flash
  • Deity Figurine
  • Drum
  • Eagle Figurine
  • Earth Monster Relief
  • Goa Stone Container
  • Head of an Oba
  • Jar with Four Faces
  • Jar with Ritual Scene
  • Joined Armchair with Cushion
  • Kast Cupboard
  • Maize Deity
  • Map of the World
  • Mirror Back
  • Oboe
  • Parade Helmet à l’Antique
  • Pectoral Disk
  • Pedestal Bowl
  • Scherer's 1700 Globe
  • Seated Zemi Figure
  • Silver Teapot
  • Silver Two-handed Bowl
  • Standard Bearer
  • Taino Bust
  • Tripod Vessel with Date Glyph
  • Triptych
  • Trumpet
  • Vanitas Still-Life
  • Violencello
  • Vulture Vessel
  • Whydah Gally style Bell
  • Wooden Term Statue of St. Adrian
  • Wooden Term Statue of St. Livertin
  • Yoke-Form Vessel


  • Black Jaguar
  • Bull Shark
  • Capuchin Monkey
  • Crocodile
  • Deer
  • Great White Shark
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Howler Monkey
  • Humpback Whale
  • Hutia
  • Iguana
  • Jaguar
  • Jellyfish
  • Killer Whale
  • Manta Ray
  • Moray Eel
  • Ocelot
  • Red Howler Monkey
  • Sea Urchin
  • Sperm Whale
  • Turtle
  • White Jaguar
  • Wild Pig


  • In the database of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, there is a missing entry with no information about a location. It is filed under: Gates.
    • It can be believed that this missing entry was supposed to be the Porta San Pellegrino, which is the entrance to the Vaticano District, due to the similarities the in-game representation shares with its real-life counterpart.