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Motivational Monday | March Last Week!

"I once sailed for a king. I obeyed men of privilege and wealth. Now, I bend my knee to no man. My only oath is to my crew and together we will take back what is rightfully ours. With blood and steel, we shall stand up to the powerful. Captains will curse our flag, and kings will fear it. As long as empires generate wealth and riches, we will be there to bleed them dry." EDWARD KENWAY, ASSASSIN'S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG'S "UNDER THE BLACK FLAG" TRAILER.
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• 11h

Issue with assassin creed 4

I'm not getting my materials in assassin creed 4 for sinking ships. For example I have 342 metal and then there is a ship that has 113 I fight the ship win take the materials and it doesn't show up... Please help I don't know what this is and I really need a answer. 😐
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• 13h

2nd Movie

Where do you think Callum will go with the Animus in the second movie? I don't mind as long as there are a lot of references to the games.

My favourite part of the first one was being able to see the modern day characters with similar attitudes/abilities to their ancestors. In the official movie novelisation there are a few memories from a few of the characters.
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• 13h

What's your favourite 'gen' I guess. I mean they have a new engine for each.

  • The Original game
  • The Ezio Trilogy
  • The Americas Collection
  • The Initiate Duology
  • The Layla Saga
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• 1d

Set Suggestion

Hey guys, I own all AC Odyssey sets and I don't know which one to wear. I'm thinking Spartan Renegade or Spartan War Hero since I'm a real Spartan.
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• 1d

Assassin's Creed III: Remastered Multiplayer

Does anyone know if Assassin's Creed III: Remastered will have multiplayer?
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• 2d

Were Epiktetos actually the traitor?

Or was Deimos became erratic discovering his/her sibling making Epiktetos the unfortunate victim of wrath. I couldn't find any hints neither references to this.
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• 2d

Assassin's creed needs a lore master like marvel and star Wars

Dearest assassin's,

I am here to ask u to participate in a petition.
This petition is for ubisoft to hire a lore master (team),
Because it really is needed.

See this link for more information:

Thanks for taking your time for this.
Sign the Petition
Sign the Petition Change.org
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• 2d

Desmond's Journey

Hello! I started playing Assassin's Creed Revelations a week ago. When I removed 5 Animus Data Fragments, it showed me that I unlocked Desmond's Journey Part 1. Also I must return to Animus Island to play it. I started to play it, but I don't know why I am here and what I need to do and how many parts have Desmond's Journey? Is it DLC or what? But how I know The Lost Archive is DLC?? Help me pls I'm confused...
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• 2d

Hidden blade or not

How come in the short cutscene of odyssey in the 3 episode Darius wasn’t wearing the hidden blade so how did It end up in Egypt it just doesn’t make sense
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• 2d

Ac3 remaster missions

I was just thinking about ac 3 if they will have extra game missions for the remaster thank you👍
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• 3d

Novels and comics

I am wondering if you guys know any site or store (I am from belgium) where you can buy all the novels and comics.
I tried Amazon but it's messy to find them all.
Any help is welcome.

Thnx assassin's 😅
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• 3d

Darius in the auditore mansion

How come during the scene in the villa of Mario Darius hidden blade was under his wrist? I thought that he wore the hidden blade on top of his wrist in ac odyssey
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• 3d

Order of ancients or cult of kosmos Ac odyssey

I was wondering when I was playing the game which one was or is more related to the Templar order
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• 4d

Spoiler - Deimos

We can say that Deimos after cut Aspásia is the grandmaster of the cult of Kosmos?
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• 4d


I am just going to buy a new AC game, any suggestions which one? (Sry for bad spelling, I am from Sweden... 😂)
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• 4d

What's this?

I saw it on Pinterest and like I don't know what it is. Is it a game or book or.....
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• 5d


Recently, I've been getting into the ac novels. So far I've read Forsaken and Desert Oath and both were brilliant. Which one would you guys suggest that I read next?

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• 3/20/2019

The Ancient Ones and The Hidden (Templars order & Assassins Order)

I think ubi wonts to show us the REAL ROOT of Assassin's creed some of ya guys says there no connection with AC atleast not completely anyway i posted a pic of pro assassin symbols they showed the first appearance of the signature weaponof AC as you know Darias was first one to use on the persian king and the greek mythologies connected with the ISUS and dont forget the first assassin group was called The Hidden Ones created by Bayek and Aya later will be valled the hashashins and further later will called Assassin and the The Acient ones had many memeber like Augustus, Tempted that is later will become the Templars Order
Isn't this enough connection for you guys?
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• 3/20/2019

AC languages settings

Is it me or does anyone like to change their AC games settings to the game's main language as default after two or three reruns? For example: AC II in Italian, Unity in French, Odyssey in Greek, etc. I personally like it because it will feel more canonically accurate without the translation.
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