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Assassin's Creed All Cinematic Trailers (2007-2017) HD
Assassin's Creed All Cinematic Trailers (2007-2017) HD YouTube
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Assassins creed for life

Assassin's Creed (Believer)
Assassin's Creed (Believer) YouTube
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Song of the day 😊

ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 RAP by JT Music "Born into Revolution" REDUX
ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 RAP by JT Music "Born into Revolution" REDUX YouTube
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Character of the Day!

Abar Assassin's Creed Wiki
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Song of the day

ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS RAP by JT Music - "I'm The Creed" YouTube
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new game ideas

I been thinking of a new game idea where to play as eve in the human isu war thanks to an animus power by a Apple of Eden used by Rebecca.
Playing as eve you find out the plans for a new peace of Eden witch can briefly rise an army of tho who it syned with. Eve obtains the new peace of Eden that she give to Adam to use and defeat the isu. But before hand eve adopted a baby which parents was killed by juno. Eve takes the baby away from the fight Adam is about to start only for the disaster with the sun to happen ( eve is the girl in the Labored and lost video from ac revolution ) meanwhile useing clues that eve and Adam left the assassin's find the peace of Eden Adam was about to use and with help from 16. who survived the black room deletesion to contact's the assassin's that juno secretly make a second body and is close to fulfilling her plans so the assassin's go to juno in templer hq 16 shutdown all power and deletes everything and all severs and then rise an army of not just assassin's but the army that Adam was going to use

If this was to be a game it would be more flashes out sorry for bad grammar my phone hates me and goes overboard with autocorrect even when I'm right
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Assassin's creed odyssey

Does anyone know where to get any stealth clothing from like forts or enemy camps
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What part of the main quest line are you supposed to be at if you are at around lvl 40? I gotta feeling I might be playing the game wrong.......I haven’t seen any higher tiers of mercenaries, highest I’ve seen is tier 9. I haven’t seen much of the epic ships, and I haven’t seen the epic mercenaries they’ve been talking about. I’ve been exploring a lot but I know I’m in chapter 7 of the main story.......can someone please help me here? When should I do the Gates of Atlantis quest line? I already have 1 of 4 pieces, so should I play that towards the end of the main quest line like I should do the DLC? I’m having a blast with Odyssey but think I might be playing it wrong ha guess that’s why I’m ready for the new game +
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Just putting it out there

What if Thenightingalebro just makes another acoount???

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Alerting me to trolls: How to contact me when there is an urgent issue

Hello everyone,

In light of the incident yesterday with a user who rampaged through this community for many hours, trolling and verbally harassing virtually everyone, I must first apologize for my slow response and the trouble that this has caused all of you.

With that in mind, I noticed that there were a couple of attempts to bring this matter to attention via public posts here. While these were definitely helpful, you must remember that I do not receive notifications from new posts like these. Hence, when there's an emergency or any other need to urgently contact me, this is not the best way. As it is, I lead a highly busy and rigorous lifestyle, and it simply is not always possible for me to be present at every hour or sometimes even more than twice or three times a day. If an incident were to happen specifically between the hours I am around, I would not be able to catch it immediately.

The best way to contact me when you guys require a prompt response or to alert me to future trolls is through my official Assassin's Creed wiki talk page. Every user, including every one of you, has one, and I will provide a link to mine below. Leaving me a message on this wall will give me an instant notification via e-mail that there is a matter I need to attend to. For future reference, please contact me there when such an urgent issue arises again.

I appreciate all those who were patient and apologize once more for the slow response in banning the troll from yesterday.


Cyfiero (Sol Pacificus)


Sol Pacificus
Sol Pacificus Assassin's Creed Wiki
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Should Odyssey be classified as a spin-off?

Many believe, as Odyssey is set centuries before the official foundation of the Brotherhood, it can't be classified as a main AC game. Others also add that it appears to show no progression to Layla Hassan's character. Some might add that the element of choice makes it difficult to have a set story, thus diminishing the value of AC's story, and thus not making it a main title. They that it should be in the AC universe but not considered a main title, and called something along the lines of 'Odyssey: an Assassin's Creed story'

Whilst at the moment, I must say I agree that for the most part Odyssey looks very much like a spin-off title, I can't help but think the team are planning to use Odyssey as the progression for Layla's story arc. Particularly after the two leaks we've had, one we had about a month ago which directly stated that Bayek was related to Kassandra, and another we had very recently that hinted at the relationship
I have also seen some argue that Origins was the origin of the Assassins. Whilst Odyssey is the origin of the Templars
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How do u get the dlc in Odyssey

I really want to play but don't know how please someone help. Me
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Song of the day

ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY RAP by JT Music - "Blade With No Name"
ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY RAP by JT Music - "Blade With No Name" YouTube
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Article of the Day!

Tessa Kenway
Tessa Kenway Assassin's Creed Wiki
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Calling it now

Kassandra is related to bayek.
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Character of the Day!

Kenneth Abraham
Kenneth Abraham Assassin's Creed Wiki
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God this fool must be stopped

Hi admins can you please do something about Thenightingalebro he is shit posting being abusive please stop this troll
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Will there ever do a remastered for the original Assassin's Creed?

They have brought all of the Assassin's Creed from ps3 back now except for the first. I was stoked to see the third one, but I would like to be able to get the orinal as well.
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TheNightingGaleBro issue

Mods/admins can you please talk to or ban TheNightingGaleBro? He is repeatedly cussing, screaming, fussing, and demanding attention; as well as insulting people and this wiki. I don’t mean to be mean but the only thing he adds to this app is strife and hate and we would all be a little happier without them
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Our place to talk is discord try to get in touch with me. Only accepting the real deal not gonna put up with slackers. We arent playing around.
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