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المعرفة (ويليام من مونفرات)
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William and King Richard will meet today, and if the past is any indicator, things will go poorly. Afterwards, William will return to his citadel and take his frustrations out on the men within. The day's events are sure to distract him, providing me with the perfect opportunity to strike.


أساسنز كريد

نوع الذاكرة






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الطائر بن لا أحد


Acre, قالب:Wiki



Knowledge (ويليام من مونفرات) هي تمثيل لإحدى الذكريات الوراثية للطائر بن لا أحد، والتي كشفها ديزموند مايلز في 2012باستخدام الأنيموس.


الطائر visited the city's Assassin Bureau, and shared the information he had gathered on ويليام من مونفرات with the Rafiq.


الطائر entered the Bureau and was greeted by its Rafiq, Jabal.

  • الطائر: Rafiq.
  • Jabal: Word has spread of your deeds, الطائر. It seems you are sincere in your desire to redeem yourself.
  • الطائر: I do what I can.
  • Jabal: And sometimes you do it well. I assume it is work that reunites us?
  • الطائر: Yes. ويليام من مونفرات is my target. What can you tell me of the man himself?
  • Jabal: William has been named Regent, while the King conducts his war. The people see it as a strange choice given the history between Richard and William's son, Conrad. But I think Richard rather clever for it.
  • الطائر: Clever how?
  • Jabal: Richard and Conrad do not see eye to eye on most matters. Though they are civil enough in public, there are whispers that each intends evil upon the other. And then, there was that business with Acre's captured Saracens. In its wake, Conrad has returned to Tyre, and Richard has compelled William to remain here as his guest.
  • الطائر: You mean his hostage.
  • Jabal: Whatever you wish to call it. William's presence here should dissuade Conrad from acting out.
  • الطائر: I've never been one for politics.
  • Jabal: But surely you realize your every action shapes the course of this land's future. You are a politician too, in your own way.
  • الطائر: As you wish. Now where would you suggest I begin my search?
  • Jabal: Richard's citadel southwest of here. Or rather, the market in front of it. You'll find the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in that direction as well. It's a popular place and should be filled with talkative citizens. Finally, try the border to the west, where the chain and hospitalier districts meet. That should start you on your way.
  • الطائر: Very well. I won't disturb you further.
  • Jabal: It's no trouble at all.

After he had gathered the necessary information, الطائر returned to the Bureau.

  • Jabal: الطائر! What brings you back so soon?
  • الطائر: I've done as asked and armed myself with knowledge.
  • Jabal: Speak, and I will judge.
  • الطائر: William's host is large and many men call him master, but he's not without enemies. He and King Richard do not see eye to eye.
  • Jabal: It's true, they've never been close.
  • الطائر: This works to my advantage. Richard's visit has upset him. Once the King has left, William will retreat into his fortress to brood. He'll be distracted. That's when I will strike.
  • Jabal: You're sure of this?
  • الطائر: As sure as I can be. And if things change, I'll adapt.
  • Jabal: Then I give you leave to go. End the life of Montferrat, that we may call this city free.

Jabal placed a feather on the counter, which الطائر took.

  • الطائر: I'll return when the deed's been done.


الطائر shared the knowledge he gathered on William with the Rafiq, and was given leave to proceed with the assassination of his target.



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